She had never done anything like this before, and she was so nervous she was shaking. When her husband had suggested it, she was shocked at first. Eventually, after what seemed like hours of debating and negotiating she had finally agreed to give it a try. He had picked up the phone and made the reservations. When the date had finally arrived, the ride there went back and forth between awkward silence and his repeated questions asking if she was okay and still going to do it. Of course, she had assured him she was fine even if she wasn't sure she was.

They had pulled into the club around six o'clock, just as the sun was starting to set. It was a large building and completely unmarked. From the outside you wouldn't have any idea what went on there. She held her husband's hand as they walked inside. She stood quietly near the door while her husband talked to the woman at the front desk. The woman was young and wore a skimpy black dress. It made her uncomfortably aware of her own conservative and somewhat shapeless dress. She shifted her weight from side to side restlessly. Her husband and the young woman finished talking and she realized she hadn't caught a word of the discussion.

They led her through the front area of the club to a side room. It was a small private area with a large mirror and a small padded bench. The young woman gave them a reassuring smile, then left them there. The club opened at 6:30 so they had a few minutes to wait and get comfortable. Her husband was silent, and seemed to be lost in thought. She thought about reaching out to him or trying to talk but saw that he was fidgeting and it only made her more nervous.

Time passed as she tried to think of what to say. She found she didn't want to think about what would happen next. Her mind was racing and her heart was pounding. She thought of something to say, then decided against it, several times. Finally, just as she started to pace the short length of the room she heard the click of the door opening.

The smiling woman poked her head into the room and said, "It's about time. Are you ready to go?"

She clenched her teeth and froze for a second before finally nodding and walking toward the door.

The woman smiled again and held up her hand, "Sorry, please leave your clothing here. We don't have any lockers out in the main area. The door will be locked behind you so everything will be safe in here."

Well, this was the moment of truth. She felt her husband's eyes on her, watching to see what she would do. Then, she reached up and pulled down the straps of her black dress, letting it fall at her feet. She shivered a bit as she was exposed to the cold air. It clashed with the warmth she felt creeping up her face.

Her shoes and socks were next, tossed aside. She struggled with the clasps of her bra for a moment, then wriggled free of it. It fell on the floor on top of her discarded dress. Finally, she bent over and pulled her panties down in one quick motion. She stepped out of them and stood naked in front of the unknown woman.

Behind her, she heard the sound of metal as her husband's belt buckle was undone, then cloth hitting the floor. She had heard the sounds enough to know what they were without looking.

The woman beamed at them and nodded approvingly, then motioned for them to follow her as she walked away. They followed her down the hallway, bare feet padding across the tiled floor.

She got a better look at the club as they walked toward the back. She didn't have a clue what most of it was. The place was spotlessly clean and better lit than she had expected. Cheerful, in fact. All soft burgundy and vivid purple. She wasn't sure about the color scheme but at least it took her mind off everything else.

The layout was generally open and it seemed to be divided into larger spaces of different types. She peeked in an opening as they walked and saw a comfortable looking room filled with cozy seats, long couches, and all manner of soft pillow and cushion.

It made her head spin and they arrived at their destination quickly. She was grateful that it was a back-corner room. Though at second glance it didn't seem to be particularly hidden. Low walls came up to her waist and gave the impression of a hidden area without really concealing anything from onlookers. There was plenty of space to walk around but no seating at all and not enough standing area for a crowd to really gather.

A pair of chains hung down from the ceiling and in the center of the room was a short table. It looked slightly wider than a twin bed but only half as long. It was covered in what looked like plastic or leather. Their guide stopped there and patted the table, saying "Here we are. Ready to get comfortable?"

She nodded and walked forward, pressing her hands into the surface of it and testing it. It wasn't exactly soft but was surprisingly comfortable. Determined, she slowly climbed up and sat on the table. She had almost forgotten she was naked but became nervously aware of it as the cold material pressed against her bare buttocks and her breasts hung freely.

