Santa's Perverted Helper


I continued to cum with some spunk landing on her torso and more ending up in her navel and my last shot landed on her golden pubic hair. My whole body was shaking from the intensity of my orgasm and I gasped for breath. Susie looked at me with concern clearly on her face.

"Santa's helper, are you okay?" she asked.

"I hope so Susie but that orgasm almost killed me," I managed to gasp out between breaths.

Slowly I felt my heartbeat return to normal and as it did I looked down at this incredible girl beneath me. Once it appeared I was alright she giggled and shook her head, then I felt her hand guiding my slightly shrunken cock to her pussy again. She rubbed it against her lips a few times then worked it in.

"Are you able to do it some more 'cause I really enjoyed that," she told me with a wink.

"For you Susie anything," I told her. "Now put your arms around my neck."

Once she wrapped them around I stood straight pulling her up in the air as I sank deeper inside her puss. She was light so I had no problem taking the two steps to my Santa throne onto which I sank down with a loud sigh. It was much larger than a regular chair so we had plenty of room on it. After my butt hit the cushioned seat Susie adjusted her body so that she was crouching with her feet on the seat and me buried to the hilt in her sweet pinkness.

With her cuffed hands holding my neck she started to bounce up and down on my erection like a rubber ball. The best thing was my mouth could reach her delectable nipples which I often did. No doubt my long beard scratched her soft skin but Susie handled it like the nympho trouper she was and didn't complain once.

Since I'd just cum I wasn't worried about it happening anytime soon so I thrust up into Susie as she rode me. My hands grabbed her narrow hips pulling her so hard onto me that her eyes rolled back in her head. My hips pumped rapidly driving balls deep as I pulled her onto me again and again. She was just making unintelligible sounds by then, nothing that could be understood as being words.

When she was all the way down on me with her cute little ass rubbing against my wiry pubic hairs I gripped her back to hold her in place. Making circular motions I rotated my hips as I sat on the throne, grinding my pelvis against Susie's. When I couldn't take anymore my hand slapped her ass to get her attention.

"Susie, get your ass off my dick pronto."

She slid off me and stood on the floor by the throne. I dragged my sorry ass up and bent her over the seat then moved behind her. My cock rubbed against her pussy, teasing her some before I put it back in. I had to marvel that I'd cum once and was going again with no break. This eighteen year old hottie was better than a certain little blue pill, at least as far as I was concerned.

Susie reached her cuffed hands out and braced them against the back of the throne for support while I went to town on her. My hairy balls slapped against her pussy as I pumped in and out of her muff. I brought my hands to her chest where I squeezed her breasts hard and compressed her nipples between my thick fingers.

Using my hands I also pulled Susie's body backwards to meet my forward thrusts. Neither of us spoke much during our sexplay though we made plenty of noise with our moans and groans but it was a similarity that we shared. We had been going at it for some time in this position when I removed one of my hands from her breast and worked it to where I could pet her kitty.

I strummed her clit like a guitar maestro with my fingers and I was hoping to play her instrument to an orgasmic crescendo. Her moaning was becoming louder and I increased the tempo 'til the slapping of our colliding flesh heralded our impending climaxes. Once Susie's body tightened as a result of this I was pushed past the point of no return.

Making a sound that was part joy and part relief I pulled out of her then grabbed her silky, blond hair pulling her head in my cock's direction. Her red lips formed an O as I erupted like a volcano. The first shot sailed wide right while the second hit her flushed cheek with a soft splat. Before the next shot came out Susie managed to swallow my head and suck on it.

If I'd thought it felt good before it was now like I'd been transported to paradise. The pleasurable sensation of orgasm was magnified tenfold by her soft lips and tongue prolonging and intensifying my climax. Finally with no more love juice left in me Susie caught my eye first before she slowly pulled her mouth from my meat. She opened her mouth so that I could see my thick, white cum sitting on her tongue and then keeping her mouth open she tilted her head back and swallowed it down.

