This story is faction – i.e. it is based on fact but certain license has been taken with those facts. It is a story told to me by a friend about him and his wife. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. We and they are very good friends, and we have been involved in some mutual erotic encounters, so I can rely on the truth behind the facts. I hope you enjoy it, and comments about the story will be shown to the couple who were involved.

Sarah and I are very relaxed about nudity, in the right places. We do not normally indulge in exhibitionism, but will happily go about the house naked in our own company, sunbathe in our garden or visit the clothes optional beaches when on holiday. My name is Ken, and Sarah is my wife of 12 years.

We are both in our early thirties, Sarah is a very bubbly brunette, very fit and with a body that displays her regular exercise regime – at 5'4" she is a 34D-24-36 and weighs in at 120 lb. I am not so fastidious, and at 5'11", weigh 180 lb but maintain a fairly good shape with it, perhaps a little more than I should have on the waist line, but still reasonable.

We mix in a wide social circle which contains many extroverts, and all of us are more than willing to let our hair down and have a party, some of which can be a little wild, with occasionally lots of flesh on show. This tends to be at fancy dress functions, where people will turn up in some pretty revealing costumes.

One such party we were invited to was to turn out to be more than a little different. One of the group had heard about the idea of a "Come as you are caught" party. The idea is that a small number of the group are nominated to turn up at the various party goers houses in the days before the party, and take a Polaroid of those attending. You are then required to come to the party in the same dress. There are two provisos; that if you are naked, you can wear a robe, and if you are barefoot you can add shoes.

A guest list of about 50 was put together, and three guys were nominated to take the pictures, Ian, Paul and Danny. The invitations were sent out and everyone was asked to send back a reply agreeing to the conditions, so that there would be no ill-feelings or embarrassment.

Sarah and I were due to attend a dinner night with some clients of mine about 3 days before the party, and we were getting ready when the door bell went. I had just got out of the shower, and had on my boxers, so I grabbed my dressing gown, which is a thin brushed nylon robe that comes about half way down my thighs, and went down, leaving Sarah to continue getting ready. It turned out to be Paul who immediately took a picture of me, and demanded to see Sarah.

Sarah and I had discussed this eventuality, and had decided to go exactly as we were caught. Knowing that, I led Paul upstairs, but was wondering if she would go through with it.

"Sarah", I called, "Its Paul come to take your picture."

Silence, although I knew she was in the bedroom. After a long pregnant pause, a rather hesitant response. "OK, you'd better come on in then."

I pushed open the door to see Sarah standing in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but her black and red suspenders and seamed stockings. She had shaved earlier in the shower, so her hairless cunt was framed by the suspender straps and stocking tops.

I led Paul into the room, and he looked at us and said "Are you sure?", a note of incredulity in his voice.

"Yes", said Sarah. "We knew this might happen and agreed to go through with it. Has anyone else been caught like this?"

"Not as far as I know." said Paul, and framed the picture. Sarah struck a pose, right leg slightly forward, left arm raised and right hand on hip. Smiling, she said "Hows this?"

"Great!" said Paul and took the shot. We waited for the picture to develop on the instant film, and Sarah made no effort to cover up. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow, but she just said "He's seen it all now, and in a couple of days everyone else is going to as well!"

Paul left and I grabbed Sarah, threw her across the bed, and started to pull my boxers off. "No", she said, "We'll be late. You can fuck me later."

We went out that night to dinner, but I could not concentrate on the conversation, thinking about the party only 3 days away. It was a less than successful dinner and I did not get the contract from those clients. On the way home, I felt I had to make sure Sarah was happy with this, and decided that if she was uncomfortable we would not go, or she would wear her robe over her stockings. She would hear none of it, saying "In fact, I intend to put on a real show. If I am going to show off, I'm going to do it in style!"

We got home and the sex that night was awesome. She was like a raving nymphomaniac, and it was all I could do to keep up with her. "Excited about something?" I asked while going down on her, smelling her musky scent and nibbling gently on her clit. "Too bloody right." she said. "I did not think it would get me this worked up, but I can't wait to see everyones faces when I take my coat off. The next few days are going to be murder – you'd best be able to get it up at least once a day, and I'm likely to fuck your brains out!"

