Sarah's Skanky Revenge


Holly knew that if anyone found out she'd not only be humiliated at school but this would follow her for the rest of her life, she didn't have the money to be able to just move and forget about it, after the falling out with her parents she was stuck in this town and she knew nobody would employ her after seeing that video. What's more she knew Sarah and the others all knew that too. She would have to beg those rich bitches, she would have to beg her enemies for mercy.

"Well Holly, what do you think?" asked a joyous Sarah.

"Please don't show anyone, I beg of you, I'll do anything, just don't show anyone that horrible film." Holly pleaded.

"Anything you say," repeated Sarah, with an evil smile that made it obvious to Holly this was what Sarah had planned all along.

"Okay then, we won't show anyone, but, from now on you are our slave, you do exactly what we say when we say it. If you disobey you will be punished and if you continue to disobey then that video goes to everyone in school and all over the internet." Sarah was so smug when she said this, Holly knew she was beaten, she knew that these girls had her exactly where they wanted her and she realised this must have been what they planned from the start.

* * * * * * * * *

Chapter 5: Out of the shadows

"Time to seal the deal slut," Sarah laughed.

"Let's start with you kissing whatever we put in front of you, and I want you to use tongue!" Smiled and giggled Sarah.

Christy was first up as she stepped over Holly, stood astride her and shoved her sneaker clad foot over Holly's lips

"kiss my boot, show it how much you love it," she laughed

Holly put her lips on the boot, it was humiliating, but at least it didn't taste bad. She stuck her tongue out a little and licked around it.

"Good slut" laughed Christy, she spat in Holly's face again and stepped back.

Next was Melissa and she also wanted Holly to show her foot love, but this time it was her bare foot, it smelt bad, Melissa bragged that she didn't shower after gym class earlier in the day.

"Open wide, I want you to kiss my foot, my toes and whatever gunk is in between them," She laughed cruelly,

Holly opened her mouth and the fowl smelling foot was pushed in, it tasted even worse than it smelt,

"Come on hore, move that slutty tongue of yours around, get right in between my sweaty toes, get all of that filthy toe jam from between them, oh yeh, that's a good little hore!" She said with obvious enjoyment on her face.

When she was satisfied she withdrew her foot and wiped it dry on Holly's hair.

Nicky stepped forward next,

"I forgot to shower after gym class too," she giggled,

she knelt over Holly and lowered her arm pit to Holly's mouth,

"lick my sweaty pit bitch," taunted the smiling blonde,

"get that filthy tongue of yours all over my pit and get it clean."

It smelt awful, but then what would you expect from the arm pit of a girl who spent an hour working out and then didn't shower. Once she felt clean she lowered the other pit to Holly's lips.

"Two for the price of one" laughed Nicky

"I'm going to use your tongue as a wash cloth more often, it feels much nicer than soap and a real cloth." Joked Nicky.

A few seconds later Sarah was bored of watching Nicky degrade Holly and decided it was her turn.

"Well Holly, my turn, be honest and I'll hurt you if you aren't honest, who do you hate the most in the world?" asked Sarah

"You" replied Holly

"good, that makes this so much more fun." Beamed Sarah.

As Holly watched in horror Sarah undid her skirt and lowered her panties right in front of her face. She turned telling Nicky to grab the camera and lowered her ass to within a couple of inches of Holly's face.

"KISS MY ASS, BITCH!" Sarah said slowly, deliberately and with sheer delight in her voice.

Holly shook her head, this was too much,

"Don't make me tell you again, your punishment will be far far worse than this, now start by kissing all over my left ass cheek and then move onto the right one." Sarah said with a smile still on her face.

Holly gave in, she closed her eyes, stretched forward and kissed her worst enemy's ass. Sarah told her to keep her lips there so they could get some photo's with a normal camera as the battery had died on the video camera. So Holly lay there with her lips on her enemy's ass then moved on to the other ass cheek and did the same thing again. She couldn't believe how bad she felt, how humiliated, how worthless, how degraded.

Sarah on the other hand was ecstatic, she had this bitch who she hated so so much under her butt, kissing her ass, completely at her mercy. She thought about all the other vile things she could make Holly do for her but then she remembered she had something even more fun planned, something that would completely break Holly's spirit and turn her into the worthless piece of trash Sarah knew she was.

Eventually Sarah could bare to get up and pull her panties back into place and replace her skirt.

