tagBDSMSarah's Education Continues

Sarah's Education Continues


Sarah smiled with anticipation thinking about the night ahead with Professor Greg. He had taken her completely the last time they were together but now that she was aware of his game she knew she would win this round for sure. After their "encounter" she had found a note from Professor Greg in her student mailbox asking her to dinner at his house at seven that evening. Anxious to see what the evening had in store but full of trepidation, Sarah found herself knocking at the door of Greg's house at seven sharp. When Greg answered the door, Sarah was forced to quickly shake off the mental cobwebs and smile her hello.

She swallowed nervously as she stepped through the entryway, as again the thought occurred to her that maybe this wasn't the best idea. I mean, sure, people have casual sexual encounters everyday but not with their Professors. And surely most people weren't into that kinky S&M stuff. Sarah wasn't comfortable with admitting whether she fell into that group or not. Or willing to acknowledge it even if she was.

She felt Greg's presence behind her and turned towards him. Greg's hands were quicker than she was and pinned her tightly against the wall.

"Welcome to my home Sarah," Greg said as he covered her mouth with his. His lips warm and insistent against hers. "I've been waiting for you." His tongue stroked her lips open, filling her mouth with his sweet taste. His hands stroked over her arms, down over her hips and back up her stomach with his palms reaching for her breasts through the thin fabric of her shirt.

Sarah shivered at his touch, her breasts instantly hardening under his palms. Her mouth responded to his kiss with hesitancy, unsure of what to expect. But she liked the insistent stroking of Greg's tongue against her lips and his masculine smell.

With a muffled groan, Greg pulled his mouth away from hers and took her hand, leading her through the living room, and down a long hallway into his bedroom. A large, masculine room full of heavy mahogany furniture. No light emanated from the blinds and the bed looked imposing set atop a foot high platform.

She noticed the headboard and footboard with straps that looked like belts attached to them. And again the nervous thoughts entered her head. What did he have planned? Dinner was obviously a ruse to get her to his "lair", as she had begun to think of it.

How was she supposed to win this round if Greg had her tied up? This was definitely not going as planned and she made a feeble attempt to leave the room. But parts of her didn't want to leave this dark den. Parts of her wanted to be taken the way Greg would surely take her. She had tasted his forbidden love and it had only whet her appetite. It was too late anyway, Greg had seen her hesitation and quickly closed the door, shutting off the only exit.

He again took her hand and led her to the edge of the bed, pushing her down a little too roughly onto its surface. Greg whispered gruffly, "You're not leaving Sarah, not when I finally have you where I've been dreaming of you for months now."

His words shocked and thrilled her. Greg had been dreaming of her for months? This was news to her. She had been lusting after him since the first time she met him, but she had never dreamed that it had been mutual from the beginning. Hearing the raw need in his voice soothed the fear in Sarah and brought with it a small sense of victory.

His hands quickly disposed of that victory as he stripped her of her shirt and bra. Leaving her naked flesh exposed to his gaze and his hands. He stood back to look at her. Filling his mind with the smooth buttery skin, the lush curve of her breasts, and the round supple curves he would later fill his hands with.

Sarah tried in vain to cover herself from his piercing gaze, but he would have none of it. Pushing her hands away, he finished stripping her clothes off and stood back to examine all of her. Leaving her painfully aware of her nakedness and the throbbing between her legs.

He took his time looking at her, drawing his gaze from her eyes, down to the creamy skin at the base of her throat, past the slender shoulders to the full breasts. The nipples puckered and taut to his gaze. Her naked flesh quivered as he kept up his onslaught. His eyes moved now to her stomach and hips, drawing a finger across her belly button and lingering there. Then following the slight line that led to her swollen mound, stopping short of touching her.

Sarah moaned her displeasure and thrust her hips upwards in an effort to have Greg's hands on her, but it was no use. Greg moved his hands away and walked to the head of the bed.

Sarah followed Greg's movements with her eyes. Watching as he took the straps off of the headboard and proceeded to walk back over towards her. He was all business now and very efficient as he took her right hand first and wrapped the strap around it. Weaving an intricate knot that she knew she would never be able to get undone on her own.