I didn't think it would be too much of a problem. Truth to tell, I was very excited about the party too. I have always told Sarah her body is too good to hide away, and she has relaxed her dress to wear shorter skirts and more revealing tops, but this was a whole new ball park.

The next three days went by in blur of anticipation, excitement and sex, sex and more sex. Sarah seemed to get more insatiable by the hour, and it did prove a little difficult to meet her demands. Fortunately, she comes quickly and easily when I go down on her, which I do regularly, so I spent a lot of time with my face in her snatch and my tongue wrapping itself around her clit.

The night of the party finally arrived, and we prepared as we had for the photos. Sarah shaved her pussy again, and I dressed in my boxers and robe. Sarah had bought me a new pair of boxers for the occasion, saying, "If I'm going to be naked, you can wear these." 'These' were a pair of white boxers made from a very thin nylon satin, cut to fit tight, and semi transparent. When I put them on, I might as well not have been wearing anything, so I was glad I would have my robe on over the top. Sarah pulled on her suspenders, rolled on her stockings and fastened the clasps. She applied her make up and not just to her face! She made sure that her nipples and breasts were also powdered, and put some oil on her pussy lips, which altogether made her look even more in a state of extreme excitement (not that she needed it, her cunt was swollen and inflamed with her clit just about visible as it protruded).

She put a pair of 3" high black court shoes on, and declared herself ready. "Sure?" I said

"Yep, lets go!" We went downstairs and she put her long coat on over her nakedness. I wrapped up in my overcoat, not because it was cold (on the contrary, it was a balmy summers evening), but to make sure I was not arrested on the way. We got in the car for the 10 minute drive to the venue. Sarah was fingering herself most of the way there.

We arrived and went in to the house, where there was already a good crowd. As we walked in, I took a good look around. There were a number of people in various states of undress, and at least one woman was topless. Quite a few were in night wear, some very revealing, and one or two guys with towels around waists. No one was naked however. Some of them had obviously heard about Sarah's plan, and were watching expectantly. I was expecting Sarah to go the kitchen or bathroom to take her coat off, and to pluck up courage, but she sashayed like a catwalk model into the living room, and looked around at everyone before slowly unbuttoning her coat. She started at the top and undid the 5 buttons, one by one, holding the edges together as she did, and looking around the room making eye contact with as many people as she could see. It was like watching a stranger, and one who was experienced in the art of stripping, which I knew she wasn't. In fact I didn't think she had even seen a female stripper.

As she undid the last one, she turned on her heel, and walked back into the hallway, slipping the coat off her shoulders and down her back. As she reached the coat rack, she allowed it to fall off her arms, and swung it around her shoulders onto a peg. She was now standing with her back to the living room door, her naked ass visible to the onlookers in the living room. I watched as most of the eyes were drawn from her high heeled feet, up the seams of her stockings and perfectly shaped legs, to the full round globes of her exquisite ass. Her suspender belt was drawn across her narrow waist, and her bare back was covered with goose bumps, betraying her nervousness. I knew that this meant her nipples would be on stalks, giving away her obvious arousal.

She slowly turned, and walked into the living room. She struck the same pose as she had for Paul, and a hush descended over the room as 30 or 40 pairs of eyes looked at her. She smiled, pirouetted, and then walked toward the bar, saying "I need a drink".

I had in the meantime divested myself of my overcoat, and followed her. I was entranced by her brazen display, by her shapely ass wiggling as she walked, emphasised by the suspenders. We got to the bar and got ourselves a couple of stiff brandies. That wasn't all that was stiff, and I was glad the new boxers were tight enough to hold it in!!

I grabbed a handful of ass while we stood there. She slapped my hand, and turned around. She leant back against the bar, with her elbows back and her legs straight. This displayed her body to everyone. A couple of the guys had got camera phones, and were surreptitiously taking photo's. Sarah had noticed as well, and said loudly "Guys, don't worry, if you want pictures go right ahead". This was not taken too well by some of the other wives, but a few of the girls got their camera's out as well.

Just then, someone started up the music out on the deck, and a few people started to go out to dance. Sarah grabbed me and pulled me out as well, but as she did so, she pulled the belt of my robe from around my waist. She put it in the pocket of my robe and told me to leave it there or no nooky that night!

