tagLoving WivesSandy Ch. 03

Sandy Ch. 03


Two days after our conversation, Karen, Sandy and I were splashing around off the pier. By now Karen had gotten rid of her bottoms as well, and it was quite a sight when her butt rose up out of the water. And lying out in the sun? She had no problem spreading her legs wide. When she said no tan lines, she meant it. Sandy still wore shorts, but had graduated to a small top. Out of deference to Sandy I kept shorts on.

We carefully crawled up on the tippy float, the girls on either side of me as had become our norm, lying out in the warm sun. At first my head was turned toward Karen, but when I turned toward Sandy, she was looking at me. A serious look crossed her face and she said: "Mark, do you think I'm pretty?"

Without hesitation I answered; "Yes."

"As pretty as Karen?"

Sensing movement on the other side, I turned; Karen, head up, was half smiling as they waited for my answer.

"Yes. Not the same, but just as pretty."

"But she has ... breasts. I don't."

"Sandy, look at Karen. Not her chest, just her. If she didn't have that chest, would you still like her?"

"Well sure, but we're girls, it's different."

"I've seen, and known a few women that had tits comparable or bigger than hers, some even had nicer looking features, but I didn't consider them beautiful. There was something missing. I don't know if it was in their body or their mannerisms, but I just didn't see them as pretty. If we are talking about you and your body, well, I think you have the greatest legs, and the sweetest looking butt around. And you have a face that just makes me want to look at you more."

Karen silently slipped into the water, and then re-emerged on Sandy's other side, lying back down beside her, but with her head up and following the conversation.

Looking first at me, then at Karen; Sandy sat up, pulling her top over her head. Looking almost defiant she stared into my eyes. "Wh ... what about now? Do I still look pretty to you?"

Behind her Karen sat open mouthed, then mimed clapping, while arching an eyebrow.

Taking the dare, I carefully looked her over from head to waist. Returning to her eyes (which didn't look so defiant now) I replied carefully; "Well, aside from needing a pound or two on your hips ... yes, yes you are beautiful."

She sputtered for a moment, then said; "That's it? I need bigger hips?"

I sat up, and pulled her to me. I sensed now was the right moment. Gently pulling her to me, I kissed her, and when I moved back I murmured; "You are gorgeous."

She looked back at Karen, who just nodded, then literally leaped at me, pushing me on my back and crawling on top of me; smothering my face in kisses. When she pulled up a little she said; ""Karen says it's okay if I say what I'm feeling. Mark, I love you. Karen too, but I love you."

"It's okay, I love you too." Looking over at my wife, she had the biggest smile. All I could do was smile back. It was probably just as big. It sure felt like it. I wrapped her in my arms, a hand behind her head; pulling her back down to me. This time when we kissed, her mouth opened; inviting me in.

Several minutes later, when we surfaced for air, Karen was right beside us. "Can I get in on this action too?"

As I held Sandy, Karen kissed her. I could feel the moan rumbling through her as she lay on my chest. Then Karen dipped, kissing me also. She went back and forth several more times, and then by mutual agreement I rolled Sandy to the float, between us. I bent to one hard nipple, Karen to the other. Within moments Sandy arched up; inhaling sharply. Hands holding us to her, she moaned; "Oh god, don't stop. Please. That feels so good. No one has ever done that before."

My eyes caught Karen's, even as we lavished attention; virtually cheek to cheek.

"No one?"

"I never had a boyfriend. All the guys in school went for the girls with ... tits. The girls without ... well, if we didn't put out right away, and believe me the whole school knew who did, well if we didn't, we never got asked out."

About that time the kids came around the corner of the cabin, headed our way. Quickly I said to Sandy; "In my opinion, they were all damn fools."

"Mom, we're hungry!"

"Dinner will be in a while."

"But we're hungry now!"

"There's fruit on the counter. Have a banana."

"Katie Dog is hungry too."

"You can each give her one treat, no more."

"Okay Mom."

While all that was going on, Sandy was looking at my face, her hand on my chest. "Do you really mean that? What you said?"

Karen spoke for both of us: "Honey, it's been my experience that Mark never lies about things like this. And I have to agree with him. We've known you for four or five months now. You've never been anything but honest, and sweet, and a joy to be around. A little shy maybe, but that's okay with us."

