tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 25

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 25


Note: This story is the twenty-fifth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous twenty-four episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


I turned my attention to the football game. The Cowboys and the 49ers were playing. It was the 4th quarter. The cowboys were ahead.

As I watched the game, I remembered that I was scheduled to go to Dallas on Tuesday to tour a budding new company. If you remember, it was the cancellation of this trip last week that caused my disastrous appearance at Bill and Cindy's dinner party.

I smiled to myself as I thought about the incredible things that have happened since then. Sometimes life changes very quickly.

I was just starting to get into the flow of the football game, when Brenda came back through the bar door. I looked at my watch, she'd only been gone for about a half an hour.

Brenda walked straight over to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked until I felt Brenda's tongue pushing a gooey glob of fresh semen into my mouth. I quickly realized what all the whispering was about before the girls went outside. I was going to get a big creamy kiss from each of them when they came in from their parking lot parties.

Brenda and I separated. As I swallowed Mark's semen she said, "Julie told me you'd really like it if I did that. Was it okay Stevie?"

I kissed Brenda on the cheek and said, "I won't say that I wasn't surprised, but yes it was okay."

She sighed in relief. "Good, I was a little nervous about doing that to someone who wasn't my husband."

She looked at me. "Stevie can I sit with you for a while?"

"I would love that Brenda."

"I have to make a phone call first. Can you give me a second?"

"Of course, take your time."

She took out her cell phone and pushed a button. She listened for a moment and then said, "Hi Bobby, its me. I'm all done. Can you come and get me? Thanks baby. When you get here just tell Jerry the doorman that I'm in the bar. He'll come in and get me. I'll See you in a few minutes. I Love you sweetheart."

Brenda put her phone back in her purse, "That was my husband."

I smiled at her, "I gather from the phone call that he knows you play around."

"Oh yes, he certainly does. It's kind of funny, we just sort of figured this out last fall."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm a lot like your girlfriends." She smiled. "All of us are sluts. When I got married I tried to be faithful to Bobby." She paused, "And I really was. I didn't mess around once during the first three years we were married."

"What happened to make that change?"

Last October I was at a party with my husband. I got kind of tipsy. A guy my husband worked with, his name was Bill, asked me to dance. While we were dancing I let Bill feel me up. He got me pretty hot and the next thing I knew, I was rubbing his cock through his trousers."

Brenda paused to see if I was following her story.

"When we were driving home Bobby told me he saw me messing around with Bill on the dance floor." She shook her head, "I was drunk and stupidly started to babble about Bill's big cock."

Brenda looked at me. "My husbands cock is really small. Stevie, I love big cocks and I missed them; Just being able to feel one again got me really excited."

She sighed, "I love my husband. I was afraid that I'd hurt his feelings so I started telling him how much I loved his little penis. When I reached over to play with it, I discovered that he had an erection. Bobby was turned on by the fact that I had been messing around with this other guy."

She laughed. "Stevie, we talked all night long. We played some wild sex games and guess what? It turned out that my husband likes me to dominate him just like Sandra dominates you. As part of my dominance I get to play with other guys just like Sandra and Julie play with other guys."

"Is it working for you two?"

"I think so, Bobby's actually seen me party with two different men. We've become good friends with one of those men. His name is Gil. He comes over every Saturday afternoon. Gil and I play games with Bobby in the living room for a little while then we go into the bedroom and fuck. Afterwards the three of us usually sit around and talk. Gil has a beer and Bobby and I have a glass of wine. When we finish our drinks, Gil goes home to his wife.

I smiled, "That sounds rather pleasant to me."

Brenda nodded. "Both Bobby and I enjoy it."

She started smiling, "Bobby loves the nights I come to Baxter's. When I get home tonight he's going to kiss my feet and lick my pussy while I describe every detail about my party with Mark."

Brenda stared at me. "Stevie, I really hope this works, I love Bobby so much. I can't imagine that I will ever meet a man that I love more than him." She grinned at me, "But I am a slut. I love fucking lots of different guys. I don't think I can ever give that up again."

She shook her head. "Stevie, I'm so afraid. I constantly worry that Bobby is going to get jealous and divorce me." She sighed, "I guess were just going to have to keep trying to make this work." She paused. "I think that it helps that Bobby and I really love each other."

