tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah Acts on Desire

Sarah Acts on Desire


My next adventure happened in the middle of summer. Let me tell you a little of what led up to it.

Mike was home for the weekend to see his buddies and me I guess. On Friday night Chris came over to hang out for a bit before they went out. It was the first time I had seen him since our encounter. He was cordial as was I but the tension in the air was stifling as far as I was concerned. I don't know if he felt it the same way. He told Mike and me he was going to California for a job as a co-op while finishing school and we probably wouldn't see him for quite a while.

Before they went out Chris said good bye to me and went to give me a hug like he always had. Mike was out in the hall when Chris hugged me and gave my ass a squeeze saying, "Still nice Mrs. H."

Nothing happened except me fingering myself to sleep that night.

About three weeks later I got a call from Mike that he was offered a job and accepted it in Atlanta. They would pay for him to finish his education while he worked for them. I felt at first I didn't want him to go but it was a good opportunity and I couldn't get in his way, besides he is a grown man now and has been on his own for some time. I decided I was going to pay him a visit and say good bye in person, wish him well.

I got a hotel room near his college and spent Saturday and Sunday with him. He left Sunday night but I decided to stay a day or two longer and just hang out and enjoy the pool and area shopping.

While I was shopping at the nearest mall I got to thinking even though I was going to miss my son immensely, I was now also free to do what ever I felt without need to be concerned with consequences other than my own safety and such.

I decided to look at some outfits I'd probably never wear outside in public, just to see how they made me feel. I took a few things in the fitting room of one store to try on but didn't like them much. I went into the next store and there was only one other lady in there. I picked out a short skirt and white top, like a sort of school girl outfit, and tried them on. The skirt was a bit shorter than I thought, just below my butt, so I figured since there was only that one lady in there I'd go out and look for a bit longer one without changing first.

Just before I left the fitting room I heard a lady say, "I'll be out in a few minutes."

And a man's voice say "Ok but don't take all day!"

I thought what the hell it's just her husband and went out anyway. I walked up to the rack where the skirts were and noticed her husband sitting on a chair waiting. He wasn't alone, he had a friend with him. I was about 15 feet away and noticed a mirror behind me. I decided to see if they were paying any attention to me so I bent over to look at a tag on one of the skirts. I saw the married guy's buddy nudge him and point at the mirror behind me. They stopped talking for a minute. I was feeling frisky now and walked around with my back to them facing the rack with the mirror in my view too. I bent over again and peeked in the mirror to see their reaction. They're eyes got big and grinned. I knew they could see my panties easily and stayed in that position for about a minute, then stood up straight and took the slightly longer skirt back to the fitting room with me. I didn't care too much for the white top, I'm a little old to be playing the school girl anyway, so I put it back when I came out and the shorter of the skirts.

Just after I paid for the skirt and walked out the door I noticed one of the men follow me for a short distance. I stopped to look at the window of a lingerie shop, looked back at him and smiled then went inside. He didn't follow me in but was still there when I came out.

He approached me and said "Excuse me for being so forward but would you be interested in maybe dinner or a drink some time? My name is Mike and I just thought you were so cute I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to meet you."

I said "I don't know, I don't usually do blind date things or pick ups. No offense though, you seem nice but I am only here for a day or two."

Mike said "No offense taken. Then tonight might be the only chance huh?"

I laughed and said "Funny and persistent, cute."

He said "Here, let me give you my number and you can think about it. I have to get back to my friend." Then he wrote down his number on a receipt he had and gave it to me and left.

My guess was he was in his early to mid 30's, a little cushy in the waist but nice friendly face and confident attitude. I put his number in my purse and went on my way shopping. I bought a few things but my mind was occupied with what I should do about this guy. By the time I left the mall I decided I would give him a call when I got back to my room.

I put my stuff down and found his number and called about 6:30. When he answered I said "Hi this is Sarah, how are you?"

He said "Sarah who?"

I realized I hadn't given him my name before and said "The lady in the mall today. You gave me your number? Or are there more ladies you gave your number to today?"

