tagErotic CouplingsSarah's Friend

Sarah's Friend

byCuddly Cat©

"Bye honey," Sarah said, kissing her boyfriend goodbye. Josh always left for work early so that he would be the first one there. As a graphics designer he didn't need to be there first but he found the quite hours of the morning easier to work in.

As the door closed Sarah went back to packing her lunch, her mind still thinking about Josh. Sarah and Josh are not married or even engaged but they have lived together for a while now. Their relationship is comfortable but Sarah has found it lacking of late.

Their love life could never be described as exciting. Josh is, in his words, "a meat and potatoes man", preferring the basics of love making with very little imagination. A change in position or maybe a move from the bedroom to the living room would be as exciting as Josh likes it to get. Before meeting Josh, Sarah had tried a few different things and enjoyed them, but she had been willing to give up that kind of sex life. Now, her mind seemed to wander at the slightest hint of something sexual and images of wild sex scenes would occupy her thoughts.

Shaking her head at her antics Sarah grabbed her backpack and placed her lunch and water bottle inside. Today is her day off and she is going on a day hike with a long time friend Steve. It was actually at one of Steve's house parties that Josh and Sarah had met. Steve had re-entered the singles world about two years ago when he and his girlfriend of nine years had split.

Tying up her hikers she picked up her jacket and opened the door. Steve was just pulling into the driveway. Sarah quickly locked the door and skipped down the steps to his little truck.

Steve took a deep breath and tried to force his mind away from Sarah's body. As usual she was wearing tight cut-off jean shorts and a cotton tank top that molded itself to her body. Her curly red hair was hidden beneath a white bandana but when she turned away from the door he could see her bright blue eyes smiling at him. When she skipped down the steps his breath caught in his throat as her ample breasts jiggled quite nicely.

Steve could tell that her actions were innocent. Sarah is a naturally active person, something, for which Steve is very thankful. They would often go on bike rides or hikes together, one of Steve's favorite activities with Sarah is to go to the beach for a little swimming and sun tanning. He pretty much has to keep his hands off her but he allows his eyes to roam.

Sarah opens the passenger door and slides onto the bench seat, "Hey."

"Hey, did you remember your water bottle?" Steve asked.

"Yup, and food, and bug dope."

As Sarah slides into the truck she can't help but notice the semi-erection in Steve's jogging shorts. She does her best to ignore it but her mind has already leapt ahead of her. She has an image in her head of leaning over and sucking that cock deep in her mouth. She can almost taste the pre-cum on her tongue the image is so strong.

As Steve begins the drive out to the trailhead Sarah takes a better look at her friend. At 6'5" he stands almost a foot taller than Sarah herself. The sandy blonde hair and blue eyes are not what Sarah would usually go for since she likes darker men but on Steve it looks good. His physical lifestyle has left Steve with a lean, hard body, which looks very good in his jogging shorts and T-shirt.

Sarah knows that given the chance Steve would fuck her. He doesn't seem to have any qualms about fucking his friend's girls and his history attests to that. He also never pushes a girl though; they always seem to come to him. Sarah has known him since she was sixteen, close to ten years now, and is probably his oldest female friend (perhaps only) that he hasn't fucked.

It's about an hours drive to the trailhead and Steve and Sarah make small talk on the way. They finally arrive and both hop out of the truck, grabbing their backpacks. Within minutes they're on the trail.

"So, what branch do you want to take this time?" Sarah asks Steve.

"I was thinking of the Kettle trail. It would take us most of the day but I was told there's a waterfall just off the trail near the top."

"Sounds good to me. We'll have to take that other branch first then."

"Yeah, the one that goes by that little pool. We could stop there for a little while if you want," Steve says, pictures of a wet Sarah running through his head.

"Sure, but not for long. It would be nice to eat lunch at that waterfall."

They continue along the trail for a good hour. Sarah can feel sweat collecting in the small of her back and she is constantly wiping her forehead. Thankfully there aren't many bugs out so they haven't had to resort to using bug spray.

Sarah often has to walk ahead of Steve as the trail isn't wide enough for two. She can almost feel his eyes on her ass. Sarah tells herself it's just her imagination but it's still making her pussy tingle almost constantly and she has to remind herself to watch out for high roots and rocks.

Steve loves the view from behind. He watches the shorts ride up a little each time she steps over a high spot on the trail. Taking his mind from the view he looks up and quickly checks their surroundings. Noticing a few landmarks he judges they should be almost at the pool. His ears also pick up a feminine cry.

Picking up his pace he catches up to Sarah and stops her with a hand on her shoulder. When she turns to ask him what the problem is he places a finger to his lips, motioning her to be quite and to listen. The cry comes again, this time a little stronger and it sounds like a woman in pain or pleasure. Another cry quickly follows but this one is distinctly male and is obviously a cry of pleasure.

Steve is shocked to see a look of hunger come over Sarah. He had expected shock or maybe curiosity, but not passion ... and so strong. He decides that perhaps a reassessment of Sarah might be in order.

Sarah is stunned when she hears the cry of the woman, she is obviously having a great time and when the man cries out her body responds almost instantly. The tingling in her pussy changes to a sharp ache and her nipples become little hard pebbles. She almost groans but somehow keeps herself quite. Noticing Steve watching her she blushes but decides it's too late to hide her reaction. Giving him a little smile she shrugs and turns back to the trail. Figuring that the couple would be by the pool Sarah decides to go in for a closer look. Steve follows and it is obvious from the way he moves that he has guessed her intentions.

