tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSanta and His Elf

Santa and His Elf


It was Christmas Eve and my wife and I had moved away from all of our family due to my job. We were depressed over not having family around for the Holidays and decided to go out to have a few drinks at one of our favorite hangouts.

My wife Jeannie and I got dressed and headed out about five to go eat and have a few drinks.

We both were actually surprised at the number of people who were at the bar. There must have been a lot of people alone for the holidays.

The owner of the bar was there and behind the bar.

"Hello guys! I did not expect to see you two here tonight." Jack said.

Jeannie responded, "No family close and no money to get home on."

"I understand. Well it is good to see both of you here. Let me get you started. The first one is on me."

"Thanks Jack!" I said.

I ordered a beer and Jeannie ordered a dirty martini.

We also ordered a couple of burgers and continued to sit at the bar to drink, eat and watch the people as they milled around.

We ordered another drink and were sipping on them when Jack came back over.

"Shit!" He exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" Jeannie asked.

I had this guy and his wife scheduled to play Santa and an elf tonight to add some fun to the night, and he just called. His Dad had a heart attack and is in the hospital. They are not going to make it." He replied.

"Too bad that would have added a festive mood to the bar." Jeannie responded with a sigh.

"Oh well, I guess we will just have to do without." Jack dejectedly replied.

He then asked, "You guys need another?"

"Sure." I responded.

Jeannie was already getting a little tipsy. She has always been a quick drunk. She is only five foot four inches tall and weighs about one hundred pounds soaking wet. It would appear that half her weight was in her tits. She was small but well endowed. It was the first thing that I had noticed about her I am sometimes ashamed to admit.

Jack brought our drinks back over and said, "I had an idea."

He continued, "You guys want to get home for Christmas and I need a Santa and an Elf. I will pay you guys five hundred dollars if you will be Santa and an Elf tonight."

Jeannie and I looked at each other and I asked Jack, "What do we have to do?"

"Just hang out in the bar and you know keep the party going." He replied.

Jeannie looked back at me and almost simultaneously, we shrugged.

"We will do it." I responded.

"Oh man, you guys are life savers" Jack excitedly exclaimed.

"The costumes are in back. Follow me." He said.

Jeannie and I downed our drinks and followed Jack to the backroom.

He handed us the costumes wrapped up in suit bags and said, "You guys can change here. The door locks."

With that, he left us alone in the room.

Jeannie began laughing, "I can't believe we are doing this?"

"Look at it this way. When we are done tonight we will have the extra money we needed to fly home tomorrow and surprise everyone at home for Christmas." I said also laughing.

"That will be cool." She replied.

I zipped open my bag and pulled out the Santa Suit. I had to laugh again.

Jeannie opened her bag and pulled out her costume.

When she pulled it all the way out all she said was, "Oh, My, Gawd."

I looked over at her and my jaw dropped.

It was apparently a Naughty Elf costume. There was a small red corset with white fur outline around the bra. There was a small pair of red boy shorts for the bottoms. There was thigh high hose with red ribbons around the thigh and a red Santa Hat.

"Oh my gawd Dan. I can't wear this out there." She said to me.

"I will tell Jack the deal is off." I replied.

I walked out the door and went to get Jack.

Jack and I walked back into the room and Jeannie said, "Jack I would love to help you out but this outfit is very skimpy and I just don't think I could go out there wearing it."

I'll give you guys seven hundred dollars and all the drinks you can handle if you will help me out. The place is packed and I need Santa on Christmas Eve. PLEASE!" he pleaded.

Jeannie looked at me and said, "Alright."

Jack said, "Thank you and let me get you another drink to get you started."

He left the room and I looked at Jeannie and asked, "Are you sure?"

"It's seven hundred dollars for a couple of hour's worth of embarrassment and then we can go home for Christmas and not cost us a dime." She replied.

Jack walked back into the room with our drinks and told us thanks again and then he left.

"Well I guess we better get dressed." Jeannie said with some apprehension.

I began unbuttoning my shirt as Jeannie pulled her blouse over her head. She then reached behind her and unfastened her bra. She let it slip off her shoulders and her large firm breasts bounded into sight.

"You are not wearing a bra?" I asked.

