tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSanta's Perverted Helper

Santa's Perverted Helper


Santa's Perverted Helper

(or Susie Learns What Happens To Naughty Girls)


Story is part of the Lit Winter Holiday contest 2017 Don't forget to check out the other fine entries.

Also this story is a non-consent/reluctance story (with heart and humor) so if that isn't your thing you've been warned.


"Would you keep up, you little brat. Really Billy you're impossible sometimes. If it's not bad enough I have to walk you home every day instead of going to the mall with my friends you always have to be a slowpoke."

"I'm sorry Susie but my legs are shorter than yours," the adorable tyke replied as he struggled to keep up with his much older sister though his backpack laden with textbooks continued to slow him down.

The pretty blond teen stopped and turned with her hand on her hip as her brother caught up with her before she resumed walking. Just then her cell went off playing the latest Katy Perry ringtone. Susie retrieved her phone from her bag before placing it to her delicate shell like ear.

"Hey Megan, what's up? No I have the twerp with me as usual. God forbid that I'm ever allowed to have fun or a social life. The worst part is he gets to have his friends over and I have to then babysit them as well. But if I want to have someone over I gotta clear it with my Mom first. It is such bs. Okay I'll talk to you later, bye."

Hanging up the phone Susie continued along the bare tree lined street. She shivered as Jack Frost sent a bone chilling breeze in her direction on the cold, gray afternoon. Her school uniform skirt did little to keep her warm especially as she must have altered it to be shorter than the school regulations permitted. Susie attempted to pull her jacket tighter about her nubile frame but the jacket was more suited for fashion than the practical aspect of keeping warm and it seemed to do her little good.

Not until Susie and Billy had turned the corner did I shift my black Ford E350 van into drive and slowly follow them at a safe distance. They were halfway down the block when I turned onto Beech Street and drove in their direction. My hand adjusted the earpiece to my sound amplification device as I crept down the street. It could pick up a whisper from over three hundred yards away, putting them well within its range when I heard an earful that confirmed that my choice had been the correct one.

"Hey Sis are you coming with me and Mom to the mall tomorrow?" the boy asked, his voice brimming with hope and innocence.

By then they had reached their house and Susie had already turned up the walk when she turned to her lagging brother with a sneer on her angel like face.

"Of course I'm going Bratty. I don't get many chances to go to the mall so I'm not going to miss this one even if I have to go with you and Mom."

"That's so cool Susie, but why do you have to call me Bratty and not Billy?"

"Because twerp you are a brat as far as I'm concerned."

"Okay if you say so," he said while making a sniffling sound before his cherubic face brightened.

"Susie, do you want to come with me when I visit Santa and tell him what I want for Christmas?"

The boy asked this with such a sweet, earnest expression that it would have persuaded old Ebenezer Scrooge that Christmas wasn't a humbug after all but Susie's reaction was to laugh derisively at her brother.

"Now why in the world would I want to waste my time like that? I'd rather just stay home and do my homework than watch you beg some rent-a-Santa for presents."

"What do you mean rent-a-Santa Susie? Besides maybe you could ask him for what you wanted while you're there."

"You are so fuckin' clueless twerp. First of all you'll just be telling your pathetic wish list to some drunken bum who the mall hired to lure the suckers in with their kids so they'll spend more money. And two, Santa Claus doesn't exist - he's just a story to make brats like you be good so that you'll get presents."

Susie was so caught up in her tirade that she didn't notice the crestfallen look on Billy's face but I had to grip the steering wheel so tightly that my hands hurt. It was all I could do to stop myself from jumping from the moving van and rushing to deliver swift, righteous retribution to Susie. For a moment Billy remained silent until his little face reddened with anger at which point he answered his sister.

"You are such a liar Susie. I'm going to tell Mom what you said. Sometimes I wish you weren't my sister."

After saying that he burst into tears and ran to the front door, but of course it was locked and he had to wait as his sister got out her key and opened it.

"Whatever Billy," Susie replied as she unlocked the door. Her brother rushed past her, threw his bag on the floor and ran upstairs sobbing.