"Damn!" he said "I was really hoping you'd call but never though you would! Can I tell you I think you are so hot, I mean real pretty! I don't want to seem too forward but can we meet tonight?"

"Yeah, about that." I said

"I see," he said "well I had to try. Thanks for calling then to let me know." He sounded so dejected.

I said "I didn't say no, I was just going to say that maybe if we met there should be others around so I'd feel safer. After all, I don't really know you. What about your friend, is he married? Maybe they could join us?"

Mike said "Wow, really? You'd really meet with me? I'll ask, just a minute!" He muffled the phone but I could hear male voices in the background, then he came back. "Chris, that's my friend said his wife has a baby shower tonight so she couldn't go but if you felt ok with it he'd join us so, is that ok?"

I thought, oh shit, Mike and Chris, what are the odds they have the name of my son and his friend that had his way with me to start this whole thing. I started having second thoughts but figured, what the hell they probably are the most common names out there.

"Ok" I said. "How about in the lounge at the hotel here?' and I told him which hotel I was at.

He said "Sure, what time?"

"I need time to freshen up. About 8:00? I asked

"That's great!" he said. We said good byes and hung up.

What was I going to do now, I started thinking. I looked over my purchases of the day and wondered what I should wear. Am I planning on just getting to know them or going MUCH further? As I looked over my potential outfits I knew I wanted it to go much further at some point. I made a game plan to not look too eager or sluttish, at least not right away. Let me get to know what they are like first.

I had purchased a burgundy tank top with ties at the top that were a little thicker than a good shoestring, maybe a half inch thick. Also a beige cover up in kind of a thin gauze material, very easy to see through, more like an accent to the top underneath. It was wide at the shoulders just enough to hang a bit off of one side or the other. I also got at the lingerie shop a burgundy lace bra with satin straps and lace thong. I don't have the ass for the thin string kind and haven't had the desire to stick a string up my butt so this was a little bit wider in the butt area but still let my ass show well if I wanted.

I decided on the bra, tank top and cover up with blue jeans and a plan. I went down to the lounge at about 8:05. They were both there having a beer at a table not too far from the bar. There was music playing but only about 10 people there. I could tell Mike was happy to see me arrive. He asked if I drank beer and I said I did and he bought me one. I told him my son's name was Mike and had just left for his job, that's why I was in the area.

Chris was married 10 years and had 2 kids. Mike worked for Chris at an engineering firm. They were best friends since college.

We visited and listened to the music for a bit.

Chris then went and got beers for us. When he came back he said "I see they have a pool table over there, do you want to play a few?"

I said I wasn't very good but would try, so we went by the pool table. They had is situated so it was around a corner from the rest of the lounge area but with a mirrored wall on the far side. I assumed it was so the bar tender could keep an eye on kids and such while they were playing. I told them I was expecting a call from a friend in the area and may have to go by her later if she couldn't get a ride from a co worker. I suggested first the guys should play so I could watch and then play the winner. Mike won easily so it was my turn to play him.

I kept an eye on the guys through the mirror and out of the corner of my eye to see what they were looking at as I played. When I bent over facing them it was hard to see too much of what they were doing but as I turned away I could see in the mirror they were checking out my butt and trying to see down my top. I had the strings tied tight enough not to show too much but I am sure they could either see my bra or some cleavage. To my amazement I won!

Now it was time to play Chris. I excused myself to go to the ladies room. While in there I loosened my top strings a little to give a little more show, but not so much as it would be obvious. When I came back Mike had bought more beer for us. They seemed a little chattier, started getting a bit more provocative. Maybe the beer was getting to them too. Chris seemed to set me up to have to stretch and reach more, causing me to bend over more than before, but I didn't mind. I lost this time.

As they began to play my cell phone buzzed, I got a text. Mike looked concerned as I read it. I told them I had to go talk to my friend and that I'd be back in a few minutes. I actually set my alarm on my phone and had no plans to meet anyone but it gave me a way out if needed or an excuse to go to plan B.