"Honey you don't and can't wear a bra with this corset. The corset holds your tits up and pushes them out. That is why I was concerned. It is also too small for me." She informed me.

I unfastened my pants and pulled them down while kicking off my shoes. When I looked up Jeannie was taking her skirt off and then peeled off her panties.

"No panties either?" I asked.

"Dear the shorts with this outfit are underwear." She told me.

She grabbed the little piece of fabric, stepped one leg at a time in them, and slipped them up her legs and onto her waist.

"Damn Hon, I can see your pussy lips those things are so tight." I said.

She turned around and asked, "What do you think now?"

"Shit! Half your ass is showing." I exclaimed.

She then reached for the corset and wrapped it around her body.

"You will have to help me lace this thing up." She said.

She started lacing it and I pulled on my Santa pants. I then grabbed the foam "fat" Part of the Santa suit and slipped my arms into it.

Jeannie began to laugh hysterically.

"Oh my gawd you look so funny with that on." She laughed as she said it.

"You will have to zip this in the back for me." I said.

Laughing still, she said, "Turn around."

I turned as she zipped up my fat.

"Ok, now you have to help me. I am going to try to squeeze this together while you lace it up." She said.

I grabbed the laces and began feeding the ends through the holes she had not done yet. I pulled them tight as I thought I could without hurting her.

"You're going to have to go tighter then that or my tits will be showing all night." She said.

I pulled harder and she finally squealed, "Too tight."

I ran the laces through the holes next to her tits and have to admit this was giving me a hard on in my Santa suit.

I finally laced the final laces, pulled them taut, and tied them.

I stood back to look at what we had accomplished.

Jeannie looked down and said, "My gawd Ron how in the hell am I going to go out there like this?"

The majority of the corset was gaping open. It barely covered her tits and was laced so tight that her tits were nearly spilling over the top of it. It looked like her tits were nearly touching her chin they were so compressed. From her naval up was bare skin!

"I need another drink." She said.

I went to the door and peeked out and yelled for Jack.

When he came to the door I told him we needed two more drinks.

I went to put on my Santa coat as Jeannie rolled the thigh high stockings up her legs. My cock was getting hard again watching the nylon as it slid up her sexy legs.

There was a knock on the door and I yelled, "Come in."

Jack opened the door and had two more drinks with him.

"Holy shit Jeannie you look great!" he exclaimed.

"You mean I look like an elf hooker." She replied.

"Well after all it is a bar and you do look fantastic." He answered.

"You guys about ready? He asked.

"Just let me get the beard and hat on and we will be right out." I replied.

Jeannie slipped on the red stiletto five-inch heels and stood up.

"Well?" She asked.

"Can Santa fuck you before we go out there?" I grinned.

"No I am not into fat guys." She laughed as she said it.

It was apparent that the martinis were beginning to have there affect on her.

I looked in the mirror and asked, "Well, what do you think?"

"You actually make a great Santa." She said as she walked to me and kissed me.

"Yuck, you are going to have to shave before you crawl between my elf legs." She laughed again.

We both downed our drinks and I walked to the door and opened it.

I went out first and yelled, "Ho, Ho, Ho!" ringing a bell that Jack had given me.

I knew when Jeannie made her entrance behind me because the appreciative whistles went off so loudly they drowned out my ho ho hos.

I turned to look at Jeannie who was beat red from the embarrassment and the attention. I let her past me and she walked in front of me.

Her tight little ass was nearly naked and I watched the guys in the bar leering at her body. They literally stared at her tits as she approached them and then stared at her ass as she past by them.

I was hearing comments like, "Santa can I fuck your elf", "Santa can your elf sit on my face."

Then from the crowd came a hand and grabbed and handful of my wife's ass.

Jeannie jumped and I wanted to slug the guy but knew that was not what Santa would do.

I just walked up to the guy and said, "Santa does not bring presents to naughty boys."

He responded with, "Fuck you Santa."

I turned away and kept following Jeannie through the crowd when I heard Jack.

"Santa over here."

I looked up and he was waving us toward him.

When we got there he had a big chair set up for me to sit in.

When Jeannie and I got to the chair I turned and sat down.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Santa and his elf will be her tonight to take any last minute Christmas wishes." He yelled.

