tagLoving WivesSanta Receives His Gifts

Santa Receives His Gifts


Well, another long Christmas night has just come to an end. And it was a very long night of toy deliveries. People just don’t seem to sleep during the night like they used to do. It gets hectic being Santa Claus these days, trying to avoid late night partiers, all-night workmen, up-too-late kids, and newer home security systems. It’s hectic and tiring. One thing many people don’t realize about Santa’s job is that, yes, it only happens once a year, but it goes on for 24 hours straight. You have to follow the darkness as it goes around the planet. There’s no way he could deliver all those toys in one 8-10 hours night. Santa was definitely glad to be pulling his sleigh into his North Pole abode this morning. It was good to be home. He let the elves do the unloading of leftover toys and caring for the reindeer. Santa wanted nothing better than to get inside, plop down by the fireplace, and sip some hot cocoa. A welcome rest was at hand.

As he walked into the big house, he casually noticed how quiet and empty it seemed, but passed it off as nothing important. He headed for the kitchen to make some cocoa. “Wonder where Mrs. C is?” he wondered to himself. “Probably still sleeping” he mumbled in response to his own question. Fixing his cocoa, he headed into the living room. The fire was already roaring. He plopped himself down into his big chair and sipped his drink. As he began to remember his night of gift-giving he shuffled through the memories of all those notes from children and plates of cookies he had received. “Ahh, I’ve got the best job in the world. I can just imagine all those happy faces as the children wake up and race down to the Christmas tree to open presents.”

That was when Mrs. Claus walked in. It was a sudden, surprising and spectacular entrance. “Hello, Mr. C!” she snapped, spooking Santa enough to spill some hot cocoa on his red coat. He turned quickly to his left to see her standing there wearing a smile on her face and a long, red satin robe with a big golden ribbon tied around her waist. She had one of his signature red and white hats on too, as well as a nice, red pair of high heels.

Now, this was a sight for sore eyes. “Hello, Mrs. C” he replied. Those were their pet names for one another. She walked over and reaching her arms around him gave him a long, warm kiss. “Hmm, I’m so glad you’re home” she cooed. “It was such a long night without you.”

“I’m glad to see you too. I was just sitting here thinking about what a great job I’ve got, bringing gifts to all those kids around the world. But you’re right, it sure was a long night”, he responded. Adding, “I missed you too. What’s with the interesting outfit. This is not your usual warm, fuzzy comfort-wear.”

She smiled. “Well, I was thinking about what a wonderful job you do too. I’m so proud of the work you do to bring presents to kids everywhere. So, I thought I’d give you a few extra special presents for Christmas this year. There’s three of them. “ She walked to the table behind her and grabbed two beautifully wrapped boxes. One with shiny red paper and a wide, gold bow. The other with green paper and a similar bow.

He looked up at her quizzically and asked, “I thought you said there were three?” Adding meekly, “I only got you one thing.” With a gleam in her eye she replied, “Well, my outfit is the first gift.” Then sliding one leg forward she said, “I hung up your favorite stockings….on me.” Santa looked down to see her nicely shaped leg wrapped in a white thigh-high stocking poking out from the robe. Those were indeed his favorite stockings! And the red, fuck-me heels didn’t look bad either. This was beginning to look like a Christmas to remember. Santa was ready to tear into his gifts!

As his fingers began to tear into the wrapping paper on the first box, she cried out, “Hold it!” “Let me just tell you one more thing,” she said as she leaned over next to him. “What’s that?” he asked. With a sneaky look in her eye she said, “I really do love you and the work you do, so I decided that I’m going to be your ‘hoe-hoe-hoe’ tonight. Merry Christmas, Mr. C.” Santa was speechless for the first time in his life.

After regaining his senses Santa decided that he needed to unwrap Mrs. C first. He reached out and grabbed the bow at her waist. She pulled back, spun around once, and let the robe fall to the floor. This was going to be a VERY merry Christmas!

