Santa's Harem


"Do you really think I didn't know what was going on Kevin, as we speak Bruya has met his long overdue end and you will soon join him."

"Sarah, Whitney," I yelled, "fight him, help me!"

Nico stood and came on Sarah and Whitney's faces. "Silly Kevin," he laughed, "they are fully in my power. You will not be saved and you will die."

Just then Whitney let out of shrieking scream and clubbed Nico over the head with a marble statue from the desk. Sarah tackled her to the ground but I quickly tied both the women up and dragged them to safety. Somehow Bruya was still alive and even more surprising was the fact that he had recieved the help of a dozen other Vuli. I pressed the detonator and in a flash of fire the factory was gone.

"You little runt," Nico roared as he walked from the flames. "I will kill you for this!"

"I don't think so," I said, "by my time the gods have something for you right now."

From the factory blaze a large figure appeared in the sky. "Nico," the figure boasted, "you have failed to fulfill the curse. Your fate is sealed!" Nico let out a scream and in a flash of fire and smoke he was gone as was the giant sky figure.

"Well," I said as I turned to Bruya, "everything is normal...."

I was stopped in mid sentence when I saw that the women were still entranced slaves. "What the hell," I yelled, "I thought they would turn back or whatever!"

"No," Bruya replied, "they are still slaves because the magic that enslaved them was Vuli magic. Nico was just using it."

"So," I said, "it is your magic that enslaved them and you can't reverse it or anything."

"Sorry," Bruya answered, "what's done is done. These women are stuck as mindless sex slaves. Your Whitney seemed to fight if for a few seconds to help you but her mind is gone now as well."

As I paced back and forth I caught a glimpse of Sarah and Whitney. Their blank yet obedient faces caused my member to grow. I looked at Bruya, he was now in possession of the Vuli power staff that gave it's holder power and control over the Vuli. A grin came across my face and let's just say that Bruya and the few that helped him earlier were no match for me or the rest of the Vuli. As it turns out most of the polar creatures liked being under the rule of Nico. They had gotten used to getting his left over slaves and being able to use their magic in a more sinister and evil way. If Nico hadn't came around Bruya probably would have been overthrown anyway.


Without the curse restrictions that Nico had I can gather slave women all year. In fact my necklace and bracelets find their way to women's necks and wrists almost every day. My mind wanders to what a shitty life I had before as my massive cock thrusts into Whitney. I have used the magic to turn the slaves hair and skin to a variety of colors and styles but their body's stay the same. Whitney's juices are pouring out onto me and soon I will feed her and the others in the room my cum. I do believe in Santa Claus, I am fucking my way through his harem right now.

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