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Sasquatch Encounter


Kay and her fiancé, Mike, often went camping in late August in a wooded mountain area. They never ventured to the top as it was said to be very dangerous and many men had gone alone into those heights and not returned. However, they did hike several miles deep into the beautiful landscape before setting up camp and getting comfortable. Kay was a little nervous this time because she kept getting a strange feeling someone was spying on them. She heard noises from beyond the trail and saw shadows outside of their firelight at night. The first two days had passed and Kay refused to make love with Mike because she was experiencing premenstrual symptoms and wasn't in the mood. Besides, she felt someone was present and didn't want any perverts listening in or, God forbid, filming them. Mike was frustrated, but still having a good time. When he said he was going to hike back to the car Saturday morning to get more batteries and beer, Kay suggested they just pack up and head home. Mike strongly opposed that idea. They both arranged for a week of vacation to go camping and he wasn't ready to get back to reality just yet. She closed up the tent and packed their important belongings to hike back to the car with him but Mike said that would be silly when he would be back in just a couple of hours. He asked her to see if she could catch some fish in a nearby lake for them to fry up for lunch. She was frightened but Mike convinced her that no one was anywhere within miles of their campsite. Reluctantly, Kay agreed. He helped her carry the fishing gear to the lake with plans to meet her at that same spot around noon.

Mike set off toward the parking area further down the hills while Kay baited her hooks and got comfortable. It wasn't long before she had that eerie feeling again. The one that said there was someone in the woods watching her, even though she wasn't able to watch them. She let the idea go, assuming she was just paranoid, and continued fishing. She caught two large mouth bass and one catfish and was feeling quite proud of herself when she heard a noise nearby that she was SURE wasn't her imagination. Instantly sorry she let Mike convince her to stay by herself, Kay went to her bags and searched for their skinning knife. She was on her knees when she felt something leap onto the soil behind her and she let out a scream. Some huge animal was breathing on her neck! She was so afraid that she couldn't even make a sound. Was she being attacked by a bear? She attempted to turn her head but something stopped her. No, not a bear... Hands, huge hands with fingers entangled in her hair stopped her. Her face was held firmly, but not painfully, in the grass. Kay couldn't fathom a man as large as the one who held her down sneaking around in the woods able to hide from her view. Then she heard a sort of snort, and it was sniffing her hair and neck, like a neighbor's dog would inspect a small child. The nose drifted down her back, still sniffing and then pushing up her shirt and licking her neck and spine. All the fine hairs on her body stood on end and then Kay screamed hysterically as the man or whatever it was took her sweatpants in its teeth and tugged on them. She writhed and tried to clench her thighs tight enough to keep them up but his jaws were strong and he pulled them to her knees. With one massive hand still in her hair, he forcefully spread her legs and began sniffing her crotch. A long, warm tongue licked around her ass and then her pussy lips. With only one hand beneath her abdomen, he lifted her back side and she trembled with fear. She then gasped with an unwelcome surge of pleasure as the long and rough textured tongue slipped inside of her. It slid in and out and all around her vaginal walls and labia. She knew her juices must have started flowing as her hips bucked and that huge hand gripped her hair more tightly. The tongue stopped it's exploration of her most private places and she was placed back on the ground. Her head was released and, suddenly aware again of the danger she was in, she scrambled to escape. But he quickly pursued her again. Kay tried to turn around but now he was on his knees, which must have left him still at least 5 feet tall, right behind her. He lifted her entire body by his grip on her hips and mounted her with only her arms and head on the ground. It was then that she saw his legs. Thick, muscled legs completely covered in long, almond colored hair. She thought the hair must be as long and thick as a German Shepherd's and his feet were huge and strangely shaped. She was jerked upward quickly as he knelt and licked her asshole again. His tongue moving slowly, deliberately before he stopped and held her hips still in front of him. He breathed heavily and made a few strange moan-like sounds. Kay felt the head of a cock she imagined must have been at least the width of a beer can and she didn't want to know how long. He was holding her body up by her hips and humping her. He moved spasmodically, as if he was overexcited and didn't know how to get it inside.

In a panic, Kay wriggled to try and free herself from this man/animal's grip. Ironically, that wriggle was just what it took for the head of his massive cock to find her juicy crevice. She wailed in shock and agony as the intruder penetrated her poor, unprepared body. He groaned and pushed himself further on her body so now her chest was resting on the grass along with her head and arms. Kay cried out as he thrust in and out of her and clawed frantically at the ground in hopes of pulling herself off of his terrible cock. Her efforts were to no avail and he was thoroughly enjoying his catch. She felt like she was impaled on a two-liter coke bottle. He gripped her hips tightly and made long strokes as his cock slid in and out of her pussy.

It didn't take long for Kay to become exhausted from the frantic fight to be released by the creature that mounted her. She ceased flailing and attempting to escape and her body hung from his two large hands. She couldn't believe how long he had abused her already but imagined that if she was going to survive this, she would have to let her muscles relax. She felt as though her poor pussy had been fucked by this giant forever and wondered if it would ever end. Kay wished Mike would come back NOW and rescue her before she ended up dead or with irreparable internal damage. He picked her up completely off the ground and lifted her as he pushed her weight up and down on his cock. Her lips tightened around her teeth and she thought her eyes would pop out of her head! Then he began pumping harder and faster than before; in moments, Kay was crying and then trembling before she felt an orgasm taking her over.

Her body shook violently as the waves rocked through her but he was un-phased. That monstrous cock continued pumping her fast and hard and she soaked herself and his legs with cum that oozed out through the tight space around his dick. A sloshing sound could be heard with each thrust and after a while, Kay had practically forgotten she was being ravaged by a beastly rapist. She moaned and whimpered, the extreme sexual exhaustion had brought her to a point where she was barely able to move or even think for that matter. Orgasms came back to back and she was completely at his mercy. Gently, he lowered her hips to the ground without pulling out of her and held himself on his arms above her limp body while he licked her neck and ears. However, though he was no longer aggressive, he wasn't anywhere near finished. The assault of her cunt continued for what seemed like hours.

Kay passed out only to awake to a warm fire and the smell of fried fish after Mike showed up with the batteries and drinks. He was pleasantly surprised to find her half naked and obviously having masturbated while he was gone. He got back later than he expected and had let her sleep until supper was cooked. Kay was very refreshed and thankful, yet somehow sorry, that her ordeal was over. She decided not to tell Mike anything about it. There was nothing he could do and he would never believe her anyway. Her "masturbation" on the lake bank had turned Mike on so much that he insisted they make love there the next day. She kept a watchful eye on the woods but didn't see or hear any signs of her attacker again.

Twenty-five years since that week in the mountains, Mike and Kay had never been back. Their son came the May following that fall camping trip. It took a lot of their time caring for a special needs child. He was a very healthy boy, physically, in the Guinness Book for his record height. He was very attractive although his size could be intimidating. Kay named him after the campsite that she and Mike enjoyed so much in their younger years. Mike thought it was strange at first but later warmed up to the name and was proud of his strong, athletic boy. He never learned to speak and the doctors couldn't understand why. He seemed to have excellent hearing but the only sounds he could muster were primitive grunts and whistles. Even without his speech, however, he was very popular with the ladies! Kay finished college and went into a career studying human history. She had a fascination with Sasquatch sightings which Mike could never fully understand...

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