tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSanta Has A Big Present For Alison

Santa Has A Big Present For Alison


Santa quickly grabbed Alison and led her to the igloo.

"Here we can keep extra warm, my snow angel," He muttered, as they sat down in the surprisingly large display.

Alison couldn't believe her luck on this day! But as she looked around, she noticed things were a little different. There was a camera hooked up in the corner of the igloo. What if she got Santa's boss in trouble?

"Santa, darling, what about that camera in the corner?" Alison asked him.

"Oh Ho, Ho, Ho," Santa laughed. "I think I deserve a little present, too, my dear. I will show you it afterwards."

"But won't you get into trouble?"

"Ho, Ho, Ho. No, the boss, Mrs. Claus, loves watching."

Alison couldn't believe her ears! Santa must really know everything! How else would he know about her exhibition fantasy as well? Alison could feel her panties become soaked with her love juices. She couldn't take it anymore! Alison climbed on top of Santa and kissed his rosy red cheeks and lips.

Santa got the hint, and soon he was taking his red furry pants and coat off. He grabbed Alison and took her clothes off of her, and couldn't believe his eyes! She must have expected that this love magic was going to happen! Alison noticed his surprised expression of joy, and showed off her body, twirling around slowly. She wore a red lace-up push-up bra with white fur on the top, and matching panties. Every curve of her body was shown off, and Santa could feel his cock becoming hotter and harder in his jeans.

Alison looked at Santa's cock and cooed, "Ooh, someone wants to get out of there!"

Santa looked up at her and nodded, "Yes, please!"

Alison took the zipper on his jeans and slowly unzipped as Santa's cock jumped out immediately. He wasn't wearing boxers! Alison's panties were practically dripping as she took off the jeans. When she came back up off the floor, her mouth immediately went to Santa's cock. It was so irresistible! Alison loved sucking cocks, and Santa's was the best! It was hairless and smooth, and she estimated it to be about 8 inches long. The perfect size!

Santa was not silent one bit about this either! He moaned as Alison kept sucking, and grabbed the hook off her bra, and took it off. Alison's breasts were perfectly round, with big pink nipples. Santa squeezed, caressed, and pinched Alison's nipples, which made her suck harder. She absolutely loved it when her nipples were pinched, and it made her close. Santa was breathing harder, and whispered to her, "Oh, honey, you might get a present soon!"

"Oh, Santa, please! I will give you one in return!" Alison moaned. Alison then felt Santa's cock harden even more, and then heard him moan loud as she felt his lovely white liquid present on her mouth. She couldn't help it. Alison came loudly too.

But just as Alison came, she noticed something in the corner of the igloo, by the camera. One of Santa's elves had watched, and was furiously masturbating. His face was red when Alison noticed.

"No, wait! I'm still horny, give me a present too?" Alison asked the elf.

He smiled hugely, and asked, "Yes, yes! But what do you want?"

"Continue, and let me watch you come?"

The elf smiled huge, and continued to beat his cock as Alison watched with wide eyes. Santa watched too, with an eager expression. He silently took off Alison's panties.

All of the excitement made the elf very close.

"I don't have much more time!" He said in one breath.

"Then it is time to cum for me!" Alison said, as she was absentmindedly rubbing her clit.

"Yes, please!" Santa said, and it was then that Alison noticed Santa was hard again, and holding his cock.

The elf moaned and came in a big load on the floor. Alison clapped and smiled. The elf smiled back.

"Oh, thank you! Oh, now I am so horny. I must be a very naughty girl," Alison cooed as she thanked the elf.

She turned and grabbed Santa's cock. "Oh, Santa, don't you have one more present you can give to me?"

"Yes. One more. It's always best to save the best for last." Santa said.

"Ok, Santa, fuck me!" Alison cried as she spread her legs making her beautifully pink wet pussy visible.

Santa did what he was told, and put his gleaming long, hard cock into her pussy. He drove it deeper and deeper. Alison looked around. The elf was still there, watching.

"Ooh, elf, come here. Make me a present," Alison demanded. The elf obeyed, and Alison sucked on his cock as Santa fucked her.

The three moaned loudly, and came all at once, their love juices soaking together. But this time, there were no more presents left. The elf left and disappeared, and Santa and Alison both put on their clothes quietly.

"Thank you for all my presents, Santa," Alison said in her most professional tone, as she walked out of the igloo.

"You are very welcome. Merry Christmas," He said.

Alison walked out of the mall smiling very wide as she looked around; she wondered if any of the people at the mall noticed their moans.

A few days later, Alison awoke on Christmas morning to find a small present in her mailbox with a card attached.

It said simply, "To my snow angel. Hope you are having a wonderful merry Christmas. Love, Santa."

Alison opened the package to find a DVD.

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