tagSci-Fi & FantasySarlene's Touch Ch. 19

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 19


Messandra glanced around as she allowed Calleslyn into her home, and swiftly closed the door behind them. The human woman was still shy about their relationship, nervous about what her neighbours would think, although Calleslyn suspected that none of them even guessed anything was occurring. Thankfully, her partner's shyness was not at all apparent when they were alone together. But human cultural mores were what they were, and she supposed that they had to be respected here, in a human city.

"What do you think?" asked Messandra, raising her arms and giving a twirl to show off her new dress.

It was sky blue in colour, clinging tightly to her curves, sleeveless and almost backless, held up only by straps around the back of her neck. Calleslyn's eyes were first drawn to the long flowing skirts, swishing around as Messandra moved, and deeply slit up the right side to expose half of one shapely leg. Unbidden, a vision of those thighs tangled in her own leapt to her mind. The truth was that she had been looking forward to this evening all day, fantasising about what they would do together in bed, aching for her lover's touch.

"It looks lovely," she said, honestly, "you make me feel plain."

"You could never be plain," replied Messandra, "trust me. But I am glad you like it. Oh, and you are exactly on time – dinner is just about ready." They kissed, gentle and affectionate, even though Calleslyn's body was already demanding much more than that. She would just have to wait.

They had eaten together before, and spent evenings chatting, but always here. In elven society, back home in Myaira, they could have gone out, attended musical performances together, or just walked past the tree-houses along the riverbank, but here in Haredil, such things were not an option. It should not make a difference that both of them were women, but the truth was that it did.

And, right now, all Calleslyn could think of was getting the meal over with and unpeeling that beautiful sky blue dress. She did not think that she had ever arrived here feeling quite so full of desire before; perhaps it was because of what she would be doing over the next few days. Immanent danger inspired passion in some people, although she had not particularly felt this way before. Perhaps Messandra was different?

She sat down at the table, as her partner brought the food in from the kitchen; a simple meal of lamb and salad with a bottle of white wine. Calleslyn resisted the urge to reach out and stroke the woman's thigh as she walked by... she wasn't sure how long she could hold out, but she really ought to finish the meal first.

Even so, as Messandra sat down opposite her, across the small table, she felt the heat rising between her legs. Her partner's new dress was low cut at the front, exposing the curve of her cleavage, and tightly fitted to her waist, emphasising the swell of her full breasts – larger than those of the lithe bodies of most elves, wonderful to explore and tease. She forced her gaze higher, past the pearl pendant nestled at the base of her lover's neck, staring instead into those deep blue eyes.

"Tomorrow is the day, isn't it?" Messandra asked, "that you begin the exploration of the underground passages?"

She nodded, mentally dragging her attention back to the world outside, "at least, we make the final preparations then, so I won't have time to see you after that. But it might not be a long foray. Vardala found us a way in – something she picked up from talking to the local gnomes – but it might be that that doesn't get us all the way to what we're looking for. There could be obstacles of all kinds that we don't know about. At least the advantage of it being here in the city is that we can return at any time to re-equip, or whatever else we need to do."

"But it will be dangerous?" There was no mistaking the worried tone in her voice.

"I can't deny it," she admitted, "but this is what I do. What I have done... well, not forever, but for as long as you have known me. I am sure we will be all right, though. We are experienced, and there is only so much that can be here, directly underneath a large city." She was playing down the risks now, but they would not be doing so tomorrow; overconfidence could get an adventurer killed. And where demons were involved, there could, in fact, be almost anything.

"I know... but I still worry. I admire you for it, though. Your bravery, your knowledge of magic. It's one of the reasons I've always..." she smiled, "well, you know..."

Calleslyn nodded. It had become clear that Messandra had fantasised about her for some time before they finally got together. It was the fault of human society again, and of the fact that elves were not so common a race in Haredil as they were in some other parts of the world. Messandra had never thought that her fantasies had any chance of becoming reality, and so had always stopped herself short of broaching the question. In any elven land, such reticence would be simply incomprehensible.

