tagInterracial LoveSanta's Helper Ch. 05

Santa's Helper Ch. 05



Thank you to EZ4BLKCock for continuing this story with Santa's Helper Ch.5. EZ4BlkCock took my storyline and advanced it quite nicely. Special thanks are due to UH-OH for the help in editing. I am posting this story as the Literotica Proofreaders are struggling with the posting of this story being continued by another author, with my blessing. So we all hope the reader enjoys, and if you would like more background on the story, please refer to Santa's Helper Ch. 1-4. This is a story of pure fiction and no true events so if you are not into the interracial genre move on now please.




Let me take a moment to describe myself. I am a blue-eyed brunette, 5'4" in height and about 120 pounds 34c-24-34. I would say I am pretty but not gorgeous, though my husband says otherwise. My breasts are firm and stand proud on their own without the aid of a bra. My well-rounded hips form my rear into what my husband likes to call his apple bottom. When I walk in heels, my ass sways in a way that my husband says is hypnotic.

This is the story of where I am now, after finding him, and after having that thug spew his first load of seed into me, lying on his musky bed and disappointed at not achieving a climax. Yet.

I laid there on the thug's bed; I was frustrated that I had not been able to reach that mind-blowing orgasm I had when he first raped me. What was so different? The fucking he just gave me was just as good.

I could hear him rummaging in the other room before going into the bathroom to relieve him self. He had yanked my hair, which hurt, but he was not as rough this time. Could that be the reason? He forcibly took me the first time, molesting my breasts and neck; the hickies having almost faded now, but not entirely. I unbuttoned the lone hold of my baby doll, praying he would get the hint to be a little rougher. After all, showing up at his door in just this and a raincoat, a rough fuck was what I really wanted.

I heard him flush and exit the bathroom and head for the kitchen for the beers. When I heard him returning I turned my head to the left, so he'd hopefully see his fading hickey in the dim light.

I looked to see him walking into the bedroom and let out a small groan; his semi-flaccid cock swung heavily between his impressively muscled thighs. He walked over to the side of the bed where my head was hanging, dangling inches in front of my face. He tapped my arm with my beer. When I leaned up on my elbow and took the beer, my baby doll opened up and bared my creamy left breast.

I tilted my head back to take a sip; my thug fondled my breast with the roughness I craved. After a big swig, I placed my beer on the night stand and leaned over and kissed the object of all my dark desires. I opened my mouth and captured the glossy head between my lips and tasted his cum and mine.

My captor's hand dropped from my tit to rub my flat belly, "So whitebread, what yo needs to tell me?"

I thought I had made that perfectly clear, what with showing up nearly naked and letting him have his way with me, "Wh..what do you mean?" I looked up at him as I took a break from sucking his black shaft, before I suckled on his cock head again.

"Yo' show here after a month, sayin' we need to talk. Ho get herself knocked up?" That smug grin spread over his face as he kept rubbing my belly.

I got a little annoyed, "Why? Why would you ask that?"

"Las' time yo were here, you ask'n me to wear a condom. Today, you ain't needin' one. An' I ain't shootin' blanks, whitebread."

"You lucked out last time. I had my period," I would suck his cock between answers, feeling it growing in my mouth every time I went back.

"When you finish dat?"

I took his cock from my mouth, getting a little more annoyed with his strange questions. I answered as quickly as I could, "About 10 days ago," then sucked his black baby maker back up.

"Ho, yo's tryin' to get a swollen belly?"

I got butterflies in my stomach when he said that, "N-No... I put my diaphragm in before I came looking for you."

"What you want then?"

I was getting a little frightened with his darkening tone, "I...I told you. I want you to fuck me senseless."

With that he pushed me off his cock, throwing me back onto the bed with my knees splayed open. He reached up and mauled my breasts with his large ebony hands. It was a little rougher than the first time tonight, and I felt a twinge in my nether regions. I reached out and stroked his snaking shaft to complete hardness. I saw my wedding band glimmering on his black cock as I pulled him toward my love box, moaning. He saw it too.

"Whitebread's not getting' the lovin' she needs," He said as I stroked his cock head against my little pink pearl.

"Something's missing since you took me that night," Aiming his African spear at my opening, he leaned in until the tip of his wide cock entered me. I wailed and my legs jumped to wrap around his waist. My heels spurred his black ass to keep going deeper.

He stopped entering me, "Whitebread been missin' my black snake, ain't she?"