Plan B is was! I went to my room and took off my blue jeans and put on the short skirt I bought earlier. Much to my surprise I must have put the wrong skirt back on the shelf, this was the 'too short' one! It did have some elastic material at the top so I could slide it down some to make it look longer and my top and cover up were long enough to cover the top of the skirt. I also decided it was time to take off my bra. I liked the way my top now swayed and jiggled with my tits unencumbered. I loosened the strings for my top and retied them so it hung lower giving better opportunity for them to look down and also to help cover the top of my skirt. Time to go back down.

I went around to the pool table area and said "Good news, I don't have to go!"

They both looked at me and got big smiles while looking over my outfit change. Mike had won the last game and told me to rack em up while handing me another beer. I carefully squatted down to get the balls in the rack and had to bend over a bit to set it. I looked up to see Mike peering down my top smiling. He broke them and left the Q-ball in the middle of the table for me. I decided to get the ball rolling. I picked a ball away from them to hit and went on the side they were standing on. I leaned way over to reach the Q-ball causing my skirt to ride up and give them a peek and my cheeks and maybe undies. By the look in the mirror they liked what they saw, I missed the shot. Mike missed his shot but it seemed like he did on purpose and left the ball near the middle again. This time I picked a ball to hit facing them. I had to bend way over to reach the Q-ball giving them an easy look down my top and made my ball, but in doing so also left myself with a tough shot where I would have to stand right in front of them and bend far over the table to reach my next shot. I stretched over having to lift one leg giving what I can imagine a great shot of my ass and lace thong, I missed my shot. Mike went on to win the game and had to play Chris again. I sat on a stool and drank my beer giving a little glimpse from time to time up my skirt.

Just when Chris won the game I said I had to go to the ladies room. Chris said he'd go get more drinks while they waited. I did my duty and looked at myself in the mirror, 'not bad' I thought but needed a little adjusting. I took off my panties and put them in my purse, then pulled up my skirt, just a little so it was right at the bottom of my butt. I also loosened the strings a bit setting the top just a bit lower but still with the cover up on, and went back to play more pool. Mike must have racked and Chris was just breaking when I got there. He made a couple balls and left me with an easy one. I made it then had to reach for my second. I was facing them with the mirror behind me. As I bent over Mike almost choked on his beer. He must have seen my ass in the mirror with no panties. I missed and then Chris set me up for a tough shot right in front of them. I had to get on my tip toes and bend over to reach the ball. I knew they had a close up of my ass and pussy up under my skirt and I heard a little snicker and small applause as I missed. Chris won the game.

I suggested we stop playing pool and go to my room. They both agreed. I started up the stairs with them following me. As we got to the top I realized I left my purse at the pool table and said I'd be right back and told them my room number, to wait for me there.

When I got to my purse the bar tender was there cleaning up the drinks.

He looked me in the eyes and said "When your done with them call me at extension 155 and I'll come take care of you." I went to turn away and he grabbed my hips pulling my skirt up so over half my ass was showing and said, "That's how you wear it."

He reminded me of Sam Elliot with his deep manly voice, only he was a bit bigger in the chest and shoulders and had a pony tail. He looked like a rugged biker type.

I went around the corner and noticed the last few people there were watching the whole thing. There were three guys at one table and a couple in the corner at another. I went up stairs. The guys were waiting by my room when I reached the hall. I turned around to show them my butt showing and they laughed.

As I started walking toward them I reached up and untied one side of my tank top and they said "You wouldn't dare!"

I untied the other and just as I did an older man came out of his room and started walking my direction. I kept walking and my top slipped off my tits just before he got to me. I thought it would stop at my waist but it fell right to the floor. He turned around just as I was bending over to pick it up giving him a clear shot at my ass too. I stood up and walked toward Mike and Chris and opened my door. I walked in and put my top on the table and saw Mike and Chris come in then turned away from them wiggling my hips. I pulled my cover up off and threw it by my other top. While swaying my hips back and forth I slide my skirt up higher to reveal my whole ass and bent over to give them a full view. With the top of the skirt at my belly and the bottom at my hips I turned around to show my pussy from the front. Much to my surprise the old man from the hall was standing there too. He must have followed Mike and Chris in.