But now that they were together, Messandra plainly adored her. It wasn't just the sex, amazing though that was, but just being together, an affection that went further than the mere physical. The elf felt a twinge of guilt, lowering her eyes to her plate. Messandra was monogamous, and not, she thought, through the simple absence of any other opportunity. She doubtless expected and believed the same of Calleslyn, yet that was not true.

Twice recently she had made love to other women, and she had thoroughly enjoyed both experiences. It had not been the same as with Messandra, but then every person was different, individual in their personalities and tastes, and that applied as much to their sex lives as to their more obvious choices of fashion or diet. To an elf, this was all part of the rich tapestry of the world, and few people expected anyone to stick exclusively to one partner. In that, she was as much a product of her culture as Messandra was of hers.

She did not think that her human lover would understand that, and she knew that she could not risk mentioning it. In fact, she considered that she might have to take up monogamy, to meet her partner half-way, as it were. It would not be so bad, and if she had to restrict herself to one woman, there was no other that she would rather pick. Even elves, after all, tended to stick with individual partners for long periods of time, even if they thought little of side dalliances.

The feeling that making love with a different partner might be seen as a betrayal was a new one for her, and not one she had quite come to terms with. Hopefully she would do so – one way or the other – before the question reared its head again.

"But no," Messandra was saying, "I wouldn't ask you not to go. If you didn't, you wouldn't be you."

Calleslyn smiled, raising a hand to casually flip a fringe of hair over her shoulder, exposing her long neck and one pointed earlobe. She knew how Messandra liked to kiss that neck, and how sometimes she would rest her head in its crook as they cuddled up to sleep in post-coital bliss. She leaned back slightly in her chair, and was rewarded as the human woman's gaze visibly wandered across her face and upper body. She regretted not having worn a special dress – she would have to remember that next time.

She had, she remembered, a fine elven dress that she had not worn in years, one that covered little and would doubtless look somewhat exotic to a human observer. It was surprising she had not thought about it before, but she would enjoy seeing Messandra's reaction to it. She took a long sip of her wine as she imagined making love wearing it, the thought so powerfully erotic that she began to get damp between the legs. Yes, that was something she most certainly had to try!

They continued to talk, finishing the meal and then sharing the rest of the wine. Afterwards, Calleslyn would not remember quite what it was they had discussed, although she held up her own end of the conversation adequately enough. Inside though, all she could think about was getting Messandra out of her clothes and into her bed. Her body ached for her partner's touch, and the wetness between her legs was demanding, the passion feeling as if it had already been too long delayed. She had rarely felt like this, but tonight the desire was almost overwhelming.

The truth was, when they had first discovered each other, that Messandra was inexperienced and unsure of quite what to do. But she had learned quickly enough, and Calleslyn had to admit that she was quite possibly the best lover she had ever had. Oddly though, it was difficult to quite put her finger on why.

The human woman was passionate, gentle, and beautiful, but there had been others who could fit that description. Calleslyn had even made love to elven men of whom that was true, although, admittedly, she had always preferred other women. There was obviously something else about Messandra that went further than her previous partners, something she could not quite place. Was it the fact that, at times, she seemed almost innocent, that this whole thing was so much a new experience for her? Was it that she could so easily achieve multiple orgasms? Or was it, perhaps, a bonding of true friendship, something she could certainly not have shared with Shamira or Ansreal, to name just her most recent encounters?

Somehow, she felt that the latter was the most likely explanation. Perhaps it was more than just sex; it was true love, something that, looking back, she could not say she had really felt before. The idea left her more confused than ever, not knowing quite what she did feel, or what it meant. Except that right here, right now, she wanted to make love, wanted to see and feel her partner's naked body, and to gaze into these deep blue eyes as they climaxed together.

"You've been quiet," said Messandra, "thinking about your expedition?"

"No, it's not that..."

"Or thinking about something else?" the human put her wine glass down and stood up.

