tagInterracial LoveSanta's Helper Ch. 09a

Santa's Helper Ch. 09a


I don't know how long I was out when I finally stirred. I rolled over under the covers and pressed my face into the pillows. The thug's heavy aroma filled my nose immediately, and I breathed in deep. This time I felt no guilt about it.

The deep warming feeling in my lower belly ignited again as I thought about that morning. My legs crept up until I knelt; face buried in the musky pillow and inhaling deeply. My hand slid down my abdomen as I pictured my latest adultery: Two men watching me getting fucked while my husband talked to his 'friend' just an arm's length away. My quivering hand cupped my mound and rubbed. The creamy remnants of the thug's last breeding started oozing out, still warm and thick. My finger pushed the slowly seeping load back in. I felt a flutter in my stomach knowing I would be carrying the thug's black baby.

My orgasm started building when the thug's return startled me. I did not hear him walk into the bedroom; he gave my raised bare apple bottom a hard smack. I yelped and fell onto my back as he looked down at me.

"Whatcha thinkin' 'bout whitebread?" he said, his eyes roving over my body.

I looked up at him dreamily, my legs splayed wide and tangled in the sheets we'd torn up before. "Oh not much," I said batting my eyes, "Just thinking about what I was going to name our baby," I answered with a little grin, rubbing my flat white stomach.

He chuckled just once with that evil smirk, his dark cock pulsing back to life, "Ya means yo baby, whitebread."

I rose and ran my hands down his naked chest before turning his back to the bed. I pushed him and he fell onto the bed, relaxed and waiting. His dark lips curled as I kissed the head of his love tool, "No, I mean our baby. The baby you've put in my married white tummy..."

He frowned as I crawled up and straddled his thighs. As I wrapped his cock in my left hand he said, "Ya had the choice to leave and ya didn't. Dat makes it yo black baby, not mine."

I twisted my hand, stroking his cock along my bare pussy. The glimmer of my wedding ring against his night-black member caused my womb to warm even further. A flutter in my pussy reminded me where he had been cumming all this time. "You came in me knowing I was fertile. That makes it our baby," I said, bending down to kiss his chest. I knew it wouldn't work but I had to try.

He gave me an evil stare as he growled, "Don't even try dat bullshit. Yo a ho for black cum. Ya don't care iff'n ya gets knocked up, yo married white pussy just wants it's dark chocolate fillin'."

That comment stung, but after all the truth hurts. I lifted my ass and aligned his African lance with my snatch. Sliding down its length the empty feeling between my legs disappeared. Leaning forward with my hands on his oily dark chest I gyrated my hips, slowly grinding so his pubic hairs would tease my little pink pearl.

"Ooooh!" I moaned, "You made me a whore, and I hate you for that."

His hands shot up to my breasts pinching and twisting my nipples hard, "Ya was born a ho. Yo were jus' too stupid ta realize dat till now. Now ya knows ya role as a breedin' bitch for the black race."

A jolt of excitement and lust shot up my spine, "Nooo, I want to be your breeding bitch, just yours. Give me your black babies - as many as you can knock me up with! Ohhh, not the black race, just you!" An orgasm was quickly approaching, "Ooooh shit! Please, make me your breeding bitch."

I started posting faster as he barked, "Iff'n ya wants ta be my breedin' bitch, ya breed with whichever brotha I tells ya to!" He yanked me down onto his chest and bit my pale neck, marking me as a black man's property again.

I couldn't escape the demands of this thug. They made me wet. Whatever he said, he had me doing whatever he wanted. When he finally released my neck, I moved my face over his lips. My lips brushed along his as I moaned breathlessly, "Okay," before my tongue shot into his mouth.

His tongue danced with mine until I was gasping for breath. He hadn't stopped fucking me the whole time, spearing up into my pale tightness. When my orgasm shot through me I straightened up and wailed. I saw myself in the full length mirrors across the room.

"Was he right? Did I always want this?" I thought. My pale thighs straddled and quivered on either side of his onyx trunk, my pink pussy lips hugging the base of his ebony staff as it buried itself inside me. His black hands gripped onto my hips, not letting go, as my snatch gushed and ground against him.

His African mamba started spewing its venom deep inside me, and right then I knew he was right. I tilted my head back and heard myself moan, "Aaaah... I'm a breeding bitch for the black race." I watched my body shiver and cum, my ass flat on his oily thighs to take every drop of his African seed.

