tagSci-Fi & FantasySanta's Cinderella Exxxperiment

Santa's Cinderella Exxxperiment


Santa studied the sleeping woman as she was carried into the compound. The elves had chosen well. Tina was perfect, completely unsuitable as a companion to the upper class. Barely 19 years old, born to an unmarried woman, her bloodline a stew of Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Japanese ingredients. The scandal would be devastating.

Santa's bitch of a sister had once turned a commoner into a princess with a pumpkin, a glass shoe, and a box full of squeaking vermin. Losing that bet had cost Santa fifteen elves and some reindeer steaks. It was time to even the score.

They had chosen not to invite the girl. Tina was too timid and shy to agree to such a thing. This time, the elves had entered her small apartment by magic, sprinkled her with sand to prolong her sleep, and spirited her away into the night. Only the wicked family she worked for would miss her, when the coffee wasn't delivered on schedule. And if everything went according to schedule, she would be back in the family's house long before the coffee was ready anyway.

Santa watched as Tina was prepped. She was thoroughly bathed and perfumed. Her hair was cut and styled. She was dressed in special green and red lace lingerie, and a tight black dress with a bow in the back. Her makeup was expertly applied by elves with centuries of experience in painting on doll faces.

When she was ready, Santa had the sleeping woman brought to his study. He chose to wake her only partially. She needed to be awake and alert, but her memories would continue their slumber for now. It wasn't necessary that she know who she was just yet. Santa gifted her with a new identity, a temporary Christmas fantasy, a person she sometimes dreamed of but did not have the courage to be.

Her new name would be Tonia. She would be brave and adventurous. And many Christmas wishes would be fulfilled.

The sleigh had been packed for days. All was in readiness. Tonia was led to the sleigh while Santa fortified himself with ultra-rich hot chocolate, laced with cinnamon, and three walnut-pecan brownies.

And then, with a quick flip of the whip, they were off into the night. Tina would have been terrified at hurtling through the sky seated next to a strange man, but Tonia was thrilled. She was fuzzy on who she was, where they were going, and why this was happening, but the idea of an adventure excited her. The mystery of it all made it that much more thrilling.

Santa guided his sleigh to Long Island. The Atherton Manor sat on its own private beach, facing off against the Atlantic Ocean. The Atherton family had not one, but two private planes and a private runway. Santa circled twice around the house before using the runway to guide his sleigh to a landing.

The magic that was Santa meant that Time itself was slumbering as he made his Christmas rounds. The patrolling guard was motionless, frozen in a single moment, as Santa rushed Tonia out of the sleigh and into the house. Locked doors opened before them as they approached.

Tonia was left to wait in the Athertons' playroom, a large, comfortable setting filled with sofas and chairs, board games, televisions, video games, and DVDs. Santa went to fill stockings and put presents under the tree. But when he returned, he had the Atherton twins in tow, Edgar and Weston, thirty-five years old, identical in nearly every way, married to women so alike in looks and temperament, they could have passed as twins themselves.

Edgar wore a pair of pale blue boxers and a thin mustache. Weston was in pajama bottoms. As he'd done with shy Tina, Santa had left most of their memory in deep sleep, but their eyes were alert and curious. They were allowed to keep their names, and their characters, but their habitual careful discretion would not be getting in the way tonight. And they would not recognize the pretty features of their upstairs maid in the sexy concubine waiting for them in the theatre.

Tina had been fascinated by the Atherton family all her life. They were rich, and influential. They were the local version of royalty. On the first day she was legally old enough for full-time employment, she had applied to be a live-in domestic in this historic house. As the upstairs maid, she straightened their quarters, cleaned their restrooms, delivered their morning coffee, and took their lunch and breakfast orders to the housekeeper.

And she had fantasized about the twins. The Atherton family was very conservative, with a reputation for moral, strait-laced behaviour. But Tina had seen enough to know that both brothers were quietly cheating on their wives. Edgar had a pretty mistress in town, a sexy secretary who did a lot more than filing, and a discreet understanding with the cute blonde pilot who flew the Atherton family around the world. Weston, on the other hand, went for quantity. An impressive number of uninhibited beauties had come to the Atherton guest house to take their turns in Weston's bed.

