tagErotic CouplingsSati Ch. 03

Sati Ch. 03


Sati, next steps.

During the night I had pressed my erection into her still very wet pussy and slowly worked to a quiet ejaculation, I left my slowly deflating penis in her and went to sleep exhausted.

I awoke slowly in the morning, I was still cuddling into her back but there was no erection to disturb her sleep. I went to the bathroom, pee, teeth all that stuff, and then got the coffee maker in action.

I sat there and savored the coffee, the view, and my exquisite memories of the previous evening, my balcony is small, two chairs fill it but the view is fantastic.

My second cup is in hand when I hear you moving about. Then you appear with a towel around you and a cup in hand. You look stunningly gorgeous even at this time of the morning and after such a night.

You lean in and kiss me softly on the lips, then sit back into the other chair, coffee in hand.

"Okay, what gives?" She asked, "I'm doing all the cumming and you seem to be doing all the work?""When do I start to get YOU really into this?"

"This shouldn't be a matter of work sweetie it is all about touchy feely, at the moment I am just enjoying bringing your sexuality into the open, when you are ready you will know what to do to satisfy both of our desires."

"From where you have already taken me, like a sensual express, I can't wait to see what we have yet to share together, but so far I'm up for anything you desire."

We sat there and drank our coffee and talked about what we wanted to do during the day, beach, dinner, very mundane talk.

Sati stood, stretched, the towel fell and her bra was still in place, her bare pubic mound stood out, and she ran her hands down over her hips and said. "I need a shower. How about you?"

"Oh I don't know, I'm not sure I need one." I joked.

"Trust me you are going to need this one." She said as she flipped the towel at me. We both laughed and headed to the bathroom.

The tub in the bathroom was regular size and was plastic and formed part of the back wall, the curtain was on a rod that curved out and around the front of the tub. The shower itself was a rubber hose that connected to both the hot and cold faucets and delivered through a rudimentary head mounted to a small bracket slightly above head level. Even though it was pretty basic I had found it adequate so far.

Sati ran the water in each faucet and mixed it until she felt comfortable with the stream then stepped in. I stood at the sink and shaved and when done went to join her in the shower.

She was so adorable, a big grin on her face when I pulled the shower curtain back enough for me to get in, and "You must be feeling dirty" she said with the grin still in place.

With that gorgeous body shining with water and her beautiful eyes checking me out I had to stop myself from rushing her, this was going to be real good, for both of us.

I turned her around to face the oncoming water and stood behind her, the perfect globes were so inviting but they were for another day. I grabbed the moisturizing body lotion and squeezed some into my hand. Sati leaned back onto me and turned her head so that we could kiss. Slowly I rubbed my hands together and brought them softly onto her breasts.

"Umm," she murmured as her mouth opened to let my tongue slip in. Slowly and gently I rubbed the silkiness of the lotion over her breasts and started to knead them, firm hands starting at her rib cage under them then sliding up to enclose them. This continued while our mouths became much more active. Her nipples sprouted into hard points and my fingers softly pinched and pulled rhythmically. Her ass rubbed back against my rising erection.

"Oh it looks like you are happy to be here with me," she said as she grinned up into my eyes "or am I getting the wrong impression?"

"Oh you have the right impression" I said "but are you happy to be here with me?"

She turned and pressed herself completely against me, reached up and pulled my head down and kissed me deeply.

"I had absolutely no idea that making love could be this fantastic; so, the answer is yes I am very happy to be here with you." She stated. "Now get to work and make me even happier."

I turned her around again and started nibbling and kissing her neck, she reached up and pulled her wet hair aside to give me clear access. I got more lotion and worked on her breasts, as her breathing and body tension increased I started to rub further down her body. More lotion then I ran both hands down her sides directly to her mound and pulled open her labia. Her body thrust forward to meet my fingers and she turned her head and her mouth again completely absorbed my probing tongue.

Trying not to break our lip contact I moved slightly so that I had better access to her pussy. Her hand reached down and gently grasped my hard on. My fingers opened her labia and started gently stroking up that channel; her breathing in my mouth was beginning to get heavier.

"Put your foot up here on the side of the bath. " I said as I lifted her thigh to direct her.

With her in this perfect position I started rubbing her open pussy, sliding my fingers up and down not quite reaching her clit. Then she reached down and grabbed my hand and forced two fingers inside her.

