tagRomanceSanta's Very Special Package

Santa's Very Special Package


I had a notion to write something for Christmas, and subsequently decided to enter it in the Holiday Contest.

As always, comments and ratings are most welcome!

* * * * *

Christmas Eve. Truly the most wonderful time of the year, thought Marie Haynes as she pulled into the driveway of her modest suburban Denver home.

Her three kids were in the back seat, merrily singing Christmas Carols at the top of their lungs. Actually it was more like hollering than singing but their enthusiasm was contagious. They'd had too much sugar that afternoon, but Marie simply could not bring herself to reign them in when they had been given s'mores at the mall, candy canes at the bank, and hot chocolate at the evening church service.

Dennis, being the oldest at ten-years-old, quickly assumed command over his two siblings.

"Hey, you guys! We gotta help mom with the groceries or Santa won't give us any presents! C'mon, Kenny! C'mon Mindy!"

Marie watched in delight as the kids each snapped up a bag or two out of the back of the SUV and scampered into the house. Mindy, being just three-years-old, struggled with her lone grocery bag scarcely being able to clear the ground with it, but she was determined to do her part. Maybe the whole 'too much sugar' thing wasn't so bad after all!

Marie collected the last of the parcels and made her way inside. The kids had dutifully brought the bags inside, but rather carelessly plopped them down where they spilled half their contents onto the kitchen counter. Mindy's bag was carefully laid on the floor right in front of the stove.

Marie sighed as she began straightening the various items on the counter and managed to catch a jar of pickles just as it rolled over the edge. She couldn't be cross with the children. At least they had made an effort to help.

At that moment the sound of the Pointer Sisters singing Fire wafted from her purse. It was the unmistakable ringtone for her firefighter Husband, Stan.

"Hi, honey!" she said into the phone. "Are you going to be home soon?"

"Not as soon as I had hoped. There's one more children's home that needs our help tonight. But it's way up in Greeley. Their local station was supposed to take it, but they got called out on a fire. I hope you understand. I just can't bear the thought of those kids not having a Christmas."

Every Christmas Stan's fire station brought what holiday cheer they could to the area orphanages, hospitals and foster homes. Marie loved that they were able to put smiles on the faces of kids who had precious little to smile about.

Early in the evening they would arrive with gifts and treats for the older kids, but then they would make a second round after bedtime so that the kids would have gifts 'from Santa' to open on Christmas morning.

"Of course, honey. It makes me sad to think of those kids not having a great Christmas! Do you know when you'll be home?"

"It'll be pretty late. If the roads are good I should be home about midnight. Maybe a bit later if there's snow and ice."

"OK," Marie sighed. "You drive safely and I'll get everything ready here after I get the kids to sleep. Hope I see you sooner than later! Love you!"

"Love you too, hon. I'll see you at home."

The kids were fairly bouncing off the walls, the ceiling and even one another as Marie tried to get them ready for bed. Bath time was particularly challenging with a lot more splashing than usual, leaving the bathroom a sopping mess. The excitement of Christmas Eve combined with the afore-mentioned sugar rush took its toll, but at last, the kids settled in and after about an hour drifted off to sleep.

With the house finally quieted Marie set about the task of making ready for Christmas morning.

* * * * *

The fire burned low in the fireplace, savoring its last log of the night. The only other light in the room, and indeed in the whole house, was from multi-colored Christmas lights strung around the periphery of the room, adorning it with a soft, diffused glow. The heavenly scent of the pine tree combined with a sachet of cinnamon for the perfect holiday aroma.

Marie placed the many gifts for the family beneath the tree, arranging them just so. Each one was a picture in and of itself, perfectly wrapped with a shimmering bow perched atop.

And as would be expected in any holiday painting, the stockings were perfectly spaced across the width of the fireplace's mantel, each bulging with untold goodies and trinkets.

Marie sighed and stepped back to admire her handiwork. Yes indeed, it was as perfect as a postcard.

She yawned deeply and looked at her watch. Twelve forty-seven.

As she was preparing to retire for a few hours of much-needed sleep she remembered one last thing. Mindy, her youngest, had insisted that mommy put out some milk and cookies for Santa. She was earnestly concerned that Santa should be well provisioned for his annual mission of gift-giving around the globe.