We started dancing, and Sarah was pretty wild, rubbing herself against me, turning so her ass was grinding into my cock, then squatting and facing into my crotch, before slowly standing again, rubbing her tits up my body, across my very hard cock and then draping her arms around my neck. If I tried to touch her though, I got a slapped hand!

We danced for about half an hour, then went and sat on the edge of the deck, with another drink. A couple of people were standing around in the same area, and one of the women walked over to us. She was one of those in night wear, in this case a longish nightdress made of some filmy blue material, that allowed her silhouette to show through with the lights of the house behind her. I could see her thong and nipples underneath. She said to Sarah, "I was naked when Danny arrived to take my picture, so I grabbed my nightie and threw it on. If I'd known I wouldn't be alone, I might have stayed nude as well. I really admire your bravery, wearing so little, and so erotic a set!"

"Ken and I discussed what we would do before", replied Sarah. "I was a bit hesitant, but its really liberating and so exciting. My nipples feel like they're on fire, and I can't stop my juices from running. Why don't you just take off your nightie, and see how it goes, you'll be amazed!"

"No, I don't think I could now. It would look too artificial." But we could see she was considering it. Just then her husband Mike walked over, saying "I said that too when you walked in, but Carole won't have it." He turned to her and said "Go on, you know you want to, and you are wearing your thong anyway."

"If I do it, it all goes," she replied. "So be it on your head!"

"Right, then." Said Mike. "Lift your arms," as he bent to grab the hem of her nightdress. He lifted it up and pulled it over her head, revealing a fantastic body and pert breasts capped with rock hard nipples. She looked at him, then slipped her thong down and stood there nude. Her pussy was trimmed close, but not shaved.

"Two of us", said Sarah. "How many more can we persuade, do you think." With that, they walked off in search of a victim. I noticed them dancing with a couple of topless girls about 15 minutes later, and they seemed to be trying to get them to lose their skirts, but did not appear to be having much luck, when another of the women walked out of the house naked except for high heels. They had obviously had some success!

Sarah returned to me with Carole about 10 minutes later, saying "We have got two women and three guys naked! What about you then?"

"Not just yet, maybe later. Want another drink?"

"No, but I do want to dance with my hunk of a husband." She pushed me ahead of her, and as I moved in front, she pulled my gown down my back and off. Now I was wearing only those tight, transparent boxers, and sporting a massive hard on, visible to everyone!

We danced for about 4 or 5 tracks, then she led me back in to the bar for another drink. This was now about midnight, and some people had decided to leave, either because it was getting late or because more flesh was appearing. A few of the single guys were standing at the bar, one of them in a towel. "Whats under here then?" laughed Sarah.

"Not a lot", said the guy, someone we did not know too well.

"Well, lets see then!" she retorted.

"Not here, but come with me and you might get to see."

"Lead on", she said. They started out into the hall way, and I tagged along as I was not letting her out of my sight that night. I was not worried about what she might get up to, if I didn't trust her I would not have let her come undressed like she was. I was more concerned about someone we didn't know, like this guy, forcing himself on her.

In the hall way he stopped, turned and said "If you want to see, then you have to take it off."

"No problem", she replied, grabbing the edge of the towel and pulling it off. True to his word, there was nothing under it except a very thick cock. About average length, it looked about the width of my wrist!

Sarah was a little shocked, and asked if she could touch it (as if any single guy is going to refuse a request like that). "Yes, but be careful, it's already half cocked!" he quipped.

"Wow" she said, "I can't get my fingers around it. Thanks", and then walked off with his towel, back into the bar.

"Hey!" he yelled "Give it back!"

"You'll get used to it" she said over her shoulder. "And a few of the single girls here will be more than happy to see you!"

She dropped the towel behind the bar, and the guy, I think his name was Dave, walked in looking a bit sheepish. His mates immediately got their camera's out and started taking pictures of him and Sarah. "Right lads," she said. "Want some good pictures?"

"Sure, what have you got in mind?"

