Santa's the Boss


Jade felt her boss's big cock starting to poke against the edge of her right thigh where she sat—she tingled all over in excitement knowing she was making him hard. Her pussy was soaking wet now as she reveled in the feeling of sitting on his giant muscular leg with her body slowly seducing him.

"Well Santa, I guess you know best. You see, here's the thing, I've actually been VERY naughty this year. And when I say naughty...what I really mean is...SLUTTY." Every word she said to him oozed along his nerve endings and sent emergency alarm notifications to his heart and his dick. She was Christmas sex in a shaken-up bottle—hot and tawdry in a Hot Toddy. "You see, I was pretty innocent growing up at home and now that I live alone, I've been having a lot of very naughty sex with a lot of very sexy people. It's all I can think about sometimes. I'm practically a...what's that word? Oh yeah...a nymphomaniac. It's like I just NEED cock every second of the day. The problem is I've yet to find a really good cock that can fill me the way I really need to be filled," she said in a lusty tone as she stared at him through the smoky green sparkle of her makeup. She had practiced what she was going to say to him all night in her head. She wad chosen her words as carefully as she could. She wanted to make sure that he knew how ready she was to be his subservient slut for the night. She wanted to make it abundantly clear that she was sitting neatly sitting under the tree for him, waiting to be unwrapped.

They both looked at each other with a nervous hesitation, neither of them able to say anything as she felt his hard-on fully throbbing against her butt now, like a giant buzzing cellphone trapped underneath a couch pillow she was sitting on.

"Mmmmm, I forgot my Champagne!" She said, suddenly breaking their trance. She adjusted herself so that her legs were now straddling both of his in a reverse cowgirl position.

"Would you hold onto my hips please, Santa so I can reach down and grab my glass?" She asked, as she leaned over off of the tall chair to reach for the crystal flute she had placed on the floor in front of them only moments earlier.

Malcolm grabbed the little sexpot by her amazing hips as she bent her upper body all the way down to the floor in front of them. She loved how firmly he was holding onto her.

And now the moment of truth had arrived.

When she dipped all the way down to grab her glass, she purposefully arched her ass up and flexed her toned legs. This caused the exact thing she expected to happen, to happen. She had practiced this at home already on one of her dining room chairs the entire week leading up to this night. She had gotten very good at knowing just how to maneuver herself.

Her tight green skirt, which had barely contained her perfectly bouncy ass as it clung to the tops of her thighs, slipped up entirely over her butt and bunched around the small of the her back. Her smooth, naked pussy and asshole were immediately on display.

Malcolm's eyes grew wide as he looked down at her suddenly exposed sex. She wasn't wearing any underwear. But that's not all he was looking at.

Painted in cherry, red lipstick across the creamy, white skin of her perfectly cheeky globes were the words:

'FUCK ME SANTA'. She looked back over her shoulder as she downed the last of her Champagne down near the floor, but she made no attempt to bring her body back up. Instead, she wiggled her ass at her boss back and forth in the most sexually obvious way she could. She felt like she was a prostitute giving a private dance in a North Pole strip club for a VIP client.


...there are moments in life where a man must either act immediately, or hesitate. If they hesitate and think about what they are about to do, the logical decision will often arrive. If, however, their decision is based on the most carnal and immediate of desires, you may find that their hesitation will only hinder another sort of end result—that being the often illogical and frequently dangerous needs that are tied up in the hunt for sexual nirvana. To hesitate might mean to be logical, in things involving fidelity and workplace relationships and other sound life choices. But to hesitate in the wild also means to miss one's prey—one split second too long and the meal escapes into the shadows of the forest, never to be seen again.

Malcolm did not hesitate.

He held her in place like that while he slowly undid his zipper, reaching into his pants and taking out his large, aching cock. He thrust his hips upwards towards her and rubbed it through her wet folds. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she thought about the fact that her boss was rubbing his cock against her bare pussy and ass while half of the company was dancing and getting drunk right outside of the thin walls of the makeshift toy workshop. Some people might've gotten some pretty great gifts from Santa, but she was about to get the biggest gift of them all.

