tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 71

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 71


Note: This story is the seventy-first episode in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous seventy episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


After we finished brunch Sandra and the other women piled into the Lincoln. Sandra had booked a three hour session at an upscale beauty spa for all six of them.

They were due back at 3:30. We planned to leave here to go to the Eloise Thompson Botanical Gardens at 4:15. It wasn't far away. It was probably going to take less than fifteen minutes to drive there.

We spent the afternoon watching college football. If Sandra's father hadn't been with us, we might have tried to play nine holes of golf, but we didn't want to desert him.

At 3:30 the women returned from the spa. The money and time was well spent. All of the women were gorgeous.

Everyone brought their wedding clothes with them when they came over this morning. For the next 45 minutes the house was a beehive of activity as we all got dressed for the wedding. The women used our bedroom as a dressing room. The men used the playpen (currently billed as Julie and Ricky's bedroom).

We were all walking out the door at 4:15 sharp. Everyone drove their own cars. They all had to be able to get home after the reception. Sandra's parents took the Lincoln. Sandra rode with them. I drove over in my car.

Sandra and I were not planning on coming home after the reception. We had secretly reserved a suite at the Calvert Hotel.

The Eloise Thompson Botanical Gardens occupy almost two acres of land in the middle of a large park in the center of the city.

The well manicured grounds feature a number of ornate fountains and pools artfully placed amongst an array of immaculately groomed flower gardens. The conservatory stands at the center of these grounds. Built in 1924, the conservatory is a landmark for the city. It is in constant demand as a site for weddings and formal receptions. The center of this structure is a large glass dome that resembles our nations capitol. Enormous glass wings extend out from three sides of this domed central building.

We arrived at 4:30. When you walk into the conservatory you realize that the building is actually a large greenhouse. The wedding chapel is located under the central dome. This part of the conservatory also serves as the administrative section of the building. The lavatories are located here. There are also several lounges and two small rooms that are available for use by the wedding party.

As we walked in an overweight middle aged man with a jovial expression stepped forward and extended his hand. He was wearing overalls. "Good afternoon, I'm Al Taney. I'm the weekend caretaker for the conservatory. If you need anything I'm the guy to ask."

I shook his hand. "Thank you Al. Where will we find you if we need you?"

"My office is right over there." He pointed to his left. "The bride and the bridesmaids can use the lounge on the right. There's an additional ladies room in there. The men should use the lounge on the left. There's another men's room in there. I'll be here until after your ceremony is over and everyone is gone."

He turned and walked to his office. As soon as he was gone, Sandra walked in with her mom and dad. Brenda and Bobby were right behind them.

I pointed to the lounge on the right. "You and the other girls can use the lounge over there. The men are going to use the one on the left."

The women all disappeared into the lady's lounge.

Jason, Ed, Bobby, Ricky, Mark and I all hung out on the front steps. We greeted the guests as they arrived. We all kind of doubled as ushers. Father Romero joined us on the steps when he arrived.

Bill and Cindy Johansen were invited, along with several people from my office including all three partners. Sandra had a couple of friends from the law school coming. Several of the guys from Baxter's were invited with the proviso that they needed to be on their best behavior. Our wedding was not going to become an orgy."

At about 10 minutes to 5:00 April walked up to us and grabbed Jason. "Sweetheart, come with me for a minute would you?"

Jason smiled. "I would never turn down an offer from a beautiful woman."

We all laughed as April led Jason into one of the greenhouse wings.

As soon as Jason disappeared Brenda, Julie and Maddie came for Ricky, Bobby, Mark and me. They brought us into one of the small side rooms and locked the door.

As soon as we were inside, Brenda grinned at us. "Boy's take off your pants and your panties."

While they were shopping yesterday the girls had bought us each a pair of full cut white lace panties to wear under our white tuxedos. Maddie passed them out.

At the same time, Julie opened an athletic bag and took out our cock cages. She giggled as she laid them on the table. "There will be no cucks with free swinging dicks at this wedding."

Maddie, Brenda and Julie quickly put our cages on us and locked them into place. As soon as they were done we put our new panties and trousers on and went back out into the foyer of the conservatory.

I looked around, Jason was still missing.

At 4:55 the organist started to play. All of the guests went into the chapel and sat down. Brenda started lining up the wedding party at the chapel entrance.

Jamal was wearing a black tuxedo. So was Ed. Jamal's job was to escort Pat Monroe into the chapel and show her to her seat.

At 2 minutes to 5:00 I looked around. Everyone was here except for Jason and Sandra. I assumed that Sandra was still in the women's lounge.

At one minute to 5:00 Jamal escorted Pat Monroe to her seat and sat down behind her.

At 5:00 Jason was still not here. Father Romero walked down the aisle by himself.

We were starting. April took Mark's arm and they started to walk in. Brenda and Bobby followed them. Maddie and Ricky were next. Julie and Jason were supposed to follow them. I was starting to get anxious. Suddenly Jason ran into the room. He was tucking his shirt in as he ran.