Her legs hung uncomfortably off the end of the short table. She felt the young woman reach over to guide her, touching her softly and reassuringly.

The woman spoke warmly, "Just lay back on the table now, nice and easy. Bring your butt right to the end, and raise your legs up into the air. I will take it from there."

She complied, and as her legs raised upward she knew that if anyone had been in the area they would have had a full view of her exposed vagina. The idea made her shake nervously and she gripped the table under her to steady herself.

The woman gripped one of the hanging chains and brought it to her raised legs. The chain ended in a soft cuff which went around her left ankle tightly. Then, the cuff from the other chain went around her right ankle, hanging limply. She looked up at the ceiling for a moment as the woman disappeared. Then there was a metal clattering and she felt the chains raising and pulling against her ankles. They pulled taut and then stopped, holding her legs firmly vertical and lewdly spread. The chains held the weight of her legs well and it was surprisingly comfortable.

She felt a moment of clarity as she lay there with her body spread and on display. There was no going back and she closed her eyes while she took slow deep breaths.

She did not open her eyes as the attendant went to her wrists next. A leather cuff went around each one, which was then attached to a thick ring on the table edge. She could now turn her head and shake her breasts, but little else.

Her breathing was becoming more rapid as the attendant brought the last item. It was a blindfold, narrow and thick.

The young woman touched her side reassuringly as she spoke, "Almost ready. You remember your safe words, right?"

She nodded and tried to catch her breath well enough to speak without her voice cracking, "Yes. Mercy for a break and Panic for a hard stop."

The blindfold went down around her eyes and she couldn't see any more even if she had wanted to.

The female voice came from her side, "The club will open in five minutes. Please take a little time until then to get comfortable and warmed up." She could hear the woman's smile in her tone, "Please have a wonderful time!"

The sound of heels on tile, growing further away. The room felt very empty, though she knew her husband was within reach.

She lay on the table and took stock of her situation. She was at a strange club and was strapped into a table completely naked. Her legs were held up in the air and spread wide with her vagina on display. She had shaved smooth for the occasion and was glad for it. Anyone who happened to pass by would see everything. She couldn't move at all.

She wasn't entirely sure how she had gotten to this point. She didn't consider herself a prude by any stretch. She loved sucking her husband's cock and was even quite fond of anal sex. The feeling of taking it inside her ass simply filled her up so good, and the act was so... dirty. It drove her wild.

But she had never done anything like this before. While she wasn't really conservative, she supposed things had gotten rather vanilla lately. She had always been interested in kink and taking things to the next level but had never REALLY considered it. The thought of it turned her on but actually doing it was something else completely.

Then, during a bit of particularly vigorous sex, the conversation had started again. Her husband had pushed a little harder than usual and she had finally agreed to talk about it. There was a cock up her ass at the time so she didn't think it was fair but they had agreed not to go back on it.

He made the phone call and now here she was. With no idea where the night was going to go.

The cold air was making her clit hard. She was lost in thought, and gasped as she felt her husband's hand suddenly on her breast. He shushed her gently and begin to rub across her breast, lightly pinching her nipple.

Another dirty trick she thought. He knew that playing with her nipples would make her instantly wet. She was still shaking from her nervousness and wasn't turned on at all. As both of his hands massaged and worked her chest she did admit to herself that it felt good. She breathed out long and deeply and began to relax.

Then, as she lay her head back she felt a prodding at her lips. She agreeably opened her mouth and it was filled with a familiar cock. This was more comfortable territory and she began to forget about the strange environment as she moved her mouth and forth as best she could.

He was quite soft and as her lips and tongue worked over his member it began to slowly harden. The sensation filled her with delight and she moaned slightly around his shaft. In the darkness, she lost herself slightly and focused on the task.

She did not hear the footsteps at first and only the murmur of distant conversation brought her back to reality. She turned her head and he slipped out of her mouth. She tried to raise her body, then to close her legs, but she was held in place. She struggled against the chains and wriggled on the table but went nowhere.