Under the robe was the woman of his dreams. There is one thing about Mr. and Mrs. Claus that many people don’t realize, well two things. First, neither of them has a tummy that shakes like a bowlfull of jelly. That damn “Night Before Christmas” poem! Sure, they both have a middle-aged paunch around the stomach, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, Santa has to put on some fake poundage under his red suit to look the part each Christmas Eve. They both work out regularly. They’re not skinny endurance athletes, but she knew how to build on her assets and cover her problem areas.

And her assets were in full glory tonight. White thigh-highs and red heels, as mentioned, were graced by a bright red teddy on top. It clung so tight to her more than ample breasts to just barely cover the nipples. (Santa was sure he could correct that mistake) He then noticed that she had her hair up very nicely, showing off her neck, and more than the usual amount of makeup. Damn she looked good!

Before he could say anything, she leaned over, let one breast free from it’s constraints and stuck it in his mouth. “Mr. C,” she moaned softly, “my nipples are already hard. Would you suck them for me?” As he complied with her request his hands scrambled to remove his red suit and extra padding. She put the other breast in his mouth and moved her hand down to undo the big, black belt. She moaned as he ran his tongue around her nipple and gave it a little love bite. But it still didn’t take long to have his red coat off, the padding removed and his pants undone. She proceeded to kiss her way down his face, neck, chest, stomach, and finally kneel between his legs. She laid one long kiss on the front of his boxers, then looked him in the face and said, “Time to open the red box.” With that she stood and walked sexily over in front of the fireplace. Her heart-shaped ass giggled with each step. Santa grabbed the red box and ripped into the paper, tossing it aside. This was not the time to waste on wrapping paper etiquette. Mrs. C was leaning back against the mantle, looking hotter than recent memory could recall. He flipped up the lid and looked inside the box, and with sweat forming on his hands pulled out a small piece of paper. That was all that was in there.

Throwing a look of disappointment her way, he flipped the paper over to see the simple message, “I shaved.” His jaw dropped. There was one other thing about Mrs. Claus that most people don’t know. It was something that Santa was especially proud of. She was a red head. He looked up to see her removing her thong panties and then she turned to face him, legs slightly apart. She had left a little patch of red curls in front, but he could clearly see milky white lips sticking out beneath….bare, naked, milky white lips. This was definitely not her usual style. But he liked it!

Santa jumped up out of his chair and finished removing his boots and pants. He quickly headed over toward the fireplace. By them Mrs. Claus had turned, put her hands on the mantle, and bent over at the waist to leave a beautiful sight for his perusal—her round ass and her bare pink lips protruding out, begging to be kissed. What a sight! “Mrs. C you’ve been a very naughty girl this Christmas” Santa exclaimed. “So naughty that I might be forced to give you a lump of stiff meat” and he bumped his dick up against her naked ass. With this she purred, “Mr. C, is there anything you can do to…I mean, do for a naughty girl like me?”

“I imagine I can think of something” he said as he sank to his knees behind her. He started by running his tongue from her clit up across her pussy, over her asshole, all the way up the crack of her butt. She shivered in delight. Next Santa laid several kisses over her butt cheeks, working his way toward the middle. When his tongue reached her pussy lips again he heard another shudder come from her. This time she pushed her pussy into his face. “Hmm, Mr. C, that feels good.”

He sucked one of her inner lips lightly into his mouth and swirled his tongue over it. Her pussy was getting soaked in her love juices. He loved the way she tasted. And this time there were no hairs to get tangled in or to prevent her from feeling every swirl of his tongue. He ran his tongue quickly down and around her clit then back up to stab it deep into her pussy hole. Now with a hand on either butt cheek he was spreading her pussy wide and burying his tongue inside her. It was all Mrs. Claus could do to hang on to the mantle and not fall over. Her insides were twisting in knots of pleasure, readying to explode. It wouldn’t be long. No pussy hair made her so much more sensitive to his oral explorations. Why had she waited so long to try this, she wondered to herself. “Ohhh!” was all she could actually say as he continued his tongue lashing on her hot pussy.

