tagErotic CouplingsSandy’s Computer Ch. 03

Sandy’s Computer Ch. 03


Ian took an airplane to a town near Sandy. Both had agreed to meet on neutral ground first at a Restaurant. Sandy picked a quiet place out of way an Italian restaurant which served lunch in a combination Italian deli and restaurant. She made sure Ian had phone numbers and directions.

She arrived at the restaurant first. Ian drove a rented black four door sedan. Sandy watched him pull into restaurant parking area.

He spotted her right away standing at front entrance; Ian stepped out of his car and walked toward her holding a bouquet of red roses.

Ian walked toward Sandy, her heart skipped a beat. He was tall, lean, muscular, and very good looking. Much better looking than pictures sent over internet.

Ian spotting her, he gasped, she was extremely attractive. She was tall. He remembered her telling him she was 5' 6". Sandy carried herself well with a drop dead gorgeous smile.

He came to her and kissed her tenderly softly, whispering in her ear. Ian made love to her lips by slowly sucking her lower lip, then upper lip, followed by a moist tongue, as she had asked him to do in one of their chats. She was flattered that he had remembered to do this. Meeting in person, they were immediately attracted to each other.

They walked hand in hand into the restaurant. Gallantly he held main door open for her. They walked in. Head waiter motioned them to follow him, as she walked in ahead of Ian to their table, his eyes wandered to her hips, he liked what he saw. Her hips swayed with a smooth rhythm. He felt himself stir.

Both enjoyed their lunch learning about each other. It was a big difference in to meet in person. Their conversation was animated; both were touching, smiling, at scent of each. There was no awkward silence, conversation flowed. He told her about his three children, two sons and a daughter who were married with children. She told him about her daughters from her first marriage. They both were married with children. They talked about joys of being a grandparent. There was laughter with enjoyment of each other's company.

As the luncheon wore on, their passionate erotic nature took over. Sandy's mind wandered. She looked at his lips and wondered what it would feel like to kiss him, to be in his arms, to make love to him, all questions of her interest and want.

He watched her as she talked, noticed how animated her pretty face was, how soft and feminine her voice was. He couldn't help looking at her breasts straining against her navy blue blouse. Her nipples were erect. She was sensitive in the coolness of this restaurant. He liked her. He felt attracted to her.

Ian came for a few days to visit Sandy. Sandy had limited time to meet, because of her husband's work schedule. They agreed to remain discrete, cautious and careful in meeting. She could meet for an early lunch, then again in evening hours when he left for work at 9 PM. They agreed to meet about 9:30 PM in evening at his B&B 'Grayson Manor'.

They finished lunch and walked to their cars both parked parallel to each other. They said their good-byes, each hesitating, and reluctant to leave. This hesitant goodbye being their only awkward moment shared between them.

"See you tonight"; Sandy said, then drove off. Ian stood there just staring as Sandy disappeared into traffic.

Evening Date

That evening they met at agreed upon time and place outside Grayson Manor. She parked her car; then climbed into his, driving off together.

He immediately put his hand on her leg gently massaging her inner thigh. She felt a shiver go up her spine from her toes. He held her hand asking her to move close to him. She complied doing so. He put his arm around her shoulders. Naturally she snuggled against his side. It felt good to be held. Ian told her how good it felt for him to hold her.

He drove to a nearby town pulling his car behind a donut shop. Behind the shop it t was deserted and dark. They were very close to two main roads, but fairly well hidden from view. It was a dark moonless night, with light rain pelting car windows.

Ian took her in his arms embracing. Holding her close he gently kissing her forehead, kissing her neck then blowing a gentle stream of his warm breath down her back. Sandy felt wonderfully warm in his strong arms. She felt protected, wanted, needed, and desired.

He told her how good she felt. How nice she was to hold. How much he had missed being close to her.

She could feel pleasure she was giving him by just being there with him returning soft gentle warm caresses. They were filling a mutual need of personal touch and she smiled.

Pleasure of being held close, gave way to passion.

Sandy whispered softly into his ear;"Kiss me Ian, kiss me deep, I want to taste you."

He did. She returned his kisses. Long slow tender passionate kisses. Lips that had been neglected far too long were being fed, His and hers. Gradually His hand wandered to her breast.

Sandy tingled at feel of Ian's hands on her sensitive breasts, her body responded with a gasp.

Sandy had worn a fresh new Ivory Satin bra with matching high hip panties. Ian felt the soft fabric bringing his hand down lower and lower to her nipples.

He un-buttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra in front, gently removed it, folding it in a neat manner on his back seat. He caressed her breasts, fondling her, pinching her nipples, latching on her nipples, and then sucking her breasts, nursing her.

Sandy felt ecstasy. It has been so long without. This warmth was wonderful to experience once more. Like a soothing rain on a parched flower garden, making it bloom again. She softly moaned with approval and pleasure, asking him for more here, then some there, and as Ian continued, her hand slowly moved down his body to his erect penis.

Sandy took off his belt, unzipped his pants, so she had complete touch and access to his most sensitive body area.

She felt his black satin black thong holding its package, and then pulled his thong aside freeing his hard penis, exposing himself to her.

When Sandy touched Ian he sucked in his breath. It had been so long for him. He had yearned for a woman's gentle touch on his cock and now it was happening.

She lowered her head and touched her mouth to him, kissing, licking, finally putting him into her mouth, gently sucking slowly.

Ian gasped, his body became tense, he whispered; "Oh yes."