A frisson of fear began to tickle it's way down her spine, unsure now that she trusted this man to tie her up. When he reached for her left hand, she pulled away and tried to fight his intentions. But Greg was ultimately stronger than her and succeeded in securing her other hand. He didn't tie it as tightly as the first one but still she felt helpless sitting on the edge of the bed, naked with her hands tied together in front of her.

Greg didn't make her wait long, pulling her into a standing position while maneuvering himself onto the bed. He turned her around until her back was facing him. His hands moved over the rounded curves and squeezed the soft flesh of her hips. Pulling on her hips until she was tucked securely between his legs, her backside touching his chest, the arch of her back near his mouth.

His hands moved slowly over her hips to her stomach, spreading his fingers out and spanning the smooth skin. Using his leverage to tip her off balance, she fell ever so slightly against his chest, her bottom making contact with his chest hairs. The hairs tickled and were stiff against her soft cheeks. Since pulling herself up wasn't an option as she had to nothing to grab, she gave in as she felt his hot breath sweep over the sensitive muscles of her back.

His used his lips to plant feather light kisses at the base of her spine, while his hands moved slowly up her ribcage and closer to her breasts. His fingertips found her nipples and pinched, pulling on them by the tips of her nipples so that her nipples were the only things supporting the heavy flesh. Sarah gasped at the sensation rippling through her breasts and pulsating between her thighs.

"I promised you dinner Sarah," Greg said, "and I always make good on my promises." With that statement, Greg's hands fell away from her breasts and left her. Leaving her grappling for her balance and unsure of Greg's next move.

His hands fell onto her shoulders and steadied her, guiding her to a sitting position on the bed. He then used the opportunity to slip something around her neck. A soft slinky material that felt cool. He tugged the fabric up onto her face and then she understood what he was doing. Blindfolding her. Now he had her tied and blinded to his game.

Was she really tied up, naked and blindfolded on her college Professor's bed? This had to be a dream. The food he put to her lips tasted wooden and stuck in her throat. He put something wet and sweet over her lips, tracing the outline, leaving them slightly sticky and wanting more.

Her focus shifted to the sensations pooling in her stomach. The gentle gliding over her lips caused her to involuntarily suck in her breath, a sure sign she was losing this battle. Her breasts tightened and puckered up into hard nubs, begging to be touched, sucked, pinched, it no longer mattered in her mind. She just wanted Greg's attention there now.

But Greg was busy elsewhere. His hands caressed the curve of her neck gently. His fingertips put mild pressure on the arch of neck, stroking the delicate skin exposed there. She relaxed into his caresses, enjoying this side of his lovemaking.

His hands weren't performing the teasing slaps she had encountered before. They were gentle, almost tender. Sarah relaxed further, sure she now knew Greg's intentions. This would be their "official" first time. A slow gentle lovemaking as she had expected the first time but hadn't gotten.

Greg pushed her farther down onto the bed, laying her back against the soft covers. She felt the soft silky material slide against her neck before it registered what was happening. It glided over her throat starting on one side and ending at the other. The light buttery texture was all that registered in her mind until Greg's hand gripped the nape of her neck and pulled her head forward. Slipping the strip of silk under her neck, he pulled on both ends until they were even on either side of her.

Suddenly, Sarah felt unsure of what was happening. The sensations coursing through her belly were both frightening and sickeningly exciting. She was afraid of what was happening, yet unable to stop it. And her arousal at the thought of the unknown acts Greg would perform on her and to her was surprising in it's intensity.

The sensations only increased because she was blind to his next move. All she could do was FEEL! Feel the material tighten slightly around her neck, feel the constriction as he worked the material into some kind of knot. It wasn't so tight that she couldn't breathe, but it was a vulnerable position to say the least. He had her hands tied, her eyes covered and had now fashioned a silky collar of sorts. Sarah felt the heat of embarrassment flood her body and squirmed under Greg's hands.

He tugged on the "collar" and leaned down to whisper next to her ear, "How are you enjoying dinner so far Sarah? You shouldn't be embarrassed because you look beautiful tied up on my bed. Your silver dollar nipples are standing up, waiting to be sucked or pinched. Or both." Greg chuckled as his finger drew a line over her left nipple, the skin puckering to his touch.