And that's when she felt him line his swelled mushroom head against her sensitive lips and slowly push himself all the way into her body.

She moaned in the most unintentionally slutty voice imaginable as he began to rock his hips back and forth. Her legs came up to wrap around his back on the chair while she held herself up from the floor with her hands. It was the dirtiest, sexiest thing she had ever done.

Her boss was power-fucking her in a whimsical Santa's workshop while the band blasted through a hip-hop cover of Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas is You', out on the distant dance floor.

His dick was humongous. He filled her up in ways she had never been filled before. Her pussy felt like an overstuffed stocking hanging from the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

She was Anna Karenina proper, but she moaned like a taken farm-girl whore. She was his Woodland Nympho. He was her NaviDaddy. She was practically doing a handstand while he fucked her and loving every second of it.

"Ughhhhfffnnn fuckkkk," she moaned entirely for him. She wanted her boss to hear how hot she was for him. She wanted him to know how badly she needed him to cum down her chimney—to make it immediately clear how slutty she was ready to be for him.

She loved the way his hands seemed to surround her tiny waist as he bounced her perfectly pert buns up and down on his cock. His jet-black member pistoned in and out of her creamy opening as he smeared her snowy lather all over her folds and down her thighs. Each new curved assault into her drove her all the more wild and elicited newer, more exotic moans. She bucked her hips impressively from her upside down position, using all of her collected Yoga skills to hold the stance and keep the high energy of her bouncing hips moving. Her ass was pornographic.

He smeared the glittery fuck-me lipstick over her butt as he his hands molested her soft, feminine cheeks that were coated with a fresh sheen of sweat. She was a fucking fantasy come alive and he was ravenous in the taking of such rare game.

The Santa chair knocked loudly as he bounced her young ass up and down on top of his powerfully-thrusting hips.

She was moaning as if Santa was performing an exorcism on her; like his cock alone was driving out some Krampus-borne holiday darkness within her. Or maybe she was the devil. And maybe he was falling into the trap of her 'Oh! Holy Night.'

He pulled her up suddenly as he sat back against the chair.

She lifted herself off of his cock only momentarily as she spun around and sat her self on his lap now.

She slowly impaled herself once more as her knees straddled his waist. She ground herself into him in a circular motion as he roughly grabbed her hair in his hand and pulled her mouth into his.

Malcolm's tongue opened up her mouth as they passionately pressed their faces together. He could taste the cherry lib balm on her lips as he bit them lightly between kisses. She moaned back into his mouth as his dick stretched her pussy fully. She was so turned on...she was lost with him.

She rode him slowly for a little bit, only allowing the cock a couple of inches out before she'd sit back down again. This allowed for them to slow the immediate passion of their first kiss and begin to draw diagrams on each other's mouths like two skilled lovers trading brilliant fencing ripostes and parries. She invited him to really feel how good it felt to fuck her young, 24-year-old pussy.

She loved how big his tongue was, and the way his hands pulled on the back of her hair when he bit her lips. He would roughly pull her head back and thrust a little harder as his lips drifted to her neck and ear, her lobe—licking and kissing down her perfumed neck. She loved the roughness. She loved the kink. She could probably become pretty damn submissive for him, she realized as his dominance was revealed.

She reached down and peeled the sexy sheer top off over her head, revealing two boobs that had been painted heavily in silvery glitter.

He marveled at the perfect size of her breasts as each one stared up at him like erotic tinsel porn. She pushed the back of his head down into her boobs, as his tongue tobogganed over her shiny hills like a child on a school cancellation snow day.

All the while her hips rolled on his iron bar of a cock, loving every single second that he was inside of her—loving how hard he was in her pussy.

She felt like she was going to orgasm soon. The whole spectacle of the moment was just too much.

She began to ride him harder and a little faster, her hips moving like she was on a mechanical bull at a honky-tonk for a crowd of thirsty onlookers.

She ran her hands over his head and his hard, muscular skin as she brought his face back up from sucking on her right nipple to kiss him again.