Calleslyn's eyes followed every nuance of her movement, and she wondered if she looked as begging as she felt. Messandra smiled, in that lovely, slightly shy way that she had, and the elf found herself longing to kiss those soft lips, those cheeks, that nose. Yet she could barely move from where she was sitting, her knees weak with suppressed desire.

"Here I am," said Messandra, still smiling, "wearing this bright new dress that I bought to look good for you, and all evening, you've just wanted me to take it off. I am right, aren't I?" The elf made a move to protest, thinking that the other woman might be more upset than she appeared, but she was just waved aside. "I know you, Calleslyn, and I know what you are thinking," the words were softly spoken, teasing, not angry, "all evening I could see it in your eyes... even the way you are sitting, your legs pressed together, as if you are trying to hide something. Goddess, I don't think I've seen you so horny before. And you should know that that..." she gave a slight chuckle, watching the elf's face, "...that that really turns me on."

Calleslyn made to move, hands grasping the arms of her chair to raise herself, but Messandra held out a hand, making a 'stop' motion. "Oh no," she said, "I think I'm going to make you wait just a little bit more." She raised her hands behind her head. "But this dress has done its work, I think." She undid the tie at the back, sliding her hands down over her front, so that the straps hung down, one arm holding the material up over her breasts. The other stroked down her side, ruffling the material, running over her hip to the pleats of the long skirt. Slowly, she raised her right leg, placing her foot onto the nearby chair.

The elven woman watched with mounting pleasure, resisting the impulse to throw herself at her lover, instead allowing herself to savour the striptease. Messandra's leg was free of the long slit in the skirt, bare and just inches away from her; she could so easily reach out to stroke it, but she would not. Not yet. The human woman's feet were bare too, and she had evidently removed her shoes under the table while they were drinking, already planning this out.

"It flatters me, don't you think? The dress?"

Calleslyn nodded dumbly. Indeed, no matter how much she had wished to see it gone, it was an attractive garment, and showed off just what it should. No doubt it had been chosen for exactly that reason.

"But you want to see more?" Messandra slowly peeled back the upper part of the dress, exposing one bare breast – as had already been obvious, she wore no shift beneath. The elf's breath caught in her throat, her eyes fixed on that luscious pink nipple, and the curve of that mound, so much larger than her own. Soon, the other side of the dress followed it, and Messandra slid the material down her flanks until it rested above her hips. Calleslyn's eyes followed the movement down, drinking in every inch of that waist, the fresh, concave, skin of that belly she had so often kissed. Her gaze lingered on her partner's dextrous fingers as she moved her right hand along the bare thigh, caressing herself as the elf remained motionless, entranced.

Messandra lowered her leg to the floor, and raised her arms, allowing the dress to slide suddenly off her hips, and fall to the carpet beneath her bare toes. She was dressed now only in her brief panties, a darkened spot of moisture betraying the fact that she was as ready as Calleslyn herself.

"Let's see how lucky you are tonight," said the human, dipping a finger beneath the hem of her panties. She slid her hand inside, dipping it between her legs, still concealed by the white fabric. Calleslyn swallowed, not even daring to blink as she continued to watch. "Hmm... oh, I think you may be quite lucky." She slowly removed her hand, examining the drops of moisture glistening on the tip of her index finger, and then held it out for the magician's inspection. "What do you think?"

Messandra leaned forward slightly, and pressed the damp finger against Calleslyn's slightly parted lips. Needing no encouragement, she sucked the finger, licking it gently with her tongue. As her partner slid it free again, she nodded, not wanting to say anything. Messandra took a step back, out of the dress pooled on the floor, and turned around, casually peeling off her panties as she did so, and walking towards the door that led to the bedroom.

She leaned against the frame for a minute, breasts in profile, the nipples clearly erect and begging for attention. Then she crooked her finger in a 'follow me' gesture and, with a quick grin, stepped inside.

Calleslyn exhaled, realising that she had been holding her breath for the last part of the striptease, and quickly pulled herself up out of the chair. Her knees were weak, and her hands almost shaking with anticipation as she fumbled to remove her own clothing. She could not recall anyone having affected her like this, not since she was a sapling – what would have been her teenage years had elves matured at the same rate as humans.