"You know you're mine to do with however I please now Sarah. You know that right?" Greg continued, "The first time was just a taste of what's to come. I haven't even begun to satisfy my hunger for you."

Sarah whimpered as his hotly whispered words fell on her ears. Her skin felt feverish and not being able to see only heightened the thrill. It simultaneously shamed and aroused her.

Her back arched as his fingertips found her right nipple and pulled, lifting her breast up. Sarah's body bucked slightly and pushed up, her hips thrusting in the air in a vain attempt to satisfy the urgent hunger growing there.

She heard Greg's sharp intake of breath and knew he was as affected as she was. His need was evident in his husky voice. "Sarah, What kind of hold do you have over me?"

Sarah was unable to answer because Greg covered her mouth with his. Shutting off any reply she may have had, although she could no longer remember if it even mattered. His silky tongue invaded her mouth and took what he needed. Plundering her mouth and making her think of the other things he could do with his tongue. His lips sucked and pulled at hers, his tongue mimicking the jerking of his cock.

All too soon, he dragged his mouth off of hers, leaving her lips swollen and empty. He sucked air into his lungs in an attempt to gain control of the wild emotions she evoked in him. Having her blindfolded was a plus in this case because she couldn't see how this was affecting him. One part of him wanted to make tender love to her and other part wanted to savagely take her. To take her as he knew no other had. To mark her as his own.

Somehow he had to hold onto the slim thread of control he had. With that in mind, he dragged his eyes off of her swollen lips and those puckered nipples that were so big he almost couldn't get his mouth around them. Almost. And moved away from the heat of Sarah's body.

Sarah heard and felt Greg leave the bed and had to hold back a moan of disappointment. She needn't have worried though as she felt something cold brush against her nipples. Circling the nubs, the cold steel and rubber would barely graze first one nipple then the other. Greg was standing off to one side of her, his skin far from her touch, but working something over her nipples.

Sarah gasped as Greg worked the nipple clamps into place. The clamps were squeezing and putting pressure on both of her breasts and it only increased as Greg pulled the chain connecting them. Lifting her breasts up until the nipples were stretched to their limit.

Sarah no longer knew who she was. This was not the girl who had set out to seduce her Professor. This was some wanton sex starved woman willing to pay any price to have this man. Willing to offer herself to him, to be used as he saw fit. It no longer mattered what perceptions she had had about lovemaking. This is what she had come for.

Sarah could barely contain all the feelings exploding inside. Her hips bucked and she felt Greg's hands on her hips, guiding her clumsy thrusts. He slowed her with the motion of his hands. A slow sensual rhythm that he directed, watching her pubic mound jut into the air under his direction. The wispy tendrils of hair were slick with her desire and glistened on the inside of her thighs.

He let one finger draw a line from her hips to her stomach, tracing the smooth flesh. Dipping down even farther, Greg skimmed the top of her mound, never touching it, just tugging gently on the pubic hair. Pulling on it first at the top, then moving to the even softer patch that framed her lower lips. Avoiding her thrusts, he kept his hand above her mound. Never giving in to the desire he had to cup it's fullness, to grip the pouting red lips and squeeze. Greg watched her and tugged on her pubic hair, over and over, watching her mound jut up.

Sarah moaned her disapproval and her legs grew more restless as they were the only things left unrestrained. The wild thrusting of her hips combined with her legs opening and closing prompted Greg's quick action. He slid one hairy muscled thigh over her smooth leg and held her down. Effectively ending her last ounce of resistance and bringing the game into an even darker corner.

Her last shred of control snapped. Her hips arched up into his teasing hand, lightly bumping her clit against his palm. The rough surface just barely grazed her, but her already swollen sex greedily accepted the bump. Her lips clamped down and opened again slightly, pussy juice leaking out. Wetting her already slick lips even more.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Sarah," Greg said, "You know better than that. I believe I was in the middle of something and you interrupted me."

Greg moved her hands above her head and a loud snap was heard as he locked something onto the straps around her wrists. It was cold and hard against her wrists. She tried to pull her hands away only to realize she could no longer move her hands downward.