I shivered harder when I counted the pulses of his magnificent onyx weapon. Fifteen powerful jerks pumped millions of dark potent sperm into my lily womb. I knew I would never have my husband's baby. My life as a faithful wife and lover was over. I would never deny a black man access to my bare white pussy. The thought of unprotected sex and the consequences, the interracial baby that would grow inside my Caucasian womb to forever darken my white lineage brought my mind and body to euphoria. The pleasure swirled and muddled my thinking, and my only coherent thought exclaimed, "This is what I was born for."

Once my vagina finished milking every spurt of the thug's seed out, I fell faint. Stars danced across the darkening ceiling, and falling off to the side I faded out again.

The thug was gone by the time I awoke and rolled over. Feeling the delicious sting in my pussy and his smoldering load inside my lower belly, my hand trailed to my cummy mound. I was a mess, again. Gingerly I scooped up a large glob of semen trailing from my well-stretched pussy. Bringing my hand up above my face, the glimmer of my wedding ring had my thighs squeezing tight.

I admired the thick creamy dollop oozing down my fingers. I watched the glob run over my ring, another man's fertile jizz slowly snuffing out its glimmer. When it finally covered my wedding band I slipped my finger into my mouth and savored the flavor of our comingled juices. Bitter, but I licked it clean.

After some time I rolled out of bed and went downstairs. I didn't bother with a robe this time. The thug sat at the kitchen table drinking lemonade. "So," he said, casting an eye back at me, "Ya finally figure out yo role in life, whitebred?"

I stood there meekly, arms wrapped around each other hands clasped standing on one foot while the other rubbed my calf, "Yes sir," I answered shyly.

He took a sip of lemonade leering my way, "Go on, don't keep me waitin'."

I teetered on my foot as I trembled, "My... My role in life is to be your breeding bitch."

"My white breedin' bitch," he growled, "And?"

I finally found my footing and trembled less, "I'm also to breed with whomever you tell me to."

He finished his lemonade and leaned back, "Ya ain't got no problem with da rules?"

"None. I accept your ho rules entirely," I blushed. My husband could never get me to say something like that.

He got up and walked over, "Tell me, what are they?"

I looked up at him without moving back, "I will never wear underwear. When you say get, I get. No white cock will ever fuck me again..." I stepped closer, pressing my flat belly to him as I continued in a whisper, "I'll never use birth control, and I will breed with whomever you tell me to," My abdomen was an inferno by the end, knowing from his hungering look that I was going to be bred again.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the living room. He threw open the curtains and turned back to me, "Now yo gonna do as I tell ya till you worship black cock like it was yo god. Got it?"

I nodded as he pushed me down to my knees. Grabbing his cock he slapped his rousing member onto my lips, "Open dat pretty mouth, ho."

I glanced out the window. The thought of someone watching drenched my pussy. I opened my mouth as he slapped the head of his cock onto my tongue. "Now suck it, slut." he ordered.

My lips closed around the head of his drooling python and started licking its smooth underside. Before long it grew, firming and hardening behind my lips, which excited me even more. I started bobbing my head and taking more in as he grew to full erection. When he became fully hard I could only get little more than half in before I gagged. I was not very experienced at fellatio, hardly ever doing it for my husband, but I did whatever my instinct told me to do to please this man.

After he had coated my whole mouth in his bitter precum my jaw became sore. He must have seen the pain reflecting in my blue eyes, so he pulled his dick out and slapped his veiny member on my lips and cheeks as he spoke.

"You gonna do as I tell ya from now on, whitebread. You ain't gonna be ashamed lettin' the world know ya fuck nigga dick. Understand?"

I knelt before him, turning my eyes up with his slimy spend glistening on my smiling lips, "I won't be ashamed, not of this..." I licked his cock without thinking and wrapped my fingers around it, "I will do whatever you tell me. Just fuck me with this black dick."

At that he walked over to the front door and threw it wide open. He stood naked in my doorway, breathing in the cool afternoon air for a minute before walking back over. He patted the top of my head as he passed by. He stopped at the coffee table before sliding it in front of the window. The afternoon air nipped at my bare skin, and I eyed the table as he pointed to it. The thug walked over and shut the door and said, "Get dat white ass up on the table."

Slowly, I got up and stepped to the coffee table. One look from him and I lay on my back without further question. I felt slightly better in this position, just below the sill of the window and out of sight. But the thug growled, "On yo knees, ho. You gonna show yo nosy neighbors ya's a nigga lovin' whore now," My heart skipped a beat or two when he said it. I did not question him though. I turned over and lifted my bare white ass to his dark hands.

