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Sara's Story


Sara set down her suite case, and almost flopped onto the bed. The motel room she had booked into was small, but clean and nicely furnished, and the bed seemed like heaven after twenty- two hours sitting in an airplane. She was amazed at how exhausting sitting and doing nothing could be, and the jet lag was catching up with her already. It was an effort to get off the bed, but there were things she has to do before she could rest. Then she would rest well.

Opening her bag she took out her phone book, and picked up the phone. Her hands were shaking so badly it was almost impossible to dial the number, so she took a deep breath, and relaxed for a moment. There, the phone was ringing. Her heart pounding in her chest, she could hardly breathe.

"Hello. You have reached the home of James Carson. I am sorry I am not able to come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and a brief message, I will get back to you as soon as possible."

The sound of his voice took her breath away. She was almost relieved he wasn't home. Setting down the receiver without leaving a message, she headed for the shower. Letting the heat of the water wash away much of the stiffness of travel, toweled off, and headed for the bed. It was indeed comfortable. Sinking back onto the pillows she thought about her reason for being here. The meeting she a scheduled for the following day was the most important of her life. But that was not what had her so shaken.

James. The mere thought of his name gave her shivers through her body, and awakened a need she desperately needed fulfilled. They had met online, in an Internet chat room, and quickly became close friends. Over time the friendship had become more. Much more. The endless hours they would spend chatting, talking, watching each other on cam, had added fuel to a rapidly growing desire. A desire that could not be tamed even by the distance between them.

She took a deep breath and let it go slowly. Sleep was not going to come easily, her body and mind consumed by a combination of exhaustion and excitement. She tried to relax. To find the rest she so badly needed, but it eluded her. Submitting to her restlessness, she rose and went to the window. Gazing out upon a different world, her mind was a blur with the events of the past few weeks. It hardly seemed real. Yet here she was half a world away from the only home she had ever known. A cool breeze caressed her face, and a light rain began to fall, relaxing her a little. She returned to her bed, her body still to tense to let sleep find it's mark.

Opening the case beside the bed, she took out the velvet bag and opened it, producing a flexible pink vibrator with four rows of rotating beads close to the head. This one was her favorite, and she was now glad that she hadn't left it behind. Turning it on, she ran the beads over her tongue, making them wet with her mouth, loving the sensation it sent through her mouth. Moving it down to her pussy, she used her fingers to part her folds, and very slowly, moved the toy over her clit.

Her sex was already producing liberal amounts of silky juice, and she covered the length of the vibrator, she affectionately called "Binkie" with her hot fluids. Stroking and teasing her nipples with her free hand, she worked Binkie a little faster over her clit, and down over her hole. She wanted the feel of it inside her right away, but she took her time, heightening her pleasure. Slowly she inserted Binkie into her wanting pussy, moving her other hand down to massage her throbbing clit. Spreading her legs wide, she pushed Binkie deeper and deeper inside, the rotating beads sending a thrilling sensation surging through her sensitive center.

Moaning softly, she worked Binkie faster and harder in and out of her, thrusting and driving the toy into her hungry pussy while her fingers worked her clit in just the right way. Feeling herself building, she rubbed harder, fucking herself harder and harder with the hand held cock. Arching her back, and crying out softly, her orgasm swept over her sending a shuddering rush surging through her body. Taking Binkie from her pussy, she held it against her clit, riding her orgasm to the end. Tucking Binkie under the pillow beside her, she slipped into an easy, contended sleep. Binkie never failed her on sleepless nights.

Morning came all too soon, and the ringing of the phone brought Sara back from her dreams.

"Hello" she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and brushed her hair back from her face.

"Good morning Miss Mason. This is the front desk with the wake up call you requested. It's 7 am. Did you sleep well?" He sounded all together to cheery for this time of morning, but she could hardly hold her restless night against him.

"Yes. Thank you. I slept fine. Was there any messages for me?"

"No Miss Mason, nothing as yet."

"Alright, thank you." She set down the phone. A hot shower and light breakfast was all she needed to get her day started.

