An unknown male voice, "This is the sexiest shit I ever seen. Is this your wife?"

She heard her husband, from nearby, "Yes, that's my girl. She always wanted a chance to be a proper slut and she looks like she is having a good time."

As she listened, her lips twisted around the head of the cock in her mouth then slid down the shaft again ensuring that it was thoroughly clean.

The man spoke up again, "She sure the fuck does. Her cunt got used twice. Does she like it up her ass too?"

She was cleaning the cum off a stranger's dick while another man asked her husband how she felt about getting her ass fucked. It was strangely and deeply satisfying.

Her husband's voice, "She sure does. It's her favorite. Nothing gets her off like a cock up her ass. Why don't you try it and see?"

The cock was slowly going soft and slipped away from her mouth, leaving her to lie there, trying to lick the cum from her face.

The other man hesitated, "You sure? You don't mind me fucking your wife's butt?"

She could practically see her husband shaking his head and motioning encouragingly toward her. Now he was talking to a man, trying to convince him to fuck her asshole. She lay there, exposed and willing.

Her husband's voice again, agreeably, "I don't mind at all. Please, fuck her butt good. I think I'm ready for round two myself. Why don't you go down here and ass fuck her while I stroke off all over her tits?"

Footsteps. Then came the sound of soft, rhythmic stroking beside her. Hands lifted her ass and spread her apart. A crowd of people eagerly examined her asshole, many of them with hard cock in hand. She lay there and waited to be fucked.

There was a hard pressure against her asshole. She breathed in quickly but didn't make any other movement or sound. She never did this without lube but between the cum and her soaked fluids she didn't expect there to be any problem. The head popped past her anus and she moaned. She tried to lift herself off the table to provide a better angle.

Slowly, the new cock pushed into her body and filled her up. It seemed to go on forever but it couldn't have been more than a few seconds. Then his body was pressed up against hers. She could squeeze together and feel his girth holding her open. She cried out in ecstasy. After all, her husband was right. She did love it up her ass. Beside her, she heard the stroking grow faster.

The length inside her ass slowly slid out and left her empty. Then back in again, coating her insides with the fluids that soaked the rest of her. The pumping grew harder and each thrust sent shockwaves through her. The thick cock spread her asshole and she could feel a burning pain but it was washed away by the raw unbearable pleasure as he fucked her.

She grabbed the restraints that held her wrists and clenched them so tightly her knuckles went white. She could feel it building up, hotter and hotter.

She screamed, her cries filling up the small space, "Harder. Harder! HARDER!", as he pumped her ass.

There was a spatter of hot fluid across her chest. It seemed to burn her skin and it felt deliciously good as it covered her erect nipples. She pushed hard against the restraints and thrust her ass toward him.

She begged almost incoherently and shouted her words quickly, as fast as they came to her mind, "Fuck my ass! FUCK my ASS! DON'T STOP. PUMP YOUR COCK UP MY ASSHOLE."

His fingernails dug into her legs. He was unforgivingly solid as his entire length pistoned back and forth, setting her body on fire and driving her against the table. Then the forceful pounding stopped and his full length was deep within her. He must have been nearly a foot long. She tensed her body and squeezed herself around the thick manhood. Every throb and pulse vibrated her insides.

She felt the first burst of semen as the tight ring of her hole coaxed the cum out of him. He held his cock inside as he filled her with fluid. It was a wonderful, depraved and dirty heat that drove her wild. He gave a final push and twisted his cock inside her, causing her to cry out sharply.

Then, the length pulled out of her and left her empty. Her asshole burned and gaped from the rough use. Fresh cum immediately began to flow out of her. Her holes were sticky and raw, well used.

She slumped on the table, spent. In a mindless haze, she heard the man thank her husband.

She lay there, still and quiet for a long time. She wasn't sure how long. Her body and mind both burned pleasantly, still aching somewhat with need.

Suddenly, gentle hands removed the blindfold and she could see again. Her eyes fluttered open for a moment, then closed again, exhausted.

Then the pressure around her wrists was gone. With sudden shock and rekindled desire, her hand darted between her legs and found her hard clit. She gave it a quick stroke and shuddered with pleasure. She sat up and rubbed harder. A line of cum ran down her face and into her mouth. Her tongue licked it up and she eagerly swallowed it.

She continued touching herself as her legs were released, on the edge of desperation. Opening her eyes again, she saw that her husband was standing beside her. He was still naked. His cock was somewhat hard and she could see that it was dripping creamy remnants of his pleasure.

She threw herself unsteadily off the table and nearly fell in her haste to get on her knees in front of him. Her left hand grabbed his ass and pulled him forward so that she could suckle his cock. She went to work immediately, cleaning him.

As she worked over his member, her right hand continued between her legs. She burned with agonizing pleasure and couldn't take it anymore. Her hand slicked back and forth rapidly, fluids dripping in long streams to the floor under her. She worked her clit violently as she shook back and forth on the tile floor. It was hard like a marble under her hand, almost painful to touch. Tears ran down her face as she fucked herself as roughly and desperately as any of them had fucked her.

She was nearly screaming as she moaned around his cock one last time, savoring the taste of him as she came. She quivered and shook. The contractions of her body sent fluids gushing over her hand and running down her legs to pool on the floor around her knees.

She collapsed on the floor. The wetness of her spent sexuality stuck to her thighs and coated her crotch and buttocks. She breathed raggedly, unable to stop shaking.

Finally, she was still and everything was quiet. Her breathing became steadier. Strong arms picked her up and held her. She couldn't find the strength to open her eyes as the blanket was wrapped around her and she ignored the wetness that ran down her leg in the parking lot.

Distantly, she hoped that the stains in the seat would come out. She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them again she realized she was home. Then she was moving again, though she was quite confident she wasn't walking.

Then there was a final and embracing softness. She breathed out, deeply and contently. Unable to open her eyes again, she drifted off to sleep. Satisfied.

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