I spurred his ass harder trying to get him to move. This was torture, his cock poised at the ready, even parting my moist lips, but he would not move.

"Nooo," I moaned beneath him.

"What yo' missing, whitebread?"

I flexed my hips upwards, trying to force him deeper in me but to no avail, "I don't know, please just fuck me. Please..."

Still not moving, "Yo' couldn't stop thinkin' about me, Why dat, ho?"

I shook with denied pleasure, his black cock so close that its heat burned into my sensitive folds, yet so far away from where I wanted it. Then the truth hit me at that moment, "I... I fell in love with your cock, just like you said I would. But I hate you so much!" He surged forward. My belly fluttered and my pussy clamped around his shaft, but he still was not all the way in like that first night he stole and claimed my panties.

"Dat's why yo' didn't turn me in to the popo, whitebread?" He growled at me.

I spurred him fruitlessly with my dainty heels, trying to get the bastard to just fuck me senseless and stop asking all the questions, "Yesss," I moaned in frustration.

He pumped me three or four times as I wailed, wanting so much more, "Yo' couldn't wait to get yo' white ass back here, could ya?"

"Nooo," I gasped just as he stopped talking. Pumping into me now I dug in my heels, not wanting him to ever stop again.

"What kept ya, ho?" He growled.

"My...he wouldn't let me -- oooooh!" I wailed a little louder as he started pummeling me.

"Who's dat, bitch?" He pried my legs from his waist and forced my knees almost to my chest. His giant paw holding my ankles together. The stretching hurt at first, then started to mix with his delicious roughness.

I didn't want to tell him it was my husband with his ebony love tool so deep inside me, "P-people, ahhh!" I could feel an orgasm starting to build. He stopped moving.

"I said WHO?" Not moving.

His giant paw mauled my breast, driving me so wild my urge to cum made me tremble, and I couldn't help but blurt it out, "H-Husband!" I thought he would stop talking when I admitted who and just use me like I wanted. I was so wrong. He moved slower, longer, tenderly - loving almost. It was agonizing.

"Dis' how the ball and chain give it to ya, ho? Fuck yo' pussy like some bitch?" He grinned evilly, staring down at my wide-eyed face.

My tears welled up alongside my building orgasm, which now subsided horribly with his all-too-familiar movements, "Y-Yes..." I said, tears starting to run down my cheek.

He kept up the slow steady movements as my tears flowed freer, "Does dat white boy hubby know his pretty lil' wife's really a black cock slut dat likes it rough?" Emphasizing this, he ran his finger along the fading hickey on the right side of my neck.

"Nooo," I wailed. This was getting to be absolute torture. My whole abdomen burned hot with anticipation and terrible need. I dug my nails into the dirty mattress.

"Dat's why yo' here, whitebread," he said, starting to move faster, "To have dis bare black cock beatin' up yo' white married pussy."

I became dizzy, not knowing where this was going and not getting what I needed. I turned my head sideways before answering, defeated, "Yesss! Fuck me, please!"

He stopped talking finally and started giving me what I wanted. No - Needed. Letting my ankles go, my legs fell to his sides onto the firm musky mattress. His head dropped and he started sucking on my neck like he did before. This set me off. My hips bucked to meet his thrusts, my clit rubbing into his rough pubic hairs. My stomach fluttered and tensed as my orgasm built again.

Then his lips left my neck and went straight to my left breast, to mark me anew as his. His cock hammered to the end of my honey pot, causing my wails to increase in volume. My legs found his waist again and spurred him on. Over his sweat-sheened back I saw the white of my shoes with the red soles contrasting so strongly with his oily black complexion. It was enough to set me off right there.

"Ooooh shit -- Oh shit! I'm cuuuuuming!" My vagina started convulsing uncontrollably, wildly, trying with all its might to milk the venom from his thick black snake.

My thug was not even near done; he drove on even harder as my orgasmic contractions eased up. Having left his dark mark on my breast, he let go and kissed me, shoving his tongue into my mouth. My tongue responded in kind and wrestled fiercely with his like it never had with my husband. My arms decided to join the party, wrapping around and holding his head to deepen the kiss.

I had to break for a breath as my second orgasm of the night washed over my body. Cinching my legs, arching my back, I thrust my spasming hips up to him, "FUCK ME! I'M CUMMMMING!!"

My orgasm set his off. Staying put, he spewed his hot semen deep into me. I started coming down from my orgasm. I could feel every pulse as his cannon spewed his African essence into my receptive tunnel of love.