Karen caressed Sandy's hair, then her face. Holding her chin, Karen looked deep into Sandy's eyes; "I love you. Not 'friend' love; 'I want to take you to bed and make love to you' love. I've never loved a woman like this, but that is how I feel about you. I hope I haven't scared you; you're too precious to me. If I've said too much, just say so, but please, can we still be friends?"

I held my breath for the longest time. Sandy looked from Karen, then to me, then back. "You're not joking are you? Either of you." She sighed then said; "That's okay I love both of you too. I don't know about the bed thing, but I'm not offended, by the rest of it. I don't want to lose you either."


They were back.

Karen smiled; "We'll continue this later. Let's take care of the monsters now."

She stood and walked carefully towards shore. Half way there she turned, catching us watching her swaying ass. With a big smile she shook a finger and then finished her journey with an added sway to her hips.

Sandy sighed; "I wish I looked like that."

"Then how would I tell you apart?"

"Well don't you think Karen is prettier?"

"Sandy, let's make a deal; don't ask me who's better looking, and I won't make comparisons. To me, you're both beautiful. You just have two different body types, that's all."

"But ..."

""Let's go get some dinner, you need that extra pound, remember?"


After dinner we all sat on the porch, relaxing. MJ, Katie and the dog sprawled out, half listening to the adults, but mostly just winding down from another busy day. Karen had slipped on shorts, but was otherwise nude. Sandy and I were also just in shorts; she had remained topless through dinner. I just have to say; sitting at the dinner table with two topless women was great. Even MJ had a moment of eyeing the women. Then he glanced over at me, shrugged, and went back to eating.

While we sipped wine Karen filled Sandy in on her thinking; "Way back when Mark and I first married, we had a lot of free time, but not a lot of money. So we spent our time reading. We read everything we could get our hands on at the used book store. Our first eye opener was a book by a man named Rimmer; he wrote stories about groups of people loving each other without jealousy. Then there was Robert Heinlein; he had all kinds of extended families running through his books. There were others, all pointing the same way; some were actually serious books by serious writers exploring concepts like open marriage and swinging. We talked about those concepts; decided swinging wasn't us and left the open marriage business hanging. I guess we kind of agreed we could have lovers if there was true affection not just for sex. But nothing happened except we got busy with other aspects of our lives."

"About six months ago I started thinking about it again. One of my students had brought in a magazine out of Colorado called Lovingmore. Reading it I found out there is an active community throughout the United States. They call this way of living 'Polyamory', and it loosely translates to "loving many". It brought back memories, and a desire to experience 'many loves' myself. Then Mark brought you home and we became friends. Sandy, I didn't plan it, I just slowly fell in love with you."

The kids were practically asleep at our feet. I scooped MJ, Karen picked up Katie, and we took them to bed. Katie Dog followed, jumping onto her namesake's bed.

Returning to Sandy; who had poured us more wine, we picked up our discussion. "I brought several books with me and you can read them if you want. I also subscribed to the magazine, but it hasn't come in yet."

"But. I don't know ... isn't it cheating? I mean if you go outside your marriage?"

"If I was to take a lover, and Mark didn't know; you bet it's cheating. But if he knows, and approves; how can that be cheating? Let's come back to us though. You're right here. If this develops to where he's making love to you, I'll know, won't I? And I will approve, see? There's no cheating as far as I'm concerned."

"I need to think. This has been quite a day for me. You're the first people to ever see me topless. Ever. And now you're talking not just about getting naked, but sex too. I need to think."

You'll notice I'd been quiet the whole time. When Karen swings into Instructor Mode, I just let her go, save my comments for later. Now I chimed in; "Sandy, no one is pushing you to do anything. You'll only do what you're comfortable with. It's just that my lovely wife has all this information and wants to share. Whatever you decide ... I'm good with that. I do love you, but I won't push you."


In bed, Karen and I were laying face to face, her nipples just grazing my chest. She asked if I thought Sandy would just want to be friends, or more. "Well first; it's really hard to concentrate when you're stroking me like that. Second; I think we can only wait, the next two days will tell us."

"Well mister, you having two fingers in my pussy doesn't help my concentration either, you know. I gave her my best, and I hope most convincing, arguments. I really, really want her. And I can see this working long term. I want it to work long term. She soo perfectly complements us; I can talk to her in a way I've never been able to talk to anyone else, not even you. And she brings out things in you I've never seen. "

"I have to agree, you've never been happier, I know I seem to smile more when she's around, and the kids adore her. And no offense honey, but I really want her."