Marie padded softly into the kitchen and retrieved the last few props to complete her Christmas scene. She took a bite of one of the cookies and sprinkled some crumbs across the small plate. She took a sip of the milk and started back toward the living room, flicking off the light switch as she went.

Imagine her surprise when she entered the room to find none other than Santa Claus himself, hunched over his proverbial sack, rummaging about within it! Her gasp of shock caught the round red figure's attention and he turned to face her.

"Well, hello there, Marie! I see you've been busy doing most of my work for me."

His voice was indeed jolly, with a commanding presence, yet at a low enough volume as to not wake any of the sleeping children upstairs. A subtle smile crossed her lips.

"Well, yes, I suppose I have. Everything has to be perfect for Christmas, right?"

"Yes indeed! I'm sure you know that Christmas Eve is the most important night of my entire year!"

Marie walked slowly up to Santa and stood directly before him and looked up into his sparkling blue eyes.

"Well, since I've put in all this effort, does that put you ahead of schedule? Can you stay for a little while?"

Santa's grin grew broad and his famous chuckle filled the room.

"Yes, Marie, I can stay awhile. And I can tell you that I know for a fact that your name appears on my 'nice' list. Would you like me to give you one of your gifts now?"

Marie's eyes lowered demurely. Instinctively she bit one of her nails.

"Yes, please?"

Santa kept his eyes locked onto Marie as he reached into his large red sack and withdrew a perfectly wrapped gift box. He extended his arm toward her and passed it into her small hands.

"There's one rule about this gift, Marie, " he said softly. "You have to let me show you how to use it."

"Why, what is it?" she asked, almost knowingly. "Some kind of kitchen gadget?"

"Ho, ho! Yes, I suppose it is a kitchen gadget. But only if you use it in the kitchen! Most people wouldn't!"

Marie held the box toward her ear and shook it. There was no discernible sound, but the package had a bit of heft to it.

"Why do people do that?" she laughed at herself. "We always think that shaking a present will help us to hear what's inside? How ridiculous!"

"Well, Marie, the only way you're going to know what's inside is to open it! Go ahead. You have Santa's permission not to wait until morning."

Marie sat down beside the Christmas tree and her fingers slipped the ribbon off the box. She was aware of Santa's breathing as he knelt beside her and she began to tear the tape from the ornate wrapping paper. Each low, soft breath seemed to put her more and more at ease.

With the paper removed she was left with a simple cardboard box. She popped open the end and tipped the contents into her hand.

Santa watched in rapt attention as Marie's complexion instantly shifted to a hue as red as his suit.

"Oh, my!" she exclaimed, scarcely able to believe that Santa would have brought her such a 'naughty' toy. It was about eight inches long and quite thick. The silky silicone texture warmed to her touch as her fingers absentmindedly rolled across the rounded tip.

"I imagine you're quite surprised to get such a gift. Well, Santa knows that with your husband's job he is not always around at ... well, at the most opportune moments. I'm afraid that lands him squarely on my 'naughty' list! But there's no reason you should suffer because of his faults! With this you'll be able to treat yourself to some much-needed relief from time to time."

Marie's eyes had not moved from the "anatomically correct" gift she'd just received. She felt every nerve in her skin flicker to life, suddenly aware of even the slightest stimulation. Her breasts suddenly ached for release.

"Now, as I said," Santa intoned very carefully, "you must let me show you how to use it. But first we have to get you ready."

He reached toward her with his red-velveted glove and rested his fingers near her throat. For a moment Marie had simply forgotten to breathe and she was seized by a mighty sigh, heaving her chest upward.

Through his thick white mustache Santa's sly smile could just barely be seen as he wordlessly began to unfasten the buttons on Marie's modest blouse. Her eyes fluttered shut as her mind focused on the extraordinary sensations of velvet against skin, creeping ever lower.

After the last button had been released she felt two strong gloved hands momentarily encircle her waist, then draw up her body to peel the blouse from her shoulders and discard it.

Her breathing was just a bit ragged, and her eyes were still closed as the bra followed soon thereafter and the strong hands took her shoulders and laid her back onto the soft carpeted floor.

