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Sandra Seduced


My girlfriend Sandra is in her mid-forties, about 5ft 3ins, very attractive with a trim figure, probably 34-30-36 – so a very nice shape that still keeps me horny and interested. About three years ago Sandra and I went to California on holiday. We stayed in a friend's house in a nice area of Santa Monica and shortly after arriving met the neighbours: a lovely lady called Carol and two men Brian and Mike who, we later discovered, were her brothers. I reckoned that they were all in their early 30s, so approximately 10 years younger than Sandra and I.

We spent the holiday travelling around the area, going to the beach and generally winding down. Sandra developed a gorgeous tan, which really suited her and after a week or so I noticed Brian's and Mike's gaze would follow her around the garden whenever they were around at the same time.

About half way through the second week we walked into our garden and Carol, Brian & Mike were already in their garden, drinking wine. There was a brief exchange between the three of them and then Carol called over and asked us if we'd like to join them. We had no other plans for the day so we happily agreed.

We got on quite well. The conversation and drink flowed. Although when we started Sandra and I had been sitting together, with toilet breaks and passing the drinks around after an hour or so we ended up with me next to Carol and Sandra sitting between Brian and Mike. By this time Sandra and I had probably had a bit more to drink than we normally would and I knew that I was feeling quite light-headed.

At some point in the conversation Carol reached across and touched my knee and I felt a slight frisson of desire. The contrast of her dark hand on my slightly suntanned leg was interesting to me. I felt a twinge in my groin and guiltily looked towards Sandra. She was in a deep conversation with the other two men and I breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn't seen what I was sure was a guilty expression on my face.

I turned back to Carol, who was smiling and she commented that Sandra was very attractive. I looked back at Sandra and noticed what she was wearing. It was a front buttoning light dress that had a collar and was shirt-like and it stopped at about knee-length. It was a dress she often wore when we were on holiday and not planning on doing much. Because of her small bust she rarely bothered to wear a bra with it and even with one or two of the buttons open it didn't reveal any cleavage. It was definitely one of her favourite 'relaxing' holiday dresses.

Sandra got up to go to the toilet and as she did so she brushed her hands down the dress to pull it back down to her knees. I hadn't noticed that it had worked its way to mid thigh as she had been sitting with Brian and Mike and another little thrill went through me as I thought about the two coloured guys eyeing her legs. When Sandra disappeared inside both Mike and Brian commented on how attractive she was and how lucky I was and I thanked then both.

When Sandra returned all of the drinks had been refreshed and Sandra sat back down between Brian and Mike. Mike said something to Sandra and her eyes widened slightly. When she replied to him I heard my name and then Mike turned to me and said

"Steve I am entranced by your lovely girlfriend and would like to kiss her. Would you mind?"

I was a bit taken aback and looked towards Sandra, unsure what to say. I had always thought of Sandra as her own woman and was quite pleased that she had obviously told Mike that she wouldn't do it without my agreement. As our eyes met I could see a certain something that indicated that she would like to kiss this handsome young coloured man.

Mike was concerned by my hesitation and sought to reassure me my saying

"Sorry, Steve, I didn't mean to offend you and Sandra. I would very much like to kiss her and thought I should ask. Sandra is such a gorgeous lady I can't help myself."

I told him "What Sandra does is very much up to her. I would not object to a friendly kiss between the two of you".

In truth, the thought of their black skin contrasting with Sandra's was intriguing to me, in the same way as I'd found Carol's coloured skin contrasting with my own leg.

Mike turned towards Sandra with a smile on his face and said "See I told you Steve would not be upset by a friendly kiss."

Nothing happened immediately, which I was slightly disappointed about. In fact everyone just smiled and sat back in their seats. I did notice, however, that Mike and Brian had put their arms behind Sandra.

I realised that Carol was talking to me again, asking about what we had been doing, where we had visited, etc. Again her hand was resting on my thigh and she was leaning slightly towards me. I took a deep breath and turned back to look at Sandra and saw Brian place a quick kiss on her cheek, quickly followed by Mike doing the same to the other cheek. They all laughed and Mike said

"There that wasn't too bad was it?"