"now that, was fun!!!" purred Sarah,

"don't worry though Holly, the fun isn't over yet, we have a really special surprise for you now, Christy please blind fold her again so as not to spoil the surprise." Commanded Sarah.

Sarah beckoned for Lisa to come over to join the group. Lisa the fattest ugliest girl in school had started off filming the girls capturing Holly and spitting on her and since had spent the time watching growing more and more turned on. She hadn't showered for 4 and a half days and had pleasured herself about 20 times since then so it's fair to say she smelt bad, really bad! This dark haired 5 foot 8 girl who weighed at least 260 pounds was a true vision of grossness and there is no way Sarah or her friends would have been seen dead with her normally, hell even nice kind Holly gave Lisa a wide birth she was so fowl. But ever since Sarah had discovered Lisa's interest in perverted porn magazines and her interest in dominating men or women she knew Lisa was perfect for taking an ultimate and lasting revenge on Holly.

Lisa stood over the blind folded Holly, the other girls stepped well back, partly due to the smell of Lisa and partly so they'd have a great view of what was about to happen. Lisa reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties and threw them down to the side of Holly. She then stood one foot either side of Holly's body, when she was ready she pushed the blind fold off the top of Holly's head where it fell on the floor behind her. Holly looked up in shock at revolting Lisa staring down on her,

"Hello Holly," Lisa said calmly,

"This is going to be fun" she said smiling into Holly's face.

Lisa moved forward and turned around, Holly realised what was about to happen and pulled violently on her restraints, tried to move her head, shouted to Sarah pleading with her to stop what was about to happen. It did her no good though, Lisa lowered herself down and sat her enormous fat ass right on Holly's face. She shuffled around until she had Holly's nose right up against her asshole and then let out a small moan and said,

"Oh that's comfortable, your face makes an excellent chair."

Holly couldn't decide which of the three awful things happening to her was worse, the awful smell torturing her nose, the emense weight causing her face pain or just the fact that she had her face buried in this fowl girls backside.

As her ass had engulfed Holly's face the other girls had given Lisa a round of applause and once she had got comfortable Sarah stepped forward again,

"Well Lisa do you like?" she asked

"Absolutely." Lisa responded eagerly,

"Well then Holly, you know you are our slave, and we have decided that you now belong to Lisa, you are her girlfriend, she is going to move into your flat, she is going to use you for whatever perverted purpose she see's fit, she will decide what you are allowed to wear, what you eat or drink, who you see or speak to, hell even when and where you get to sleep. The rest of us can still play with you if we want but Lisa is actually attracted to girls and will use you so much better than any of us could do. Besides we are all way too hot to let you near our bodies to do anything more than clean and service us occasionally. You will be allowed to finish school and Lisa will behave herself at school, none of us will tell anyone about you two until after final exams, but you will still obey us all at school, we'll just tone it down. You will stand against me for prom queen as if you drop out they will have someone replace you, but you will not campaign at all and when you vote you will vote for me." Sarah said that last bit with particular relish.

"Sounds good to me," Said Lisa,

"Holly darling, why don't I show you what to expect before we go and move me in to your place," Holly's new owner said with a perverted smile.

Holly thought she was in hell or this was a bad dream or something, she was tied down with her nose up the vile smelling ass of the fattest ugliest girl she had ever met and she had just been told that she was now going to be this pervert's live in girlfriend, she didn't even find girls attractive and she couldn't see how anyone could find that cruel disgusting cow attractive.

As if to highlight what Holly was thinking Lisa pressed her asshole to Holly's nose and let out a long, loud fowl smelling fart,

"Ah, that's good," said her tormentor,

and she let out two more just as loudly and if anything they smelt worse than the first one.

"ah yeh! Get used to it honey, from now on whenever I need to fart, which believe me is very frequently, I'm going to do it on your face!" Lisa announced to the laughter and applause of the other four girls.

"Now, I've seen what that tongue of yours can do, I think it's time it tasted pussy for the first time, get to work and don't stop until I tell you to!" She said whilst letting off another fart right into Holly's nose.