Tina had imagined herself in those girls' places, another feminine toy for the Atherton boys to play with. She was disgusted by their behaviour, yet dreamed of that attention directed towards her.

Now Tonia would live out Tina's fantasies. Santa discreetly withdrew from the room. His part in this seduction would be forgotten by morning. All parties would remember acting of their own accord, even if their memories were a bit fuzzy and contradictory.

"I've been waiting for you," Tonia said to the twins. "I'm your very special Christmas present. But there's only one of me, so share nicely, boys."

Edgar looked at his brother, who was already moving forward. Faces floated through his head, women who would not approve of his dallying with this girl. But the faces wouldn't approve of each other, either, and he couldn't quite recall their names or positions in his life, so he dismissed their concerns and went to join his twin.

Weston reached the pretty brunette first. She was tiny, maybe 5 foot 2, dressed in a short black dress and incongruous bright red stockings. Tonia noticed the attention he was paying her legs and turned around to show off her ass. She lifted the hem of her skirt to show the white velvet trim at the top of her stockings.

With a sudden understanding, Weston realized that these were Christmas stockings. There were letters neatly printed on the velvet, Tonia's right leg bearing Edgar's name and her left marked with Weston's.

"One stocking for each of you," Tonia said. "I think you should both get to work finding out what's in them."

Edgar caught up with his brother in time to hear the girl's invitation. He wasted no time in taking her up on it, sweeping her up in his arms and carrying her over to a mahogany snack table. Setting her on top of it, he grabbed his Christmas stocking and started pulling it impatiently down Tonia's leg.

Weston scowled at the rush. His brother liked women to be at his beck and call, ready when he needed them. But Weston liked to take his time. He was a connoisseur. Each new girl was a fresh dessert, and he loved to savor them.

Weston worked his own stocking more slowly, rolling it slowly down her thigh, kissing the newly exposed flesh as he did so. By some unspoken understanding between the three of them, the territory between Tonia's legs was off-limits until each brother had bared the leg assigned to him.

Edgar had a special love for women's feet. He sucked and nibbled at Tonia's toes while his brother gradually peeled the nylon from her other leg. Tonia giggled and squirmed as the boys licked her foot and the back of her knee. She was extremely ticklish and the rasping tongues made it impossible to sit still.

Weston finally managed to strip Tonia's left leg. The brothers reached under her skirt, but she slapped away their hands. "Not yet, my boys. We have all night."

She hopped off the table and pushed them both back a little. She turned around to show off the bow at the back of her tiny black dress. "Would you like to unwrap your first present?" she asked, wiggling her ass to shake the bow.

Eyeing each other carefully, trying not to turn this into a competition, the Atherton twins carefully reached for the ends of the sash, each pulling one until the the knot came undone and the bow fell apart. Tonia's dress had been specially engineered to be held together by that bow. Once untied, the front fell away from her shoulders and the weight of the skirt pulled the entire garment to the floor.

Tonia did a quick little spin on the spot, giving Edgar and Weston a good view of her body. Her bra was a thin, green lace trimmed in white while her tight, butt-hugging panties were of the same material in red, also trimmed in white. "Christmas colours," she informed them, in case their minds were too fuzzy with lust to recognize such things.

"And you'll notice," she said, pointing to her shoulders and hips, "More bows to untie. More presents to unwrap. Later. But first, it's my turn to lick something."

Tonia dropped to her knees on the black cloth of her dress. Edgar was already starting, to poke out from the fly of his boxers. She took him in her fingers and pulled him free. Weston was tent-poling under his pajamas. Tonia yanked the pants down to his knees and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

She studied them, these twin dicks throbbing in front of her face. She opened her mouth and touched her tongue to each tip, tasting the salty precum. Like a kitten, Tonia rubbed her face against the boys' cocks and balls, shifting back and forth, marking her skin with the heady male scent.

A girl loves her perfumes, Tonia thought. She likes to start her day smelling of the fresh morning. She goes on a date with a sweet, enticing aura floating gently around her. But at some point during the evening's adventures, a girl likes to smell like her lover. The slick of his tongue should paint her nipples and places south. A man's sweat should be pressed into her pores by the weight of his body. And a girl should wake in the morning sticky with his musky leavings.

