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Sara's Submission


Tags include Femdom, Cuckqueaning, Step-incest, and Lingerie.

There are some supernatural elements in this story but nobody with wings or tentacles or anything else nonhuman in appearance.

I love this site and I wanted to give something back after browsing through all the other author's works for a year. Feedback is appreciated, thanks for reading!


Seraph had active hobbies. He liked to hike, was part of a beer league kickball team, and even went along with his oldest friend and neighbor to the occasional mud run, but he didn't work out to increase his performance in any of them. It felt good to look good. That's why Seraph worked out.

He had been a skinny, poorly styled nerd growing up whose romantic prospects had been limited by a lack of self confidence. Fortunately, the last few years of high school development had been good to him. He had accidentally developed healthy habits when his best friend had lost a parent in an attempt to keep her stable and afloat. Looking better had increased his self-confidence, which translated to increased attention from the women he was interested in, and the whole circle of working on his friend's depression and his own confidence through fitness and diet had turned into a self-referential positive feedback loop. He knew now that he was attractive, though nagging doubts from his youth kept him from womanizing.

Today, his best friend had uncharacteristically missed their workout, which he worried was a sign of her backsliding into depression. Sara was nothing, if not punctual. He finished dressing, jeans and a baseball tee that fit snugly over his shoulders and traps. He liked it when women noticed, even though it felt vain to enjoy the attention.

He checked his phone for messages from Sara, but saw only a text from his ex, Leona. It had a picture attachment. He checked the proximity of the other students in the campus locker room before opening it. Leona had sent him a selfie, her big blue eyes peering knowingly into the lens. She was wearing heels, a knee-length skirt with a small slit up the side, and a blouse with one too many buttons unfastened, which allowed Seraph a full view of the cleavage that she knew made him weak. There was text across the picture. When am I coming back over to put you on your knees? Don't make me make you beg.

She had put a few devil emojis after the text. Seraph tried not to dwell on precisely how badly he wanted to text her back, and tried to ignore the way he was lengthening in his jeans. Leona had been manipulative, jealous, and spectacular in bed. She had lorded some dominant sexual power over him for the few months they had dated. She could somehow sniff out all his submissive sexual fantasies, and delighted in making them come true. Seraph was still uncomfortable with how much he had enjoyed her dominance. It had been humiliating, and he had loved every moment of it. He willed himself to close his phone and hurried out of the locker room.

Seraph strolled to his next class. It was a short walk from the campus gym so he made it with minutes to spare. Sara was seated where she always was, and his seat was still vacant. Even in college, with no assigned seating, people tended to pick one chair for the whole semester.

"You missed our workout," he said as he took his seat, already unzipping his bag and digging for his laptop.

"I had to run an errand," Sara said. She looked a little embarrassed.

Sara was always ready to blush. Despite her good looks, she struggled to make friends or to find partners. Seraph thought it was because she had blossomed slowly. She had been as lanky as Seraph when they were young, but she had been small as well. She had come into beauty later than most women. But now, on her twenty-second birthday, her eyes were large emerald pools that were made to look even larger by the frailty of her nose and mouth, giving her a kittenish beauty. Her raven hair hung to her breasts, and was slightly longer in front than in back. Though she was still slim, she had put some curve on her frame through three years of regular exercise with Seraph.

"I dig it. We still on for tonight? Wait, did you get your nails painted?" Seraph was a little surprised. Sara was never one to treat herself. She usually kept her makeup and nails natural looking since they were small together.

"Yes, and yes," she replied. "I wasn't going to make the gym so I stopped off and pampered myself." She wiggled toes that had been French manicured to match her fingers.

"It looks good on you," Seraph said. He always commented on and encouraged Sara's self-care. She had battled depression for years after her father's death, and it was a constant struggle to keep anxiety and sadness from overwhelming her.

He forced himself to stop looking at her. He would never make a move, Seraph told himself, but it was tough to ignore the way Sara's thighs and ass filled her jeans now, or the way her blouse hung from her breasts. They had plans to meet that night at her place. She would help him get through some of the homework for his prerequisite credits that she had completed last year, and he would help her with a history class he had completed the semester prior. Then he would be designated driver for her twenty second. Well, he would drive them to the bar. They would have to hail a cab or Lyft back.