"Sit down Susie and take a rest, you've earned it," I managed to gasp out.

Susie sat down at the edge of the chair and smiled sweetly as she crossed her legs. First I freed her hands and then on unsteady legs I staggered to the Christmas tree and picked up a couple of wrapped packages with big red bows and carried them back to her.

"An early Merry Christmas to you Susie. I wasn't sure how things would work out but I bought these just in case."

Her eyes opened wide with surprise and she practically squealed with joy. She stood up and took the gifts and kissed my cheek before patting the cushioned seat. I sat heavily and was immediately rewarded by Susie perching on my knee. Like a little kid she delightedly tore the paper from the larger package and ripped open the box.

Inside she found a charming red and white baby-doll with matching thong panties, a pair of red silk pajamas, a white thong with the words naughty and nice in red script, and a gift card to a famous lingerie store.

"Thank you Santa's helper," she told me and when she did she reached down and squeezed my still sensitive cock.

She then ripped open the other package and when she saw what it was Susie let out a laugh and held up the box. Inside was a slim g-spot vibrator but it was white with a red stripe circling the full length so that it resembled a candy cane. She kissed me on the cheek for that. We sat like that for a little while and Susie actually rested her head on my burly shoulder and I wished it could always be that way. However I'm a realist and I know that it couldn't last so reluctantly I tapped her flank.

"Come on Susie, it's time to go. You have to be home before your family or you'll be in trouble."

With a sigh she got up and began to gather her clothes together. I knew that I should change to my regular clothes but I couldn't as these were what I'd worn during the best afternoon of my life. Instead I tucked my spent cock back in my pants and began turning off the twinkling lights. When I looked Susie's way she was dressed and holding her panties and cut bra in her delicate hands.

"The bra is no good anymore," she said.

"I know and I'm sorry Susie," I replied.

"Don't worry about it but I want you to keep my panties Santa's helper. They smell like me, down there, and since I don't have a present to give you then I hope you enjoy them."

I felt my eyes well up with tears and though I did my best not to cry a few escaped.

"Thank you Susie, you have no idea how much I appreciate that and I'll treasure them always."

With that there was nothing left to say. After first returning her purse Susie graciously allowed me to cover her eyes with one of the scarves I'd used earlier to make certain that my location would remain undisclosed. Carefully I led her by the hand up the stairs and out to the van.

A few minutes later we were in the town and I made one stop at a strip mall before I resumed driving her home. Before I knew it I was pulling in front of her house where I removed the blindfold. Now that we'd arrived she seemed reluctant to leave and stalled a little. After a while she turned and once again I found myself gazing into her clear blue eyes. That was dangerous to me as I became lost in them but what could I do? Finally she spoke.

"We won't see each other again, will we?"

"Probably not Susie," I honestly replied.

"You don't have to worry, you know, about me reporting what happened or anything."

"Thank you for that Susie. I know a lot of people don't understand what I do but my goal is to do good. My methods can be unusual but I'm trying to turn people from the naughty to the nice path and help out Santa."

She gave me a strange look after I said that but she stood and leaned in and kissed my lips for the first and only time. Of course she managed to grope my package as well.

"Your beard tickles."

"Sorry again. Wait I almost forgot to tell you something Susie. When we stopped on the way it was so I could order you and your family some pizza to be delivered. It should be here shortly. Since I had you otherwise occupied I knew you had no time to make dinner. It's all paid for plus I ordered some garlic bread as well."

There was nothing left to say so we looked at each other one more time and then her tiny body slipped out the door. I watched until she went in the house and closed the door. My heart was heavy as I drove away leaving a big part of my heart with her. This wasn't my first corrective Christmas mission but none had ever affected me like Susie. It seemed like she wanted to change and while I could take solace from that the thought that I would never touch or see her again saddened me greatly.