The fur cuffs of his sleeves tickled slightly as they glided across her clavicle followed by the tender brushing of the velvet-clad digits of his strong hands. The two thumbs traced circles around each nipple before drawing slowly, just once, over the sensitive peaks.

Marie nearly moaned as her hand drew her new toy instinctively to her lips where she glided her tongue gently across the tip.

Santa huffed a mighty sigh of his own and his sense of urgency increased. Immediately his hands were at her waistband, making short work of removing her slacks and panties, tumbling off her slippers in the process.

Marie writhed her naked form gently on the carpet as she began to bring the toy down her body. Her intentions were clear as she dragged it languidly between her breasts, then inched it lower and lower.

Santa was by this time kneeling between her spread legs, mesmerized by the sight before him. He caught Marie by the wrist and admonished her, "Not yet, Marie, not yet! Remember, I said you had to be ready first! And you're not quite ready yet."

He took the toy from her hand and placed it into his coat pocket causing Marie to let out a pouting sigh.

"Don't you worry, Marie. I'll get you ready"

Santa lowered his body to rest between Marie's outstretched legs, resting one hand on each knee. She could feel his warm, humid breath against her very sensitive flesh. He lingered there for many long seconds, simply letting Marie relish in each intermittent exhalation of air.

Next she felt his right hand creeping up her thigh and before long the tip of his index finger was pressing against her now-swollen lips, begging for admittance. Her hips undulated slowly against the pressure until the gloved digit slipped deep inside her and began stroking her inner walls, steadily and insistently. The heavenly sensations elicited a soft coo as Marie was still very much aware of the need to remain quiet lest the children should awake.

Santa inserted a second finger inside her, twisting in gentle circles as he thrust them deeper.

"Oh, yes, Marie. You're a very good girl. A very good girl indeed!"

Breathlessly Marie looked down to observe his ministrations. "Do you think I'm ready yet?" she gasped softly.

Santa slowly withdrew his fingers and noted with great satisfaction how dark the glove's fingers had become, saturated with the juices of her arousal.

"Hmmmmm," said Santa appreciatively, as he removed the gloves. "I need to be absolutely certain."

Immediately he dropped his head onto Marie's still-throbbing pussy. The soft hairs of his mustache and beard tickled and caressed her soft skin as his tongue lapped eagerly at her inner flesh. The sensation thrilled her immensely and she gasped loudly.

Oh, how she wished her husband wore a beard! But being a firefighter, he was not permitted to wear facial hair as it would prevent his oxygen mask from getting a proper seal in an emergency situation. But Marie had always been turned on by a thick, luxurious beard and now her arousal was in full bloom.

Her hands whipped down to grasp Santa by the head and pull him closer, the single bell at the tip of his cap jingling dangerously loudly. But Marie simply could not be concerned about it at that moment.

Santa licked furiously, nuzzling in as close as he could while drinking in Marie's lust, but he stopped just short of bringing her to orgasm.

He knelt back and drew the back of his hand across his sopping mustache and beard.

"Ho, ho, ho! Yes, I can tell that you are most definitely ready now."

With an arched brow Santa reached once more for his sack and withdrew from it a small tube of lubricant.

"I don't think we'll need much of this. Just enough to get started."

He dispensed a small dollop onto his palm and rubbed his hands together briskly to warm the fluid. Without ever taking his eyes off of Marie's eager face, he pulled the toy from his pocket and rubbed his hands over it.

"Now when you use this toy," he began in a soft whisper, "I want you to try to remember this night and do it exactly the same way. Can you do that?"

Marie simply nodded breathlessly. She watched with laser-focus as Santa brought the bulbous tip between her legs.

He wriggled the toy slightly from side to side as it insinuated itself against her until just the head slipped inside her. A low moan accompanied by a full-body trembling was her response, and Santa held motionless for a moment, allowing her to adjust to the intoxicating sensations.

When her breathing stabilized, Santa pressed the length of the toy slowly into her pussy, watching it disappear into her inch by inch. Once the full shaft had penetrated, he once again held still for several long seconds before he began short, slow, relentless thrusts, only retracting about an inch or two before gliding back in once more.

Marie's held fell back of it's own accord with the softest moan she could muster. The need to remain quiet was excruciating, yet she did her best to do so.