I looked over my shoulder as he positioned himself behind me, "I'm your nigga loving whore," I whispered. I started to breathe heavily as his shaft plowed up my slit, "Fuck me. Make me your whitebread ho..."

Reaching between my legs I pushed his cock between my nether lips. With the pressure of my hand the thug sank into my dripping cunt, "Whatcha thinkin' about now, whitebread?"

As his cock bottomed out, "Oooh shit yessss," My hand cradled his semen swollen balls as they slapped against my clit, "How... How much cum do these make?" He'd been cumming inside me nonstop for the past week, and still he felt so full.

He pulled back and hammered into me without answering. My head flung back along with my eyes as his balls slapped my little bud all the harder. My pussy was creaming all over his cock, frothing and slathering all over his pumping member. I rocked my hips to meet his thrusts, the backs of my thighs sounding his ferocious rhythm loudly. Slap! Slap! Slap!

"I'm cumming!!" I screamed, "Breed me – I'm a breeding bitch for black men!" I felt a cold breeze across my ass suddenly, but I wailed even louder because of it, "OHHH! I'm a nigger-loving whore – Fill my married white pussy with your nigger spunk. Oh fuck me, I WANT YOUR BLACK BASTARD!!"

The window slammed shut. My thug pulled out right as he started to cum, flipping me onto my back and turning me back towards his jerking cock. With my head under his balls I watched them wide-eyed as they started to pulse. Pushing his cock to my lips I opened my mouth. The first rope of cum alone filled my mouth to overflowing.

I grasped at his member to aim it at my face while I choked down his bitter seed. With every pulse of his flesh a splatter of cum grazed across my face or chest, black sperm glazing my white skin. When the explosive blasts turned to slow gushes I opened my lips to accept the last of his dribbling semen into my wanton mouth.

After I caught my breath I didn't dare open my eyes. His hot cum warmed my entire face. I scooped the puddles of semen from my eyes and licked my fingers clean as the rest drooled down my cheeks and chin.

When I stood and finally opened my eyes I could not believe how much he had cum. I realized my face was glazed entirely from how much I had licked off my fingers, but my chest had caught even more of his spunk, and thick rivulets ran down my upper abdomen.

I looked at him as he turned and walked into the kitchen, "Ya wanted ta know how much a real man makes," He shrugged, "Now ya does."

Still dripping with his semen, I moved away from the window and joined him in the kitchen. I poured a glass of water and took a large gulp. The cool water hardly quenched the hotness in my belly. I turned sidelong to him, "I have no doubt you have knocked me up by now, seeing what you just shot all over me," I smiled before finishing off the cup.

He shook his head in a menacing way, "I tolds ya I ain't shootin' blanks, ho. Dat white pussy don't stand a chance. Now get that tight ass outta here and clean up."

I walked upstairs to the master bath, unable to stop his cum from leaving a trail behind me. I stretched out in front of the mirror and noticed the new hickey he gave me was as dark as the thug. I licked my lips, tasting the thug's semen one last time before brushing it away at the sink.

I climbed into the shower and standing on one leg with the knee of the other bent I leaned back to soak my hair. My breathing grew labored as my fingers ran through the thick cream the thug left in my brunette hair. The water cascading off my shoulders and over my breasts moistened the drying semen slowly sliding down my body. Not my husband's cum, a black stranger's cum. My pussy gushed and fluttered on its own, breasts heaving as I realized what a whore I was becoming.

I was starting to shake as the water washed the thug's semen over my little pink pearl. I heard the thug rummaging around in the bedroom, and I trembled with electric pleasure thinking the thug was going to join me. The rummaging stopped. Heavy footsteps. But he never came in.

A little disappointed, I finished my shower and dried off alone. When I dropped the towel in the hamper I touched along the marks the thug left at the nape of my neck. They proved he would do with me as he pleased, whenever he pleased, and I would inevitably let him.

I strode into the bedroom without a stitch of clothing on, but the thug was not waiting for me there either. Instead I saw an orange and yellow flannel shirt that I wore while gardening on the bed. Nothing else.

I pulled it on and went to button it up only to find one button between my breasts was left. The thug had torn out the rest. Grinning at his naughty game I fastened the single button and, forgoing the rest of an outfit to cover my nearly-exposed body, I went to the kitchen. As I walked the tails of the shirt fluttered at my sides. Feeling sexier than ever, I rounded the corner to the kitchen and said just as sexily, "Mmm, you like?"

