tagLoving WivesSarah's Awakening Ch. 01

Sarah's Awakening Ch. 01


Chapter One

1: Johnny

Johnny watched Sarah and Evan silently from the other side of the crowded room as the party raged on around them. Evan had a beer in one hand and was clutching Johnny's girlfriend's waist in the other as he told the crowd one of his many stories from his time serving in Afghanistan. This story was about the captain of his unit, who had apparently saved the whole company from disaster by holding off dozens of enemy fighters himself.

Johnny noticed his girlfriend Sarah looking very uncomfortable being so close to Evan; instead of intervening, he continued to watch thoughtfully. Man I really hope something finally happens tonight. Johnny was doubtful though; he knew Sarah despised his housemate Evan...

* * *

Johnny had met Sarah in high school, where he was the senior president of the math team and she was a freshman just entering the club. Back in those days, he would never have thought he had a shot at her, with pretty blondes dating nerdy Asians being an incredibly rare occurrence. However, to his surprise she was even more bookish than he was and they quickly grew incredibly close, spending basically every afternoon together after school.

Johnny immediately fell head over heels for Sarah. They had the same interests, ranging from a love for reading Shakespeare to enjoying the same kind of music. Amazingly, while Johnny had previously stuttered his way through every conversation he had with a girl, from day one he found talking to Sarah to be the most natural thing in the world. He felt happiness like he had never felt before when Sarah later told him that she had been similarly very shy around boys before meeting him.

Johnny knew that Sarah was the perfect girl for him, and really felt as if he had found his soul mate. Having had zero previous experience with girls, Johnny didn't realize that Sarah was also interested in him romantically despite there being all the obvious signs. He figured that since all of the jocks at the school were chasing this blonde beauty there was no way she would be interested in him.

After many months of kicking himself Johnny eventually worked up the courage to ask her out on a date, and he still counted that say that she said yes as the best day of his life.

Now that Johnny was a 21-year-old attending the local University and Sarah an 18-year-old about to start her senior year at the high school, they had even begun to discuss marriage. Johnny knew that he had won the girlfriend lottery with Sarah and was more than eager to tie the knot.

"Man how did you ever land a girl like Sarah? She's the hottest girl in school! The sex must be amazing!" his friends would always tell him.

With a pang of guilt Johnny would tell them, "of course it is!"

The reason for Johnny's guilt was that the sex was in fact, not as amazing as one might think given Sarah's incredible legs, small but shapely breasts, and above all her amazing ass. He had only taken her virginity two months ago, after they had first brought up marriage and it became clear they were both positive about the idea. She had of course insisted he use a condom, and being his first time also, he had not realized how much of a hassle it could be.

Johnny had a hard time keeping it up while fumbling around to take the condom out of its wrapper. And even once he did it was nearly impossible for him to squeeze inside of her tight virgin pussy. This amazed him since at a little under 5 inches and particularly thin, he knew we was less than average sized. The tightness of her pussy as well as the fact that it took well over 15 minutes just to get fully inside made him cum almost instantly once he was able to get in a couple of quick full thrusts. While still enjoyable, their love-making didn't have the same magic that the rest of their relationship did.

* * *

This inadequate sex had quickly become par for the course for them over the last couple of months. Johnny knew he could really have no complaints; Sarah was always willing to have sex whenever he worked up the courage to ask. Besides, it wasn't her fault she was so incredibly tight.

However, being naturally submissive, Johnny couldn't help but wish that Sarah would initiate sex once in a while. Instead, Sarah always expected him to take the lead. Johnny knew his lack of willingness to take the lead hampered their sex life. In fact, Sarah had confided in him that she had never experienced an orgasm in all of her eighteen years. Further frustrating him was the fact was that Johnny had never experienced anything beyond kissing and having missionary style sex. Sarah's angelic face made him feel guilty whenever he considered asking for a blowjob and he knew better than to expect her to offer herself.

This frustration had led him to watching a lot of porn, which he had ample time and privacy to do as Sarah was still living with her parents until she graduated high school and he was living in a rented room of a four-bedroom house. Eventually, he found his way to cuckold porn websites and instantly became addicted. This was because the idea of watching Sarah have sex with someone else excited Johnny tremendously for reasons he himself did not comprehend.