Stepping into the street, she was suddenly hit by the realization of where she was. California. USA. A very different world from the small country town in Northern Australia, where she had spent most of her life. This place was alive with the hustle and bustle of a million people going about their daily business. She took a deep breath, and looked for the courage she needed to get through this day successfully.

Stepping from the cab, she hugged her manuscript close. It had taken her three years to write the series of books she was submitting and hopefully selling to these people today. But her confidence was high. She was a good writer, and she knew it. The lift opened, and the door before her read "Bateman Publishing" With all she had inside her, she straightened her back and walked with confidence into the office. The secretary gave her a bright smile.

"Good morning. Can I help you?"

"Yes. I'm Sara Mason, I have an appointment with Mr. Bateman this morning."

"Of course Miss Mason. Mr. Bateman has been expecting you, please take a seat and I will let him know that you're here." Sara returned her kind smile and sat to wait. Her heart pounding, and stomach churning.

"Miss Mason, you may go in now." She almost leapt to her feet. It had all come down to this moment, was she ready for it? She had to be.

The man behind the desk met her with a cheerful grin, stepping out to shake her hand and introduce himself.

"Good morning Miss Mason, I'm Robert Bateman. It's nice to meet you at last. Please take a seat."

"It's nice to meet you as well Mr. Bateman." She met his eyes for just a moment, and for some reason found herself blushing. They had talked many times on the phone, but she had never assumed he would be so handsome. It gave her a rush she had not expected, and was a little uncomfortable with. She watched him walk around his desk and ease into the high-backed leather chair. He had a stunning physic, tall and well built. His shoulder length dark hair was pulled tight to the back of his head, and his dark brown eyes glistened with a life all of their own. His smile was magnetic, and she found herself staring.

"I read all your manuscripts. I must say I am quite impressed with your writing technique. You have quite a future ahead of you." She wasn't sure what made her blush more. His compliment, or his smile.

"Well thank you. I enjoy writing." She set the manuscript she was carrying on the desk, and at once his eyes went to the ample cleavage the manuscript had been concealing. Her flesh burned under his gaze, but she made no move to cover herself. She found the look in his eyes, the obvious desire he had for her, gave her an inner strength she didn't know she had. She smiled back at him, confident.

"It shows in your work. I was hoping to offer you a contract this morning, but the paperwork isn't finalized yet. Could I tempt you with dinner this evening, to discuss it further?" Her heart pounded. A contract. They wanted her books. She had never been so relieved in all her life, or so thrilled.

"Yes of course. I would like that." She couldn't stop smiling.

"Wonderful. Give my secretary the name of the hotel your staying in, and I will pick you up around, say, seven?" His smile was so hot. She could almost read his thoughts, and felt the heat growing inside her as well. He took her hand to shake it, and the intensity grew. He drew her close for a moment, almost whispering, "I'll see you at seven."

Sara was so excited she almost forgot to give the secretary the name of the hotel. Her hands shook a little as she wrote down the room number. Standing in the hall, waiting for the lift, she let go a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. When she stepped into the lift she was alone, and could contain her self no longer. She squealed like a child, jumping up and down, hugging herself tight and spinning on the spot, releasing some of the tension of the last few weeks. She stopped abruptly when the lift doors opened, and a very good-looking mailman stepped in. He gave her an acknowledging smile, and she had to suppress the urge to giggle, to do something outrageous.

All of a sudden she grabbed the unsuspecting mailman and kissed him hard on the mouth. At first he was a little shocked, but recovered quickly, pulling her hard against him, and forcing his tongue into her mouth. She felt so naughty, and so hot. His hands slid down over her ass and squeezed gently as their tongues danced between melting lips. The lift reached the lobby, and the doors opened. Sara released the dazzled postman and rushed out of the lift, turning to blow him one last kiss before she hurried out the door. The postmen deciding he didn't mind his job so much after all.

Stepping out onto the sidewalk was like stepping into an alien world. She looked up and down the street, wondering what to do now. She had the rest of the day to herself, but was completely at a loss as to how to fill the day. Spotting a pay phone, she had an idea of what would make her day perfect. Dialing a number she knew all to well, her heart pounded in her chest. Damn. It was the machine again. She was tempted to leave a message, but that was not how she wanted their first meeting to start. Setting down the receiver, she caught site of a lingerie store across the street, and began feeling a little wicked.