Brenda looked at me. "You guys have the same problems only you have two women." She smiled. "I don't know if that makes it harder or easier."

"I really love Julie and Sandra, and I think they both love me."

Brenda smiled, "Oh believe me, they do. I can tell by the way that both of them look at you."

She stopped. It was clear that she was thinking about what she was going to say next. "Stevie, I realize that I've just gotten to know the three of you. Maddie has told me a lot about your two girls and I'm usually pretty perceptive." She paused, "I think you and Sandra are truly in love with each other. I am not so sure about you and Julie."

I shook my head, "No Brenda, you're wrong, I love Julie."

Brenda put her hand on my leg. "Stevie, it's obvious that you're a wonderful man. You're by far the best man in this bar tonight. You remind me of my husband." She paused, "Stevie, you love Julie because she needs to be loved right now. Julie has never been loved in her entire life. You're the first man she's ever met that's been kind to her. You love each other because Julie needs you to love her and she needs to love you."

Brenda laughed. "Stevie, you're really easy to love. I've just met you and if I didn't have Bobby, I'd be in love with you to."

She shook her head; "No, the real romance is between you and Sandra. You both love each other very deeply, any fool can see that."

Brenda looked at me, "Stevie, don't get confused by what I'm saying; please keep loving Julie. She desperately needs you right now." She smiled, "Just remember, your love is going to make Julie grow, as she grows she's eventually going to blossom and find her own true love."

I sat very quietly for a moment and thought about what Brenda had just said. As I mulled her comments over in my mind I realized that this woman I'd just met understood Sandra, Julie and me very well.

Brenda noticed my quiet reverie. She grabbed my leg and laughed. "I'm sorry Stevie, I'm a hopeless busybody; please forget everything I just said."

I looked at Brenda, "No, I think you might be right about everything." I smiled, "Don't worry I am going to keep loving Julie. No matter what happens I know that I will always love Julie." I stopped, after a moment I said; "But you may be right, eventually she may find her own true love."

Brenda leaned over and kissed me. "Stevie you're one in a million. Its easy to see why the girls are both madly in love with you."

She stopped for a moment. There was something else she wanted to say. She seemed to be thinking about how to say it.

Finally she looked at me. "Sandra was really nervous that she was being too mean to you in the restaurant tonight. She was trying so hard to act out your fantasies for you."

Brenda smiled, "You and my Bobby are alike, you both want us to be mean to you." She winked at me, "Don't get me wrong, Sandra, Julie and I are all sadists. We get a big thrill out of being mean to you, but we don't ever want to actually hurt you." She shook her head, "We tread a very thin line. We have to keep trying to cause you pain and make you suffer without going too far. Stevie, that's not always easy."

Brenda leaned over and kissed my cheek. "I just wanted you to know that Sandra and Julie were both very worried that things got out of hand at the table. They love you, they don't ever want to really hurt you."

I smiled at Brenda. "Thanks, I know the girls love me." I thought for a moment, "I have mixed feelings about what happened tonight. It was horribly humiliating at the time, but now that I look back at it, I have to admit that it was also pretty exciting." I shrugged, "I think all of all of us are exploring new territory. We're going to need some time to figure it all out."

Just then Jerry the doorman came into the bar, "Hey Brenda, Bobby's here."

Brenda waved and said, "Thanks Jerry." She grabbed my hand, "Come with me, I want you to meet my husband."

On the way out Brenda said, "The girls told me you like to play golf. They said you're pretty good. Bobby also plays, his handicap is two."

"Mine's about the same. I'd love to get together with him and play sometime."

Brenda looked at me, "I'd really like that. I'm hoping that Bobby and I can become good friends with the three of you."

I squeezed her hand, "Brenda I think you and I just made a lot of progress towards that goal."

We walked out the front door. A man in his mid 30's was waiting in a large SUV.

Jerry opened the car door for Brenda.

When she got inside she introduced us, "Stevie this is my husband Bobby; Bobby this is Stevie."

We simultaneously waved at each other and mumbled "Pleased to meet you."

Brenda looked at her husband, "Bobby, Stevie is a submissive cuckold just like you."

