tagInterracial LoveSuzanne in the Church Kitchen

Suzanne in the Church Kitchen


It was Suzanne's turn to get the buffet set up in the Fellowship Hall so it would be ready when the church service ended. So as normal, she left the church and walked back to the kitchen area that adjoined the Fellowship Hall. There was nobody around since everyone was attending the service. She began to brew the coffee in the big coffee maker while she arranged muffins and pastries on the trays. It was all under control in a matter of minutes and she just sat there at the table and waited for the service to end and the coffee to finish brewing.

Suzanne looked good today in her nice Sunday dress and heels. The waist belt was a shiny black patent and accented the nice flair of her hips and the sexy, well put-together ass she took so much pride in. Her chestnut hair was smooth and silky looking and her makeup was light but set off her pretty face just right.

Just then she heard the sound of someone coming into the kitchen area and she turned to see the black maintenance man, Tom, walk in. He was a big man. He stood about 6'4" but was about 320 pounds. He had a huge fat belly that was about to burst his shirt buttons at the waist. His face was ruddy and very unattractive. His skin was in bad and pock marked. She always saw him looking at her when he didn't think anyone could see. Tom wasn't subtle about it. He always seemed to want her to know he lusted after her married body. His eyes always roamed all over her and he seemed to really like her ass and legs. He always made her nervous.

"Well, hello Miss Suzanne, you sure look pretty today," he said smiling down at her. His eyes were focused on her breasts and she realized that the top two buttons of the dress were opened. From his tall stature, he could easily see down her cleavage. He could see the full swell of her breasts in her sheer lace bra. Her nervousness was mounting in those first few seconds.

"Oh, Tom, good morning, you surprised me. I think I am done here and may go back into the service," she said trying to get out of the kitchen and his gaze. His eyes were looking openly at her body as she stood up. As Suzanne started to walk by him, his big, black hand took her arm in his strong grip.

"No need to go just yet. The Pastor is going to be quite a while today. I think you should stay here so we can talk," he smiled as his mighty hand turned her so she was facing him. He towered over her.

"Maybe some other time," she said as her body trembled from his closeness and also from the firm hold he had on her. Suzanne was instantly sexually excited by his forcefulness. His closeness excited her in a primitive, basic way. Her body's reaction and it's arousal scared her. She always had a dark submissive need to be used and taken, but she kept it hidden under her reserved, married, respectable manner. His other hand reached around her waist below the wide belt and griped her ass cheek and pulled her closer.

"Tom, please don't," she breathed softly in almost a whine. She couldn't deny the excitement that race through her body.

"No need to worry Miss Suzanne. We both know what you want. There's no need to pretend. We know that your hot, white body needs what Tom is going to do, don't we?" His ugly black face was so close to her pretty white face. She was frozen in place.

"Tom, I need to leave. Please let me by," she said as she attempted one more try to stop this from happening.

He reached up and grabbed her hair in his huge fist and jerked her head back. The hand on her ass moved to the front and lifted her skirt. He was immediately touching her cunt. He rubbed it roughly and then started to chuckle.

"My, my, my, so our proper Miss Suzanne has a wet cunt. It's so shameful for a married white woman wanting a black man to touch her. You're just a nasty white slut for old Tom. Is there something you need from big Tom?"

A fat finger pulled aside the crotch of her silk panties and inserted it deep into her soaked pussy. He began to rub it and stroke it as she stood in front of him. His finger put pressure on her swelling clit and made her gulp for air. She groaned from the assault and the pleasure. She never attempted to stop him or to push him away. She never fought him or tried to escape. Suzanne just stood there and made weak feeble remarks about wanting to leave. But she never tried to leave. He knew she wouldn't try.

"Tom, oh God, please don't." she moaned as her heels made a clicking sound on the tile floor as she spread them wider. It had the effect of opening her legs for him so he had better access to her soaking wet cunt.

"This time I will need to make it quick. But the next time I will make sure I have more time to fuck my slut for hours. Now take off those soaked panties and give them to me," he demanded.

Suzanne reached down and removed them while his finger still remained inside her. They were soaked. Her breathing was labored and ragged as she handed them to Tom.

"Turn around and bend over the table. Pull the dress up over that sexy ass."

"Oh please," she moaned as she did as she was told. She didn't know if she was pleading for him to stop or for him to take her.

The first thing she felt was his fat belly on her ass. Then his big black cock was at her wet pussy lips. His hands took a firm grip on her hips and he began forcing his black fuck stick into her. At about half way in he pulled it back again and then drove it hard and deep until his long thick cock hit bottom.

"Oh my God," she cried out as he began to run his cock in and out of her tightly stretched cunt. Her hands reached out to grab the other edge of the table and hold herself still as he began to pound Suzanne.

Her voice was a constant chant of "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh," as he used her with a relentless urgency. He was taking Suzanne with a same brutality and fierceness she had dreamed and fantasized about. But this was no dream.

Suzanne felt the orgasm building deep within her and knew it would capture her soon.

"Cumming, cumming, Oh Tom, I'm cumming," she urgently announced in her sexual delirium. He seemed to increase his pace to drive himself to orgasm too. She realized he was going to cum deep inside her unprotected married cunt. She couldn't stop him and the orgasm was exploding inside her body and making Suzanne his white slut.

"Oh FUCK," she screamed. "Cum in me; Oh, please Tom, fuck that cum in me now," she begged him. He obliged the desperate whore and fired his cum load deep in her belly, filling her with his fertile fuck juice. It was like no other climax she ever experienced. It was monumental. It was addictive. It lasted so long.

He finally slowed down and kept his fat cock deep inside her. Suzanne loved the full feeling of Tom being so deep and still throbbing. When he finally did pulled out, he dragged her down to the floor by her hair and pushed his spent cock into her mouth. She made no protests or refusal. She knew she wanted whatever he asked from her. She was his to use. She needed to taste their combined fluids.

"Clean it, Cunt," he demanded and Suzanne licked and sucked his cock and balls under the shadow of his fat belly. Her face was smeared with cum and fluid as she couldn't get enough of Tom's black cock. The fullness filled her mouth completely. Then he pushed her aside and she fell to the floor. She felt empty. She craved more. Then Tom turned his back and walked out.

Suzanne felt incredibly dirty and degraded as she lay on the cool tile floor. It was so humiliating to be treated like this. So objectifying to be taken so easily by this ugly horrible janitor. So horribly demeaning to be fuck so hard and discarded like a common street whore. It was so wrong to have allowed herself to be used like this. And how disgusting it was to be filled to overflowing with a black man's sperm. It was so terrible to have obeyed this church worker like she did. To have allowed herself to be bent over the kitchen table with her legs spread and her skirt up over her ass and never fight him or try to escape. But as these thoughts raced into her head, they caused her to moan violently. She was suddenly aroused with a need she had never experienced before. She wanted this. She needed this. Reaching down she took two fingers and scooped up his cum. There was so much of it. Her cunt was a liquid mess. She brought the fingers up to her lips and then sucked them clean. She wanted to suck his cock but this was second best.

"He's right. I am a white married slut," she thought as she began to rub her cunt to another hard climax. A switch had been turned on and for Suzanne there was no going back.

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