The store was small, but well laid out, and an attractive blond with very long legs, and an extremely short skirt greeted her at the door. The top she wore was little more than a bra, and Sara had to wonder if those enormous breasts were real.

"Hi my name is Natasha, welcome to Madam Silk's, could I be of assistance?" The woman voice was soft and rather sweet. Sara had never been attracted to women, but there was something about this woman that made her naughty mood even naughtier.

"Well, I'm not sure really. I thought I might have a look at something that was guaranteed to make a man drawl." She gave Natasha a wicked grin. Natasha giggled in a way that made Sara's pussy tingle.

"Oh, come this way. I have just the thing to make any man cream him pants." Sara began to giggle at the thought of seeing Mr. Bateman cream him pants, and had the thought that she would rather he creamed on her face. Oh, she felt so wicked. So hot. She followed Natasha to the back of the store and her mouth fell open when she saw the ensemble Natasha was referring to. A tiny black bra that held the breasts up, but left the nipples exposed, and a matching g-string that was only strings. The stockings joined to a narrow suspender belt, leaving the top few inches of the thigh uncovered. What made the outfit more startling was that Natasha was wearing it. If only she could make it look that damn good.

The sight of the other woman's body clad only in the extremely sexy attire was making Sara feel things she had never felt before. She could feel the tingling sensation in her pussy, and was a little embarrassed.

Natasha reached for the rack and took down a hot pink version of the outfit she was wearing in a smaller size, and handed it to Sara. Sara hesitated, and Natasha giggled.

"Oh come now, don't tell me the Aussie girl is shy. Go try it on." Sara bit her bottom lip in thought, then smiled sheepishly, taking the tiny garment and stepping into the dressing room. It didn't look quite the same on her as it did on Natasha, the other woman being a full foot taller than she was, but it still looked stunning. As she appraised herself in the full-length mirror, Natasha pulled the curtain aside and stepped in.

"Mmmmmm, now that does look good. Standing behind Sara, she ran her hands around her middle and down over her crotch, leaning in close to whisper in her ear,

"So do Aussie girls taste as good down under as they look?" She was almost purring as she rubbed the length of her body up Sara's back. Her hard nipples pressing against Sara's well tanned skin. Sara moaned softly, the sensations in her aching pussy taking control of her thoughts, her body. She felt like a wonton whore, and she liked it. Lifting one foot up onto the chair, she gave the steamy Natasha batter access to her hot and wanting sex. Natasha wasted no time. She pulled the string aside and plunged her fingers deep into Sara's wet hole. Her other hand teased and pinched Sara's erect nipples, biting and kissing the side and back of her neck. Sara reached behind her to stroke and probe Natasha's clean shaven pussy, while the other woman rubbed her thumb over her swollen clit, thrusting three long fingers in and out of her.

Sara could not believe how quick she became ready to climax. Natash turned her around, sitting her on the edge of the chair, then climbed between her wet thighs, burying her face in Sara's luscious mound. Her tongue licked and teased, then dove deep into Sara's pulsing hole as her body erupted in orgasm. Natasha moaned and lapped hungrily at the juices that flowed from Sara's delicious hole. Licking her lips, she looked up at Sara,

"Mmmmmmm, you taste even better down under than I could have imagined." She dropped her head for one more quick lick, then rose and left the cubicle. Sara sat breathless for a few moments, trying to absorb what just happened. She has just experienced the best climax of her life, and another woman gave it to her. "Damn" she thought, I never knew it could be so good. Her legs were still a little shaky as she dressed and headed for the cashier. A little breathless she handed over the item.

"I'll take this one." Natasha giggled and said, "I thought you might."

Back at the motel room Sara threw the garment on the bed, grabbed her razor, and headed for the shower. Natasha's cleaned shaven crotch looked much better in that string then hers did, and she aimed to fix that.

Shaved and naked, she stretched out on the bed and reached for the phone. Her heart pounded as it began to ring.