She closed and locked the door, oblivious to my van sitting in front of the house idling. This girl was truly a piece of work. All angelic and beautiful on the surface but on the inside a mean, naughty girl. To be honest I had doubted Billy's letter when I first read it and had thought perhaps he was exaggerating but if anything he had sugarcoated the truth. Well that was why I was here - to set things right and I intended to.

For the next two hours I stayed in my van and suffered from the cold but it was necessary to gain more information while not appearing suspicious by running the engine. While parked across the street from the Walker residence I was able to continue eavesdropping on the house while also using my digital binoculars to scan the windows. Since it was now dark outside with the house lights on I was able to see inside easily and more than once I caught a glimpse of Susie passing by a window.

My most enjoyable moment came when she went to her bedroom upstairs. Since her room was in the front of the house I observed the light go on so I focused my view there. There was a narrow gap between the curtains through which I could see part of the room. Her back was to the window as she removed her uniform, first her white blouse and then her short plaid skirt. She had on a red thong that separated her supple ass cheeks and a white bra with narrow straps.

Susie removed the bra but to my chagrin she never turned my way before slipping a fleece top over her head and she then pulled on a pair of sweatpants. At least she bent forward slightly allowing me to take a candid picture of her small, round ass. In spite of the chilly temperature I felt flushed on seeing her in that position especially as I magnified the binoculars to the point that she seemed so close I could touch her. No sooner had she finished changing than we were both startled by the sound of the phone ringing. She disappeared from my sight but soon I heard her voice through my earpiece.

"Hello. Hey Mom. Wait, what did he say? No it wasn't that way..."

"Mom let me explain what..."

"Fine I'll see you when you get home and I'll have dinner ready."

After the call ended I heard Susie scream in what sounded like frustration to my ears followed by the reply of her brother Billy.

"Susie what happened? Are you okay?" he asked in a frightened tone.

"Yes I'm all right except my little tattle tale brother has gotten me in trouble so if he knows what's good for him he'll stay in his room and out of my way," she yelled at him.

That was followed by the sound of a door closing and a minute later the sound of footfalls going down the stairs. My patience was rewarded by hearing a phone conversation shortly thereafter.

"Hey Jimmy, it's me Susie. Me, I'm shitty right now. I called to cancel our plans for tonight. My little rat brother got me in big trouble with my Mom and now I'm grounded. Oh gee, I'm sorry I won't be able to satisfy you, don't worry about me though. Whatever Jimmy, yeah right, sure. Talk to you whenever."

I had to chuckle after hearing that, things couldn't be going better if I planned them myself. However I understood that grounding wasn't nearly enough punishment to modify her attitude and that much stronger methods would be needed. With Susie grounded though my plans would be much easier to accomplish and tomorrow was now the perfect day to bring them to fruition. Before starting the engine I took a quick peek at Susie's picture which was now stored on my binoculars' Sim card.

That night as I ate my dinner of canned tuna and beans I went over my plan with a fine tooth comb and found no flaws. Later as I sat in my recliner drinking beers and smoking I stroked my hard cock as I visualized what the next day would bring but I was careful not to cum. That wasn't easy after seeing her with her bare back and thong earlier in the evening but I wished to conserve every drop for the next day. Before retiring to bed I went to the basement to make sure everything there was perfect and in order. After satisfying myself that all was ready I turned in and dreamed of sugarplums and naughty Susie.

The next morning I rose before the sun and loaded everything I would need into the van. Since I didn't have time to come home between work and my rendezvous with Susie I had to make sure I had things set. After stepping outside I could see a few swirling flakes in the air and I smiled. The forecast called for intermittent flurries throughout the day with little accumulation and it seemed to be accurate. Twenty minutes later I pulled into the parking lot and headed into the building.

"Good morning Bill, Sharon," I cheerfully called out to my fellow United States Postal Service workers as I headed to the sorting room.

They both looked startled by my friendly demeanor and Sharon almost choked on her coffee she was so surprised by my cheerfulness.