Holly was feeling sick from the fowl smell of the farts and the disgusting smell of Lisa's filthy pussy that hadn't been washed in 4 and a half days. She knew how awful things would get if she refused though, so she stuck out her tongue and got her first taste of pussy. Now anyone who has eaten pussy will tell you it can taste pretty damn good, but with a girl as vile as Lisa it tasted just plain nasty. Holly worked away though, firstly licking Lisa's outer lips to get her even more stimulated, she gradually progressed inwards and finally got her tongue to Lisa's clitoris. A few fast strokes with her tongue over it and she pushed the fat lesbian bitch over the edge. Lisa came in a shuddering orgasm gripping her thigh's over Holly's chin and neck causing Holly a great deal of pain. As she climaxed she let wrip another huge fart with Holly's nose now pressed right up inside her ass. The pain, exhaustion and vile gas up her nose caused Holly to pass out under Lisa's massive quivering ass.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 6: Unchained but certainly not free

The hoots and shrieks of delight from the other girls brought Lisa's delirious mind back to earth as she let out one more fart on the unconscious girl before lifting her ass off of her to check she hadn't killed her unwilling lesbian slave.

Holly was breathing okay but it would be nearly two minutes before she awoke. In the mean time Christy, Melissa and Nicky chained her and attached a collar and leash around her neck instead.

Lisa sat her enormous frame on an equipment box and looked on with a satisfied gaze while Sarah was now standing in front of the unconscious girl who was beginning to come around.

Holly opened her eyes and it took her a few seconds to focus on where she was. She was relieved to realise she was no longer tied spread eagled on the floor and she was absolutely delighted that that fat bitch Lisa had got off her face. Then she realised she was still naked and was now attached to a leash that the evil Nicky was holding the other end of. Nicky pulled Holly forward until she was kneeling at Sarah's feet,

"Did you have a nice knap sleepy head," Sarah asked mockingly,

"That was the coolest thing I've ever seen, Lisa made you pass out using just her ass, you little wimp!" she laughed,

"Well don't feel too bad about passing out, you'll have plenty of time to get used to that ass on your face, after all she owns you now!" Sarah started laughing again at that statement.

Holly noticed that worryingly for her Christy had the video camera out again and she was positioning herself beside Holly's kneeling form,

"Found the spare battery, ready when you are Sar." Christy said with glee.

"Now Holly I know you're keen to hurry home and help Lisa move in to your flat," Sarah could barely get the words out through mocking laughter,

"but Lisa has agreed to let Nicky and I as the two people you hate most in the world play with you a little first." Sarah gloated. Lisa was watching on with a big smile on her face, she looked straight into Holly's eyes and licked her lips seductively. That image made Holly feel sick again, the thought of what she had done under Lisa's ass and pussy and what she would have to endure in the future from her was almost more than she could stand.

Sarah told Nicky to lay Holly down on her back on the floor, so Nicky dragged Holly using the collar so she was laid flat as Christy followed intently with the camera. As Nicky was doing this Sarah removed her panties out of Holly's vision.

Sarah came back into Holly's view, she lifted her skirt and positioned her ass over Holly's face again.

"you know what I want bitch, kiss it!" Sarah ordered,

"That's good keep doing that, all over the cheek, now move on to the right one, oh yes, show my ass you love it bitch!" Sarah could hardly contain her excitement as she said this,

After a couple of minutes of this Sarah re-positioned herself with her asshole against Holly's nose.

"SMELL MY ASS SLUT, Breath it in, you should feel privileged to be smelling the next prom queens glorious ass." Sarah sounded so proud as she said this,

"I have a really special treat for you," she said and then she let out a small fart right into Holly's nose,

"Oh yes, do you like that slut! I would never do something so un lady like in front of anybody who wasn't one of my closest friends, but I don't see you as a person, you are a sub human ass cushion, you simply exist to be used by the 4 of us and your owner Lisa!" Sarah taunted before letting out a second bigger fart, she hovered there for a couple of seconds making sure Holly breathed it all in. She moved forward and positioned her asshole over Holly's lips,

"kiss my asshole you little skank, say thank you to my ass for the treat I just gave you and kiss my asshole thanks." Sarah thought this was the best moment of her life as she said this, Holly stammered out a thank you and forced herself to place her lips on Sarah's ass and give it a kiss.

"Ah, now that was fun." Sarah sighed, all right Nicky's turn.

Sarah moved back to sit down and was careful to sit with her skirt under her as she had not replaced her panties.