"You love teasing me don't you? She said into my mouth, "It's not a game, please, please finish me, I am so close."

I moved slightly so that I was pressing myself against her hip, my fingers were inside her and sliding in and out. I extended my thumb up to her clit to combine the movements. Her body reacted by thrusting forward to take more of my fingers and a heavier touch to her clit. With my other hand I stroked the back of her neck as we kissed and then I slid it down, in one continuous motion, to the cleft between her cheeks. Finger extended I went between her cheeks and touched her sphincter.

Her reaction was immediate, "I didn't expect this," she wailed into my mouth, "but don't stop just yet unless I ask, okay?"

"Your wish is my command."

By this time my fingers were deep inside her, thrusting in and out and my thumb was active on her hardened clit. I began rotating my finger around her sphincter, barely touching at times, gently pressing at others. After a short while I wet my digit finger and slowly introduced it into her anus. Her focus had been totally concentrated up to this point now she groaned.

"This sensation is so weird" she whispered "I have these feelings between my lower back and the backs of my thighs, almost like mini electric shocks. This must be bad but don't stop please."

She pushed back and took more of my finger into her. Her hand pulled my head lower and she started sucking my ear lobe and drifting her tongue into it. I started running my finger in and not quite out of her anus in time with what I was doing to her pussy alternating the thrusting, front out, rear in.

"I can't take much more of this before I cum," she almost croaked into my ear.

Her body started to rock back and forth in tune with the movements of my fingers. My digit was now completely into her anus as she had relaxed as she got used to it and my thumb was now solidly rolling her clit.

"Look at me," I said "I want to see your face and eyes when you cum."

Her eyes opened as did her mouth as she started to groan. Her body tensed and her brown eyes opened wide as I felt everything down below clutching my fingers. I pushed hard, two fingers deep inside her pussy and my other finger all the way inside her anus, her spasms were amazing I couldn't get a finger out of her if I had wanted to she was holding me so tight. I looked into her beautiful eyes and it was almost as if she wasn't there, her look was far away or maybe just turned completely inward. I was now almost holding her up by my fingers as she was close to collapsing. A couple of minutes later and her body started to relax, first her pussy eased off on its grip on my fingers and I slowly slid them out. They were running with her juices so I brought them up to our lips where we both licked and savored them. Next I tried to remove my buried finger from her anus, which was still throbbing, but she didn't seem to want to let go.

I leaned back and looked her in the eyes, "What's up? I seem to be trapped back there."

"I don't want you out just yet", she replied "This is just so strange but I am really liking it a lot, it is a seriously different sensation to anything I've felt before. I can feel my pussy still running juice down my leg and it has nothing to do with the shower."

She pulled my face to hers and kissed me long and softly. Her hand slid down between us and grasped my absolutely solid hard on, squeezed gently and her fingers slid under to fondle my balls. Now I started groaning, I had been hard for over half an hour while bringing her off, so I knew this might be quick. She reached back and grasped my hand and slowly pulled until my finger was out of her.

"That was so awesome," she said "but now I want to blow you. I've never done this before so you will have to be patient and guide me through it. I want to feel and taste you in my mouth."

"You won't get an argument from me," I said "and I'm sure you will be a natural as you seem to enjoy everything we do."

"Oh baby I do," she replied "you have no idea how great and also surprising all of this has been to me." "You may have to fuck me to death before I graduate." Our laughter broke out until she said "Now, how do I give you a blow job?"

"First you have to get there," I said "just like I work on your nipples, mine would appreciate the attention."

"Really? I had no idea men liked that."

"Kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling, just the same for a man or a woman I guess and it is pretty much the same when you get down lower."

"So I work on your cock and balls almost the same as you work on my pussy lips, vulva, and clit?"

"Pretty much, the difference being an eight inch stick going into your mouth may be difficult to take."

"I can't wait to try."

Her mouth descended on mine gently but firmly, she wanted to be in charge. Both her hands were on my crotch, one softly stroking the other gently kneading. She hovered her mouth over mine and then pushed her tongue deep inside my mouth, both hands gently but firmly squeezed. I pushed my tongue up into her mouth and she sucked it in further and lashed her tongue around it.