I smiled. "You were getting us worried buddy."

He nodded, "I was taking care of an important detail."

Julie looked at me and giggled as Jason took her arm. "He most certainly was."

Just then Sandra walked into the room. She was beautiful. I smiled at her and turned into the chapel. As I followed Julie and Jason down the aisle I looked at the altar area. Ricky, Bobby and Mark were lined up on the right. Jason and the girls were lined up on the left.

I smiled to myself, we were definitely going to get some questions about why Jason was standing on Sandra's side of the altar.

I looked at the bridesmaids as they stood by the altar. This afternoons visit to the beauty spa really was time well spent. The women were gorgeous. I don't believe I had ever seen April, Maddie, Brenda and Julie looking so beautiful.

Suddenly the organist started to play the traditional wedding march. Sandra took her fathers arm and began her walk to the altar. As is the tradition, everyone stood as they entered the chapel.

Sandra was beaming. I was so happy for her. The one thing that she had truly wanted on this day was to have her father escort her down the aisle. Her modest dream was coming true at this very moment.

I looked at her mother. Pat Monroe was every bit as happy as I was.

I smiled as I watched Sandra and her mother. It was easy to see where Sandra had acquired her beauty. Pat Monroe was a very attractive woman.

Ed Monroe escorted his daughter to the altar. Sandra took my arm and her father sat down next to his wife.

As we turned to face Father Romero, Sandra leaned over and whispered into my ear. "Jason just fucked me. His cum is running down my leg right now."

I looked at Jason. He winked at me. He knew exactly what Sandra had just told me.

I chuckled as Father Romero started the ceremony. This was now a cuckold wedding. While Sandra's maid of honor was locking my cock into my chastity cage, our best man was fucking my bride.

The ceremony was short. A soloist sang one song. Father Romero gave a very short sermon about learning to live together. When he was done it was time for the marriage vows.

Father Romero nodded to Sandra. She turned to me. There was a huge smile on her face. "Stevie I vow to love and cherish you through good times and bad times, through sickness and health. I promise to treat you with kindness and compassion at all times and to be a loving guide to you throughout our lives.

He nodded to me. I took a deep breath and smiled at Sandra. "Sandra I vow to love and cherish you through good times and bad times, through sickness and health. I promise to honor and obey you and remain faithful to you at all times and to be a loving servant to you throughout our lives.

Father Romero looked at Sandra. "Do you Sandra Monroe take Steven Wagner to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Sandra beamed at me. "I do."

Father Romero turned to me. "Do you Steven Wagner take Sandra Monroe to be your lawfully wedded wife?'

I grinned at Sandra. "I do."

Father Romero smiled at us. "I now pronounce you man and wife." He looked at me. "You may kiss your bride."

I took Sandra in my arms and gave her a long passionate kiss. Everyone cheered.

There weren't a lot of spectators at the wedding, so it didn't take very long for everyone to go through the receiving line.

Several people asked why Jason was in a Black tuxedo. The explanation that we couldn't find a white one in his size seemed to satisfy everyone.

One person asked why Jason was standing on Sandra's side of the altar. Sandra just shrugged and said, "Jason is a close friend of both of us. We did it to symbolize that fact."

Again everyone was satisfied.

Sandra's mother asked about the wedding vows. Sandra just shook her head. "We each wrote them on our own. We agreed on the phrasing before hand, but the exact word choices were made individually. I thought that both of our vows were beautiful, didn't you?"

Sandra's mother nodded, "Well they were certainly different, but yes dear I also thought that they were beautiful."

As I listened to that exchange I thought to myself that Sandra was going to be a fabulous lawyer.

Jason and Bobby started clapping their hands to get everyone's attention. When everyone was quiet and looking at him Jason gestured to me. "I would like to introduce my good friend, Mr. Steven Monroe."

He turned and winked at me. Everyone laughed. They all thought that he was just teasing me. We both knew he wasn't.

He continued. "My good friend Stevie has put together a magnificent reception in the Calvert Hotel Ballroom. The bar will open as soon as I get there." He laughed. "I intend to leave immediately and drive fast."

Everyone started laughing again. Jason held up his hand. "A filet mignon dinner is being served at 7:30, so let's all hurry and get there. We have to try to drink as much of Stevie's booze as we can before the dinner is served." He laughed some more. "Don't worry folks the bars not going to close at dinner time. We're going to drink the rest of his booze after dinner."

A mass migration started. Everyone was heading for the Calvert Hotel.

I found Sandra. "Come on sweetheart, we have a party to go to."

She took my hand. "Okay husband, let's go."

I stopped and looked at Sandra. "I love hearing you call me that." I kissed her. "Baby you are a magnificent wife."

Sandra laughed. "I'd better be, I'm married to a magnificent husband."

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