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Good Neighbor Sam


Housewife Turns Hot Wife in Tightknit Community

Bill Johnson, 25, opened the front door of his townhouse, pausing long enough to wave to his attractive next-door neighbor, Heather, before entering his home. As he climbed the stairs he could hear his 24-year-old blonde wife, Kelly, in their master bedroom. The noises were all-too familiar to him by now.

"Oh yes!" Kelly moaned. "Fuck me with your big black cock! I'm your pregnant black cock slut! Oh god, Sam, darling, I love it when you fuck me!"

Stepping into the bedroom, Bill saw that Kelly was on top, straddling her black lover, with her big baby belly resting just below his chiseled abs. Her smooth white skin was adorned with lots of tattoos, none more prominent than the Queen of Spades on her bloated left breast, bouncing up and down as she motioned rhythmically on the huge cock that impaled her vagina.

"Hi Bill, honey, you're home early," Kelly panted, politely acknowledging her husband's arrival in their bedroom.

"Not really," Bill said nonchalantly. "I'm going to take a shower. Are you fixing dinner tonight?"

"Oh yeah, Sweetie," Kelly managed to mutter. "Ooohh, yes! That's it, Sam! Fuck me harder! We've got leftover chicken. Oh fuck! In an hour."

Bill turned on the water in the shower as he finished undressing, then took a few moments to watch his over-sexed wife toss her flowing hair back and scream as an orgasm overtook her. When the water reached a soothing warm temperature, Bill stepped into the shower stall, leaving his expectant wife and her dark skinned mate to bounce on their king-size mattress.

As the water poured down on his scalp, Bill thought about how absurd his life had become. Once again, he'd come home to find the black man who lived a few doors down the block in bed with his wife, and it was sort of normal.

Per the calendar, the current month was August. To understand how this unconventional state of affairs came to exist, it's necessary to revisit January, just eight months prior to the present day.

It was just a few days into the new year when Bill and Kelly moved into the townhouse that was to be their first marital home. They had been married nearly two years and had been living rent-free at Bill's mother's home, allowing them to save enough money to make a down payment on their own place. Bill was new to the corporate world, barely three years out of college, but he had a promising future as a human resources executive. Kelly had attended another college and worked part time as a substitute teacher, hoping to land a full time teaching job when the opportunity presented itself.

Living under Bill's mother's roof had been stressful, and buying a home and moving was stressful too, but Bill and Kelly were both optimistic that the tidy townhouse community that they were moving into would bring them the happiness they craved for themselves, and each other.

As the young couple shuttled boxes between their garage and their living room an attractive brunette, about their age, approached from next door, carrying a plate of homemade cookies. Two toddlers trailed behind her. One was a little girl, maybe five years old, and the other was a boy who looked to be about two. The girl was obviously Caucasian while the boy was black, or possibly mixed-race.

"Hello neighbors!" the woman said with a smile. "I'm Heather and these are my rug rats, Amanda and Brandon. I wish I could help you but I have my hands full chasing these two! My husband, Tom, should be home any minute now and I'm sure he'd be happy to help."

Kelly smiled as she accepted the cookies and said, "That is so nice of you, Heather. I'm Kelly and this is my husband, Bill. We're just trying to get the boxes into the right rooms, but if your husband could help Bill shift some of the furniture around it would be a big help. I'm so glad to see that we have young people living right next door!"

"It's no trouble at all," Heather said. "There's another really sweet girl named Monica right across the street and Claire lives on the other side of you two. I don't really know the other neighbors. Well, except for Sam. He's a super nice single guy and he lives three doors down."

Just then a car pulled into Heather's driveway.

"Oh, here's my hubby Tom now," Heather said as a man exited the vehicle.

Kelly was a little surprised to see that Tom was white. She thought to herself that little Brandon must be adopted, or something, because there was no way that he was born to two white parents. Kelly looked forward to getting to know Heather and her family, along with the other ladies she had mentioned.

An hour later, Monica, a gorgeous young blonde who was obviously pregnant, and Claire, a pretty redhead, came over to meet Kelly and Bill, saying that Heather had called them after she put Brandon down for a nap.

Kelly chatted with her new acquaintances and told them how happy she was to have such nice neighbors.

"I can tell we have a lot in common," Claire said, "and we're going to be the best of friends!"