She was filled with satisfaction knowing that she was giving him that pleasure. She held his penis with one hand while she continued sucking, tasting him, her other hand gently caressing his testicles.

Sandy lifted her head, and then kissed Ian passionately. He leaned over and put his hand under her short skirt, then slowly up her leg, into her panties, feeling her vaginal slit and its wetness. Ian removed her panties, folding them, and placing them on top of her bra, stashed in the rear seat.

Ian moved his fingers between her vaginal lips, up then down slowly between her lips, over her clit, into her vagina. Ian gradually plunged his middle finger into her vagina just under her hood, rubbing her clit with his index finger. First in wide circles, then ever smaller circles, till her clit felt his finger gently massaging her. Her clit hardened and protruded from her lips glistening with her moistness.

A red neon donut shop light shown down into the car with a reddish tone allowing Ian to see her nakedness. Ian marveled at how wonderful her vagina felt, how beautiful her clit looked. He watched as it glistened, with small droplets of moisture. He took his fingers up from her clit into his mouth tasting, savoring each droplet.

Both wanted to give each other pleasure by masturbating each other. It was an introduction stepping stone of familiarity in knowing each other.

Such exquisite pleasure, she whimpering as she held onto his arm laying her head on his shoulder. Her breath quickened, as he verbally encouraged her to let herself go.

"Sandy, cum for me, cum baby, cum, let me see you release in my hand, Cum Sandy, Cum."

Unable to contain herself any longer her body stiffened, she called out Ian's name, as her release overtook her in waves which began down in her toes, traveled upward to her inner thighs, then settling deeper within her vagina.

Sandy jerked wildly thinking her climatic orgasm would never end, Sandy did not want it to end. Sandy released, and she came in spurts first with a 'G' Spot then a vaginal orgasm, which was a female ejaculation. Her wetness flowed as never before. Ian cupped her cum in his hand, then raising his hand to his mouth so he slowly swallowed all of her, not missing a drop. Sandy held his arm until her breathing returned to normal.

Ian had rented a car with reclining seats, which reclined into what seemed almost horizontal. Reaching for the reclining button, he reclined seats to lie down on his back, then asked Sandy rise over straddling him then sit on his erect penis.

Sandy had never done anything like this in a car before. She was reluctant to do so. So afraid of being seen or having police pull up, despite their fogged windows.

She wanted him to climax as she had by masturbation. They had both agreed to masturbate each other moving into more intimate sex over time. She was hungry for him, a wild hunger not felt in years, so she did as he asked.

She raised her skirt to cover both of them, then straddled him with her back to the steering wheel, and slowly used his penis to rub her vagina up and down between her vaginal lips, feeling her wetness ooze again she sat down, guiding his penis into her vagina.

Her skirt protected them from view, like a tent. He whispered a silent sound as feeling of their bodies together in union as one was absorbed into their senses as in indelible part of each. She began to slowly ride him as she leaned forward rocking back and forth slowly feeling him deep within her, burying her face in the side of his neck.

He encouraged her and said over and over again; "Oh yes Sandy, yes I love you!!"

His warm penis felt good and warm inside of her. She moved slowly with rhythm into her abandon, enjoying her moist sensation of his penis slipping and sliding, in and out of her vagina.

She could feel her warm wet juices flowing out of her, making her and his pubic area wet. She sat up straight, eyes forward, with an arched back, taking his entire penis inside her. Fitting each other perfectly, no one had ever felt as good as they were now experiencing.

Head lights from a passing car turning off a side road shone briefly in their window. Fear of being seen or her husband finding out stopped Sandy cold. She dismounted him, apologizing to him.

I know you have not cum yet, and I want you to, but we need more time and privacy.

He was very understanding and told her it was all right.

In a whisper Ian told Sandy; "I don't cum prematurely, but when I do cum my release is about 1/3 cup."

Sandy thought to herself Mmmmmm, wonderful; I want all of him in me.

Then Sandy said; "baby I want to swallow all of you, and you to swallow all of me, it will be our communion. If you fuck me, then release in me, I want you to suck me out, then kiss me, filling my mouth with our co-mingled cum so we can swallow together, It is ours to enjoy."

Once again she went down on his penis, tasting her own juices co-mingled with his Precum on his penis. She knew by his groans and his heavy breathing that he was enjoying pleasure she was giving him. She took all of him into her mouth, sucking fast and hard, using her fingers to massage his balls and search for his spot along his big vein under his penis. His Precum oozed out tasting of French Vanilla. Sandy loved Vanilla. His taste was becoming addictive. She was amazed at his staying power and told him so.

He gently lifted her head from his penis asking her to hold up her blouse to allow him to play with her breasts, so he could watch her as he masturbated. She did as he asked and watched his face as he stroked his penis then reached his first orgasm.

Ian squirted semen upward into her breasts. Sandy felt his warm seaman drench her nipples then drip down onto his pubic area. Sheer joy was written there. She loved his expression, so sexy, so sensuous, and so manly.

How much she had missed this part of a relationship, how wonderful to experience a man in her life again. Sandy relished feel of Ian, his scent, touch, tenderness, kiss, passion, and his appreciation of her. She was grateful to him for making her feel like a real woman again.

After slowly dressing, making themselves presentable, they sat in his car in each other's arms, in silence, each thinking his own thoughts. They listened to rain drip from overhead tree branches on his car watching it trickle down the windshield, both perfectly content and at ease with the silence, and with each other.

Eventually, he drove her back to her car, drawing her into his arms; they kissed tenderly and sweetly, and then parted again for the night.

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