"None taken. As long as you roll over here and give me what I need right now."

I moved between her open and inviting legs, her hand guiding my cock. We've been lovers for twenty years; we know what to do and when to do it. It's not boring, no way; we just know all our shortcuts. Never the less, there was a new urgency in her (and I suppose me too) as she clamped onto my cock. She rose to me with a passion we hadn't experienced in years. I know I felt a renewed drive myself.

We had almost reached climax when there was a light tapping on our door; "Karen? Mark? Can I come in?"

Karen giggled, I groaned; "Yes dear, come in."

"Oh! I ... I didn't mean to ... I'll come back later."

She was standing in the doorway; the hall light showing she only wore the smallest of panties. She was beautiful. I couldn't stop. Driving into my wife, but picturing my desire; with eyes shut and teeth clenched, I came. Through my orgasmic fog I heard I Karen whisper; "Sandy". We didn't just share climax at that moment, we shared desire! My head dropped to Karen's chest while I held my weight with my arms. Finally sliding off and beside Karen I panted; "No, it's okay, come on in."

"What is it honey?" Karen asked her.

"I couldn't sleep. Everything you said, you know, about loving and sharing and no jealousy and how it's not cheating, I couldn't stop thinking. I thought I might sleep with you guys tonight. I need to be held while I sort this out. But now, I interrupted ..."

"Yes, of course. You can join us any time. And you don't have to knock first. Give me a moment; I have to clean up a little." One hand between her legs, the other muffling a giggle; she hustled past Sandy to the bath.

Very shortly she returned, cloth in hand. "Just a moment dear, there's one more thing I want to do." Kneeling beside me, but so Sandy could watch; Karen gently washed my balls, and then sucked my cock in one motion, swirling her tongue as she came back up. "There; all clean."

"Now; where would you like to be; beside me, beside Mark, or in the middle?"

"Yes please. I mean I'd like to be in the middle. I love having you guys close." I let her slide over me (Thrill!), as Karen made room between us. Sandy paused, and with a gleam in her eye; softly caressed her nipples over mine. I had to wrap her in my arms, and rolled her to the center of the bed. I could feel Karen's arms joining mine. We had her in our web. We weren't going to let her go.

My cock, softening moments before, began rising against her belly. Her breath quickened and her tongue played on her lips. "Is that because of me?"

"Uh huh." Always quick on the repartee, that's me.

"I'm not ready for that yet. But I do want to be closer to you guys. Do you mind if I roll over? But don't let go. I like this feeling." She rolled, facing Karen; my hands now encompassing her nubbins. Instantly her nipples hardened, and I softly kissed the corner of her neck. A small shudder passed through her as she whispered; "Oh my."

Karen pressed forward, her breasts firmly against my hands. I opened my arms a little, moving to slide my hands along Karen's sides; helping to pull her even more into our darling. Softly, Karen kissed her. Gently, Karen's hands roamed her sides. And in a whisper she said; "I love you. I love both of you. Sandy, dear Sandy, I so want this to work. Having you here, in my arms, in our arms, it's like a dream. I don't want to wake. Not yet."

I felt, more than heard, Sandy sigh. "Shh, I'm here. It's not a dream. I love you too. I just need a little time. Then we can waken together."


In the morning I slipped out of bed. They were tangled together; arms wrapped over bodies, heads tucked against necks, Karen's blonde hair half covering Sandy's face. I dressed silently, and padded to the kitchen; starting the coffee.

As had become our habit; Katie Dog joined me, waiting to go outside. Clipping on her leash, we stepped out the back door. There, not ten feet away stood a doe; her fawn beside her. The dog growled, but I shushed her. "It's okay, they're friendly."

She watched us, then turned and led her charge back into the trees.

Of course the dog had to sniff everything then.

We returned to the kitchen just as the kids came in, rubbing their eyes. I began to tell them about the deer when

"Mark! Mark! Wake up honey. It's almost eight. Sandy will be here in a few minutes and the kids are chomping at the bit to get going. I have the coffee ready and there are pastries in the kitchen. You must have had quite a dream judging from the way you were smiling. Come on hon, you can sleep up at the cabin."


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