As they all moved apart their conversation started again. I couldn't really hear what they were talking about but I did hear words like "bikini", "shorts" and "trunks" and just assumed that they were discussing holiday clothing. and then Mike leaned in and did the same, then they laughed and continued talking.

I looked back towards Carol and she had edged closer to me. Her hand seemed to be higher up my thigh and it was definitely promoting a reaction. She was talking quietly to me but I was distracted as I saw Brian and Mike repeat the action of kissing Sandra on her cheeks a number of times, with each kiss seeming to have slightly more pressure and to last a little longer.

I felt Carol join me on the bench on which I was sitting and her hand continued its inexorable rise up my leg and rested over the now obvious shape of my penis. As she applied a little pressure I reacted with a sharp intake of breath and then watched as Mike kissed Sandra on the lips. Sandra laughed but it looked as if she was slightly flustered by that development. Not to be outdone Brian repeated the action of Mike but then they retreated and started talking to Sandra again, following which she seemed to relax.

By this time I wasn't sure (or even bothered) whether Carol was talking to me. Her hand resting on my penis was extremely distracting, as was the fact that Mike and Brian were regularly leaning in and kissing Sandra on the lips and the kisses were increasing in duration.

At this stage Sandra asked if she could use the toilet and I thought that I needed it myself, although I wasn't sure if I'd be able to given the state Carol's hand had gotten me into.

We walked into their home and we both looked slightly sheepish. It was obvious that we were both suffering the effects of the glasses of wine we had drunk. I asked Sandra if she was ok to which she replied

"I'm not sure. The two lads have been repeatedly complimenting me and their kisses were so sweet that I just couldn't refuse when they asked to kiss me on my lips. Once they started it felt so nice I didn't feel like stopping them and I thought you would step in if things got out of hand so I'm feeling quite safe."

I told her that if there was a problem we could leave but she just shook her head.

Sandra went to the downstairs toilet and I went upstairs. When I made my way outside she was again between Mike and Brian. Now, however, she was facing Brian and had her back to Mike. I could make out that Mike had his arms around her waist while Brian was holding her hands in his.

I sat back down next to Carol and our conversation started again. This time I paid a bit more attention as she was talking about the earthquakes that were a reasonably regular occurrence in California. My interest was such that I was looking at Carol instead of keeping an eye on Sandra. When, during a lul in our conversation, I looked towards Sandra I saw that she was leaning slightly back against Mike. I was a bit surprised to see that her left leg was on Brian's lap and her right was on the floor. From my viewpoint it looked as if Mikes arms were around her in such a way that one of his hands rested over one of Sandra's breasts. As their conversation continued I thought I could make out his thumb gently brushing too and fro against her nipple, which seemed to be erect and prominent under her dress.

Uncertainty clouded my mind. I felt very jealous but there was also a frisson of excitement, especially with Carol so attentive. She saw my expression and whispered that it looked as if they were having a little fun. She said she was sure it was harmless and that Sandra was obviously enjoying herself.

I told Carol that I didn't want things to get out of hand but at that point her hand again rested in my groin, which gave an indication of how excited I was by the situation. Carol stated that we were all adults and that "Going with the flow could be quite interesting".

I sat there stunned as her hand found the zip of my shorts and I felt it being lowered. As she eased my cock out into the open air she sad

"Don't worry. Nothing will happen that isn't wanted. They're not going to force themselves on Sandra. If either or both of you decide that things have gone as far as you wish you can both leave with no regrets. Before you do that, though, sit back, enjoy what I can do for you and have another drink".

My gaze returned to Sandra and the two young men. Sandra was relaxed and in no immediate trouble and it was arousing to see another man with his hand on her breast while a young woman was stroking my cock.

I was in real trouble as Carol started talking to me again whilst continuing to stroke me. I was torn between looking at Carol and watching Sandra and her new friends. The kisses continued and I suddenly realised that Mike's hand had slid further round and was inside of the top of Sandra's dress. I couldn't see, but I assumed that he must have been holding one of her breasts completely in his hand. Sandra's dress was moving slightly as he stroked her nipple. Much to my surprise, however, Sandra seemed to be holding up her end of the conversation, as she was laughing and talking.