She almost staggered into the bedroom, still stepping out of her dress, to see Messandra already lying back on the bed, one arm behind her head and her legs slightly apart. She paused for a moment just to drink that view in... but only for a moment, before feverishly pulling off her remaining underclothes and half-falling onto the bed beside her lover.

They kissed, passionately, lips crushed against each other, tongues entwining, fingers running through each other's hair. The kiss seemed to go on and on, Calleslyn pressing herself hard against her lover's body, able at last to give vent to the feelings that had so flooded her during the evening. Eventually, they broke free, pausing to catch their breath, before Messandra pressed her lips against the elf's neck, kissing all along its slender length, from the tip of her earlobe to the top of her shoulder.

She raised her head and tilted it to one side, flipping her hair back to give Messandra the best angle that she could, stroking her hair, feeling her shoulder blades and the top of her spine. There was not a part of her lover's body that did not excite her, and she intended to explore it fully.

She kissed Messandra's earlobe, darting her tongue daintily around its edge and into its folds, feeling the round curve of it, so different to that of an elf. She moved lower, to her partner's own neck, blowing away loose strands of long hair the colour of sun-dappled sand. Then to her shoulder, savouring the shape of it, the flawless soft skin. Her lover murmured happily, holding a hand to Calleslyn's head, gently stroking her hair as she moved lower, across her chest.

Messandra's breasts were larger than those of any elf she had met, if not exceptional by human standards, and she took her time, running her fingers over them, kissing each in turn. The human woman moaned as she took a pink nipple in her mouth, sucking it gently, applying pressure while teasing the tip with her tongue.

She felt her partner shift beneath her, pressing her thighs to either side of one of the elf's own. Slowly, her hips began to move, rubbing Calleslyn's leg against her sex, while a hand stroked her lower back. Her quiet, yet demanding cries turned louder as the elf, sensing her urgency, moved her own hand down, dipping between the sliding flesh to seek out her partner's pussy, and touch her clit.

She continued to kiss Messandra's breasts as her fingers slowly rubbed the seat of her pleasure. The human woman's body arched beneath her own, her voice now gasping, her fingers digging into the small of Calleslyn's back. She released those wonderful mounds only at the last moment, watching her partner's wide blue eyes as she gasped and heaved, crying out "oh, Calleslyn!" as the orgasm washed over her.

They kissed, briefly, and the elven woman traced her hands over her partner's upper body as she lay there, regaining her breath. She knew it would not take long for Messandra to recover; that was something she had learned very early on in their relationship. When she did, Calleslyn had an aching need of her own that needed to be filled, but for now, she was content to slowly explore the other woman's body, hands running over her belly, hips, and thighs, kissing her skin gently, taking in the smell and taste of sweat and passion.

Messandra placed a finger under Calleslyn's chin, raising it up to look into her eyes. The elven woman moved up beside her, their thighs still entangled in each other, and they kissed each other on the lips languorously, breasts pressed together. Their lips wandered, Messandra kissing her on the nose, chin, and then the throat. Calleslyn rolled over onto her back as her partner's attentions moved lower.

She closed her eyes, focussing totally on the sensations of touch, on the feel of the woman's lips on her skin. She felt Messandra caressing her breasts, teasing the nipples with her fingers, then the hot moisture of her breath as she bent to kiss them. The elf moaned quietly, shifting slightly against the sheets, and running a hand to her groin. She was so hot, shuddering with anticipation, desperately wanting this woman to bring her to the peak.

But Messandra still wanted to take her time, changing position to kiss her stomach, and run her hands over the elf's pale thighs and buttocks. Calleslyn let out a whimper of frustration, dipping her own finger onto her pussy lips, finding them even damper than she had thought. It was like a delightful torture, and felt even more so when her partner lifted her hand out of the way, preventing her from pleasuring herself.

She opened her eyes to watch Messandra gently sucking the juices from her slender fingers. The human woman smiled, still managing to look almost shy, despite what they had already shared this night.

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