tagRomanceSarah's Aspiration Ch. 01

Sarah's Aspiration Ch. 01


This is my first time at writing anything and I hope it is good, any comments would be very grateful... All People within the story are above 18 years of age.


Sarah was an ordinary woman, the kind you never seem to find nowadays, standing at 5'3", with a lock of thick, light brown, long hair, a killer tan throughout the summer months that always seemed to stick throughout the winter and a pair of daring blue eyes. She grew up living in the outskirts of Bristol with her family. Although she was very pretty, her ability to be childish at random never brought her any male company. She tried very hard with her weight, constantly trying diets, thinking that her almost hourglass figure wasn't enough for the gentlemen at her school. At 16, she decided to stay on for sixth form, hoping that with age, the attention she would get would increase. Sure enough she made lots of new friends and her confidence around others increased. She was one of the most popular people within her school, even heading for a 'head girl' certificate that would top everything her parents' had ever wanted for her. But yet she still wasn't happy. At 18 she left sixth form.

Although her intelligence was high, and her friends could always make her laugh, she still wanted more. Ungrateful you may think, but all she wanted was a man to cuddle up to at night, someone to hold her still when she was sad, someone to kiss her to make her feel better, a special someone to make her a woman, the woman she so badly wanted to be. The woman she aspired to one day become.

Whenever she would go out clubbing, she would have the killer moves on the dance floor; the girls would stop and stare, wishing they were like her. Yet the only person that was jealous was Sarah herself, as she was the one that wanted to be cuddled and loved. She new what she wanted, and she wanted Dave.

Dave was average in the looks department. He was tall, reasonably skinny, dark hair and dark eyes that you seemed to get lost in these covered with a set of trendy glasses. He was also incredibly interested in Sarah, yet he could never build up the confidence to talk to her about, well pretty much anything. Sometimes, they would catch each others eyes across the dance floor, and both would shy away. Neither would make the first move.

One particular night, things were different. Sarah had decided to make her move on Dave. This time when he looked over, instead of looking away, she held his stare smiled seductively and moved towards him. With a few shots of vodka inside her, she was ready for almost anything. When she reached him, she took his pint glass, placed it on the table, took his hand and walked with him to the dance floor. Placing his hands on her hips she began to sway to the slow rhythm. As usual, the crowds stopped to stare, but rather than watching her moves, they watched the unspoken tension between the two teens. Eyes locked, not a word spoken throughout the song.

As the song ended, Dave leaned in for a kiss. With eyes closed, he moved and brushed his lips against hers tenderly. For a moment, they both just stood, held in the soft embrace. Neither one moved, both afraid of what would happen once the kiss was broken. Dave slowly pulled himself away, opening his eyes and staring back into Sarah's deep glare. She licked her lips slowly, savouring the taste of his lips. Dave glanced down to her lips, and leant back in for a second kiss. This time, he moved his tongue against her. A response was instant; she opened her lips slightly and moved her tongue out to meet his. The two of them were locked, joined at the mouth. Beginning to move more ferociously, wanting and needing each other. Sarah's hand moved to the back of his head, moving him deeper into her mouth. Feeling more than was to offer there on the dance floor.

Slowly both students pulled apart. Looking at each other, realising what had just happened, how lost in each other they were, how many people were still staring at them made them both blush. Sarah went to move away, to run and hide, the embarrassment was too much for her. Never had anything like this ever happened to her before. As she went to move, Dave reached out and touched her hand, pulling her back into him, where he held her tightly against his chest before leaning down again into another kiss. Again both lost themselves in each other. The kiss was more passionate this time, savouring each other, wishing it was never to end.

People around were beginning to get bored with the couple and began their usual routine again, dancing, laughing and gossiping. No-one even thought to look again at the two people silently leaving the building.

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