"Hey, did you do Leona's entrance essay for her?" Seraph gave Sara a sidelong glance.

"How did you know? She rat me out?"

"Two reasons," Seraph lifted his index and middle fingers. "One, you always bend over backwards for her. Two, she got in." They both laughed. "And yeah, she still texts me. A lot."

"I have to live with her," Sara explained. "I could spend an hour or two on her essay, or listen to her beg for a month. Seemed faster this way. More interestingly, she seems to be holding your torch pretty tight. You interested?"

"I'm not putting my hand back on that stove." No matter how hot it is, Seraph thought. "Besides, I don't think she's actually as interested in me as she is indignant that someone is saying no to her."

Sara nodded. "She's like that. You know she always has been."

"I know, but you shouldn't let her just run you over like that. Now we'll have to deal with her on campus. You'll never get a moment's peace."

Their professor and his assistant entered the lecture hall and began setting up for the lesson. There was a rumor on campus that Professor Rosenhal had chosen his assistant for her looks, rather than for her academic prowess, but truth be told Ms . Meacham was one of Seraph's most engaging and attentive instructors. She actually seemed to care if her students learned, which was a trait in short supply among his other professors. He told himself that his affinity for her wasn't because of the way she filled out her outfits, and he almost believed it.

"Stop staring," Sara teased, ribbing Seraph with a pen.

"Excuse me, some of us are trying to absorb the lesson."

"The lesson doesn't start for another four minutes. You're just trying to stock your fapadex."

"Who taught you that term? And how do you know me so well," Seraph joked, taking Sara's pen from her with a quick movement.

She fixed him with a long gaze. There was something more confident in her eyes than Seraph was used to seeing, something more aggressive. He was the first to turn his eyes away, though Sara's look stayed with him. She should start getting her nails done more often..

After class Seraph and Sara split ways. He got home and spent most of an hour deflecting texts from Leona. Things had fallen apart when she got jealous and clingy, mostly because she hated that Seraph had women roommates and a female best friend. Seraph was having trouble staying away. Sex with Leona had been amazing, and it was tough to go cold turkey. Before sending him a racy selfie, she had been probing him in their text conversation, asking where he and Sara were planning to go drinking. He briefly considered telling Leona the truth, as his resolve was beginning to weaken after three weeks. Libido speaks louder than sense in the minds of youth. He didn't want to cause a scene though, which was another possible outcome any time Leona started drinking, so he told a fib and replied that he didn't know yet. He would text her when he and Sara had the night planned, he lied.

He repacked his bag with the classwork he needed and headed to Sara's after a brief phone call. She sounded nervous, which was odd. He had known her long enough to know what her nerves sounded like, but they never showed through when she was with him. He was her safety blanket, and had been since they were little.

Sara's place was nicer than the little house he lived in. Her family was loaded, and they had just given her one of their rentals to live in if she had promised to stay in-state for college. Implicit in that deal was that Leona would move in with her, and that she would watch over her little step-sister. Four bedrooms, a finished basement, a pool, and only one roommate. It was honestly too large for the girls by themselves, but it was the only empty house their folks owned that wasn't under lease for months to come.

Seraph let himself in with the key Sara had made him. He headed downstairs, where they always studied. Sara and Leona were nowhere to be seen. Leona had a late class he knew, and wouldn't be home for a few hours, if at all. Seraph put his things on the large dark table they usually studied at and headed upstairs. He checked the pool and the backyard, and then headed upstairs.

"Sara, you napping?" he announced, more to let her know he had arrived than to get a reply.

"No, just applying the war-paint," Sara said. It was the only way she referred to makeup.

"I'm busting in, if you're decent." Seraph put his hand on the knob.

"Yeah." She sounded nervous.