Carol then looked at me and said "They are definitely enjoying themselves. Sandra looks so comfortable." I looked back towards Sandra then felt a warmth engulf the tip of my cock. I looked down to see Carol between my legs with her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. I groaned out loud but Sandra did not hear. At least she did not react.

I continued to watch Sandra, Mike and Brian, unsure of the feelings that were going through me. It was then I noticed that Brian's hand was also inside Sandra's dress. It was resting somewhere on her left leg, which was still resting on his lap. He seemed to be rubbing it gently up and down but from what I could see it was not all the way up. Just as I noticed this Carol attracted my attention by taking my cock fully into her mouth and so I closed my eyes and stifled a groan.

It was a few minutes before I opened my eyes again and when I did I noticed that about half of the buttons on Sandra's dress had been undone. The dress was open from the top and I could see Mike's hand gently rubbing her breasts, periodically tweaking her nipples which were as hard and erect as I had ever seen them. Brian's hand was still caressing her but now it was further up the inside of her leg and although they still seemed to be talking her eyes were shut. As I watched Mike took her hand from her lap and moved it behind her, positioned so that it was probably resting on his lap between the two of them. As that happened Brian moved forward and kissed her full on the mouth again.

Brian stopped kissing Sandra but now his arm was further in her dress and no longer moving up and down her leg. Given his position and reach I could only assume that he was able to touch the lips of her pussy. Both men would still say something every now and then but Sandra was now silent, had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily.

I watched the scene continue to unfold in front of me, my cock still engulfed by the mouth of the lady of the house. She had taken me very close to the edge at least once but had sensed how close I was to coming and had backed off a little – also nipping the base of my cock between her thumb and forefinger to prevent my coming inadvertently.

Mike slowly undid the rest of the buttons on Sandra's dress and then eased the dress completely open. That allowed me to see that Sandra was not wearing any panties, so Brian's thumb was actually rubbing up and down her slit, periodically pressing against her clit. I was sure that Sandra had put her panties on when we got dressed this morning so I could only assume she left them off after she had visited the toilet.

There was a flush over the whole of Sandra's body and it was obvious that she did not give a damn who was doing what to her. Knowing how passionate she can be I realised that she would be beyond reason now and would be building towards her climax.

Mike continued to stroke her nipples and Brian put his other hand behind her neck so that he could pull her forwards to kiss her again. He moved from her lips to her breasts and as Mike played with one nipple Brian used his mouth on the other, his tongue flicking over the sensitive end.

Mike released the breast he had been playing with so that he could stand up briefly and remove his shorts. I saw the first black cock I had ever seen and was quite relieved to see that it was no bigger than mine, although it was very hard and he had no pubic hair. When he sat back down he reached around Sandra and pulled the dress off her shoulders and down her arms. Brian the too hold of Sandra's arms and encouraged her off the seat. As she did, Mike took hold of the dress and removed it from between them, at which point Brian lowered Sandra back to the seat.

As soon as she was on the seat Mike took one of her arms from Brian's grasp and broyght it behind her and between then again. This time it came into contact with his cock. Sandra hesitated but Brian kissed her again and that caused her to edge backwards and eased her reach of Mike's cock. Also, she seems to rest back against Mike once again.

As Brian pulled away from the kiss he stroked his hands down her shoulders, over her nipples and down her stomach, following his hands with his mouth, kissing her body as moved downwards. At the same time Mike had taken Brian's place at Sandra's mouth, kissing and teasing her lips with his tongue. Brian's head continued downwards until he reached her pubic region, which she had shaved completely for this holiday. As he did so I saw him grasp her thighs and move her so that her bum and clit were at the edge of the seat.

Brian dropped to his knees between Sandra's legs then dipped his head forwards to enclose her clit. As he did this she sighed and moaned through the kisses that Mike was still applying. Mike paused in his kissing and spoke softly to Sandra. As he did so, she started chewing on her bottom lip and it was obvious to me that her orgasm was approaching. Mike also realised how close she was and he reached around to tweak her nipples which, together with Brian's continuing ministration of her clit finally caused her to come. She moaned out loud and shuddered as her orgasm gripped her. Brian continued to lick and his tongue entered her slit to help her along the way.

