tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah Has Another Bad Day

Sarah Has Another Bad Day


Ever since her calamitous last day at school the previous year, Sarah's wardrobe had changed significantly. Throughout the summer she had been preparing for the new term and now she owned contained several elegant and professional trouser suits. She liked the look of them, the feel of them, the protection they offered and the unspoken message they sent to her students that she was the one in charge. This morning she had chosen her favourite, an Ann Taylor outfit that was comprised of dark brown trousers, dark brown blazer, and a light beige top that was so long that when she tucked it in to her high waistband she knew it would cover her bottom and pussy too.

What her students would never know was that underneath this level of respectability, underneath her air of authority, Sarah was still a very sexy woman and always wore tiny, revealing underwear. Beneath her suit her white lacy bra barely covered her nipples and her white thong was no more than a few strings tied to a small patch of see through lace at the front. She doubted any of her students ever thought about her underwear but, if they did, she was sure they would never be able to imagine her in the skimpy set she was wearing today. There were times, even now, when she grew tired of always being in control and longed for someone else to call the shots. She never dreamed it would be one of those same students.

Just before her last class of the day, she decided to make a quick visit to the staff toilet. On the way there, however, she was accosted by one of her older colleagues who thought Sarah had nothing better to do than to stand and listen to her moaning about the insolence of some of their students. Even when she made it in to the cubicle, the other teacher followed her, sat down in the next stall and Sarah could hear the unmistakeable sounds of the older woman pulling down her skirt and knickers before beginning to relieve herself. Sarah was mortified and tried to be as quick as possible about her own business, horrified that this older woman would also hear what she was doing.

She needn't have worried because the woman had barely stopped for breath and was still bemoaning her students, even when they both washed their hands and left the toilet. Distracted by her colleague's presence and hurrying to get back to her classroom before the next lot of students settled, she didn't notice that she had forgotten to zip up her trousers. Class started and Sarah took off her blazer as she began to teach her final lesson of the day. While standing upright at the blackboard nothing showed, no one, not even Sarah, was aware her zipper was open. After a few minutes, however, Sarah sat on the edge of her desk as she addressed her students. The act of sitting caused the fabric on her trousers to bunch up which, in turn, caused them to spread open around the zip.

Todd Williams sat in the front row. He had the worst seat in the classroom, directly in front of Ms. Tucker's desk. On the first day of term she had allowed the students to pick the seat they wanted. Todd, of course, was late so he was dismayed when he realised the only seat still available was the seat directly in front of the teacher's desk.

God, he hated having her so close to him. He had got into trouble at school over his use of language several times. His conversation was frequently filled with profanity and when he was overheard by a teacher punishment would follow. Sitting so close to him, Sarah couldn't help but hear his mumbled cursing and swearing whenever he was having difficulty in class. She had reported his use of obscene language three times and, as a result, he was currently grounded by his parents due to her latest report. On top of this he was failing her class and she seemed to take great delight in belittling him in front of the rest of the students. He fantasised about how he would one day get even with this bitch but he had never been able to see his opportunity before now. That was all about to change.

As usual that day his mind was on anything except what Sarah was talking about and the young teacher was becoming more and more annoyed at his lack of attention. She called on him, "Todd, what is the answer to question three?"


Brought back to reality with a jolt, Todd had no idea what she was asking, which was all too obvious to Sarah and the rest of the class, most of whom immediately started laughing at him. Sarah grinned and reminded him, "You need to stay awake if you want to pass my class". Todd's face turned bright red with embarrassment. He thought to himself, "Fuck you, bitch". With his arms folded across his chest in angry insolence he glared at Sarah as she spoke, promising himself he would get back at her someday. That day was today.

Sarah was still young enough to remember how embarrassing it was when your classmates laughed at you and decided she had punished Todd enough for the moment. Deliberately avoiding eye contact with him and ignoring his defiant stare, she continued with her lecture. That was when her day fell apart for, just as she shifted her position slightly on the desk, something caught Todd's eye. Looking at her, he couldn't believe his eyes; her trousers were wide open. From where he was sitting he could clearly see her knickers. They were white lace, very frilly and, due to the thin material, almost transparent. As he stared at her exposed crotch he realized that he could see some neatly trimmed hair in between Sarah's legs. Here was a teacher he hated and he could see her pussy hair.

Todd realized this was an opportunity to get back at a teacher her loathed and he couldn't believe his luck. He almost laughed out loud at the thought of pointing out her open trousers to his friends and embarrassing her. Since Sarah was intentionally not looking at him, she was unaware of him staring and unaware of what he was staring at. Todd quickly looked round to see if anyone else had noticed the way their teacher was exposing herself but they all had their eyes on their books, concentrating on the lesson Ms Tucker was delivering. He knew he had to do something and slipped his phone from his pocket, switched it to camera mode, then pretended to drop something so that he could bend down and get a very clear photo of Sarah's knickers. The possibilities of what he could do with that photo were endless but right now he wanted to share his good fortune with his friends.