A delighted looking Nicky lowered her bare ass onto Holly's face also ordering the humiliated girl to kiss her ass cheeks. Like Sarah after a few minutes of this she positioned her asshole over Holly's nose. Holly was expecting this cruel bitch to fart as soon as she was in position, but she didn't. Nicky reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, she thrust back and managed to push Nicky's nose up into her asshole, she gasped as the nose penetrated her asshole and then pulled in harder to get Holly's nose as far into her ass as possible.

"Now Holly, I know I'm so gorgeous and I'm such a superior woman to you but do you really need to be such a brown noser?" taunted Nicky causing all the other girls to shriek with laughter.

"Now we both know I'm not a proper lady like Sarah," Nicky teased as she let out a big fart right up Holly's nose. She grunted and let out another even bigger fart, the smell was revolting, Holly couldn't believe a pretty girl like Nicky could make such a horrid smell.

"Nicky, that smells awful," Laughed Christy as she covered her nose whilst trying to hold the camera steady,

"Well as I knew we'd be doing this I wanted to really enjoy this by making it as unpleasant as possible for Holly." Replied Nicky with a truly evil grin on her face.

She grunted and strained and let out a massive, fowl smelling fart that sent so much vile smelling gas up Holly's nose it made her pass out again. The girls hooted and applauded Nicky as she raised her ass and freed Holly's nose, it made a strange sound as the nose left Nicky's ass and Christy actually had to step back with the camera as what gas hadn't passed into Holly escaped into the room.

"Oh, that smells so gross," Christy spluttered as she stepped back,

"Nice work Nicky" Said Melissa with a smile as she applauded.

Holly regained consciousness again after a few seconds and was relieved her nose was free but she did see Nicky's asshole hovering over her mouth.

"kiss it thank you bitch," Nicky ordered,

As Holly pushed her lips up to kiss her evil tormenters ass her lips met the asshole as Nicky pushed down forcing Holly's mouth open and she let out one more loud stinking fart right into Holly's mouth. After a couple of seconds holding her asshole over Holly's mouth Nicky got up but used her hand to keep Holly's mouth shut so the dreadful gas couldn't escape.

Once she was satisfied Nicky stood up and walked over and hugged Sarah before hi-fiving Melissa. Nicky put her panties back on as Sarah walked back over and looked into Holly's eyes,

"I've been looking forward to this, so much," laughed Sarah,

"One last thing before we let Lisa have her slut back!" Said Sarah with a sadistic look in her eyes,

Melissa and Nicky dragged Holly up to her knees and positioned her kneeling up in front of Sarah who was now sat on a plastic folding chair she had found leant against the back wall of the room.

Sarah raised her skirt revealing the fact that she hadn't replaced her panties yet, Holly gazed in shock at the view she had of Sarah's trimmed, blonde, pubic hair and this was the first time she had seen a pussy at this angle.

Melissa came behind Holly and slowly brought her head forward towards Sarah's pussy, Sarah opened her legs wider to accept the unwilling girl's head. Sarah then took over from Melissa and took Holly's head in her hands, she positioned it right in front of her pussy, Holly was about to stick out her tongue knowing what was coming, but Sarah covered her mouth with her hand.

"Now I am going to show you what you are really worth, you are a pathetic, slutty little lesbian hore, your only purpose and use is for the pleasure of your betters. We are going to use you whenever we like for whatever we like. Lisa will use you all the time and in far more kinky and perverted ways and you will be forced to let her because we are blackmailing you and because it's all you are good for. You are made to lick whatever parts of the body your betters want you to lick, to soak up our spit, to breath in our farts and for this," Sarah had pulled open Holly's mouth as she was speaking and had moved her open mouth right below her slit. As she finished speaking, with a huge smile on her face Sarah gave a small moan and a stream of yellow liquid started to flow into Holly's open mouth!

"drink it, don't spill a drop, oh yeh that's it, swallow down my piss, oh, oh yeh, you like that don't you you filthy bitch." Sarah felt so turned on as she was pissing right down her enemy's throat.

Holly tasted the fowl liquid as it gushed into her mouth, she had to force herself to swallow as her mouth was filling and she knew they'd hurt her if she spilt any. She swallowed several times as Sarah's seeminglessly never ending stream of hot yellow liquid continued to pour into her mouth. Finally Sarah finished with another small moan and Holly swallowed down the last of it. Sarah grabbed Holly's hair and rubbed it against herself,

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