Soon they are close enough to hear the passion of the couple by the pool and they drop their packs by the trail. Crouching they get a little closer along the side path that leads to the pool. They reach a spot where they receive a nearly clear view of the action.

It's not a couple; it's actually two girls and guy. Steve leans in closer to Sarah to be able to see through the bush.

The tall dark man is standing with a blonde sucking on his cock greedily. The blonde is on her hands and knees with the third girl lying beneath her and eating her pussy.

"Oh God Lisa your good," the man groaned, "that's it, take it all baby." He slowly rocks his hips against her mouth as she sucks and licks.

Steve shifts a little; placing his knees on the ground so that is his now hard and aching cock has some room.

Sarah's eyes are glued to the scene in front of her. Her body is responding not only to the sight but the sounds as well. Soft sucking noises are coming from Lisa's mouth as she glides the thick cock in and out of her mouth. From Lisa's other end even more enticing sounds are being produced. The second girl is slurping up Lisa's juices and as Sarah watches she slides a couple of fingers into the blondes pussy.

Sarah feels Steve move a little beside her and glances over. His eyes never leave the trio but Sarah has found something else to watch. Steve's shorts have a huge tent in them and Sarah watches in fascination as his cock grows and shifts beneath the fabric.

Sarah decides she can't stand it anymore and she acts before the rational part of her brain kicks in. Dropping from her crouch to her knees she twists her body slightly and before Steve can react she reaches into his shorts and pulls his throbbing cock out. Leaning over she swipes her tongue across the head of his penis and she is rewarded with a small gasp from Steve.

Sarah looks up into Steve's face and smiles at him. She then places a finger across her lips before going back to studying her new plaything.

Steve is in heaven. As he watches the trio before him change positions he feels Sarah's tongue licking up the sides of his cock. She's worked his shorts down lower so that his balls are now exposed to the cool air and she quickly coats them in saliva as well. Wishing she'd just take his cock in her mouth he groans slightly at the exquisite torture.

The man in the trio has lain down in the grass and the two women are riding him, one on his cock and the other on his face. Both women are breathing deeply and groping each other over the prone man.

"See Ang, I told you this would be fun," Lisa said as she ground herself down on the man cock. "Aah ... fuck, your big John."

"Mmm come on John, lick me. Make me com." Ang said before leaning forward slightly and pulling Lisa into a passionate kiss. Both are really into the kiss when John starts to buck his hips up into Lisa's pussy. Lisa breaks from the kiss and screams out her orgasm, meeting the guys upward thrusts with her own creating the slapping sound of flesh on flesh. Ang grabs Lisa's tits and pinches her nipples, making Lisa throw back her head in ecstasy.

Sarah chooses that moment to finally suck all of Steve's cock into her mouth. Steve strangles the moan before it gets past his lips but it's a close call. The combination of the live porno in front of him and Sarah's incessant licking has him already riding the edge of orgasm. He doesn't want it to end yet though so he closes his eyes to try to regain some control.

Sarah heard the strangled moan when she wrapped her lips around Steve's cock. Creating some suction within her mouth she slowly pulls back towards the tip, his hissing breath is like music to her ears. Glancing up quickly she notices his eyes are closed and she grins to herself. She knows he's close and trying to stay in control but she has other plans. Sarah wants to taste his cum and then share it with him in their first kiss.

Relieving the suction she opens her mouth slightly and runs the tip of her tongue around the sensitive edge of his cock head. Folding her lips over her teeth she slides them over the same edge several times in quick succession before sucking his cock back down to the root again. His cock is large enough that she has to open her throat slightly to get it all in.

Sarah could now feel Steve's hand sitting lightly on the back of her head. 'Naughty boy' she thought, 'I'm the one in control here'. Grabbing his hand with hers she weaves her fingers through his to stop him from instinctively taking over the rhythm.

Sliding back up she once more applies suction but then switches tactics and forms her mouth into a tight hot hole that can glide along his cock easily. Not giving him any slack she pumps her head back and forth at a fast pace, taking care to go all the way from root to tip each time.

It doesn't take long before she feels his body tighten up. He seems to go completely rigid before the first shot of semen hits the back of her throat. He's able to keep his groan down and only grunts lightly as shot after shot of semen fills her mouth and Sarah is forced to swallow or loose it down her chin. His hips finally stop thrusting with his orgasm and Sarah decides to be a little extra wicked. She applies a light suction to his cock as she slides her mouth off, catching the last little bit of semen left in his cock. The pleasure/pain of the suction causes Steve to hiss in a breath.

Straightening up she sees that his eyes are still closed. Releasing his hand she touches his face to get his attention. His eyes take a minute to focus and when she feels she finally has his attention she leans to kiss him.

Not hesitating in the least Steve pulls her to him and kisses her fully. The taste of his cum on her mouth only adds to the experience and he can feel his cock begin harden again. After a short while he lets Sarah go and takes a look at their entertainers.

Lisa has apparently fallen asleep but John and Ang are still going at it. Ang is on her back with her knees almost next to her shoulders, her legs are hooked over John's arms. Apparently Ang is flexible.

Sarah leans in close to Steve's ear, "you know, I can do that." Steve looks over at her, his eyes a little wide. Sarah grins and begins to back away from their spot in the bushes. Steve is quick to follow and they begin the hike towards the waterfall.

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