"Hello" It was the voice of a young boy. Sara wondered if she had called the wrong number.

"Hello. May I speak to Mr. Carson please?" She was becoming so confused. James had never mentioned family, let alone children. She quickly prayed that this had been the wrong number.

"I'm sorry, Daddy isn't home right now. Can I take a message?" Sara went numb. Daddy? Why hadn't he told her?

"No, there's no message. Thanks." She set down the receiver. What the hell was going on? In the two and a half years they had been lovers on line he never once mentioned he had kids, and kids usually meant a wife. A million questions raced through her mind. How many other things had he neglected to tell her, or lied about? Anger and confusion threatened to take hold when the phone rang. It was the front desk

"Miss Mason, a package has arrived for you at the front desk, shall I send it up?" A package? Who in the world would be sending her a package?

"Yes, of course. Send it up." She threw on her robe and waited for the knock on the door. The man from the front desk, Bradley she had discovered he was called, presented her with a dozen red roses. He gave he a wicked grin,

"It seems a certain gentleman knows how to treat a lady. Is he picking you up for dinner?" She raised her eyebrows at him and opened the card.

"Anticipating an enjoyable evening. Robert." She blushed at the thought of the evening ahead of her. This was just what she needed to take her mind off James until she found out what was going on.

"Yes Bradley, he's picking me up at seven." He looked disappointed. But she could tell it was all show. "But I promise to be home by seven thirty." His eyes lit up.

"You're expecting your date to go that badly?" She smiled and winked,

"AM" giggling she closed the door before he could say another word. Putting the roses to her face she breathed deeply. She loved the sweet scent of fresh roses. She set them on the table and began to dress for dinner.

In the lobby of the motel was several computers set up for public Internet access. Sara intended meeting Robert in the lobby, not in her room, and since she was a little early, she decided to check her email. In the five days since she had check her account, there was over a dozen emails from James. She opened the first one,

"Baby I miss you, where are you tonight?" The second,

"Baby I love you so much, I can't stand to be a day without you, please write back to me soon." The third,

"Sara, my darling Sara. I am beginning to worry. Please let me know where you are." All the other email were much the same. I love you. I need you. I miss you. Where are you? The last few were beginning to sound a little desperate. She clicked reply on the last entry.

"Dear James. Where am I? Well that is an interesting question. I am here, in California. Thought I would drop by and surprise you while I was doing business here. SURPRISE!!!!! Oh by the way, interesting answering machine you have there, 'DADDY'S NOT HOME YET' Don't suppose you wanna explain that one to me? " She added the name of the motel she was staying at, and hit send. Logging off, she went back to the lobby, bumping into Robert as he made his way to the lifts.

"Oh. There you are. Saving me some time?" He was obviously surprised to see her there, and gave her a playful smile. She giggled, blushing a little under the intensity of his eyes.

"I had to send a quick email to a friend, and I'm starved. If you had been late I was going to looking for a burger stand." He laughed at her tease, taking her arm and leading her out to the waiting Limo.

The restaurant was elegant, and the food superb, but more than that, it was the company Sara was enjoying. All through dinner Robert kept her laughing and blushing, telling her jokes and making silly little comments and observations about others dining around them. After desert, the table was cleared, and it was time to get down to business. Robert produced a contract and handed it to Sara, saying he hoped it met with her approval. When Sara got to the bottom line, it more than met with her approval, she was stunned. It was twice what she had been hoping to get, with an option for another three books over the next three years. It was almost to good to believe and although she wanted to sign right away, common sense told her to read the fine print, and she asked if she could get back to him tomorrow with her answer. He seemed delighted, suggesting that dinner tomorrow night at the same time would be the perfect opportunity to discus it further. She smiled at the thought of spending another evening in his company, and accepted his invitation.

The evening was already very late when they returned to the car, but neither of them was ready to call it a night just yet. Robert helped her into the car, and stepping in beside her, leaned over and kissed her before she had a chance to move over. His kiss both surprised and delighted her, returning it with eagerness he had not expected, but seemed more than happy to expand upon.

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