"Morning Fred get up on the right side of the bed for a change," Bill answered, surprise etched clearly on his weather-beaten face.

"Well its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, don't you think? And that is the most wonderful time of the year," I answered sincerely.

They exchanged glances as I started to whistle a tune as I rounded the bend. On the way I passed the dead letter area which also included the letters to Santa section. Seeing this I broke into actual song and even danced a few steps with joy. The day moved quickly even with my numerous mandated coffee and cigarette breaks and I only broke a few packages deliberately that day I was so giddy. Once when I was out front smoking I even forgot to be surly when a customer asked me a question even though I was clearly on break.

Once quitting time came I rushed out to my van and headed out towards Susie's neighborhood. I was waiting when she arrived home all alone and she didn't seem happy to be there. Well I would be brightening her day in no time. Before she arrived I'd changed into my facsimile brown uniform of a wicked, horrible private courier delivery company. I figured if someone saw me then hopefully that would throw them off my trail. Before exiting the van I checked my long salt and pepper beard in the rearview to make sure no food particles were embedded there. No need to start off on the wrong foot with Susie I decided.

Not waiting for a chance for her to call anyone on the phone or even worse to change from her schoolgirl uniform I took the package and other needed items and headed to her front door. My gray hair was under a brown cap with the rest tucked under my collar and I had on a pair of aviator glasses to conceal my eyes. My gloved finger pressed the bell and I waited impatiently for the door to be answered. The door opened a crack a minute later and she peered through the gap with an unhappy look on her perfect face. Well I would change that if only for a minute. Scanning my clipboard I spoke to her.

"Package for Susie Walker from dELiA's; can you accept it?" I said in my most businesslike voice while continuing to look at my clipboard and the imaginary order.

Susie almost squealed with delight on hearing the package was for her and from one of her favorite clothing retailers. She opened the door wider to accept it and I saw she was still blessedly dressed in her schoolgirl uniform.

"Here Miss you can take this first and then sign for it," I said as I handed her the box.

She eagerly took and positioned it in the crook of her left arm as I held out the pen for her. Just as she was about to take it I brought it forward enough that it hit her small hand and went careening to the floor a few feet away. She muttered something under her breath as she moved to pick it up. As soon as Susie stepped away from the threshold I moved like a cat, or as much like a cat as a six foot three, two hundred and sixty five pound middle aged man with a large gut could move.

Susie had naughtily bent at the waist to get the pen instead of modestly bending at the knees and that delayed me half a second as my eyes took in her pale white legs and her cute round little ass. Her fingers closed on the pen as I pushed the door closed behind me and as Susie straightened her petite young body I acted.

My large arm wrapped around her neck and shoulders from behind pulling her body back into mine while my other hand pulled a pre-treated cloth from my jacket pocket. She tried to say something as the cloth covered her nose and mouth but it was muffled. Her magnificent body struggled futilely against me but that only made her breathe deeper, inhaling the chemical into her lungs.

I held her for a minute as she struggled to free herself from my grip. She had dropped the package and pen and her small hands tugged at my arm trying to pull it from her neck but she soon went limp from the chloroform. Taking her with me I sank to the floor and stretched her out. From my pocket I removed three silken scarves which I used to bind her wrists behind her back and also her ankles while using the third to gag her.

Before that I checked her breathing to make sure she was okay. Her small chest rose and fell and she appeared to be sleeping peacefully causing me to smile. Next I removed a heavy duty mail sack from my jacket into which I placed Susie. With her knees bent she easily fit inside and once she was in there I also put the decoy package, the clipboard, and my pen in as well.

I walked into the dining room where she'd begun her homework before being interrupted by the doorbell. First I closed the books before picking up her purse and looking inside. I could see her cell phone and keys were in there so I brought it with me knowing that a teenaged girl would hardly leave it if she left of her own volition.

Once it was in the sack I pulled the drawstring shut and then checked out front before opening the door. There again was a light flurry falling and the street seemed deserted of people. Hoisting the sack up onto my back I exited the house, locking the door behind me. Since she barely weighed a hundred pounds I had no difficulty in carrying her to my van. I'd left the side door unlocked so after opening it I deposited my Christmas project on the floor and covered it with a piece of used carpet.