She realized the short round of cock sucking had made her a bit wet and she felt herself blushing in embarrassment and shame. Anyone who walked by would not only see her pussy but the wetness of her arousal as well.

The hands on her breasts continued moving softly, reassuring her as the footsteps came closer. She realized the club must be open. There was just enough noise that she couldn't make out exactly what the approaching voices were saying, but she had a good idea.

Closing her legs didn't work, so she tried to press herself harder into the table as if she could somehow melt through it and conceal herself.

Suddenly, a foreign hand was running along her leg and she gasped and cried out, squeezing her eyes shut behind the blindfold. The hand ran up nearly to the cuff at her ankle and then back down again. As it drew closer to the space between her legs, her muscles tensed and squeezed. She could see nothing, could only wait in a near panic. She realized she had no idea how many people were currently looking at her pussy. The thought filled her with fear but she was helpless to do anything about it. Fingertips trailed down lower and she felt them brush along her skin to the edges of her wetness.

She cried out again as the fingers stroked carefully across her pussy. She wriggled her ass but couldn't escape them as they continued the soft motions across her lips. Her cry mixed with involuntary pleasure as a fingertip moved across her clit. She felt the finger at the base of her vagina as it slid upward along her slit, trailing her wetness up and across her clit.

Despite her fear and shame, she realized that she was getting even wetter. She couldn't stop it.

Then she felt her labia being spread, fully exposing her hole. With no way to see what was going on, she was helpless to prepare herself. A finger pushed inside her vagina and the shock of the sudden penetration made her moan in pleasure. She reflexively tried to arch her back and bucked against the restraints.

The finger slipped out of her, then back in again. It caressed her slowly but thoroughly. She wriggled her ass again, this time moving along with the penetrating digit, working herself against its length.

She had nearly forgotten about the hands holding her breasts when they resumed rolling and squeezing her nipples. She heard herself moaning louder, in genuine pleasure. At the same time, she realized her husband was standing beside her watching her writhe as she was finger fucked. The thought sent her mind racing in all directions and she bit down with anxiety.

Neither set of hands stopped working her body. The hands at her pussy only grew more forceful. A second finger penetrated her, widening her vagina. The fingers withdrew and caressed her lips, spreading her wetness thoroughly across her sex. Then, the hands held her pussy spread wide open.

If she had been paying attention she would have realized what was coming. But she was not, and did not. The head of a hard cock pressed against the entrance of her hole. She squirmed and tried to back away, crying out, "No! No, no no..."

The intruding hardness paused, waiting to see if she would say her safe word. She did not. Despite her cries it pushed further into her, filling her. Lubricated from her wetness, it slid into her easily. She clenched her teeth hard, practically panting, as it thrust in and out her. As her head twisted to the side and pressed against the padding of the table she felt another prod against her lips. Reflexively, she opened her mouth.

She recognized the taste and feel of her husband's cock immediately. To her surprise, it was incredibly hard. Not just the normal hardness when he fucked her, it was HARD. The full length of it pushed into her mouth and down to her throat. As she lay there being fucked by a strange man, her husband's firm cock began to fuck her lips.

She couldn't focus her mind at all as the two men pumped into her body. She couldn't think. She lay there, taking them both. All she knew was that her husband was incredibly hard seeing her like this and it felt fucking amazing having both holes filled at once. She sucked hungrily at her husband's length, feeling her pussy become wetter and wetter. The man standing between her legs rammed into her harder and faster and she bounced her ass as much as she could in time with him. She gave in and lost herself completely.

She wasn't sure how long she laid there being fucked. She heard someone else moaning, a deep masculine voice. The cock inside her pussy began to pulse. She realized he was orgasming and slid forward as far as possible, trying to take as much as possible into herself. She was stretched wide, bottomed out on him. Her vagina burned with heat as his cum filled her up. She felt the hot fluid dripping out of her hole and running down her ass.