After several minutes of this treatment Santa knew it was time to change things up and he slowly pulled nearly the entire toy from within her, leaving just the tip inside before ramming it urgently back inside. Over and over he thrust long and hard, then suddenly reversed his tactic, pulling out very quickly before slowly pressing back inside.

Marie's breathing had by this time become short little gasps of air, and Santa noted that her toes were curled hard, signaling that she was near.

With a mighty shove the toy entered her body to the hilt and Santa twisted it in place, hard to one side, then the other, triggering Marie's orgasm which overtook her in a cascade of undulating delight. Her soft squeals escaped her lips over and over, and Santa cast a watchful eye toward the top of the stairs for any tell-tale sign of a disturbed sleeper.

At long last Marie began to come down from her waves of delight and she lay spent on the carpet. Santa's hand still clutched the base of the toy, and when her breathing stabilized he very gently removed it from within her and placed it on the hearth.

Santa sat back and removed his long cap, and peeled off his enormous coat.

"Whew!" he exhaled. "You haven't come like that in a long time, honey!"

Marie smiled up at her husband with a slight giggle.

"I think it was the beard that set me over the top. Where did you get such a realistic one?"

"One of the guys at the station works with one of the local community theaters. He got their makeup person to apply this one for me. It'll probably take about a half an hour to remove it. They tel me I have to use rubbing alcohol to dissolve the glue."

"Well then," Marie whispered, "we'll leave the beard for now but let's lose the rest of the outfit."

Stan shed the boots and the trousers, leaving him ridiculously ensconced in a sadly realistic fat suit.

"I'm gonna need help getting out of this thing. There's a long zipper in back."

Marie stood and reached the zipper pull, tugging it down Stan's back to his waist. His body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat, and his tee shirt and boxers clung to his muscular body as he stripped away the padding.

"Ooooh, now that's a sexy Santa Claus!"

He turned to face her once more, his lean frame topped by his white bearded, rosy-cheeked face.

"Thank you for my toy, Santa," cooed Marie," and for showing me how to use it. Believe me, I'm gonna try to remember everything you did with it! But now I think it's time for me to show you my gratitude."

She reached up and slipped her hands around Stan's neck and drew him down for a lingering kiss. The mustache and beard were still glistening with her moisture from earlier but she didn't care as she savored her husband's lips. His hands fell to her waist, encircling her in a warm embrace. He held her close, kissing and caressing her warm body.

"As much as I love the new toy," she purred, "it's just not quite the same as the real thing."

Marie's hand slipped to the front of Stan's boxers and traced the outline of his growing bulge with her fingers.

"By the way," she asked, "how did you find one so... so accurate?"

Stan's head fell, and suddenly his cheeks weren't the only things that were rosy. He chuckled softly before looking up to meet her beautiful chocolate-brown eyes.

"I found a kit online that lets you make a casting. I figured that with my crazy schedule and long shifts that it might be nice for you to be able to... well, indulge yourself whenever I'm not around to tend to you."

"You are so sweet. And I definitely feel like indulging myself right now, but not with a decoy."

She slowly fell to her knees and grasped the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down to his ankles. His full arousal sprang up before her face. Bracing her hands against his powerful thighs she leaned forward and drew his rigid member between her lips and rolled her tongue around the tip.

Stan's head dropped back with a full-throated sigh and his hands instinctively pulled into Marie's hair at the back of her head.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she hummed against his flesh. She drew her mouth up and off him. "This tastes so much better than the rubber version."

For the next several minutes she lavished her full attention on Stan's cock, stealing occasional glances up at the sight of her husband's clearly satisfied face. His sighs and soft moans through the sexy artificial beard spurring her onward.

"Baby, I don't think I can take much more of this," he gasped. "I feel like I'm gonna explode!"

Marie slowly, very slowly allowed his cock to slip from her mouth, and laid back once more on the carpet. Stan wasted no time stripping off his tee shirt and kicking his shorts aside before covering her tiny frame with his body, cradling her in his strong arms as he slid easily and familiarly inside her. Slowly rocking back and forth in their uniquely intimate rhythm he kissed her again and again until his pending release caught up with him.

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