Eventually, after what seemed to her an eternity, he focused his lips and tongue on her clit. Circling his tongue around it several times. Sucking it lightly into his mouth, she could feel the soft scrape of his teeth. The shudders began deep in her clit, building up as he licked across it. Building up a crescendo of pleasure like she had not had in years. One more sucking of her clit into his mouth, and she exploded into a hot, sticky orgasm! Waves of pleasure rolling over her, rocking her mind into a frenzy of sensuality. Wave after wave rolling on for a full minute. Santa, for all his good work, received a face full of her delicious juices. Wow, he loved sucking a bare pussy! There was only one thing that might be better.

Before she could fully regain her composure, Santa had picked her up and carried her over to the couch, and laid her down face first. He pulled her hips up into the air and left her head face down in a pillow. The only thing better than eating a bare pussy was pounding his stiff, aching cock into it. Her pussy was so wet he slammed his dick to the hilt on the first try. They both let out simultaneous groans. He struck a few deep, slow thrusts to loosen her up. She groaned louder with each one. “Oh Santa,” she began to exclaim, “I want you so badly. Your dick is so big, so hard. Oh! Oh! Yeah! Fuck me, Santa. Fuck me, Mr. C! Fuck me hard!” Santa was amazed at her reactions. She had never used words like this before. This was truly a Christmas gift to remember.

He continued to pump her, sometimes deep and hard, sometimes shallow and slow. At times she could feel his balls slapping against her clit, making her groan each time. After a couple of minutes, she felt another orgasm building up and she screamed out, “Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder. Oh yes! Shove that cock in me! Oh yes!” then she exploded into another long, rolling orgasm. This was all he could take. He felt the tension building up in his balls. And as soon as her orgasm started to fade away it was his turn. He picked up the pace of his thrusts and slammed his dick hard and deep. Then Mrs. Claus turned her head back toward him and said, “Fill me up with your hot cum, Mr. C”. That did it. His balls exploded and his cock spasmed, sending a flood of hot lava inside her wet pussy. One last deep thrust sent the semen rushing inside her. Every muscle in his body tensed and his mind only knew the pleasure in his loins. Every fiber of his being centered around the pulsations in his cock. Now that was an orgasm!

After a minute he began to think straight again and catch his breath. They both fell onto the couch in a spoon position, his arm around her body, clutching one breast. Hot, sweaty bodies coalesced together as one for about 10 minutes. Maybe they had fallen briefly asleep together, and woken up minutes later still entwined and warm.

“Mr. C” she whispered. “Yes?” “I think you forgot something.” What in the world could he have forgotten he wondered, suddenly fully awake. “What did I forget?” he asked with a little defensiveness in his voice. “You forgot your third gift” she replied. He raised his head up off the couch to look her in the eye. “You mean there’s more?!?” “Ahem. Go check it out.”

He bounded up off the couch to grab the green box. In moments it was opened, the wrapping thrown aside, and another slip of paper pulled out. What now, he wondered. Unfolding the paper and reading the words almost caused him to lose his balance. He steadied himself on a chair. It simply read “I swallow.”

After all that had just happened, the lingerie, the shaving, the pussy-eating, the incredibly hot sex, this still hit like an erotic bomb detonating in his head. Almost instantly his limp dick began to puff up. Images swirled in his head. She had never done this before…either. It was a dream cum true. This was more than a Christmas gift. It was a night in paradise. Though, he wasn’t sure his dick had another orgasm in it. It had been years since he had had more than one in a night. Of course, the note did say “I swallow.” It was the ultimate male fantasy. Then Mrs. Claus walked over to him, turned him at the shoulder, kissed him passionately and whispered “Merry Christmas, Mr. C” in his ear.

She broke away from him and walked over near his favorite overstuffed chair. She pulled the chair closer to the fireplace and beckoned him to come and sit. He was speechless as he sat himself down. She kneeled in front of him. She began by kissing his lips, sucking them lightly into her mouth. Soon she was kissing her way down his chest, nibbling his nipples. Kissing down his stomach and along the top of his thigh. “I’m not sure this thing is going to get up again,” he commented. “I think it will” she replied with a gleam in her eye. She licked her way up the inside of his left thigh, then did the same to his right thigh. Upon reaching his crotch, she began to kiss his sack lightly and sucking his balls partway into her mouth. Santa couldn’t wipe the shit-eating grin from his face. This was way too good a night!