He lay atop me for several minutes until his cock shrunk to its long, flaccid state. Not moving right away I noticed his soft cock still felt impressive inside me. Having just received the fucking I needed, I wanted to remain under him until his impressive impregnating weapon grew hard inside me again.

But I was disappointed when he rolled off, making a squelching noise as he pulled out. Rolling onto his back, his arm went over his eyes as he groaned aloud, still coming down himself. I lay there breathing heavily, feeling satisfied for the first time in a month, my arms falling back, and my legs lying lewdly open

I don't know how long it was before I fell asleep. All I knew was that I was possessed by this thug - mind, body, and soul. What ever it took after this week, I would definitely be coming back.

I had awoken, or was woken up, four more times during the night for unbridled, all explosive, non-stop fucking. My vagina was so full of his semen, so thick it clung to the insides of my tight channel and hardly any leaked out. I was so glad I remembered my diaphragm; I had been so flustered before I came out looking for him.

I was awoken at nine the next morning, feeling my thug pushing his black-breeding weapon into me again. Before I opened my eyes I could feel him holding himself up with his massive arms. He cut off my yawn and stretch by making me wail as he bottomed out. Opening my eyes, I literally pushed up and wrapped my arms around his head and gave him a deep passionate tongue-dueling kiss. He broke the kiss after a minute, "See yo' up, whitebread."

He started his assault on my honey pot as I wailed, "Yesss! Why do you call me that?" moaning louder.

"Cause that what yo' is," driving harder into me now. My pussy squelched with his seed, old and new.

"What does it m-mean? Ohhhhh!" I thrashed harder under him, feeling the start of another mind-shattering orgasm.

He was grunting louder now as his cock twitched predictably inside me, "Jus' slang for white ho."

It didn't take long till my orgasm hit. My tunnel contracted uncontrollably and he spewed his lava hot sperm into me with several powerful eruptions. When he was done he rolled off me quickly, "Wait here, ho."

Where did he think I was going? I was here for his pleasure as well as my own until Friday, I thought with a guilty smile. With that thought I rubbed the black man's cum oozing from me back into my white pussy.

I heard the front door open, "Whitebread ho's here, needin' her close-up," was all I heard. I covered myself with the comforter in a hurry as he walked in with someone.

I sat there with my mouth agape, "Get up, whitebread," he ordered.

"I....I can't. I'm almost naked," I stammered out.

"Ho's gettin' her picture," He said, pointing to his wall covered with dozens of other women he'd bagged, "One picture and he be gone."

He stepped over to the bed and pulled the comforter from my surprised grasp. Leaning against the wall he pulled my head into his lap shamefully. I turned my head into his stomach, "No bein' shy, ho." He grabbed the top of my head and turned me to face his growing erection. His friend was pointing a cell phone camera at us, "Get to work, whitebread. I know yo' know what ta do."

I did not know what he wanted until his great ebony hand grabbed his erection and slapped my lips with it. I opened my mouth to complain and that was my mistake. His cock thrust into my mouth and I heard a click. His friend closed the phone and tossed it back to my smirking thug.

Even after that embarrassing moment I was ready for round eight with this black bastard. I started taking what I could of his growing erection, bobbing up and down. But he stopped me before I could take any more.

"No time for that, ho, I gots business today."

I started whining, "But you can have me until Friday..."

"Why Friday, whitebread?"

"Tha..that's when my husband comes home." Again, I just blurted it out, this time though from just tasting his cock.

"First things first, yo' come here, yo' gots to play by the rules."

"Wha... what are the rules?" I asked, a part of me dreading the answer.

"Today's rule is: when I'm done wit yo' and say 'get gone', yo' get gone."

"Can I come back later though?" almost begging.

"If yo' want to. Can't say I be home though."

He got off the bed and I followed. He stopped at the dresser as I walked by and out to the living room. I retrieved my rain coat and slipped it on over my now very-messy baby doll outfit.

"Whitebread," the thug called from his room's doorway, "Yo' remember the rule from las' night?" he asked, twirling my red satin panties on his finger.

"Yes: Ho's don't wear underwear here."

"Good ho, now get gone," I started to the door and as I opened it, "Oh ho, one las' thing I almost forgot," He walked over to the door and shuffled me out before telling me the third rule with his evil grin.

"Rule Three: White ho's ain't allowed to use birth control," my jaw dropped as he slammed the door behind me.

I turned to walk away mumbling, "I still hate you."

To be continued...

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