When he first started masturbating to cuckold porn, Johnny never dreamed he would get the chance to realistically bring up the possibility to Sarah. With the two of them being the bookish shut-in types, they didn't have much of a social life. The two guys they saw most often were Johnny's housemates Brady and Brian, both nerdy engineering majors at the University who they got along with well. Johnny knew that while the two of them must consider Sarah incredibly attractive, they were not the type to ever make a move on someone's girlfriend. Johnny had basically resigned himself to cuckolding being just a fantasy.

That all changed when Evan moved in to the previously vacant bedroom next door. Evan had served in the military before starting college, giving the 27-year-old an incredibly muscular physique. In the month that Evan had been living in the house, it had become a common occurrence for him to hit on Sarah whenever she visited Johnny. Although he knew this bothered Sarah, this turned Johnny on tremendously.

Johnny eventually worked up the courage to tell Sarah, "Wow I bet Evan is really good in bed with that ridiculous body of his. I wouldn't mind at all if you wanted to try to have some fun with him." When he saw the surprised look in her face, he knew that he had made a huge mistake.

She had looked at him with angry eyes and said "Johnny you are absolutely crazy if you think I would let him touch me with a ten foot pole! That man is the crudest guy I've ever met in my entire life!" He spent the next two hours convincing her that it was just a sexual fantasy and that he loved Sarah more than ever, regardless of whether or not she wanted to do it.

Sarah's response was incredibly disappointing to Johnny, but he still couldn't help but bring up the point with her repeatedly over the next couple of weeks to ensure she knew he was serious about it. Every time Sarah came over and Evan was home, Johnny hoped secretly that something would happen. Johnny felt that tonight was the most likely time by far for something more than just crude banter to happen, since Evan was throwing a

back-to-school party at their house.

* * *

As Johnny walked up to Evan and Sarah from across the room, he saw that Evan was being even more forward than usual. "Sarah, you seriously have the nicest ass I've ever seen. I can't believe a high school girl like you has such a fine ass."

While Johnny couldn't believe how forward Evan was being, he had to agree. Sarah's ass did look amazing. Man, her ass is so big and firm it looks amazing no matter how baggy the shorts she's wearing. I don't get why she's so self-conscious about it and always tries to hide it by wearing loose clothes. He was anxious to see how Sarah would respond.

Sarah rolled her eyes and replied. "Whatever Evan."

Johnny quickly intervened as he reached them. "Hey he's only teasing you honey!" This is not going well. "Right Evan?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah of course man no need for your girl to get her panties in a bunch! C'mon lets go to my room to grab you guys some shots." Evan replied as he put his arm around Sarah while she continued to look uncomfortable.

Not wanting to admit that neither he nor Sarah had ever had alcohol and trying to salvage the situation, Johnny replied "sure man, sounds fun."

Sarah raised an eyebrow and said, "I don't drink thanks." But nevertheless she faithfully followed her boyfriend up to Evan's room.

Well that's disappointing. Johnny had hoped Sarah would drink as he had thought that might make her a little more welcoming to Evan's advances.

"Oh man, I keep forgetting you're still a little high school girl. They sure didn't make them like you when I was in high school." Evan teased as he took his shot.

Johnny saw Sarah frowning out of the corner of his eye as he took his shot too. Holy shit that burns, people enjoy this? Johnny felt like he was going to throw up. Before he had time to think, he found another shot thrust into his hand by Evan. He quickly downed it.

Some shots and hours later, Johnny was feeling quite woozy.

"Are you feeling okay honey? You're looking really flushed," Sarah asked.

"That's just Asian glow cutie, my buddy in the Marines was Asian and he would get bright red every time we had some beers on leave. He'll be fine," Evan said.

"Yeah honey, I feel fine." Johnny quickly agreed.

It eventually got to be so late that the party had basically wound down, with only Sarah, Johnny, Evan, and their housemates Brady and Brian still remaining. When Evan suggested they finish the night by watching a movie, Brady and Brian decided to go to bed as they were too tired to stay up for the entire film.

Sarah quickly piped up. "Honey, why don't we go to bed too? It is really late."

"Nah honey, I'm not really tired yet. One movie and we'll sleep, I promise." Johnny replied, knowing that this was the best chance he might ever get of getting Evan to make a move on Sarah.