The next couple of months were the worst and even filling in for Santa at the orphanage and the old folks home gave me only a temporary lift. I can't say how many times I watched a replay of that one enchanted afternoon and masturbated onto Susie's panties. Her bra I kept sealed in an air tight container which I would open and smell to catch a whiff of her fragrance.

Though we lived in the same town I didn't see her and in fact I did my best to avoid anywhere that teen girls might go. I did my shopping out of town and after work I'd go straight home and drink myself into a stupor as I dreamed of an angel.

Winter had almost arrived again and I'd given no thought to helping out the boss this year when he took matters into his own hands. I awoke startled in my recliner one night with no idea why when I heard him speaking. Rubbing the sleep from my bloodshot eyes I stared forward and saw him on the television that I knew was off.

"Come on now my trusted helper and stop feeling sorry for yourself. There are many people who could use your help this time of year."

"Go away Santa and leave me alone. I don't think I can do it again after last year."

"Yes you can and you must. There are many people like Susie who need your help to discover the nice inside them and reject the naughty. You knew when you answered this calling that it would be a lonely and thankless life. But it was what you were meant to do."

"I'm just not sure if I can do it again Santa. I left a big piece of my heart with Susie."

"Yes you did and that was because she needed it. Now others need more of you and I know you won't disappoint them or me."

Suddenly I felt new life and energy coursing through me and I knew from whence it came. As his image faded from the screen I mouthed the words, "Thank you Santa Claus."

The next morning I got up early and after showering I neatly trimmed my overgrown beard until it looked presentable. My hair needed a cut which I would get done right after work. I arrived early at work and with a determined stride I headed right to the Santa letter box. As usual he guided me in my selection and soon I held an envelope in my hand.

I read the letter and knew that I was needed again. But for some reason I didn't leave as something was telling me to stay. Picking up the box I shook it gently and the letters shifted when one caught my eye. Unlike most it was neatly written unlike the childish scrawl of the majority. It also was addressed differently than most. In alternating red and green lettering it said:

To Santa's Helper

In Care of Santa Claus

And in the return address corner all it said was Susie. My fingers trembled as I tore open the letter and read it.

Dear Santa's Helper:

I just wanted to let you know that I'm a changed girl since you met me. I'm way nicer to Billy now. If you ask him he'll tell you. I'm hoping you already know from watching over me in the past year to see if I've been naughty or nice but maybe you've been too busy doing Santa's work.

I've even been volunteering at the local nursing home to brighten the lives of the residents there. Because of your lesson I'm no longer bad or naughty. J So I'm asking for a big favor from you. Maybe you could visit me again, just to make sure that I've really learned my lesson.

Well maybe I've been a little naughty with a couple of boys but only in learning how to give a proper blowjob. I wanted to be ready in case you visited me this year. ;-) Plus I've been using the 'candy cane' you gave me last Christmas and I think of you when I do. Hope to see you soon.

Your friend Susie

P.S. Billy is leaving Santa milk and cookies, but I have something tastier for his number one helper!

Along with the letter was a picture of Susie looking sweetly at the camera while wearing a festive holiday sweater and sucking on a candy cane. After reading little Susie's letter I actually felt a tear roll down my cheek as well as feeling my Yule log begin to stir. It might be time to break out my Santa suit and make a Christmas time visit to see Susie after all. And as always Santa had been right!


By rutger5 (An original story - copyright 2012)

Hope all who read enjoyed my twisted little holiday tale! As always comments and PM's are welcomed and voting on this story is the greatest present of all! Thanks to you- the reader!

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by Anonymous

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by Manthing212/07/18

Trainee wishing to report for duty

Outstanding. Unique. Enjoyed the variety. Not the same old thing. Originality is the key to a great story. Hit the mark squarely. Good job.

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by Anonymous01/12/18

Santa's Helper needs an Elf

Maybe in the next chapter after Susie receives some anal treatment, for slipping back into her old ways, she would be recruited to be Santa's helper's elf.

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