Her lips left mine and she was kissing my neck and out to my shoulders. Her hands on me were making me have to do math problems in my head; they were so soft and demanding at the same time. I reached down to get to her pussy but Sati pulled her hips back before I could touch her.

"No you don't," she said "this is about you, not me, so be still and let me pleasure you like you do me, okay?"

I guess my grunt was taken for a yes because her mouth came to mine and engulfed it and each lip was sucked into hers and caressed. Her hands continued to stroke and knead me. Her kisses drifted down my chest until she located a nipple, she flicked her tongue over it and circled the nipple with soft touches of her tongue and lips. Then she bit on it. Damn that hurt, I pulled her head away.

"Sweetie, you have to be more delicate, there is a huge difference between nibbling and biting."

"Sorry, I got carried away; I'll try not to do it from here on in."

Now her tongue lapped softly on my nipple to recompense for the little bit of pain. Her hands were feeling wonderful, one softly running up and down my shaft the other now actively juggling and squeezing my balls.

She left my chest and migrated south. She could see the goal as her hand held it high. My stomach muscles contracted as she went lower.

Suddenly her head dipped lower and her tongue licked the top of my penis, still being gripped firmly in her hand. My reaction was to buck my hips up but she held tight and kept me just there. She ran her tongue over and around the head and down under the ridge, as her tongue moved under that ridge I started moaning.

"So baby, you like this? She smiled up at me.

"Oh yeah, I'm so sensitive there."

Her thumb was on the top side of my shaft, her fingers under and gripping my balls lightly. Her head dipped and her mouth slowly kissed the head, she continued to kiss up and down my shaft, then returning to the head she licked. I almost lost it. Her tongue was nonstop, swirling around the head and shaft. I pulled her up to kiss her. When I let her go she went straight back down onto her knees. She took a quick lick of the head and then opened her mouth and pressed down in a heavy kiss which turned into enough suck to make the head pop into her lips and mouth.

She started to bob her head up and down taking a little more of me into her hot mouth on each down stroke and her tongue lapped around the head on each up stroke. Her hand was working the same rhythm as her mouth, pulling up the shaft as she withdrew. She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes to see how I was reacting, as if my labored breathing and groans weren't enough of an indication of the pleasure I was getting.

Her hand lifted my knee and directed my foot onto the side of the bath as I had done with her. She took her mouth off me and started licking my balls as her hand slid up the engorged shaft, her mouth opened and sucked one ball in but her tongue continued to work. I looked down as she dropped that one and then sucked the other in, our eyes met and I almost lost it right then. She licked up the shaft again, lapped at the head then sucked it into her eager mouth, she started to take more until I was halfway in then she gagged.

"Oh damn," she cried "I can't get you all in, my throat won't let me."

"Its okay sweetie we will get there in time, you just have to learn to relax your throat. Maybe practice with a banana but not in the cafeteria." I joked.

She smiled thanks up at me and took me back into her mouth her eyes watching me. Between the action of her hand on my shaft and balls and the bobbing of her head I could feel that it wasn't going to take much longer. Then her other hand went right under me and she started to finger my sphincter, my eyes must have almost popped out of my head.

"Is this okay?" she asked "I just thought that as it was so good for me that you might like it as well."

"Oh sweetie, everything you are doing is fantastic but I am not too far from cumming, I just want you to know so that you can pull me out if you want."

She resumed all of her actions with vigor. Then, while still looking into my eyes, she inserted her finger slowly into my anus. That did it, my anus and balls contracted, my penis expanded and then I started to erupt, I mean one huge spurt after the other until minutes later my penis in her mouth was just a throbbing semi hard thing. She let me fall from her mouth and then she smiled up at me and showed me all the cum she had in her mouth, she then took two swallows and took me back into her mouth to do a tongue final clean.

I pulled her to her feet and held her tight against me while I slowly recovered. And leaned down to kiss her.

"You tasted good, a little salty, a little tangy like citrus, but good and certainly not what I had been expecting." She whispered against my chest "And I was surprised how much of it there was, no wonder I leak like a sieve for half an hour after you have been inside me." She giggled.

"You are a fast learner my sweet," I whispered "that was awesome."

"I'll practice with a banana and see if I can get you into my throat at some point." She grinned at me.

"Don't sweat it sweetie, you did great." "Now let's rinse off and get on with the rest of the day, okay?"

"Sounds like a plan, to the beach we go."

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