Carol had released my cock from her mouth on hearing Sandra's moan and looked at me and said "Well, she' one ahead of you now. Do you want to equalise?"

I could only nod my head "Yes!" and Carol proceeded to move her hand up and down my shaft while placing her lips around the head once again. In only a few strokes I was groaning as my first spurt of come made its way past her lips. She did not hesitate and continued to stroke me as more spurts erupted from my cock. It wasn't long, however, before she had milked me dry.

When I opened my eyes again Mike had slid back along the seat so that my Sandra's head was resting in his lap. With a slight tilt of her head she managed to take his cock into her mouth. Again the contrast of his black cock with her slightly tanned skin struck as erotic.

Brian continued to lick and tongue her, although she must have been extremely sensitive having had one orgasm already. I knew that Sandra could handle multiple orgasms but usually she liked to ease of slightly to allow the sensitivity to ease a little. It didn't seem to bother her today, however, because a few moments later she came again. This time her moans were even louder despite her mouth being wrapped around Mike's cock and I was briefly worried that some other neighbours might want to learn the source of the noise.

With one of her hands Sandra pushed Brian's head away as his licking finally became too much for her. He continued to touch her gently with his fingers but she needed to stop even that so she clamped her legs shut. Brian took the hint and removed his fingers.

As soon as she was released from the stimulation of Brian's fingers Sandra lifted herself off the seat, turned around and knelt on it so that she could work properly on Mike's cock. I watched as her head bobbed up and down, seeing a cock other that mine slide in and out of Sandra's mouth for the first time.

Brian took the opportunity to remove his shorts and I saw a second black cock. Brian's cock was about the same length as Mike's but was a bit thicker. In one movement he pushed forwards and obviously entered Sandra's cunt. She was well lubricated and had no trouble accommodating him but he did elicit another loud moan from her. I looked at Sandra, my lovely tanned girlfriend, being topped and tailed by two younger black men and realised that I had to capture this image for posterity. I reached into my shorts and took out my camera. With the zoom lens I was able to take half a dozen decent pictures showing Sandra sucking on and being fucked by a black cock.

Sandra was well and truly immersed in the moment and the sensations she was feeling. Mike was happily experiencing one of her magic blowjobs and Brian started moving in and out of her cunt. As he set up his rhythm, Sandra removed her mouth from Mike's cock and looked over her shoulder at Brian. I heard her say

"Oh yes, fuck me with your lovely black cock. Fill me up."

That encouraged Brian to pick up his pace and Sandra reached forward and started stroking Mike again.

Brian fucked Sandra like there was no tomorrow, causing her to moan and groan. It was too risky to put Mike's cock back in her mouth so she continued to wank him, but with her mouth hovering over the tip.

Her moans and "Oh Yes."s continued and increased in volume until Brian suddenly stopped. At that point she seemed to shout "No, don't stop. Please, fuck me".

The dirty talk and the hand-job finally became too much for Mike and he told Sandra he was about to come. She put her lips around the tip of his cock and I saw his hips jerk as he finally came. She managed to take the first couple of spurts in her mouth but couldn't swallow and it leaked back out around and down Mike's cock.

Once his brother had come, Brian went back to banging Sandra with gusto and in only a short while he too was ready to come. As he reached his limit he tensed and then his hips jerked as he deposited his load inside her. Sandra's arousal was such that the feeling of Brian's cock pulsing inside her set her off on her third orgasm. This time, though, her moans were quite restrained.

Brian eased out of Sandra and Mike also extricated himself from her grasp. Basically Sandra was left gasping on all fours on the seat, her head resting on her arms and her bum in the air – with Brian's jism slowly leaking out and running down her legs.

The action had gotten me hard again and I looked up to see Carol removing her clothes to reveal a very compact figure. She took me by the hand and encouraged me out of my seat to lie on my back on the seat next to Sandra. As Sandra looked across, Carol lowered herself onto my cock and proceeded to ride up and down my shaft. I reached up to play with her breasts and found that they were her most sensitive feature. Any manipulation of her nipples seemed to go straight to her cunt, which I could feel clenching around my cock. In lass than five minutes Carol was taking her turn in the orgasm sweepstake, followed quickly thereafter by me.

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