"I'm gonna cummmm," she said intimately into his mouth as he covered her lips with his.

"MMMMMM UUNNNNNN MNNNFFFGG!" She moaned as a shudder exploded through her chest and traveled down through her legs and arms.

Malcolm lifted her up and down forcefully onto his dick when she said this, making sure to keep his rhythm going all the way through the low and high tides of his young employees first orgasm of the night. She finally had to stop him as she came to a rest with his dick fully inside of her. He held her very tightly to his broad chest as his large arms wrapped her up wholly like a winter blanket.

She was panting heavily into his neck as he kissed her sweaty forehead and pushed some stray hairs back around her ear. He grabbed the roots of her hair forcefully again as he turned her face up to kiss him.

He gently placed his lips against hers, even as he showed her how in charge he was, allowing his tongue to delve into her mouth and explore her sensitive afterglow. She was like a kid on Christmas day, unable to stop playing with her amazing present.

She loved how his cock continued to throb inside of her tight pussy.

She brought her head up suddenly to look up at her boss as they both smiled at each other.

"So," she said, the energy and naughtiness already starting to return to her face, "how does Santa like to cum?" She asked. She felt his cock pulse inside of her when she said that. Malcolm couldn't believe the jackpot he'd hit with this little Christmas Nymph.

He stood up from the chair suddenly as he pulled his cock out of her. She wrapped her legs around his massive frame as he easily picked her up in his arms.

He walked them over to the back of the toy workshop and out a hidden door located behind one of the fake, frosted windows.

The door led right out to the entrance for Malcolm's own office. He darted across the empty hallway and into his double-doors. The office was a two-story behemoth that oversaw the entire executive floor. The first floor was appointed with a large, Cocobolo desk and a number of brown leather chairs and overstuffed bookcases. From there a small staircase led up to a large couch and stand-alone study and conference room with a balcony that overlooked the entire party going on down below.

He locked his office door and then carried her over to his desk where he laid her down on top of it, brushing a couple of items clattering to the floor in the process. Then he immediately spread her legs as he knelt down and began licking her wet pussy.

Her head rolled back and her eyes swirled like snowstorms as she felt his tongue diving into her for the first time. She was spread eagle on her boss's desk with his beautiful face tongue-fucking her and dragging lewdly over the entire expanse of her clitoris and swollen lips. He'd drag his tongue through her folds and then down to her ass where he'd circle her sexy pucker. He wondered just how kinky this girl was when he heard her increased moans as his tongue worked her bottom over.

The entire scene was debauchery infinitum.

Here she was dressed in only her sexy, painted thigh-high tights and her tinsel lined hair with her glittery boobs fully on display while her powerfully built Santa Claus dipped his bowl full of jelly into her creamy, slutty holes.

He came up for air after a while and again rubbed his cock up against her opening. He took off the coat and the pants now and then quickly shucked his boxers as well.

She felt him enter her again as he began to pull himself all the way out and then all the way back inside, each time, moaning with desperation at the feeling of having him leave her pussy. He smacked her tits a couple of times while they fucked and she loved that too as she pinched and played with her nipples for him.

What the hell had they gotten themselves into?

He was in the middle of giving her a very steady fucking when there was a sudden knock at the door.


He immediately pulled out of her and told her to go and hide underneath the hidden side of his desk. He told the person at the door to wait one moment and then quickly put back on his pants and overcoat as quickly as he could.

When he answered the door a crack Jade could faintly make out the voice of his assistant. She had come to remind him that it was only a couple of minutes from midnight, which is when he liked to give his famous end-of-the-year speech from the top of his balcony which looked out onto the center of the dance floor.

He thanked her for the reminder as she handed him a wireless microphone and he quickly shut the door and locked it again.

Jade slowly raised her cute little eyes above the desk, like a seductive reptile lurking in murky waters.

"Everything okay?" She asked, standing up and showing off her amazing breasts and lithe body for him again.

