tagLoving WivesSanta Cums Down My Chimney

Santa Cums Down My Chimney


What a Christmas morning I had. You see I was a naughty girl but Santa gave it to me anyway.

But seriously, this was the most erotic Christmas I've ever had. It started back when I was hinting to my husband that he should buy me a vibrator for Christmas. I even took him to my favourite toy store to show him. It was electric- blue and sort of looked like a big cock, thick and long (only slightly bigger than my husband). It had a bulbous head and ridges down the shaft and was made of this real nice rubbery/plastic or something, it actually felt like the real thing.

Anyway, it was Christmas eve and I noticed there was a present under the tree that was wrapped in this very naughty Santa Claus paper. I recognized the paper as being from the store where I took my husband. So I was sure that he had bought me the vibrator of my dreams. I was so horny thinking about it, that I was all over my husband when we went to bed, and he fucked my pussy real good before we went to sleep.

I woke up about 4 am and that vibrator was still on my mind. I was horny still so I started touching my clit just thinking about how I was going to use it on myself and my husband. After about an hour, laying awake and fantasizing, I had had enough. I went downstairs to see if my guess was correct. I found the present and carefully unwrapped it (so I could re-wrap it before my husband knew I peaked) and sure enough this beautiful blue beast was all mine. The batteries were already loaded.

Before I could even stop myself I was on my knees in front of the tree sliding this beautiful electric cock between my legs. I pressed it gently into my clit, testing its feel before getting real serious with it. It sent spasms through my body almost immediately. Then I started to work it into my dripping pussy and soon I was riding it like there was no tomorrow. A minute later my first total body orgasm. My body shook from my head to my toes. I let out a shreek as the waves of pleasure pulsated through my legs and ass.

Suddenly I felt a pair of hands slide down my back. I jolted and started to turn before I heard a reassuring "shhh...". I knew it was a man but I wasn't sure whether it was my husband or Santa himself (well that was my own little fantasy). I could feel him kneel behind me and then he pushed me forward so my ass was in the air and I was on all fours. His left hand slid under my short nighty and grabbed my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples. His left hand roamed my ass in search of my chocolate hole. Soon his fingers found the mark and lightly probed my anus. I went crazy, screaming with pleasure, all the while I continued to work my hot cunt with the big blue cock. His hand left my ass, but only for second.

Then his finger traced my ass-hole. I felt him push his index finger up my ass and work it in and out. I was tight but I could tell he was lubing me up cause I could feel the cool sensation of gel on his finger. Then the middle finger (equally lubed) joined the index finger as he spread my ass open even wider and worked both digits around and in and out. I was gasping for breath, my body writhing with pleasure, my pussy aching even more, so I pounded the vibrator into my pussy and pressed it into my engorged clit. "Aaaggha...", I groaned as my body shook again.

I knew his cock was the next. You see my Santa loves to leave his gifts up my chimney. I felt the fingers slip out and was replaced by a stronger pressure against my hole. A felt a slight pain before the head of his burning cock slipped inside my ass. I screamed and moaned and told him "ooh that's it Santa...put it in deeper...fuck me hard". He started to work his throbbing cock into me, thrusting inch by inch until his shaft was buried up my chimney and his balls were slapping my sopping wet pussy. I was just about ready to pass out with pleasure as he began to ravage my ass. The vibrator fell from my grip as I had to brace myself against his pounding thrusts.

I squealed, "Oh god...yes...oooh...fuck me hard...leave your hot cum in my ass". He began to snort with each assault and after several more hard slams he tensed and pressed his staff deep inside me. My ass burned as I felt his load explode from his cock. I reached for my clit and rubbed hard with two fingers and I came hard before collapsing under his weight. We lay there completely satisfied and totally spent. I said, "Oooo Santa, you're sooo naughty...mmmm but nice."

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