Sarah replied curtly. "Fine."

Johnny quickly sat on one edge of the three-person couch so that Sarah would be sitting in the middle next to Evan on the opposite side. Midway through the movie, he was beginning to lose hope that anything interesting would happen. Well I guess this is what I expected. I'm lucky that Sarah is even sitting next to Evan for this long.

It was at this point that Johnny felt Sarah squirming against him ever so lightly. Pretending not to notice, he looked down at her lap, and saw Evan's hand pressed against her upper thigh! Sarah was squirming, trying to remove Evan's hand without making a scene, but her tiny hands could do nothing to pry away Evan's strong thick fingers.

Part of Johnny wanted to stop Evan. But in the midst of his incredible sexual high as well as his intoxication, Johnny decided to do something else entirely. I can't believe I'm going to do this. I really shouldn't do this.

Nevertheless, he continued to pretend to not notice what was going on and gave Sarah and Evan his excuses. "I think I had too much to drink. I'm going to go to bed so finish up the movie without me." He quickly hurried out the door and closed it behind him before they could reply.

Johnny had no time to fully contemplate what he had just done while he rushed to his bedroom, next door to Evan's bedroom where his housemate and his girlfriend were watching the movie. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. This is crazy and too fucking hot. He quickly crawled next to the wall adjacent to Evan's room and listened.

2: Sarah

What the hell is he doing? He has to have noticed Evan practically assaulting me. Sarah sat in disbelief as Johnny hurried out the door. She quickly snapped out of it.

"Well I should get going too Evan, I'm really tired." Sarah tried to act in control as Evan continued to grope her smooth, toned legs.

"It's okay Sarah, the movie's almost over," Evan replied dismissively. Emboldened by being alone with Sarah for the first time, he became even more aggressive.

Sarah's eyes widened in fear as Evan leaned in to kiss her. Oh God I cannot believe this is happening. I have to get out of this. Sarah tightened her lips firmly, trying to stop Evan from kissing her. Upon seeing that the kiss was not reciprocated, Evan simply moved on to her neck, alternating between kissing her softly and passionately giving her love bites.

He's being so rough. He might really hurt me unless I stop this now. "Evan, someone could come in, please."

"You know as well as I do that these doors lock automatically." Evan confidently dismissed her as he pushed her onto his bed, his hand trying to undo the button of her shorts as he continued to ravage her neckline.

He's actually going to rape me. Sarah had never been this scared and helpless in her entire life. She desperately fought against Evan trying to lift up her hips so he could pull off her shorts. In response, Evan simply moved his hand back onto her thigh and slipped his strong fingers up the leg of her shorts, brushing his fingers against her panties.

"Holy shit your panties are fucking soaked."

Sarah's breathing paused. Oh my God he's right. What is wrong with me? Sarah was so stunned she didn't have time to react when Evan moved her panties to the side and slid his expert finger up her pussy. Sarah let out a soft moan and arched her back inadvertently.

"Shit your pussy is so fucking tight. Johnny must not be fucking you very often huh?" Evan slid off Sarah's shorts and panties in one smooth motion as she arched her back, not missing a beat.

With Sarah now naked from the waist down, Evan had an easier time skillfully sliding his finger all over Sarah's sensitive spots in her sweet pussy. He looked down with satisfaction at Sarah squirming below him wildly, trying her hardest to remain silent. She looked beautiful biting her lower lip and closing her eyes in an expression of extreme effort.

Evan gleefully looked at the sight and said, "damn girl, I can't get over how wet your pussy is. I think you're ready for me already." He quickly dropped his jeans and freed his rock hard 8 inch cock.

Sarah stared at Evan's cock in fear. There is no way that thing is fitting inside me. It's at least twice as thick as Johnny's and even he can barely fit. I have to stop him.

Evan confidently started rubbing the head of his cock against Sarah's clit, getting her even wetter and taking charge of the situation. As he began to slip the tip of his cock inside the opening of her pussy it was clear that he would do what he wanted, with or without her permission.

"Please... stop..." Sarah pleaded, half panting, half whispering.

Evan ignored her and pushed all the way inside of her with one smooth stroke. Sarah had a half second to contemplate how unbelievably easily Evan had slid inside her before Evan started thrusting into her rhythmically.

