I was a thirty-year old man that had just been fired from his job. I had worked for the firm for over six years and got along well with everyone and brought it a lot of business.

Many women at the office apparently wanted me for sex but it was against company rules so all I did was flirt with them. It did not matter to me if they were young or old, fat or skinny, or whatever race or ethnic group, I flirted with them.

I was always polite and never made crude remarks or veiled offers and never touched anyone anywhere except the back of their shoulder.

I was a tall guy with pleasant features and dressed well. The ladies realized that I loved all of them and were incensed when they learned I had been fired. I knew my boss liked me and I knew he understood I represented the company well and successfully so I had no clue as to why I had been let go.

At the end of that Friday he asked me to meet him in his office so I did. Some hoped I would beat him to a pulp but already knew there was no chance of that, one thing they liked about me was that I was pretty much unflappable.

My boss gave me generous severance package and a glowing letter of recommendation. He said, "The reason I fired you has little to do with you. My wife has been insisting that I ask you to fuck her. I knew you would never do it while a part of the company but I did not tell her that.

Unfortunately she figured that out and has been demanding I fire you for over a month. She has been threatening to tell everyone I suck cock if I don't. The fact that the revelation would certainly ruin our family oriented business has not discouraged her, she is fixated on you. Sorry."

"I understand; you had no choice. I'm sorry it will not work out for your wife and I should be OK for a while so don't worry about me."

"I know. You have an interview with a good company with a good reputation on Monday. I know they are looking for someone like you and they do not mind employee relationships. They also pay better."

I was not at all surprised by his revelation nor his efforts in finding me employment. I found I had nothing more to say so I shook his hand then hugged him and thanked him for his efforts in my behalf and simply walked out of his office and the only job I had ever had.

The Monday morning interview was with a woman about my Mom's age and I flirted with her a bit from the start. She said I was the best qualified so far and that if hired I would need to travel.

"With you?" I asked in all faked innocence.

She laughed then said, "I wish, I'm stuck here. You however would end up going everywhere. We have a meeting to make the decision on Thursday. I will call you Friday one way or another. I'll warn you now that if hired you would need to be in Chicago at nine Monday morning. Would you be able to do that?"

"Yes, no problem."

"Good, it has been nice visiting with you. I will call you."

I spent the week taking out former co-workers to dinner then fucking them. I took some out to lunch then fucked them. All volunteered for seconds or thirds or anytime.

On Friday the woman I had interviewed with, Ms. Riley, asked me to meet her as soon as possible. I had not gone out on interviews during the week and was happy I had not; I wanted that job.

She led me to a private conference room and closed the door. "I have a very delicate question to ask you. Would you have sex with older women?"

"You mean like your Mom?"

"She smiled and said, "No, women my age or so."

"You are in my favorite food group. Is the job that of a gigolo?"

"She again giggled and said, "No, and you would not need to service any of the ladies, you just need to show you would love to do so."

"What if we end up doing so?"

"It wouldn't hurt."

"Chicago then?"

"Yes, you need to go to personnel and sign a bunch of papers, get your expense card, plane ticket, hotel reservation then come back to see me."

I smiled as we stood and I kissed her softly on the lips. I sensed she really wanted the kiss so I embraced her and extended it. She pressed herself to my erection and I maneuvered her to the top of the table. I reached under her dress and found a wet, naked pussy; she had been hoping for this.

She opened her legs and slid my zipper down and pulled my cock out. She hissed as my cock slowly slid in and moaned at my first stroke. I made love to her for one orgasm then fucked her hard for another. We never broke the kiss until my un-spent cock was back in my pants.

"I'll be back to your office as soon as I can," I said to her before kissing her again and walking out closing the door behind me.

It took almost noon before I was processed but eventually I was back at Ms. Riley's office. She pointed at a worktable and I sat there after she did.

"This folder has the plan options you will be trying to get companies to buy into. Read them and write down any questions you may have. You have a training session in Chicago to learn the paper work under Mrs. Spiers; treat her as you treated me, she expects it," she said with a smile.