He entered and was a little surprised at what he saw. The last time he had seen Sara's room the floor was covered with little glyphs and symbols. She had been studying for her occult studies class and wanted to try one of the spells, she had said. A large dense carpet covered most of her floor now, which her bed sat atop in the center of the room. There were five large candles burning around the bed, each placed atop a large stand. A little light escaped from under the shut door of Sara's bathroom.

"Very Anne Rice," he said. "Where's the rest of your bedroom furniture?"

"I redecorated." Sara laughed though the bathroom door.

"Is this more stuff for your occult class? The candles smell great."

"It is, and I need it for some homework for that class. I need your help, as well.."

"Well let's do the damn thing. We can be done here and downtown in two hours, tops. All that booze won't drink itself."

Seraph waited in silence. The candles smelled wonderful, heady and musky. He approached one and took in a full breath. Tension poured out of him like water from a tipped glass. His mind buzzed pleasurably. He was going to have to buy one of these for his place.

The bathroom light turned off and for a moment there was silence. Seraph opened his mouth to speak and closed it again. He had never taken any of her religious studies or occult courses, and wouldn't be much help. Questions filled his mind and he didn't know which one to ask first. He shut the door behind himself and took a few steps into the room before the bathroom door opened.

The candlelight danced across Sara as she stepped into her room. She was wearing black lingerie, stockings, and heels. Her makeup was dark and full around her eyes, which made her emerald irises burn brighter as they reflected the dim candlelight. Her hair hung straight, with half of it in front of her shoulders and half of it behind. Her panties were lace, and were fastened by two burning-red bows, one at each hip that held the front and back sections to each other.

"I could have helped you move the furniture, you know," Seraph joked. His attempt at levity elicited no laughter.

"Will you help me? Ms. Talia . . ." Sara trailed off.

"Your professor?" Seraph forced a laugh. "What does she -" he stopped short. He could feel himself lengthening a bit, filling up his boxer-briefs, and had trouble keeping a thought in his head. His dry spell was doing his mind no favors as he drank in the sight of his friend. He had to decide if he was in or out. Seraph was struggling to think. It wasn't just the blood traveling further south, he decided. Something else was going on. "You look amazing. This will change things, though, if we do this."

Sara took in a deep breath and stretched, seeming to steel herself. When she finished her long, languid stretch she fixed Seraph with a predatory look, akin to the one she had fixed him with in class earlier. Her eyes they looked different from the typical emerald, intelligent orbs Seraph was used to seeing. She looked aggressive, and hungry.

Sara stepped slowly over to him, her eyes fixed on his like a snake's on its prey. She was a pace away. "Did you come here willingly? You have to do this willingly."

"Weird intro," Seraph noted. "Of course I did. I would do anything for you." Seraph took a deep breath and let the smell of the candles delved into him further. As he drew a full breath he felt the fuzziness in his head intensify. He felt himself grow more aroused. "What are these candles? These aren't normal."

He went to her, unable to stop himself. "Wait, aren't people meeting us here in an hour?"

"Nobody else is coming. I just wanted you," Sara said, reaching up and wrapping her hand around Seraph's neck. She let her fingers slide up until she was playing with the hair on the back of his head. "I noticed how you were looking at me today."

Women always knew when they were being checked out. Or maybe I just stare like a creeper, Seraph chastised himself. "I tried not to. It's just -"

"I've wanted you since we were in middle school." The fingers of her right hand continued to work at his hair and she placed her left on his chest. She began to slide it slowly down. "Why haven't you ever made a move on me? I would have said yes."

"You were broken for a long time. You've always been beautiful to me, but pouncing on you when you were crushed felt like a betrayal of your trust." Seraph was surprised with his own lack of tact. He was always truthful with Sara, but not brutally so. They didn't often talk about how bad Sara's headspace had been, and when they did it was just as a reference point for how healthy she was now.

"I'm not broken anymore, and you're not with Leona. It's just us two, healthy-headed grownups," she teased. Her hand stopped its slide on his belt. He was wearing slacks with a micro houndstooth pattern in black and grey. They were tight over his quads and bulged out just a bit as they lay over his member, which he pretended not to notice. He wore a light blue V-neck with short sleeves that he filled out nicely.