With the throbbing rod filling her she writhed on the table and was somewhat taken by surprised as her own orgasm took her. She stretched and arched her back. Her ass pressed down against the table as she struggled to hold him tightly inside. She moaned loud and desperately around the cock in her mouth.

Her body shook with pleasure as she came and there was another surprise as semen spurted across her tongue.

She realized her husband was coming. More than that, she realized that her husband had just watched her do her best to impale herself on a strange man's penis. She was shaken by the thought that he could see the cum dripping from her still filled pussy and had heard her moan as she was fucked.

Knowing that it had pushed him over the edge filled her with a sort of hungry need. He was desperately pumping his cock into her mouth now, needing release. Her tongue licked over the head and savored the taste. She craned her neck hard and took his cock all the way inside as his hot load flowed down her throat. No matter where or how, she loved blowing him properly and swallowing his cum.

The hardness between her legs slipped away but she barely noticed as she focused on drinking every drop of her husband. Finally, still rock hard, his cock withdrew from her mouth. She lay back on the table, sweating and overwhelmed. She could still taste cum and feel it dripping from her body.

She panted and tried to catch her breath but she had only been resting for seconds when she felt new hands on her body. Several hands were touching her. They stroked her skin. Someone was cupping her breast. Another squeezed her ass. She was sensitive and somewhat alone in the darkness but she found herself desperately horny. The first orgasm had taken her by surprise and now she craved the slow buildup and release.

As they touched her she twisted on the table, barely aware of her movements. They were close enough now that she could catch bits and pieces of the conversation, certain words.

Hot. Great titties. Fuckable ass. Dirty slut.

Was she a dirty slut? She found herself hoping that she was. Begging that she was.

"Look how wet she is. She fucking loved that. She's dripping everywhere."

"Did you see the way she took his cock? I can see her clit from here, she is throbbing so hard. I bet if she touched herself right now she would come in no time."

She knew he was right. Her clit throbbed and burned. She tried to reach down but the restraints stopped her from touching herself. If she had been able to rub her clit she would have orgasmed on the spot. She knew without a doubt that if she had been able to she would have rubbed herself to orgasm right there, for everyone to see. All those people watching her masturbate might have even gotten her off harder. After all, they had just watched her come once and right now they had a front row view of her freshly fucked hole.

"I need to fuck her, I need some of that pussy for myself."

More hands on her legs. She spread them willingly. This cock was bigger than the last, but she was thoroughly lubricated by a mixture of cum and her own fluid. It slowly drove into her, spreading her apart. She moaned louder as each inch pushed inside.

"God, this whore is TIGHT. And fucking wet, too."

She felt hands on her face, pulling her. Another cock pressed against her mouth and she opened wide. This was not her husband, but he was hard and tasted good. She sucked him eagerly and he moaned loudly in response.

She felt something hot and wet on her stomach and realized that someone else was getting off, covering her in his load. It was warm on her skin and she moaned her satisfaction for him. She had no idea how many men stood around her, watching her and stroking themselves to her pleasure.

The man in her pussy must have been one of the strokers previously. It didn't take him long at all to finish. He gripped her legs and pulled himself against her, thrusting in as deeply as possible. Feeling the movement stop, she rolled and bounced her hips, using her body to finish stroking him to completion. He yelled loudly and more semen was pumped into her. It was a pleasurable warmth. She milked him as best she could, then focused on the cock in her mouth.

With nothing to distract her, she gave him expert attention and sucked his cock like a professional. Her lips pressed up against his body and she felt the tap of his balls. His hands wrapped into her hair painfully and held her head still as he roughly fucked her mouth. He came explosively. She opened her mouth wide and tried to swallow as much as possible but it covered her lips and face. As his grip went limp she hungrily found his cock again and wrapped her lips around it. As the last spurts went down her throat she heard a conversation behind her.

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