Mike and Chris sat on the couch but the old guy just stood there watching. I walked over by Mike and straddled his legs with mine putting my hand on the top of the couch leaning in to hang my tits in front of his face. He reached up with both hand and cupped them taking one then the other to his mouth to kiss each one on the nipples. I let out a sigh as he started licking and sucking on the left one. Not to be left out Chris took the right one to his mouth and began kissing and sucking it as well. I leaned over and put my legs out so one was between each of their legs to give Chris a better angle. I felt one of each of their hands rubbing and kneading my ass while the other hand worked on my tits.

Then suddenly I felt a hand from behind reach up between my legs and start rubbing my pussy. I tried to look back but couldn't see, and then a finger went in me. I let out a deep groan and started moving in rhythm with his finger. Mike and Chris then each reached around and spread my pussy with their hands and I felt a cock enter me from behind. I couldn't see around so I looked down to see two legs with pants around their ankles moving as he thrust into me. With two guys working my tits over and another fucking my from behind I let out a big gasp and came hard on the older guy fucking me. It didn't take him long to unload his hot cum into my pussy. He pulled out and rubbed his soaked cock head on my ass.

Mike slid out from the couch and dropped his pants and came around behind me. Chris pulled his off too. As I bent over to start working on Chris's with my mouth Mike entered me. He was much bigger than the older guy but with all the juices already there entered me easily. Chris grabbed my hair as Mike grabbed my hips and worked me like a piston between them. I then felt a pinching of my boobs and looked at the older guy pinching and pulling them, stretching my nipples in different directions. I felt a wave go through me and shook like there was an earthquake happening in my core.

Chris lay on the floor and Mike stood up helping me to straddle Chris's cock and lower my self onto him. Mike then offered his cock to my mouth and I took it in as much as I could. I could taste my juices as well as the old man's cum on Mike throbbing cock making me want to swallow the whole thing. It didn't take Mike long to start spurting into my throat and mouth. He pulled back just a bit and I held my mouth open for him with my tongue out to catch as much as I could. He sprayed my face and hair and stroked onto to my tongue his last drops. I closed my mouth and swallowed it. This sent Chris off as he filled my pussy with his own load of sperm.

I reached out to hold onto something as I came hard again and found a cock in my hand swelling up. The old guy started rising again much to his own surprise. As I started calming down I took his cock into my mouth to get it harder for more work. It took him a little while but he started moaning and pulled his shaft from my mouth and sprayed my face and tits with his cum. He didn't have as much as the first time but it was thick and hot on me.

Mike helped me off of Chris's now softer member and pushed my face and shoulders onto the couch bending me over with my ass out. He said "This fucking bitch wants it bad, so I'll give it to her bad."

He started fingering my pussy with two or three fingers and told Chris to hold me there. Chris sat on the couch and pulled my hair putting his cock in my mouth holding me tight. Then Mike took his fingers out of my pussy and put one in my ass and started going in and out.

He said "That should be enough."

I thought he meant he was done, but then felt the tip of his cock press against my anus. He pulled my cheeks wider and pushed in. I had never had a cock in my ass before and it felt very uncomfortable but I couldn't scream or say stop or anything with Chris's cock in my mouth. Chris held me tight as Mike went deeper inside my ass. I felt my nipples being pulled again, I assumed by the old man. Mike's thrusting sent a wave through me like I have never felt deep inside my ass. With all that was going on my head was spinning and I came harder than before. Just as I did I felt Mike spew hot cum in my ass sending me over the edge. I shook and shook for what felt like five minutes but I'm sure wasn't that long and collapsed. Chris slid out from under me and they all got dressed and left.

I stayed half on the couch and half off for several minutes, too tired and sore to move. Then I remembered the bar tender telling me to call him, but I was in no condition for more, or so I thought.

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