"Yes...everything is absolutely amazing," he said as he walked over to her and kissed her softly as she melted against him once more. "Unfortunately, I do have to give this speech really quickly that I do every year. But as soon as I'm done, I promise we'll get right back to where we left off and I'll show you how Santa likes to cum." He spanked her ass when he said this and she giggled up against him.

He reapplied his entire Santa Suit, putting back on the hat that had long ago fallen off and then readjusting himself in a way that somewhat hid the torrid sex he'd just been having.

He walked up the stairs to the second floor of his office as Jade stood their completely out of her mind with lust. She played with her pussy as he walked up the short stairs and he watched her the entire way.

When he was up on the second floor of his office, he walked through an open archway that connected out onto a balcony that overlooked the entire crowd right as midnight approached. Just then, a drumroll began and a small spotlight shot up towards his perch as the lights lowered around the rest of the room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get a big round of applause going for the host of the evening, Malcolm Dominus, AKA Santa Claus!" The MC shouted to everyone as they all looked up and cheered for their beloved figurehead.

His balcony was connected to his second floor meeting space and he waved to the throngs of employees down below as they all waved back in fun.

"HO! HO! HO!" He bellowed into the microphone for his opening line. "Hello you old marvelous workforce of Dominus Publishing!" They all yelled 'hello!' back, some more slurred than others.

"Well folks, it's been another amazing year here within the vibrant confines of Dominus. Ever since deciding to redirect our company's publishing themes and categories we've seen a two hundred percent rise in profits!" As he said this the crowd cheered merrily below. The year had been a very successful one they were all enjoying the benefits of that success.

"And we couldn't have..." as Malcolm was speaking he stopped suddenly as he felt his pants being pulled off. He looked down to see that Jade had crawled up quietly behind him and placed her self on the floor in front of his crotch. The railing of the balcony he spoke from was tall and the glass was a solid black—the only thing the employees below could see was his upper body. He glanced down at her with the most devious grin. "well, we couldn't have done it without youuuu," His last word elongated as she slowly pressed his elongated cock past her lips and onto her hot mouth. Her tongue lapped around his entire cock, dragging sensually up and down the sides of his shaft.

He could see the way she was breathing through her nose as she began to suck on him like the most submissive slut he had ever fucked.

He tried his absolute best to stay collected as she continued her hidden blowjob.

"Dominus is about more than just living in the past. We're the future now, and you are all apart of that futureeee...every um...every single one of YOU." He said as he felt her teeth dragging along his shaft in a teasing manner.

Now she began to swirl just the head in her mouth as her hands wrapped around both halves of his cock and jacked him off.

As he spoke, he could feel his cum boiling in his balls, her lips and tongue were way too soft, way too supple.

She was completely loving the misery she was putting him through. These people a floor below had no idea that he was giving this entire speech with Jade's mouth firmly latched onto his candy cane as she milked him for his load.

"And were there some bumps in the road?" He did his best as he continued. "Sure there were. There were mergers and other companies that we took in under our umbrella, mmmfff. But none of you ever faltered. None of you ever complained when we had to hunker down and crawl out of the hole that had been dug."

Now Jade was sucking half of his cock up and down as her right hand jacked the base of his shaft and her left hand lightly touched and fondled his balls and the skin under his balls.

She loved the way she could taste more and more of his salty precum leaking out into her mouth. She loved the very idea that she was giving the most powerful man in the company (and one of the most powerful in the city, for that matter) a very naughty blowjob while he tried to give an important state-of-the-union-like speech to the Dominus troops.

She was sucking on her boss's cock.

She was sucking on his big, beautiful cock.

She kept reminding herself of this as his dark shaft disappeared between her glittery lips. She was so wet from it all. She was so transformed into his plaything.

"So I want you all to be very proud of what we've achieved together this year. The company thanks you immensely! You deserve this amazz-ing par...amazing party and I want you all to stay as late as you like, drink as much expensive alcohol as you...can...and, mmm, get home saffffe!!!" He was so close to cumming. He knew he was only seconds away from blowing his load all over Jade's face if she didn't stop. He tried to finish his speech before that happened so he could warn her.

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