"I just know we are!" Kelly said, smiling. At that moment, she was happier than she had been in a long time.

About Sam

It was a Tuesday morning, about two weeks after they moved into the townhouse when Kelly noticed that her cable TV and internet were not working. She called her next-door neighbor, Heather, to see if she had service. Heather's phone went straight to voicemail, so Kelly decided to just walk a few steps over to her neighbor's place and knock on the door.

Heather answered the door and welcomed Kelly wearing a bathrobe and sweeping her hair back, appearing to be slightly sweaty and out of breath. Kelly thought she must have interrupted Heather's morning workout, then she noticed a tall and muscular young black man walking toward them. The man was adjusting his gym shorts. A large bulge was prominent in the crotch of the shorts and a small wet spot was visible too where the man's obviously large penis was pressing against the material.

"Kelly, this is our neighbor, Sam," Heather said. "He's very handy if you ever need help with anything," she added with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, Sam," Kelly said, extending her hand to shake his.

"Nice to finally meet you too," Sam said with a wide grin. "I've heard nothing but good things about you from Heather and the other ladies."

Sam then said it was time for him to get going. There was an awkward moment as Sam, Kelly and Heather stood together, then Sam and Heather stepped toward each other and shared a kiss on the lips. Sam then turned and left Heather's place, leaving the two women alone.

Kelly was obviously stunned, and feeling that she had to say something, she said, "Wow, Heather, you and Sam seem to be very friendly."

Heather laughed, then said, "Yes, well, we're more than friendly."

"Aren't you afraid that Tom will find out? I mean, cheating on him, and with a black guy no less?" Kelly asked.

"Tom knows all about us," Heather said, causing Kelly's jaw to drop.

"Sam is my son Brandon's father," Heather said, smiling and watching for Kelly's reaction.

"Oh my god! You're kidding!" Kelly exclaimed. "I can't believe it!"

"What's not to believe?" Heather said calmly. "You did notice that my son is black, didn't you?"

"Well, yeah, I wondered why he was so dark," Kelly stammered, "but I thought maybe you adopted him or something."

Heather smiled and said, "No, Brandon is my baby. Sam knocked me up shortly after he moved here, about three years ago."

"And Tom is okay with it?" Kelly asked incredulously.

"Oh, Tom is fine," Heather said. "It took a little adjustment on his part, but he likes the fact that Sam has made me a much better lover, and he actually gets off on the fact that I'll fuck a black guy and then fuck him with the same pussy!"

"Wow!" Kelly said, "That is amazing. You know, I've seen stuff like this in movies and in magazines but I never knew that it happens in real life! It's happening right here in my neighborhood!"

"Oh, it happens more than you'd think," Heather said with a nod. "Now, why did you drop by? Just to say hi?"

Kelly explained that her cable was not working. Heather checked and hers was out too, so Kelly knew that the problem was not with her equipment. The two women chatted a few more minutes, then Kelly left to walk back to her place. She sat down with a cup of coffee, trying to process the startling information she gained about Heather and Sam.

Wine Time

The next afternoon, Kelly walked down to the community mailboxes and ran into Monica from across the street. Monica said that her doctor recommended that she get some light exercise during her pregnancy, so she tried to go for a walk around the complex every day. Monica then invited Kelly to come to her place for a cool drink and a little girl talk.

"Would you like some wine?" Monica asked as she placed a glass on the table and poured it nearly full.

"Well, sure, since you're offering," Kelly answered politely. "I guess you can't drink because you're pregnant," Kelly added, seeing that Monica had poured herself a glass of ice water.

"No, that's one of the disadvantages of being pregnant," Monica said, smiling and rubbing her sizeable baby bump. "But I love it, most of the time."

The two blondes chatted, just small talk, for several minutes. When Monica noticed that Kelly's wine glass was almost empty she picked up the bottle and refilled it. Kelly was not much of a drinker, and as she finished her second glass of Pinot she started to feel a little buzzed.

"Monica," Kelly began, "I don't like to gossip but I just have to talk to someone about this. I went over to Heather's place yesterday and Sam was just leaving. Then I just about died when Heather came right out and told me that Sam is her little boy's father! On top of that, she said her husband Tom knows they're having sex and he doesn't mind! Can you believe it?!"

"Oh, I can believe it, that's for sure," Monica said, grinning widely. Monica then patted her swollen tummy and held it with both hands, adding, "This is Sam's baby that I'm carrying."