He looked up at me in surprise. I smiled and nodded in agreement.

Brenda continued, "Maybe the next time I come to Baxter's I can go on a night when Stevie and the girls are going to be here. You could come along and sit in the bar with Stevie."

Bobby looked at Brenda, "Really, would it be okay for me to do that?" He turned to me, "I'd like that very much."

I smiled. "I'd love the company."

Brenda nodded, "Good I'll call Sandra and set it up." She patted Bobby on the leg and said, "Okay Quickspurt, its time to go home."

As they pulled away from the curb Brenda waved at me, "Bye Stevie, it was fun talking to you."

I waved back, "Bye Brenda. Bobby, it was nice to meet you."

When they were gone, Jerry opened the door for me so that I could go back into Baxter's. As I passed him I slipped a $10.00 bill into his hand.

It was clear to me that Baxter's was about to become a favorite spot for Julie, Sandra and me. It was time to spread a little good will.

I went back to the bar and sat down again. The football game was over; Dallas had beaten San Francisco.

While I was watching the post game show, Maddie and David opened the bar door and came in. They were laughing. Maddie was carefully keeping her mouth closed. I knew why.

David stopped and watched as Maddie marched straight over to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. This time I was ready for the gooey glob of semen that was being forced onto my tongue.

Maddie pushed the entire wad of cum into my mouth. When she was done, she stepped back and said, "Swallow it for us Speedy, swallow all of David's nice gift."

As I swallowed David's semen I heard him say, "I don't fucking believe it."

Maddie walked back to her stud and said, "Speedy is a little cuckold wimp; we can make him do anything we want."

I turned my attention back to the television. The bartender had just changed the channel to ESPN. They were showing highlights of the days NFL games. Our local team was one of the winners.

I was watching the highlights of that game and sipping a diet coke when Julie and Jack came in through the bar door.

I watched as Jack kissed Julie on the cheek and said, "Baby you were wonderful. Sorry I have to leave so quickly. My wife thinks I'm out watching the Sunday night game with my buddies. I have to get home."

Julie was keeping her mouth closed. Both Jack and I knew why.

As Jack opened the bar door to leave, he stopped and turned towards me. He waved and said, "Hey Stevie, nice car."

I waved back, "Thanks".

Julie walked over to me and smiled, "Kiss me Stevie; Jack left you a little present."

She put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. As she kissed me she opened her mouth and pushed Jacks deposit of semen on to my tongue.

I swallowed it and kissed her again. As I kissed her I whispered into her, "Julie I love you so much."

She giggled as she kissed me back, "Stevie I love you to."

For a few moments Julie leaned against me while I held her in my arms.

Finally I asked, "Did you have fun with Jack?"

She smiled, "Yes I did. Stevie, he can fuck for a really long time."

"Did you give him a good blow job?"

Julie giggled, "Of course I did silly, how do you think I got his little present. We started with one and finished with one."

I patted her butt. "That's my girl."

She smiled and then got a serious look on her face. "Stevie, we have to get a little plastic box for the back seat of the limo. We need a safe place to put the used condoms. Jack came twice tonight. The first time was while he was fucking me. The second time was when I gave him the blow job just before we returned to the bar. I made him use a condom when he fucked me."

"Where's the condom now baby."

Julie opened her purse and took it out. It was wrapped in several tissues. "Here, I didn't want to mess up your new car; I didn't know what to do with it."

I kissed her and said, "It would have been okay to leave it on the floor. You can give it to me, I'll take care of it."

She handed it to me.

"I'll be right back."

I took it to the men's room and flushed it. When I returned I found Julie sitting on the bar stool next to mine.

"Baby, don't you want to go back to the table and find another guy to play with?"

"No, I'm tired. If you don't mind I'd rather sit here with you."

"Sweetheart, nothing in this world would make me happier."

"Could I have a diet coke?"

I laughed and called Mike the bartender over.

Julie pulled her bar stool over so she was sitting right next to me. I put my arm around her and we snuggled up together while we watched the football highlights.

I looked around, the people in the bar who had witnessed my earlier humiliation all seemed a little confused.

I heard the bar door open. Julie and I turned, Sandra was coming in with Gerard.