Now Tonia had two manly aromas to bathe herself in. And the Atherton boys took morning showers. Here now, in the middle of the night, they still smelled of the day behind them. And Tonia detected the tangy odors of at least two other females. The twins had wetted their cocks less than two hours ago, just before they'd gone to bed. Perhaps their ladies were still in those beds, waiting for the boys to return.

Tonia didn't mind being the latest in the Atherton harem. She considered it a privilege. And unlike the many who had gone before her, she would have the unique distinction of being the only girl the twins had ever shared. She took Weston deep in her mouth, but nuzzled up against Edgar, two pulsing Atherton cocks pressing against her cheek, one inside, one outside.

Weston palmed the back of her head, trying to push himself deeper into her mouth. But Edgar was getting impatient, tapping Tonia's face, poking her ear, growling at his brother that it was his turn. Trying to keep peace between the boys, Tonia quickly switched over to sucking on Edgar's cock, while gently stroking Weston.

A wicked notion occurred to her. Tonia backed off, put her hands on the twins' hips and pushed them together at an angle. Their dicks were almost touching. Almost, until Tonia boldly took both men in hand and pushed them together into her mouth.

They resisted. Most straight men are horrified at the very idea of touching another man's penis, especially with their own. But Tonia hummed, vibrating the two cocks against each other. And she stroked them with her tongue. And she gripped them lightly with her teeth, not enough to hurt, but enough to get their attention and make them realize that jerking movements were probably not healthy at the moment.

The twins gradually relaxed, and allowed themselves to enjoy the pleasures of a dual blowjob. Somewhere in Weston's foggy mind, he was even resolving to share other women with his brother.

Tonia ran her tongue up and down their shafts, between Weston and Edgar's dicks. She licked and tickled and stroked the twin heads. With her fingers, she massaged their balls. Edgar had shaved his down to a light fuzz, but Weston had a thick black crotch mane. And Tonia played with them both.

She pressed up against the underside of their crowns. Rubbing her tongue back and forth, scraping the sensitive flesh with the rasp of her tongue, Tonia panted in anticipation, waiting for a Christmas present of her own.

Edgar came first, spurting creamy, salty goo against the roof of Tonia's mouth. But the Athertons were twins, identical in almost every way. They had come into the world one right after another and they came in,klp[oo,,,,, Tonia's mouth the same way. Weston was just a moment behind his brother, splashing the inside of her cheek with his own heated offering.

Tonia loved the double bursts of semen flooding her mouth. The salt, the heat, the texture, all combined in a unique manly treat that Tonia would get down on her knees and beg for. She stroked the twins' shafts, milking the boys of every last drop. Weston shivered and trembled as he spent himself on Tonia's tongue. Edgar grunted and moaned. Both brothers gripped Tonia's head, keeping themselves lodged firmly in her welcoming mouth until their passion was spent. She swallowed what they'd given her and reluctantly released them, disappointed that she hadn't been able to resist the temptation of making them come long enough to let one of them fuck her.

But Santa's magic meant the Athertons weren't done yet. Their dicks were still hard and ready when the brothers lifted Tonia to her feet. Edgar took one of her shoulder ties in his fingers. Weston gripped the other one. Together, they undid her lacy top, unwrapping their next presents.

Tonia grabbed the twins' heads and pulled their faces down to her freshly-bared tits. They went at her eagerly, licking and pulling at her nipples with their lips. Weston reached out and grabbed the generous breast his brother was suckling at, greedily claiming both her boobs with his hands. But she slapped him away.

"Share nicely, boys. There's enough of me for both of you."

Tonia guided the twins' hands down to her hips, where two more ties waited. The clever Atherton fingers quickly made loose strings of the knots, dropped Tonia's panties to the floor, and went to work exploring the newly uncovered territory.

Her private spaces were rudely breached, both front and back. She didn't know if it was Edgar's fingers probing her pussy or Weston's invading her ass. And she didn't even care. It had been far too long since she'd had anything but plastic or silicon in those greedy places and Santa had made her forget even those distant memories. It felt too good now to quibble over which man was fingering her where, especially when those men were identical.

But then the fingers were gone. Edgar, identifiable by his mustache, hoisted Tonia up, her legs automatically opening around his waist, her arms circling his shoulders. His cock slid gently home, opening her up for his occupation.