Before driving off I removed my brown uniform and slipped it into a garbage bag as well as the hat and gloves. I adjusted the radio to a station playing Christmas carols and we were off, maybe not in the grand style of my boss but flying reindeer were hard to come by in Michigan. My house was located just on the outskirts of town with no houses closer than a city block's distance from mine. My van pulled into the driveway and parked right by my side door.

Once in the house I raised the thermostat and turned on the basement lights before returning to the van and bringing in Susie through the side door. Carefully I carried her down to the basement and into the back room which took up a little more than half of the floor. I switched on the twinkling Christmas lights and the CD player, which shuffled five separate disks, giving me a soundtrack of Christmas songs for the day's activities with no further effort required on my part.

Opening the sack I pulled her out gently, making sure not to jostle her. I lifted and placed her on my modified workbench then removed the gag and bindings. She was still out though she seemed to be stirring a little which spurred me to hastily restrain her to the bench. I attached fur lined cuffs to her tiny wrists and hooked them to a strap above her head which was attached to the underside of the bench. Then I placed a soft red and white holiday pillow under her head.

I knew I should change before she awakened but seeing her lying there like that overwhelmed me. Unable to help myself my hand reached down and brushed the satiny skin of her leg which felt as soft as silk. When I touched her Susie let out a little moan and moved slightly, her legs parting in an almost imperceptible manner. That slight movement however was too much for me in my overwrought condition.

My trembling fingers started stroking Susie's inner thigh, starting just above her knee and working upwards until they grazed the material of her plaid skirt. My other hand took the hem and lifted it revealing more of her glorious young body. Her panties were white and lacy and completely enchanting. Her mons veneris was slight compared to some but on her body it seemed perfect to me.

My finger traced the pattern of it before dipping down between her thighs and actually rubbing her covered lips. Susie moaned louder and pushed her pelvis up in the air slightly as I continued to move my finger back and forth. It was now in the cleft between her lips and I could feel the material of her panties start to moisten as her spring trickled out liquid.

Not able to stop myself I buried my face at the nexus between her thighs, my face pressing to her still hidden pussy. It was a wonderful sensation and it smelled like teen spirit or was it teen pussy. No matter, I started to kiss her there and was rewarded by another low moan. While my mouth continued its attention my eyes focused on her sleeping face. Her pouty lips curled in a half smile as my kisses became more frenzied.

I hooked a finger under the edge of her panties and pulled it to the side revealing her most personal treasure in all its glory. Her little kitty was small and pink with a few wisps of light blond hairs located just above it with the rest of her pubic area groomed bare. There was a slight sheen of moisture on her lips and I could actually see the juices in her furrow clearly. My tongue snaked out and licked the center of her core, greedily funneling her nectar to my waiting mouth.

Once I had a taste I wanted more and got it. My tongue lapped at her gooey goodness, probing her sugary walls with an occasional detour to her lips before resuming my probing of her depths. As I did this my erection grew to its full size in a painful fashion for it was trapped in my trousers in an uncomfortable position but I was too caught up performing cunnilingus to stop. I feasted on Susie till the lower half of my face as well as my beard was covered with her juices. Only when my jaw started to ache did I reluctantly withdraw my tongue from her tight, little channel.

My thumb pushed her hood away from her hard clit revealing it in all its beauty. The tip of my tongue speared it, eliciting a whimper from Susie after which I flicked at it repeatedly. As her noises grew in volume I circled it faster until I saw her face redden and her breathing became ragged. I sucked her button between my lips and delivered one last caress with my tongue which shoved Susie over the edge.

Her slim, toned legs clamped on my head as her lithe body twisted about on my padded workbench in the throes of orgasm. After it subsided I was able to pry her supple thighs from my head and stand erect. I'm not sure if her climax triggered it in any way or it was just coincidence but she seemed to be starting to come around. Quickly I covered her beautiful pussy and pulled down her skirt before she became conscious.

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