"Holy shit!" Kelly exclaimed. "Sam got you pregnant too?! Unbelievable! You're pregnant with a black baby?! Are you still making love to him?"

"No, we don't make love," Monica said, trying to mask her smile. "We just fuck! Or it's more like he fucks me! I just can't get enough of his big black cock! My husband is like Tom - he was ready to divorce me when he found out that I was fucking Sam, but he liked the way that I was turning into a 'hot wife' as he calls me. He eventually gave me the green light when I said I wanted Sam to knock me up!"

"Have you ever been fucked by a black guy, Kelly?" Monica asked.

"No," Kelly answered. "I'm not prejudiced or anything but I've never been attracted to blacks." Then Kelly added, "And Bill and I are happily married, so don't get any ideas about setting me up with Sam!"

"Well honey," Monica said to Kelly, "you don't know what sex is until you're been fucked by a big black cock!"

"Never!" Kelly said with a big grin and a shake of her head.

"Never say never, unless you're saying 'once you go black you NEVER go back!'" Monica quipped.

"Never, never, never!" Kelly chuckled. "There, I said it again!"

There was just a little bit of wine left in the bottle, so Monica poured it into Kelly's glass. After a few more minutes of chatter, Kelly got up to walk home. She noticed when she stood that she was fairly drunk.

Kelly strolled across the street, a bit unsteady on her feet, and found that her husband was already home.

"Where were you, honey?" Bill asked. "I called your cell phone but it rang right here on the counter."

"I was just going to the mailbox," Kelly slurred, "but I ran into Monica and she invited me to her place for a little wine and chit-chat.

"I think you had more than a little wine," Bill chuckled. "You're pretty tipsy, my dear."

"I'm feeling a little wild right now," Kelly said, approaching Bill and putting her arms around his neck. "Let's go up to the bedroom and make love."

"You mean before dinner?" Bill asked.

"You can have me for dinner!" Kelly said with a half-looped smile.

"You and Monica must have been talking about sex," Bill said.

"How did you ever guess, sweetheart?" Kelly responded, not letting on that their sex talk had centered on Sam's big black cock.

Bill was agreeable to a quickie, so the young couple headed upstairs to their bedroom. Bill quickly undressed and hopped on the bed. Kelly took a bit longer to strip off her clothes and would have appreciated a little assistance from her husband.

After two years, Kelly knew the routine. She went right to work on Bill's thumb-sized cock. Kelly wasn't the best at oral sex but she was always able to bring Bill's dick to a quick erection. When Kelly finished her blow job she usually just laid on her back and waited for Bill to plug himself in, but at that moment she wanted a little more.

"Come here and eat me out, Baby," Kelly said quietly.

"Okay," Bill said, almost whining, "but I hate it when I get your pubic hairs on my tongue.

"Maybe tomorrow I'll shave my pussy, then you won't have any excuses," Kelly said with a smile.

"You must be drunk because you don't normally refer to your vagina as a pussy," Bill reminded her.

Kelly realized that she had picked up some casual language talking to Monica and Heather.

"Just shut your mouth and eat me!" Kelly said, making a little joke, but Bill didn't catch on and just slid his face between her legs and started licking Kelly's slit.

Bill lapped at Kelly's pussy for a couple of minutes and she was getting close to a climax when he abruptly stopped and moved in to enter her. Bill pushed his penis into Kelly's vagina and started humping.

"I love making love to you," Bill whispered near Kelly's ear.

Kelly thought about how Monica said Sam didn't make love - he just fucked her and she wished that sex was the same for her.

After three more minutes, Bill started grunting. At least one of the lovers was going to cum.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," Bill moaned as he shot his load. Then he laid still for a minute before rolling off.

Kelly and Bill exchanged kisses.

Usually, it was Bill who dozed off to sleep immediately after intercourse, but that night it was Kelly's turn to snooze, due mainly to the wine that was still affecting her.

After watching his beautiful wife sleep for a few minutes, Bill nudged her and asked her if she was ready to fix dinner. Kelly never really regained consciousness and just mumbled some sort of gibberish about "black clock" or "big crock" before she began snoring lightly. Bill threw the covers over his naked, passed-out wife and went to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich for dinner.