"I wish I could fuck his elf!" came from the crowd followed by a roar of laughter.

Jack had already had two more drinks setting on a table by us and we both grabbed them and drank.

Jeannie had to be getting drunk. She usually is after three or four and I know she was well above that now.

Just as I sat my drink down a buxom blonde in a mini skirt jumped on my lap. She did not sit on it as little kids do but her legs straddled me and she was facing me with her big tits in my face.

"Santa if I give you a lap dance will you bring me a Mercedes for Christmas?" She said grinning as she began to dry hump my lap.

"Well now let's see?" I said as I glanced over at my half-naked elf.

She then planted her tits right in my face and shook them. When she pulled back I had to again look at Jeannie who was somewhat glaring at the big tittied bimbo.

Just then one of the guys in the bar grabbed Jeannie and lifted her into the air, "Little Elf why don't you dump Santa here and come back to my place and I will fuck your brains out."

He then set her back down on the floor and I looked at her shocked and nodded at her to get her to look down.

A cheer roared from the crowd as she looked down. One of her tits had popped out from her corset and was in plain sight for all to see.

She grabbed it, began trying to tuck it back into the skintight corset, and was not having much luck as the crowd continued to cheer, "Take it off, take it off."

The blonde was still on my lap grinding away and I looked at her and said, "Let me see what I can do but remember you have to be a good little girl."

"Damn it there goes the Mercedes." She laughed as she crawled off my lap.

I then realized that between my wife exposing her tit and the blondes grinding my cock was hard as a rock.

I looked at Jeannie and she had somewhat got her tit back under cover and was beet red. She grabbed her drink and downed it.

Jack had another round already there for her. She picked it up and nearly downed it in one swallow as the crowd cheered her on.

A beautiful scantily clad brunette then sat on my lap but she did so by backing in.

She turned and looked at me, "Why Santa is that a peppermint stick in your pants or are you enjoying this?"

I knew I turned red from blushing as she rubbed her ass on my hard cock.

I looked at Jeannie as she was beginning to dance to the music.

Suddenly a guy grabbed her and cradled her in his arms. When he spun around I saw Jeannie's ass. Her panties had crept up her ass and looked more like a thong than boy shorts. The guy carried her across the room and put her on the bar. The jostling from being carried nearly had her tits exposed again.

"Dance." He yelled at her.

I was in shock as she actually began dancing. It was like a scene out of Coyote Ugly as she began to sway and gyrate to the music. The room was going wild as she undulated on the bar.

The brunette turned again and asked, "Santa what will I get for Christmas if I can make you come in your velvet pants?"

I really was not paying attention to what I said as I looked past her to Jeannie when I replied, "What ever you want."

She then sat fully down on my lap and was grinding away on my hard cock.

I looked at Jeannie and was in astonishment at how sexy she looked up there dancing and then I noticed that I had not done a very good job of tying her corset lacing. It was coming undone and was starting to unravel.

She was so drunk she was not paying attention or maybe she was. The guys around the bar were throwing money on the bar. Some of them were reaching for her thigh highs and was stuffing money into the tops of them.

She spun around and her panties had all but disappeared between her fabulous ass cheeks.

I then felt the cum boiling in my balls and had to get this chick off my lap or I was actually going to come in my pants.

I grabbed her and said, "Ok, what do you want for Christmas?"

"Oh Santa did you have an accident in your pants?" She asked laughing.

"No but it was close." I replied.

"All I want for Christmas Santa is your hard cock buried in my pussy."

"I am afraid that I will be too busy later for that." I replied.

She pouted and walked away.

I looked back up at my dancing elf wife just as her corset lacing gave way.

Her big full tits sprung into view. The bar went wild with cheering and chanting. Jeannie did not bother to cover up as the money just kept piling up in her hose and on the bar.

Another blonde got on her knees between my legs and asked, "What does a girl get for Christmas if she sucks Santa's cock?"

She then actually grabbed my cock through my pants.

I jumped from the sudden grabbing.

I looked down at her and said, "I will have to think about that. What do you want?"

I then heard the bar explode with cheering and looked up at Jeannie. She was unlacing the rest of the corset. She never looked at me as she pulled it off her shoulders and threw it into the crowd.