But he had no intention of cheating his brother. Edgar braced himself carefully and leaned Tonia backward until Weston could take her arms and support his share of her weight. He held her by the wrists and lifted her face up between his legs. She licked and kissed his balls enthusiastically, but Weston wanted more. With a quick retreat and thrust, his dick slipped between Tonia's lips and she was suspended between them, completely supported by the twins, speared by Atherton cock at both ends.

They fucked her back and forth, one dick going in as the other pulled out. Tonia rocked between them, three feet above the floor, held up only by four strong male hands. She gripped Edgar's waist as tightly as she could with her thighs, but she'd orgasmed the moment his dick pushed into her and her muscles were shaky and weak. She'd come a second time when Weston entered her mouth, the thought of two dicks fucking her at once bringing her instantly, just seconds after the first.

The boys switched from taking turns pistoning Tonia to thrusting into her simultaneously, mining her body with their shafts. She grunted and moaned, coming a third time as they drilled her. She had loved giving the twins their blowjobs, teasing and tickling them until they'd exploded. But this was even better. She had no control over what was happening to her now, no choice in how she was to be used. All she had to do was keep her teeth out of the way as Weston's dick slid through her lips.

With only a quick gasp as warning, the chain reaction climax began. First, Weston filled her mouth with cum a second time. And the hot musky taste and the thrill of doing something so slutty triggered yet another orgasm in Tonia. Her pussy clenched in ecstatic spasms, bringing Edgar along for his own finale.

The three of them shuddered together, both brothers buried dick-deep in Tonia, their fingers bruising her arms and legs as they held onto her. She groaned and whimpered and gargled around the one pumping semen in her mouth and gloried in the sensations from the cock pumping semen in her pussy.

But Tonia wasn't given any opportunity to rest. Edgar and Weston had drained their balls into her, flooding her with more cum than either brother had ever poured into a woman before. But a moment later, they were ready to go again. Santa had been generous with his gifts.

And Tonia, while grateful to Edgar, Weston, and Santa, was weak and spent. Her fifth and sixth orgasms had started before she'd even finished the fourth, the fading involuntary spasms suddenly interrupted by the intensity of fresh erotic seizures. Her muscles were tired and useless. Her boneless limbs dangled from the iron grip of the Athertons.

Luckily, she wasn't called upon to stand just yet. Weston removed himself from her mouth and lifted her to a vertical position, but her feet weren't touching the floor. Her thighs were loosely riding Edgar's hips and his penis was still lodged deep inside her. Her eyes were closed and her mind was drifting in post-orgasmic bliss, but the men were taking good care of her, keeping her fully supported. The men stood firmly on the floor, two pillars of masculine strength, and she floated dreamily between them.

Weston wanted to take his turn in Tonia's pussy and his brother wanted to explore some new territory. So the twins hoisted her up and off of Edgar's cock, turned her around, and lowered her onto Weston. Tonia kept her eyes shut as she was transferred from one cock to another, simply enjoying the luxury of having two hard dicks all to herself.

She smiled at the squishy sound of Weston entering her fresh-fucked pussy. She was very wet and slick down there, but it wasn't just her natural lubrication. Edgar had filled her with his own slippery potion and that was helping to ease Weston's penetration.

"I'm a buttered bun," Tonia giggled into Weston's ear as she put her arms around his shoulders. "I'm sloppy seconds. You're fucking your brother's leftovers."

"Shut up," he told her. He was way past any squeamishness about this. Weston held Tonia tightly against himself as his twin came up behind her and put an arm around them both. Weston could feel Edgar's hand and hard dick brushing up against his balls as they moved around under Tonia's occupied pussy, searching for the other orifice down there.

The girl was half-dozing when a sharp, unexpected pain alerted her to the fact that Edgar's cock was forcing its way into her anus. She gasped at the intrusion, and gripped Weston's shoulders as hard as she could. But she didn't fight him. She was the Christmas present. She was the Atherton's toy and had no right to refuse their use of her.

Edgar was careful, and patient, and Santa was not about to let any harm come to Tina while she lived the fantasy of Tonia. The pain soon receded. Tonia relaxed. And Edgar slid himself all the way up her ass.

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