Todd turned toward Jeff, one of his buddies in class, and tried to get his attention. He pointed toward his crotch and then pointed at Sarah but Jeff did not understand what he was trying to say and returned to his book. This frustrated Todd enormously but he was not going to let this opportunity pass by. He was determined to embarrass this bitch and even if it meant he was grounded for a lifetime it would be worth it this time. He opened up his notebook, wrote a note, and tried to toss it to Jeff.

Sarah was becoming really annoyed once again that Todd was not only being lazy and insolent as usual but now he was disrupting the rest of her class. She was still totally ignorant of the show she was making of her knickers and of herself and, when she saw Todd trying to pass a note to someone she sprang off the desk. She quickly intercepted the note before it reached Jeff and walked back to her desk, resuming her previous position once again, stretching her trousers front once again, revealing her knickers once again.

"Alright class, lets see what is so important," Sarah said. "Let's share Mr Williams' thoughts. Maybe he has some new insight into this exercise that I hadn't thought of. Do you want to read it to us, Todd?"

Sarah was determined to punish Todd; she was going to humiliate him in front of the class by having him reading his probably crude note to them all and if he didn't, she would read it to them herself. Todd was absolutely elated when he realized his plan was going even better than he had anticipated. He had expected Jeff to share his amusement at their teacher's accidental display but now this hated teacher was going to announce to the whole class that her knickers were on show.

"No, that's ok, miss. You can read it."

Sarah was a bit taken aback by this turn of events and by Todd's defiance but she knew she couldn't back down now. She made quite a show of unfolding the note, holding it up and telling all her students, "Hey guys check this out. That fucking bitch of a teacher is putting on a show. The stupid cunt is showing her pussy. Her trousers are unzipped and her lace knickers are showing."

Sarah looked down in horror. She saw the open zip, the gap in her trousers and her lacy thong on display for them all to see. Giggling and smiling broke out from all the students in the class as they rose from their seats to get a better look. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that some of them had their phones in their hands and were obviously recording her humiliation. Todd simply leaned back in his chair with a smug look on his face, finally having demeaned the teacher he so despised.

Sarah quickly tried to pull up her zip, but to her dismay the zipper became stuck. The giggling began to turn to outright laughter as she struggled with it while the entire class looked on and revelled in her predicament. She used all her strength and gave one final tug, nearly sobbing when she heard a ripping sound. She wasn't the only one who heard it, however, and her students could hardly contain themselves as they saw she had torn a large hole in the front of her trousers.

"This can't be happening," she thought to herself. Now her nearly transparent knickers were easily visible to all the students as they gathered round her, and she suddenly realised that her pussy hair was now just as visible to their eyes and to their cameras as it had been to Todd. Starting to panic, she whimpered, "Help me."

"I'll help you, you stupid cunt", Todd snickered maliciously. He got up from his seat quickly, reached out, grabbed the front of her trousers and yanked - hard. More material ripped, the hole became bigger, the button at the waist broke free and, before Sarah knew what was happening, her tattered trousers fell to the floor, bunching around her ankles. Many students gasped; they were amazed at Todd's audacity but even more amazed at what they were seeing now. Here was their prim and demanding teacher standing there almost naked. In Sarah's tormented mind it somehow seemed even more cruel to be standing there nearly naked as opposed to completely nude but, without warning, she suddenly felt a tingling sensation surging through her, all the way from her pussy to her now very hard nipples.

She was so embarrassed and humiliated she felt light-headed. In her panicky state, her only thought was to get away from all these students, from all these eyes staring at her, from the cameras recording everything and from the fact that she was standing there in just her tiny knickers in front of them all. Her only instinct was to escape and she tried to run but, with her trousers around her ankles, she tripped and landed on her hands and knees. Now the students weren't just leering at her lacy knickers and her visible pussy hair; now they were staring at her tight arse cheeks separated only by the thin strap at the back of her thong. The more she struggled, the deeper into her crack the strap seemed to work itself and Sarah knew every minute of her humiliation was being recorded. She hadn't noticed but, when she had fallen forward, the long end of her blouse had become trapped beneath her knee; when she tried to push herself up with her hands, she heard another ripping sound and looked down in shock to see the buttons at the front of her top tear open and her breasts bursting free, once more to the amusement of her students. She cried in anguish as she forced herself to her feet, rapidly kicked herself free from the ruined trousers and ran toward the door, trying desperately to escape the taunts and laughter and catcalls from her students.