"Lets find a quiet spot", said Sarah

We all trooped off to what was obviously the study. Sarah shut the door, then walked over the to desk, which fortunately was clear except for a couple of items. She laid down and started to pose and move while we all took pictures, rubbing herself, squeezing her tits and generally having a good time. Her hands moved to her cunt, and first one, then two fingers were inserted, while the other hand started teasing her clit. Two of the guys got real close at this point, and one reached out to touch her, but she saw him and said "No, just Ken". She reached out a hand to me, and pulled me to her, placing my hand on her clit. While I rubbed and pinched, she started pulling my boxers down. I was not too sure at first, but I was pretty randy, so helped her pull them right down and kicked them off, she opened her legs wide and made it obvious what she wanted.

One of the guys had obviously got his camera in Video mode, and I said "I want a copy, all right?" as I moved into place to fuck my gorgeous wife. I pushed in and began long slow strokes, all the while teasing her clit with my fingers. It did not take long for her to come, and she came hard and long. I continued to pound into her until I too came, blowing my load up into her cunt. I pulled out, and sat in the office chair, Sarah just lay there, legs wide as my spunk dribbled from her cunt onto the blotting pad.

The guys were dead quiet, then one of them said in a soft voice "Fucking hell. I need to find a woman, like now."

Sarah looked at me and said, "I think we owe them something, don't you?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well they aren't going to fuck me, but I don't think a hand job is out of the question."

I could see looks of pleading and anticipation on their faces, so I relented and said "OK, but you do what she says. If she says no, she means it, right?"

"Yeah, man, whatever" said Dave.

Sarah got down off the table. knelt on the floor in the middle of the room, and asked the three lads to get round her in a circle. She reached up with both hands and began to grope them, rubbing their balls and stroking their cocks. She grabbed each one in turn, stroking and wanking for a few seconds before moving around to the next. Eventually, one hand on two cocks, she really began wanking them hard. I could see where this was going to end up. She was aiming them at her face. She had occasionally expressed a fantasy during our sex sessions, of Bukkake. She was looking to fulfill this tonight by the looks of things. I noticed that Dave with the really thick cock was about to come, and sure enough, she turned to face him as he did, shooting streams of thick white spunk onto her face and tits. Some got in her mouth, and I was very surprised to see her lick her lips and swallow it.

Dave sat down, and Sarah turned to the next one. This time, she got very close, to the point of his cock touching her tongue. This seemed to push a button, and she enveloped his cock with her mouth, and began bobbing her head along it. After the wank he had just had, he came quickly, and Sarah pulled back to allow it to spray all over her neck and tits.

Finally, she turned to the last guy, who had been slowly stroking himself, and just put her mouth onto his cock straight off. She licked and sucked as her hands played with his balls, running her nails across his sack and up around his ass. He came in her mouth and she took his load, allowing it to dribble from her mouth and down her chin.

All three sat back, sated. Sarah's eyes were wild, really excited. I could see she wanted more, but there was no more to be had here. We got up and went out, and I guided her to a bathroom so she could clean up. She wasn't having any of that, and dragged me to the dance floor with the spunk still all over her. Of course, most people noticed my lack of underwear, and Sarah's recently fucked cunt, and most also noticed the spunk running down her body. A few were quite obviously shocked. Sarah began dancing with abandon, leaving me on the edge of the deck as she worked her way into the middle of the crowd. I watched as she was accosted by another woman, Marie, who whispered in her ear. Sarah seemed to give permission for something, and the two of them walked toward me. Sarah grabbed me by the cock and pulled me off the deck into the unlit garden. Marie grabbed hold of Sarah and began licking all the spunk from her face and body, paying special attention to her nipples.

Sarah was stroking my again hard cock as I watched this woman clean her up. This was her first bi experience to my knowledge, and I'm sure that the alcohol was the main cause. Marie was kneeling in front of her now, licking up the inside of her thighs towards her cunt, still exuding my spunk from earlier. When she reached the vertex of Sarah's legs, she just plunged right in. This was a fantasy of mine, and one which I didn't think Sarah was aware of, so my eyes were out on stalks. Just then Marie shifted from her nuzzling into Sarah, and wrapped her lips around my cock head, while Sarah continued to stroke along the length. Marie was running her tongue around the really sensitive spot just under the head, and I could feel my orgasm building. Sarah leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "Just blow your load down her throat, she really wants it" and released my cock, taking a step back. Marie now took over completely and within 30 seconds I was releasing the second load of the evening, this time into Marie.

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