"Greg" Sarah croaked, the fear choking her voice off. The name came out more like a sigh. "Please release my hands. This isn't funny anymore. Greg, please." The last was said as she pulled on the straps, desperately trying to pull her hands down.

"Shhh, Sarah. I warned you that you were mine. Now I'm going to show you." Greg said, his voice thick with desire.

Seeing her vulnerable and open to him, unable to stop what was going to happen increased his desire. She had a strong spirit but she had to learn who ran the show. He would not break her, but he would bend her to his will. She would not come willingly, but when she finally succumbed to him it would be worth the effort and oh, so, sweet.

His hand dropped back to her mound, hovering over it. The heat of his hand radiated downward, upping the sensitivity level to a fever pitch. With both legs now pinned by Greg's leg, Sarah was unable to find the relief she sought. But that didn't stop her from trying.

Greg's hand pulled on her hair, forcing her to thrust her hips upward so it wouldn't hurt. But Greg's thigh held her trapped, the result being a sharp contrast between pain and pleasure. The gentle tugging at her pubic hairs only served to engorge her sex further.

He was slow in his torture of her, waiting until the wetness was seeping between her thighs before he stopped. Sarah dropped her hips in defeat. Giving in to the fact that this was Greg's game and he had won. Knowing she would do anything to satisfy the growing hunger. And knowing Greg knew it too.

How could she feel this way? How could she feel this level of danger and yet feel so safe? The tie was pulling on her neck, not quite cutting off her air supply but squeezing tight each time Greg tugged. But two things happened every time he tugged, her back arched and her pussy tightened. Showing off her tits to Greg and promising his cock a tight squeeze as well.

The anticipation and fear were getting to her. As Greg pulled the tie back once again, this time farther than ever before, her thoughts were fearful until she felt his bulging cockhead at her lips. The silky head swept past her lips and caressed her cheek. Only to return to her lips again, leaving a slight dampness there. Sarah let her tongue flick out ever so slightly, tasting the pre cum gathered on the tip of his penis.

Her tongue traced the bulbous head, it's smooth roundness expanding against her lips. She strained to pull more of him into her but he held her back with the tie around her neck. Holding the length of his cock just slightly out of reach. Letting only the thick straining head caress her lips, ever out of reach of her hungry mouth.

Sarah was delirious with desire, her tongue was no longer her own. It slipped between her lips over and over in a vain attempt to taste more of this man. Every time her lips got close, he would pull away. Never satisfying the hunger she had to taste him.

"No, Sarah, don't use your tongue." Greg directed, his hands in her hair, as he made her trace the outline of his head with her lips. He rubbed his thick length from the bottom of her mouth to the top. Letting her feel how long and engorged he was.

"Now you can open those pretty lips of yours Sarah, I need to see them wrapped around my cock." Greg said as he pulled the tie around her neck, forcing her head back and pushing his cockhead into her mouth.

The thick head was hard and covered in angry veins as he slid into her waiting mouth. Sarah moaned as his heat filled her mouth. Greg's thrusts were deceptively soft at first. Letting her adjust to his size and thickness with slow, long thrusts into the back of her throat.

His patience soon came to an end. His hands grew rougher as one gripped her hair and the other was wrapped tightly around the tie. He used his leverage to guide her head as he saw fit. Using her mouth to the rhythm he set. He pulled on the tie to allow better access to her throat, then pulled on her hair to force more of his cock into her mouth.

His hand left her hair and pulled the blindfold from around her eyes. "I need to see you Sarah, as you suck my cock. I need to look into your beautiful eyes as my cock disappears into those pretty lips." Greg rasped. The reality of having Sarah in his bed and wrapped around him was almost too much to take. He filled her mouth with his strokes, enticing her with the deep thrusts he would later fill her pussy with.

Sarah felt the power of his thrusts into her mouth, increasing her need for him even more. She relished tasting him, relished the hard heat of his cock riding into her mouth. She greedily sucked him into her wet mouth, taking all he could give.

Greg moaned as he struggled to maintain the slim thread of control he still had over Sarah. While her mouth felt good, better than even he had imagined, he had to stop. Especially because he still had plans for her. He gentled his thrusts and pulled out until she was again straining to reach his cockhead.

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