As she burst into the hallway, Sarah nearly collided with another group of students heading toward band practice. She skidded to a halt, shocked to be faced by this new group of students, students who were now staring at her bra and knickers, at her pussy and breasts, just as her own class had been doing. Her mind froze as these students also began to laugh and jeer at her. She didn't even think to cover up with her hands as they ogled her body but she did unexpectedly feel a warmth flow over her and the moistness in her knickers became even more obvious. Her body was betraying her and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Her pussy seemed to have a mind of its own and seemed to be revelling in each new embarrassment that was heaped upon her.

The next thing she knew, she was jostled from the back as her own students rushed out of the door after her. She was knocked to the floor, once more onto her hands and knees and, once more her arse was exposed to an even larger group of students. Turning round, she could see them all gathering around her, staring at her near nakedness, recording her humiliation. Then Todd Williams pushed himself to the front of the mob. Grinning down at her as she tried to push herself back, the student who had been at the centre of this nightmare saw one last chance to humiliate her even further. Sarah's legs had come apart as she tried to escape and Todd was the first to see the obvious signs of arousal between her legs.

"Look at the slut! Her knickers are soaking. She's loving showing herself off to us all. Let's strip her totally."

Sarah shrieked in alarm at Todd's suggestion and sprang to her feet. She forced herself through the crowd, being jostled and groped by the more daring students. Each squeeze of her arse of pinch of her nipples aroused her even more and soaked her knickers time and time again. The others were content just to see what their nearly naked teacher would do next. Once again, in her terrorised frame of mind, all she could think about was to escape, to escape these students, to escape their eyes, their hands and their cameras. Most of all, she wanted to escape from them seeing just how turned on she was by this whole horrible experience.

She ran down the hallway, pursued by a large group of students who continued to laugh at her and shout taunts at her. Other classroom doors were flung open as more and more staff and students came to see what all the noise was about. The jeers followed her as she ran, and the more the students laughed, the more they jeered, the more she was seen by her colleagues in her flight, the warmer the feeling between her legs grew until it felt like her pussy was on fire. When she reached the main doors she didn't hesitate; she pushed them open wide, ran through them and headed outside to escape to the sanctuary of her car.

As soon as her burst through the doors, however, she was nearly blinded by several very bright lights and yet another group of people, only this group included the Headmaster, the chairman of the school board and a local news reporter. As her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the lights she couldn't have done a better impression of a rabbit caught in a car's headlights if she'd tried. Standing behind this new group, all men, was a van with a large tower on it; printed in huge letters on the side of the van was the logo for the local TV station and Sarah stopped dead in her tracks. She forced herself to try to work out what was happening and then remembered that this was the day the school was to officially receive a huge donation from a unanimous benefactor. The Headmaster had announced that morning in Assembly that there would be a media presence to record this historic event and she suddenly knew that this day was certainly going to go down in the history of the school but not in the way the Headmaster had so eagerly anticipated.

All the men standing there gaped at her as she presented herself in a state of total disarray. Her blouse was torn open. Her nipples were rock hard and poking through the thin lace of her bra. Her knickers were soaking and were practically useless in covering any of her most intimate details. It was not enough that most of the school had now seen her in a state of undress; now she noticed the camera with the red light on it that was pointed directly at her. As the students bundled out of the door behind her, she heard their laughter and the total horror struck her. The image of her standing there in her nearly transparent knickers, the outline of her bush clearly discernable, was being broadcast into tens of thousands of homes across the region.

Knowing she was being seen nearly naked by so many people, not to mention all those men and students seeing her live, was a level of humiliation Sarah had never experienced before. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it might burst out of her chest. The blood was rushing in her ears. Her breathing was extremely rapid, almost gasping. Her nipples were aching from being so hard. And her pussy felt like it was hooked to electrodes, with one shock after shock being administered.

Finally she seemed to come to her senses and brought her hands over in a vain attempt to cover her near nakedness. As she did so, however, Sarah's fingers brushed her sensitive pussy lips through her knickers and this touch was more than she could take in her excited state. She could hold back no longer as it felt like an explosion went off between her legs; her pussy flooded her knickers, her whole body shook and quivered and a very loud moan of release escaped her lips. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever felt in her life and she never wanted it to end.

But it did end. Slowly the world came back into focus and with it the reality of what had happened. Here, in front of the Headmaster who was glaring at her, in front of the cameras from the TV station and from the students who were laughing at her, in front of a wider audience at home that she couldn't even begin to imagine, Sarah had performed the most intimate and private moment a person can have. Her humiliation was extreme but the feeling had been exquisite.

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