My wife was now dancing topless on the bar. The song that she had been dancing to stopped and during the interlude before the next song she was bending over as guys were stuffing bills in the back of her panties and touching her ass.

The blonde between my legs was now rubbing my cock and said, "Well let me see?"

The next song started and Jeannie began dancing again.

She finally looked me square in the eyes and looked at the girl rubbing my cock.

It was as if it sparked her to go even further as Jack handed her another drink and she downed it in one swallow.

I grabbed the girls hand on my cock and stopped her from stroking me. For one I was ready to shoot my load again and two it was just egging Jeannie on to do more.

"Oh Santa why did we have to stop?" She grinned as she asked it.

"I think you know why and bad little girls do not get anything from Santa" I responded.

She huffed and got up and left.

I looked at my wife on the bar as she now began rolling the thigh highs down her legs.

The bar was going wild watching her and the guys were pushing her for more and more.

She threw one of the stockings into the crowd. A guy caught it and held it to his nose breathing deeply and then handed it to his buddies who all did likewise.

She rolled the other off her leg and threw it.

Guys were still handing her money and stuffing money in her panties that also now had edged their way into her pussy. Her lips were clearly visible. With her pussy now on display along with her ass there was very little left to the imagination.

Just then, another girl sat down on my lap.

"Oh you are a bad Santa." She said.

She continued, "Is it the fact that your elf wife is naked in front of a couple of hundred people or that lots of pretty girls keep teasing you?"

"How did you know she was my wife?" I asked.

"Just a lucky guess. I saw you to come in together."

She was sitting on my knee as kids are supposed to but this only hid the fact that her hand was wrapped around my cock slowly pulling on it.

I looked back up at Jeannie and wondered how far she was going to take this. Was she going to get naked?

The third song stopped playing and Jeannie began bending over to pick up the bills for her on the bar. She did not stoop down but bent over at the waist and continued to show her ass and nearly her pussy to all in the bar.

The girl now stroking my cock began stroking faster and I could tell I was going to come if this did not stop.

I reached for her hand and stopped her.

"Come on Santa! My friends and I have a bet as to which one of us can make you shoot your load," She said.

"Well I guess you all lost." I said.

Jeannie was trying to climb down from the bar when the guy who carried her over there again scooped her up in his arms and carried her.

The major difference this time was that she was nearly naked.

He suddenly bent his head forward and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

Jeannie had a shocked look on her face as she felt his mouth around her nipple and she grabbed him by the hair and pulled him off her tit.

He put her down next to where I was still sitting. As he turned one of his friends high fived him.

"Time for Santa to take a break." I told the girl on my lap.

She got up and I grabbed Jeannie's hand and pulled her through the crowd still nearly naked.

I heard her saying, "Oh, oh, oh" as we walked and knew that hands were all over her body.

We finally got to the door of the backroom and went inside.

"What the hell are you doing?" I exclaimed and asked her.

"What the hell are YOU? Doing letting those girls rub your cock?" She quickly came back.

The door to the backroom opened and jack stepped in.

"Damn, damn, damn! That is more than I could have imagined. You guys got the party rocking and the drinks are flowing! Thanks a bunch and by the way, since the Elf costume is gone you guys better be done. I am a bar not a strip club and could get in trouble if we keep it going. Here is your seven hundred and some more that you left on the bar. Thanks a lot you guys you saved my night."

He began to leave and then turned, "How about next year?"

"We will let you know." I responded.

He closed the door and I grabbed Jeannie and kissed her.

She began pulling down my Santa pants as I unfastened the shirt.

I stepped out of the pants and pulled the jacket off. All that was left was my "fat" so I turned to have Jeannie unzip it and then pulled it off.

I grabbed her and bent her over a chair in the backroom and pulled her panties away from her ass and guided my cock into her pussy.

She was soaking wet as I sank fully into her. I was then pounding in and out of her like a mad man. The sound of my groin slapping against her ass and the wetness of her pussy squishing with each thrust filled the room.

I had to have her and was fucking her as I had never fucked her before. We usually take it slow building up to the sex but not tonight. We both just wanted to fuck. The foreplay had already been taken care of in the bar.

"Ohhhh gawd yes I'm cummming." She moaned.

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