Up in Smoke

A couple of days after Kelly got drunk sipping wine at Monica's, she was at home, puttering around and expecting Bill in an hour or so. Kelly's phone rang. It was Claire, who said she was hanging out with Heather and Monica.

"Why don't you come over if you're not busy?" Claire suggested. "We'll have a little party."

Kelly was agreeable so she walked to Claire's townhouse next door. When she entered she found Heather, Claire and Monica in the living room. On the coffee table in front of them was a bong and a baggie of marijuana.

"Do you smoke, Kelly?" Claire asked.

"Well, I did in college but I haven't in a while," Kelly answered. "But what the heck. I'll take a hit if everyone is going to smoke."

"Everyone but Monica," Claire said with a smile. "She's got that little black baby in her belly, so she can't smoke. She'll just be a spectator!"

The ladies all laughed while Monica patted her baby bump and nodded.

Claire pushed the bong toward Kelly and said, "Why don't you do the honors and get us started?"

Kelly had no problem remembering how to use a bong. She packed the bowl with a big pinch of weed, held the tube up to her mouth, flicked the lighter and filled the tube with smoke before inhaling deeply, instantly emptying the tube's potent contents into her lungs. She held the smoke for a moment then exhaled a long stream.

"Well, at least I still remember how to do it," Kelly quipped.

"A couple more hits like that and you won't remember much else!" Heather said, causing everyone to laugh.

Kelly, Claire and Heather had a good time, passing the bong around, taking a couple of hits, taking a break, then passing the bong again.

Kelly started to feel the effects fairly quickly and said, "This is really good shit. Where do you get your weed?"

"From Sam," Claire said with a smile, "He's good for a lot of things!"

"Oh yeah," Heather said, "But fucking us is what he's best at!"

They all laughed, although Kelly could only imagine what the "fucking" part was like.

After about an hour, Kelly's phone rang.

"Uh oh," Kelly said, "It's Bill, probably wondering where I am."

Just before Bill called, Claire had been telling a hilarious story about the first time she got fucked by Sam, being very animated and dramatic as she described how he inched his phenomenal black cock into her redheaded pussy.

Kelly answered Bill's call but tried to continue to glean all the juicy details from Claire as she listened to Bill.

"Hey Bill, I'm at Claire's with Heather and Monica" Kelly said through her cell. As Bill asked when she might be home and what was for dinner, Claire remained distracted, plus she was in a bit of a drug-induced stupor.

"Kelly. Kelly. Kelly!" Bill shouted into the phone, trying to get his wife's attention.

"Bill, we've got a bad connection," Kelly said, trying to cut him short. "There's some leftover spaghetti in the fridge, but leave me some, honey. I think I'm going to be real hungry when I get home. I'll just be another few minutes. Love you. Bye."

Heather and Monica followed up on Claire's story with some of their own fond memories of fucking Sam's big black cock. Kelly enjoyed listening and laughing along with them. As high as she was, she realized that she was feeling just a little jealous.

After one more round with the bong Kelly said she should be going and Heather agreed it was time for her to go too. Monica suggested that Kelly follow her to her place so she could loan her her bong. After all, she wouldn't be using it while she was pregnant.

Monica put the bong in a big plastic bag and gave it to Kelly, who crossed the street to her home. When Kelly entered she set the bag on the table and walked over to Bill to give him a hello kiss.

Bill immediately noticed Kelly's glassy eyes and goofy expression.

"Kelly, are you drunk again?" Bill asked.

"No, I am not drunk," Kelly said emphatically while shaking her pretty head "no". "I am fucking higher than shit on weed! My brain is fucking toasted!"

"What?!" Bill responded, clearly irate. "Since when do you smoke marijuana? I'm glad that you've made friends here, but I think you're picking up some bad habits from Claire and Monica and Heather."

Kelly started laughing and laughing.

"I told you that I did my share of toking in college," Kelly said, still chuckling. "I like smoking once in a while, honey. It's nice. Oh, and look at what Monica gave me." With that, Kelly pulled the bong out of the bag on the table.

Kelly continued, "I thought maybe me and you could trying smoking a little weed." Then Kelly moved seductively closer to Bill. "We could have a little fun and be a little naughty once in a while. Besides, sex is really different when you're high!"

"Are you crazy?!" Bill shouted. "I run the random drug testing program at my company. I fire people for having marijuana, or THC, in their urine! I can't be smoking dope! Where did you even get the pot anyway?"

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