"You will be shown all kinds of things but remember it will be you the customers will be buying into so use your main assets, your friendliness and openness.

If you don't know the answer to a question say you don't know and immediately call me. I know you will be very good at your job soon. From Chicago you will be making your first call in Seattle. You will staying there until a decision is made then will come here for three days then on the road again as Willie would say."

"Can we kiss again?"

"You have the job already."

"Oh, right," I said and kissed her softly as I slid my hand up her leg until my finger found her clit. She moaned and soon had an orgasm. I ended the kiss and slid my hand out from under her dress.

Thirty seconds later her secretary put her head through the doorway and said "Mrs. Spiers on line one."

"Put her through please."

I got up and handed her the desk phone and began to leave but she took my hand and held me there.

The secretary said, "I'm going to lunch. Do you want anything?"

"Yes, a big salad with no peppers and a sweet tea, please. Do you need anything?" she asked me.

"No thanks, I have what I want to eat."

The secretary nodded and gave us a knowing smile and closed the door behind her.

Ms. Riley took the phone and said, "Yes dear sister, what is it now?

Yes, he is as good as I said, better in fact. You may need to close your door when he is your office. Right now he is sitting me up on my desk and kissing his way to my pussy. Oh, don't wear panties."

She paused her conversation to moan her way through an orgasm

"Yes he will be there Monday morning. He just pulled his magnificent cock out and is going to fuck me again."

Ms. Riley put the phone on the desk and held on to me as I fucked her hard. I knew Mrs. Spears could hear us fuck and I thought I heard her moan in orgasm right after Ms. Riley did.

She picked up the phone and said, "He certainly knows how to treat his boss.

Yes, he will be there Monday morning.

Bye, I don't want to listen to your wants anymore."

To me she said, "You may want to get there early on Monday so you can fuck her into shutting up. By the way she is my twin sister."

"Good, I will like her."

I embraced her and gave her a long kiss. I said, If you get the urge to spend the weekend with me you have my address," and kissed her again.

I was leaving her office when the secretary returned. She apparently could smell the sex in the air and gave me a shy smile. I introduced myself to her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. She liked the kiss so I gave her another one as I gently caressed a breast then said to both ladies, "I will be studying in the conference room if anyone wants me."

Two hours later the secretary, Maria, came in and closed the door. She raised her dress and sat on the table directly in front of me, there was saliva on her pussy and I quickly added mine then as her first orgasm faded I stood and fucked her hard to another.

I kissed her until her second orgasm had faded then assisted her off the table. I kissed her again before she opened her door and she left. I was again studying when it crossed my mind that neither of us had spoken a word.

It was five and I stood to go home when Ms. Riley came in and said, "More please." Her dress was at her waist when she sat at the table but I decided to give her control so I lay down on the table dick side up. She gave a happy squeal and mounted me.

I expected a violent fuck but she made love to me instead. It took her twenty minutes to climax and remained over me for another five.

"I will be at your place before nine. I will bring dinner," she said. She got up and before leaving kissed and slurped my cock into her mouth.

She was at my patio home with an overnight bag at eight that evening and stayed until she drove me to the airport at noon on Sunday. She helped me assimilate the details of the services I was selling between fucks. I learned that she was principally a lesbian but was currently without a partner. She did confess that she and Maria had eaten each other that afternoon. She said that most people in the office were aware we had sex that day. She thought I might need to accommodate several of the women. She told me she loved the way I made love to her and the way I fucked her to Kuala Lumpur. I learned she was three years younger than Mom and fifteen years older than me. Perfect.

It knew she and Mom would get along great. I suggested to her that Mom would love joining her for lunch one day. She looked at me a bit surprised then smiled. She seemed to like the idea.

I was at the Chicago office at seven-thirty Monday morning; Mrs. Spiers arrived fifteen minutes before eight. I had fucked her to two orgasms before her secretary arrived. Before the rest of the office arrived I had fucked her secretary.