Oh God it's so thick and so hard. Sarah's mind went blank; she could hardly think about anything besides how good Evan's cock felt.

Don't I have to tell him something? "Con... Condom... Please... Ungh..."

Evan just ignored her and kept fucking her, harder and harder with each thrust. Oh my God he's going to make me cum. Sarah couldn't help but throw her arms around Evan and hold on for dear life as she experienced the first orgasm of her eighteen years.

Evan looked disbelievingly at Sarah closing her eyes and biting down on her lower lip as she held him tight. Evan taunted, "Damn you're cumming already aren't you? I can feel your tight pussy clenching my cock." as he increased his ferocity.

How has he not cum yet? Being used to full blown sex only lasting for seconds, Sarah couldn't believe Evan's stamina. He's going to break me. Sarah exploded into another orgasm before she even had a chance to come down from the first one.

Evan looked at her knowingly. "Who knew that Johnny's little highschool girlfriend was such a fucking cockslut."

"No... ungh... I'm not...uhn!" Sarah knew that her barely audible moaning and her squirming under Evan's muscular body was giving away just how much she was enjoying this. How am I cumming again?

Evan whispered in her ear, "Yes you are Sarah. If you weren't a slut would you be cumming all over another guy's cock while your boyfriend is sleeping?" He was fucking her incredibly hard; the fact that she was getting by far the best fuck of her entire life was obvious by the incredibly sexual expression on her face.

"No... please... I'm not... Ohhhhh Godddd..." Holy shit he's going to make me pass out. Sarah drifted in and out of full consciousness as she had orgasm after orgasm from Evan's cock fiercely pumping in and out of her.

After what seemed like hours, Evan leaned in for a kiss. This time, Sarah accepted it fully, letting him forcefully press his tongue against hers while he continued to drive his thick hard cock in and out of her tight 18-year-old pussy.

In the middle of their deep steamy kiss, Sarah felt something different. Oh my God I can feel him twitching inside me. I didn't know sex could feel so damn good. In the next moment, she felt a thick strong spurt of Evan's cum shoot hard inside her unprotected pussy.

"What are you doing?!?!?" Sarah exclaimed before instantly exploding into the biggest orgasm yet and finally letting a single very loud moan escape from her mouth. All of her pent up sexual energy from their hour-long fuck session was released into this extraordinary orgasm. Holy shit that feels amazing. It's so warm...

She clasped her legs tightly around Evan's waist while he continued to shoot the rest of his seed into her. Evan continued to fuck her hard well after his initial spurt, making sure to get as much of his semen as deep inside her as possible.

He looked down at her victoriously, "Sarah you are such a hot slut, you love my cum inside you don't you?"

Sarah could only nod her head violently as she kept on groaning loudly in pleasure; she let the orgasm continue to flow throughout her mind and body, making her twitch in pleasure from the amazing and previously unfelt sensation...

* * *

Long after the last of Evan's seed had penetrated the deepest depths of Sarah's body, they both lay still on the bed, completely spent. When she eventually woke to, she saw Evan sleeping soundly next to her. She felt the guilt immediately. Oh Lord what have I done?

Sarah swiftly and silently slid out of bed to leave the room, hurrying to the bathroom to rinse off the copious amounts of sweat and cum from her still trembling body. She contemplated how ridiculous she must look. Her shorts and panties were still in Evan's room, but she was otherwise completely clothed.

The hot shower she took quickly washed off any physical remnants of the primal sex she had just moments ago. Long after she was completely clean Sarah continued to hang her head in the shower pensively. I wish the guilt would go away just as easily.

3: Johnny

Johnny couldn't get the sound of Sarah screaming in pleasure out of his mind. Damn I've never been this horny in my entire life. He had spent the past hour masturbating to the sounds of Evan's bed audibly shaking just next door, not sure if he should let himself truly believe what must have been happening; he couldn't hear anything besides the rhythmic quaking of the bed.

Then he heard her scream clearly "What are you doing?" right before he heard the unmistakable sounds of a very large orgasm. He had never heard anything even resembling that sound from Sarah before but he had seen enough porn to know a huge orgasm when he heard one. It became all too much for him and he came also, although he found himself still very aroused afterward. Now if only she would get out of the shower...

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