Mrs. Claus grabbed the still somewhat soft dick in one hand and plopped her mouth down over it, taking the whole thing into her mouth, tasting the mix of her own pussy juice and his semen on it. It wasn’t nearly as bad a taste as she had expected. She swirled her tongue around the soft shaft, which was now suddenly beginning to grow. She kept her mouth over his dick, only moving her tongue on it, letting it grow in her mouth. It slowly grew and began to take over her whole mouth, slowly aiming toward the back of her throat, stiffening as it went. Slowly she began to bob her head up and down a little. He was at full mast now. She backed her mouth off it and ran her tongue down the underside and back up to the tip. The tip of her tongue shot out to explore the small hole at the head of his dick. Her tongue found its way around the head, caressing the most sensitive areas of his dick. Santa let out a moan. No doubt about it, he was going to cum again.

“Mrs. C, I…..love….my Christmas….gifts” he muttered between breaths. She grabbed his cock with one hand and set it beside her chin and lips, then she looked him in the eye and said, “I want to taste your cum. I want to swallow it all for you. I want you to shoot another load deep in my throat.” Before he was overcome with erotic dizziness, he exclaimed “I love you, baby.”

Again she went after his dick with her mouth. Licking up one side and down the other. Stroking his cock with her hand, while she licked his balls and sucked them into her mouth several times. Then she leaned forward and brought her tits up to his waist level. First she took his dick in her palm and rubbed it on both her hard nipples. They both moaned, him more loudly than her. Then she took both hands and wrapped her tits around his dick. She began bobbing up and down, tit-fucking him into a delirium. It was all he could do to sit and watch. As she came down on his dick, she would lower her mouth to suck the tip of his dick. It was an incredibly erotic sight. Like she was making love to his dick. After two minutes of tit-fucking he was building up some pressure in his balls. He was getting close and she knew it.

She told him to stand up. As he did, she looked up at him and said, “I think you know what to do from here, Mr. C.” Indeed he did. She opened her mouth wide and he put the tip of his dick in it. Her tongue slid underneath. Mrs. Claus put both her hands behind her on her butt, and Santa knew what to do next. He put his hands on the back of her head and slowly moved his dick into her hot, inviting mouth. She closed her lips around his engorged dick and relaxed the back of her throat as best as she could. He pulled back partway, and sank his excalibur home again, deeper into her throat. His hands began to push her head forward while his hips thrust into her. One thing was for sure. She had been practicing her deep-throating. He could feel his balls tensing up. Just a few more thrusts into her waiting mouth. She continued to let him fuck her mouth unrestrained, shoving his dick further and further back. He was amazed that she hadn’t gagged by now. But he kept on. Thrusting slowly and deeply, picking up speed as the pressure built in his loins. She let out a moaning, almost humming, noise in her throat that sent him over the edge. He gasped as the contractions started in his balls and continued upward, pushing a huge load of semen into her waiting mouth. He thrust his dick all the way into her mouth and shot a load.

She felt his balls slapping her chin and the hot spunk hitting the back of her throat. She tried to focus all her attention on staying relaxed, but the eroticism of the moment had gotten her completely horny. She realized that her right hand had buried two fingers deep in her own pussy. She was about to cum! Swallowing semen while cumming yourself is no mean feat. As his dick continue to spew it’s sticky liquid, she felt the waves of her own orgasm washing over her. She swallowed all that she could, but some of it ran back over her teeth and lips as he pulled his dick out of her mouth. A small amount ran down her chin. Her tongue quickly licked it back in.

She looked up at him and smiled. She hadn’t realized what a gift she was giving herself tonight. Tonight wasn’t just his Christmas present. She was sure to remember this night for the rest of her life too. And she was damn sure that she would shave and swallow more often from here on out.

They both staggered to their bedroom and fell into bed. They curled up together, exhausted, still breathing heavy, and totally enthralled at the passion of this year’s Christmas gifts. Then they settled themselves down for a long, well-deserved winter’s nap. Ho-ho-hoe! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night (of sex).

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