He stood by the door while Sandra walked over to me. Both Julie and I knew what was coming. She slid over a little to give Sandra some room.

Sandra put her arms around me and pulled my face to hers. As we kissed we each opened our mouths and Sandra started pushing Gerard's cum onto my tongue.

When she finished transferring all of her lover's semen from her mouth to mine, Sandra pulled back and said, "Swallow it baby, swallow all of it."

She watched as I swallowed it. When I was done she said, "Did you enjoy that sweetheart?"

I laughed, "I enjoyed all of them."

Sandra kissed my cheek and whispered into my ear, "I was hoping you would, maybe later tonight we can have another little discussion about flavor."

She noticed our diet cokes. "Hey can I have one of those?"

I smiled, "Of course you can."

I waved to the bartender, "Hey Mike can we get another Diet Coke." He nodded at me and said, "You got it Stevie."

I heard Gerard clear his throat behind us. Everyone in the bar looked at him.

He had an impatient expression on his face. "All right Sandra, you've had your little joke; now come sit at the table with me."

Sandra looked at Gerard and put her arms around me. "Thank you for the invitation, but I'm going to stay with my baby now. Gerard you're a good fuck, I hope I see you here again. I had a wonderful time in your car."

Gerard stared at Sandra. As he spoke his voice took on an angry tone. "Was this all a big joke to you tonight?"

Sandra smiled. "No Gerard it was not a big joke, but it was just fun and games. Honey, you have a wife at home. Your display of possessiveness is a little inappropriate." She paused, "Gerard we had a lot of fun in your Mercedes and like I said, you're a really good fuck; but honey that's all you are to me." She kissed me, "This is my man right here."

"Are you telling me that you prefer that little shrimp to me?"

Sandra laughed, "Absolutely! I love this little shrimp. So does Julie. This little shrimp has both of our hearts. He's the man of our dreams. We love him dearly."

Gerard shook his head and stormed out the bar door.

Mike brought Sandra's Coke and leaned over the bar. "We all enjoyed that a lot. Gerard is the most arrogant asshole to ever come into Baxter's." He laughed. "He's also a rotten tipper."

Sandra smiled at Mike, "He is a pretty good fuck, but you don't want to spend too much time lying around talking afterwards."

Everyone at the bar started laughing.

Sandra grabbed the bar stool on the other side of me and pulled it over so she was right next to me. Julie also pulled hers back over. Both of them leaned on me while we watched the rest of the football highlights and drank Diet Coke.

I looked at my girls. Julie was half asleep. Sandra was quietly watching the television and sipping her soda.

I kissed Sandra and said, "Don't you want to find another guy and have one more party before we go? Julie and I will be all right watching television."

She leaned her head against my shoulder, "Thanks Baby, but right now I'd rather be with you." She grabbed my knee, "Lets go home."

I smiled, "That would be fine with me." I waved to the bartender. "Hey Mike can we have our tab."

"Sure Stevie, I'll be right there."

Mike went to the computer next to the register, printed out a slip and brought it to me.

The bill had both the bar tab and the dinner tab on it. It came to $176.00.

I pulled out my money clip, peeled off $250.00 and handed it to Mike.

He counted the bills and said, "I'll get you your change."

I held up my hand, "No we're good."

Mike smiled at me; "Thanks Stevie, that's very generous."

"Mike it was a fun night; it was worth every penny." I paused, "Do me a favor, make sure the waiter who lost our business when Sandra was playing with me gets a cut of that okay?"

"You got it Stevie."

I rallied my two sleepy heads and started to prod them out the door.

As I was leaving Mike said; "Hey Stevie, it was nice meeting you. You and the girls are good people; I hope you become regulars here."

"Thanks Mike, I suspect we will." I smiled; "No, I am certain that we will, take care buddy."

When we got to the car, Julie crawled into the back seat, stretched out and immediately fell asleep. Sandra got into the front and curled up next to me.

As we started the drive home Sandra quietly asked, "Stevie, was I too mean to you tonight? I really wanted this to be exciting for you." She sighed, "I tried so hard, but I am afraid that I overdid it."

I shook my head, "It certainly was exciting." I thought for a moment, "It was the kind of experience that I will probably enjoy more as a memory."

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