Sara wrapped her fingers around his belt buckle, tugging just a bit at its clasp. "Assuming you're onboard, of course. Will you give your body to me? Maybe as a birthday present?"

Sara had always been the brightest student in their class, so she was always a bit wordy. Despite her odd phrasing, Seraph made up his mind. He valued his friendship with Sara, but couldn't say no. Maybe it would work out wonderfully, the part of his brain that was fuzzy and horny whispered to him. A thought came unbidden to his mind, like a whisper in his ear, do what she wants, and give her what she wants. It was a woman's voice that he had never heard before, powerful and seductive. Seraph recoiled from the words in his mind that were not his own, but couldn't pull his eyes off of Sara.

He leaned down and kissed her, and was surprised at how quickly Sara's hand slid from his belt to his member. Definitely more aggressive than he imagined Sara would be. She gripped him through his pants, and pressed herself against him. Something in Seraph tried to pull back, to tell him that Sara was not acting herself and to wait a bit longer, to ask more questions. His lips almost left hers but her hand that had been playing with his hair was of a sudden gripping his neck and holding him tightly.

Let this happen, the voice whispered. She wants you so badly. Be more than her friend, now. Be what she wants. Sara's taste filled his head, and after a short moment Seraph stopped resisting, all thought of restraint leaving his mind. Sara moaned a pleased sound as he surrendered, and her grip on his neck relaxed. She worked his cock free and his pants down. Seraph was shortly naked, and Sara broke their embrace.

"Good boy," she praised, resettling one hand around his cock and one on his chest. She pushed him toward the bed, working up and down along his length and she slowly walked him back. "Sit."

She was talking to him like Leona used to, completely taking charge. Seraph loved it.

Seraph, now too docile from her kiss and from whatever humor was fuzzing his brain to resist, let himself be steered by his dick like it was a joystick. He stepped slowly back until the back of his knees folded onto the bed and he sat. She shouldn't be talking to him like a dog. This wasn't the Sara he knew. The tranquilized part of his mind tried to push through the fog, but Sara gave him no time to recover. She pushed him back until he was fully on the bed and straddled him for just a moment, her raven hair moving past across his face as she cleared it away to continue her kiss. She pressed him down against the bed, laying him flat without letting her lips leave his. Their tongues played across each other for a time before she broke the kiss slowly, biting and pulling on his bottom lip as she rose. She sat atop Seraph with his engorged cock between her legs. She pulled it flat against her panties and stomach to eye its length, both of them seeing that it would go to nearly her navel. She took her eyes from his member and fixed Seraph in her gaze as she began again to slowly work her hand up his length and back down, pausing at the top to smear her palm with his slickness before working his precum over his shaft. She arched an eyebrow.

"I know why she was so jealous. She was right to be," Sara said.

"Who? Leona?"

"It was on your birthday, six months ago," she continued without answering. "I came over to surprise you with lunch, since I knew she was taking you out for dinner. I didn't knock, and I didn't announce myself when I went to your room. Do you know what I saw?"

"The door was open." Seraph remembered. Sara was supposed to be gone all day.

"I saw this," Sara continued, sliding her hand slowly off the top of Seraph's cock, allowing it to fall and to slap against his stomach. "Grinding into my little step-sis. You had her on her back, and I think you two had just gotten started because her bra was still on. Do you remember?" She gathered him back up and continued to slowly stroke, leaning closer to Seraph, her lips getting close to his.

He remembered. "She climbed on top of me, and pulled my face into her tits."

"Mmhmm," Sara agreed. "She saw me, and climbed on top of you. Her blonde ringlets bounced on her shoulders as she bounced on your cock, and she never took her eyes off of me. She wanted to claim you in front of me. Honestly, I didn't realize until then how badly I wanted you. I just thought my little crush had returned when we started working out together, but when jealousy consumed me in that moment I knew it was more."

Sex with Leona was usually athletic, and the two of them typically switched positions often. But Seraph remembered his birthday, and remembered that Leona had held him against her tits and ridden him to a loud, simultaneous orgasm. She had held him after and kissed him deeply, whispering love to him. Leona had said-

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