I did do an all day training session with little play but when I went to Mrs. Spiers office at the end of the day I closed the door behind me and we fucked for nearly an hour.

Her sister called and she was allowed to hear us fuck. We heard Ms. Riley have an orgasm. She heard Mrs. Spiers have two.

The next day and a half was all work and I soon found myself on the way to Seattle. The guy I needed to talk to was about ten years older than me and his company really needed my company's services but he was trying to resist making a rush move.

I suddenly stopped my sales pitch and asked him which section of the ballpark he preferred. I had noted he had a well-worn Mariners cap on his bookcase and I decided to change the subject to something that was comfortable to him.

I said, "I am going back to my hotel then going to see a ballgame. Do you have a favorite place to eat before and after?"

After he told me I said, "Take your time making the decision, I know how important it is to your company."

He offered me two tickets to that game his company had and I asked him to join me that evening. After some hesitation he called his wife and asked permission to go and she said yes.

That told me he was not in charge.

We had a great time and became friends that night. We only talked baseball and Seattle tourist attractions.

The next morning I called him to ask how to get to this place that had been featured on the Food Network and he told me to come to his office and he would guide me there. I was not too surprised to see that his wife would be accompanying us and I flirted with her immediately. She was older than he but not by much I thought.

The following morning I had the signed contract then took them to lunch. After a very personal kiss to the wife I patted/caressed her husband's butt, which he gladly accepted. I had a hand on each ass as we left the restaurant. A passionate tongue filled kiss to the wife and an embrace to the husband later I flew home. They invited me to stay with them on my next visit to town. I did. Most of my stay was in their bed.

At the home office in Houston Miss Riley was not surprised I had made a sale but was very happy to see how much I wanted her. After making love and fucking hard into the night she asked me, "Did you enjoy fucking my sister?"

"Yes although I am amazed by the differences between you. Her hair is red and she probably weighs ten pounds more than you. She is also definitely a submissive, so I can see how she had a husband and you never have."

"Which one of us do you prefer?"

I chuckled my way down her body and made her forget the question while I ate her pussy.

A week later Mom called me while I was on the west coast, "Are you working?"

"Only sort of. Have you and my boss met yet?"

"Yes, we had, uhm, lunch together today and she is coming over tonight. That was why I called but if you are busy we can discuss this later."

"I am having dinner with my prospective client but it is more of a date. I'll call you back later. Love you Mom. Bye"

"I'm too old to be your date."

"You're the only one talking business, I am on a date."

"You are crazy."

"Funny, Mom just said that."

I got the lady another margarita then put her hand on my thigh. Two minutes later she was gripping my erection through my trousers. Twenty minutes later we were fucking hard in my Los Angeles hotel room and again the next morning.

We signed the papers during lunch then I took her to Las Vegas for the night. We fucked, went to the show she had wanted to see, the Cirque O' show, then fucked again. The next morning we fucked before going to the airport and flying to our respective homes. Mrs. Gonzales would remain a lover for two years before she remarried.

A majority of my sales trips did not involve any fucks but enough of them did that I was very satisfied with my sex life. I took part in threesomes and small orgies. Several women fucked me on more than one occasion. Two came to Houston to fuck me again.

During my five Houston years I fucked every unmarried woman in the office that wanted me except amazingly Ms. Riley. She was now Mom's partner. I was then promoted and transferred to the Chicago office and it became my office to run.

Mrs. Spiers had resigned because her ex-husband had retired and wanted to travel around the world with her. They never re-married but did end up living together.

In the Chicago office the only two I had ever fucked were no longer there. I was now seldom on the road so I decided it would be best to leave the office women alone.

The new office manager in Chicago was a very fine looking tall black woman named Sasha that was six years older than me. Like me she had been hired by Ms. Riley in Houston but was sent to Chicago to take her sisters place.

We did not get along well at the start because she thought I was only trying to seduce her but she eventually relaxed and we became friends. She began to flirt back but I knew it was in good humor. I liked her. We had fun.