"Never seen a sexier mare in my life Marci," Marcus said.

I jumped when I heard my name spoken for the first time this insane week, and it wasn't by my husband or the thug. My hands scrambled to cover my breasts and mound out of instinct, "Marcus! Wh-where is he?"

Marcus sat back in the chair and smiled, "Don't worry, he left about five minutes ago," his stare turned to a lust-crazed leer as it dropped over my body, "And no need being shy Marci. I've seen it all before, and I will again."

Slowly I relaxed my arms for him, the shirt hardly covering me at all. I bowed my head frowning, "He... he was suppose to be with me until tomorrow."

Marcus got up and walked over to me, "He had a little police business to attend to. Besides," He started unbuttoning the lone hold of my shirt, "He called and told me to take care of you,"

I trembled as his warm hands pushed the shirt down my shoulders. I knew what the thug had meant, "But you're my husband's friend, how can you do that to him?" I asked as my shirt fluttered to the floor.

He lifted my chin so I was looking into his dark eyes, "Marci, Marci... You are a naïve little minx," he said as he tweaked my erect nipples, "I only became friends with your husband so I could tap your sweet ass."

He kissed me before I could answer his admission of betrayal. His tongue shot into my mouth and played there for a minute before mine joined the dance. We kissed until I had to take a breath, "You... you have to wear a condom," I said, wavering even then as I felt his member pressing against me.

His hand trailed down my abdomen and cupped my mound. With a soft peck to my lips, "You won't deny me the feel of your satiny skin will you, Marci?" his finger entering my pussy without hesitation, "Or deny your white pussy the feel of my bare black cock."

His thumb started working my little pearl while his long finger stroked in and out of me. My knees started shaking, "What...what if you get me pregnant?" My pussy gripped his delving finger.

He pulled his hand out of my crotch, and picking me up by the waist he set my bare ass on the kitchen table. Marcus dropped his pants, "Well, if you get knocked up, you'll just be accepting your role as a black cock slut won't you?" He ran his hand down my belly, and I saw the glimmer of his own wedding ring.

A jolt of excitement shot up my spine, "Wait, what about your wife? What would she think if you get me pregnant!?" He grabbed my hand and brought it around his cock. I started stroking without thinking, and absently I noticed it start to harden beneath my fingers.

"I can't get you pregnant," Marcus said, "I had a vasectomy after our second child."

I let out a small sigh of relief hearing that and stroked his lance harder as he kissed me again. My pussy started drooling, my chest heaving as I became desperate for air. Then a knock came at the door. Marcus broke the kiss, "Come in," he shouted.

I tried to squirm away, not wanting to be caught naked with a black man between my legs. Marcus pushed my shoulders to the table and stepped closer before I could get away though. "Don't move," he growled.

I covered my face with my free arm as Marcus's cock kissed my pussy lips for the first time. "Did you drop him off?" Marcus inquired, and I could only barely stifle my moan. Turning my head, I saw it was Marcus's friend from this morning.

He strode in and casually walked into the kitchen, "Yeah, no problem. He was meeting up with some blond cop hottie."

Marcus pulled me up to my feet, "Marci, this is Ty. Ty, Marci," he introduced us quickly, "Must be the cop he said he was going to break in like Marci here," He gave my bare ass a swat, as if to drive home my new position. I blushed at the same time as I fumed, learning that it was Cat the thug had gone to meet up with.

I turned to Ty blinking my baby blue eyes, barely remembering my courtesy, "Um, hi."

He looked me over like a wolf looks at meat, "Hi," he said, "How about we move this to a more comfortable setting."

Marcus turned me and swatted my ass hard this time, "You heard the man, to the bedroom, little mare!"

I rubbed my stinging ass as I walked toward the bedroom. I was sure he left a mark. The moment I stepped into the room Marcus pushed me face down onto the bed. Grabbing my hips he pulled my ass up to meet his. His hard cock slapped between my legs.

"Guide me in, Marci. Or should I say ho now?"

The way he sawed between my folds, I couldn't refuse. I reached between my legs, pushing so his lance parted my swollen pussy lips. Ty un-zipped his pants and my pussy started drooling. Marcus eased his cock into me, starting a slow in and out motion. I hummed and parted my legs more. His cock was comparable to my husbands, but it was still black.

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