A snowstorm buried the city while we were still at work and she was one of many stranded downtown. We had dismissed everyone at noon fearing the worst but had stayed to set things up for a lengthy closing. Sasha was apparently one of many in the city without contingency plans when she learned that every downtown hotel was full. She decided to spend the night in the office. I lived three blocks away and offered her a warm place with food to wait things out. She hesitated then the electricity went out in the building.

I took her hand and we walked nine stories down and three miserably cold blocks away. The wind was howling at over forty miles an hour and the drifting snow was creating barriers in the sidewalk. I wondered why anyone would live that far north.

My building still had power so we ate a leisurely dinner and she took a shower then I did too. She was only wearing one of my t-shirts and had settled in my kitchen with a glass of wine when the power in my building vanished. I was still in the shower. I got out, dressed in the dark and joined her in the kitchen.

We stayed up drinking wine by candlelight for a while and we felt like we were in a romantic date until we noted it was getting noticeably cold in my home.

I took her hand and said, "We need to be in the same bed to keep ourselves warm. Don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen to you."

She did follow me and we got in a very cold bed. We scooted closer to each other but she was still shivering so I scooped her into my arms and rubbed her back and arms. We warmed up quickly but we did not separate.

My rubbing of her body to get her warm had degenerated into soft caresses. Her shirt had risen above her waist and I was now caressing her bare ass. She looked at me and I kissed her. I had intended it to be a reassuring quick kiss but she seemed to be enjoying it so I continued the kiss.

Apparently while dressing after my shower I had put on boxer shorts instead of gym shorts. My erection grew out of the boxers and touched her inner thigh. She allowed a low "Oh" to escape her lips but did not move away nor end the kiss I was soon caressing her full firm tits under her shirt; she was soon caressing my very firm cock. The kiss continued.

She sat up and took off her shirt and I slid by shirt and boxers off then we resumed our previous positions and the kiss. Slowly she slid her body over mine and very slowly my cock penetrated her pussy. The kiss ended briefly while we both moaned. I pressed down on her ass trying to get as much of my cock in her as she pressed down.

Suddenly the kiss resumed with passion and she started a fuck that quickly gained a lot of intensity until she growled and trembled in a very nice orgasm. I waited for her to catch her breath then rolled us over and fucked her hard until she growled and trembled again.

As soon as I caught my breath I rolled us back over and she began a slow fuck that featured a lot of kisses and caresses. She would at times breakout into giggles then try to reach my esophagus with her tongue. She trembled at times but with no accompanying growls, those were small orgasms.

Then we lost it. The sound of our hips slapping together could probably be heard in Milwaukee. It was my most intense fuck ever and my cock erupted before she got to her orgasm but apparently triggered it as a deafening groan escaped her enraptured body.

We endured several aftershocks then resumed the kiss. We fell asleep. Perhaps three hours later she was again fucking me even though she was apparently still asleep. She trembled and then settled back down over me.

About four hours later I needed to go pee and slid out of the bed, ran to the bathroom and peed, then ran back to the bed. I noticed it was snowing again. She was soon making the same dash I had just made. When she returned to the bed I pulled her into my arms and warmed her up.

"You promised me that nothing bad would happen to me," she said.

"Did it?"

She smiled and gave me soft kiss that lingered.

"No. There was absolutely nothing bad in what has happened to me on this bed. It's snowing. I may never be able to leave."

"That's fine," I said before I kissed her.

She gave me a gentle punch on my chest then cuddled closer. "Do you have any idea what time it is?" she asked.

I reached to the night table for my watch and held it so she could read it.

"Wow, I would already be getting off the train to get to work by now."

"How long does it take you to get here?"

"A bit under an hour, most of it sitting in the train. I stop for breakfast at the diner a block from here then walk to work."

"Well, neither of us have to worry about that for a few days. It might be a week before you can get home. Stay with me," I said.

She made no comment but cuddled up closer to me. A few minutes and kisses later I dashed to my dresser then flung sweatpants, sweatshirts and thick socks at her and I quickly put on one of each, except socks, I had fur lined slippers.

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