Satisfying My Mother


"So that's why dad was the only guy you were with." I nodded.

"Right, and once he passed I thought about dating, but started getting nervous again, even had some nightmares from when I was young. So after awhile I started thinking about women again. I knew Karen had always had a thing for me and decided to give her the chance."

"I don't understand what this has to do with me." I said shaking my head.

"Because like I said, even though I enjoy Karen and feel as if we're starting to really fall for each other, I still want to get fucked." She sighed, "I miss it Kenny, your father and I fucked like rabbit we..."

"Okay, okay!" I said putting my hands up. "So just let Karen do what she did tonight."

"It's not the same." Hs shook her head. "It doesn't feel the same and I..." she gave me a smile that caused my cock to start to swell again, "I miss sucking cock, you can't suck those."

"Mom, please." I said softly,

"And I miss tasting it," she whispered, and then slowly licked her lips, "I miss swallowing it."

My heart was pounding and I could feel my cock throbbing as I was now fully hard.

"I want it Kenny, in fact it's more than wanting it, I crave it." I noticed she seemed to be breathing harder and I watched as her tits began to rise and fall with her breathing.

"But I still don't understand what this has to do with me." I said.

"No?" she smiled, "You haven't figured it out?"

"I... Oh!" I gasped as Mom pulled the tie on her robe and it fell all the way open.

"I started thinking what guy did I know that I could trust, who could possibly be as sweet and good to me as your father?"

While she was speaking, Mom slid the robe from her shoulders and tossed it on the floor. I was sitting less than a foot away from her bare tits. Those beautiful pink nipples were rock hard and as I stared, Mom cupped her tits and lifted them up.

"You want these baby?"

"Mom....I" I took a deep breath. "I.... can't!"

"You don't want to suck on my tits the way you watched Karen do it?" she smiled, "You don't want to do this?" he thumbs started caressing her nipples.

"But you're my mother!" I said as much to convince myself as her.

I stopped when Mom let her left tit go and put her finger to my lips.

"So you don't think I should want you because I'm your mom, because it's wrong?" I nodded weakly. "Well then why do you have this?" Mom asked and dropping her hand into my lap, grabbed my cock through the covers and squeezed it.

"Oh damn!" I groaned. "Mom, please, I...."

"You don't have to beg honey," she leaned forward and put her arm around my shoulders, "I'll give you whatever you want. Now come here."

"Mom I...."

I was cut off by Mom kissing me. I started to try to pull back, but her hand slid up behind my head and held my lips to hers. I tried to resist, but when she started gently working her soft lips against mine. I caved and kissed her back. Mom moaned softly in her throat and leaned closer to me. I could feel her nipples pressing into my chest, and her hand started sliding up and down my cock, stroking me through the sheet. I moaned into her lips, then gasped when I felt her tongue slide out and press against me. I parted my lips and Mom's tongue darted into my mouth and slid across my tongue.

I started to put my arms around her waist, but letting go of my hair Mom grabbed my right wrist and brought my hand up to her tit. I groaned at how good her firm tit felt beneath my hand and Mom sighed softly as I gave it a squeeze. Mom pulled the sheet off of me and started stroking me now only through my underwear. I began to relax and enjoy the deepest most passionate kiss I'd ever experienced. I slipped my tongue past hers and into her mouth and Mom moaned her approval. I was still fondling the side of her tit and leaning back, she pushed my hand between us.

I slid my hand across the front of her tit and could feel her nipple pressing into my palm. Still sliding my lips across hers, I found her nipple and started rolling it between my fingers.

"Oh honey," Mom moaned breaking the kiss, "I knew you wanted me!"

"But..." I tried to catch my breath, "You don't think it's...."

"Honey the only thing I think, is that I want that hard young cock inside of me." She whispered, "You're going to give your mother just what she needs Kenny, and I am going to be soooo good to you baby!"

And I wanted her to be! But still it just seemed sick and.... "Oh Mom!" I moaned as she slid her hand into my underwear and wrapped it around my cock.

"Oooh I like that!" Mom purred as she started slowly jerking me off.

I moaned at the feeling of her soft hand around my hard flesh. Mom started stroking faster and unable to help it I started rocking my hips, pushing my cock into her.

"There you go baby." Mom whispered, and then smiling lifted her right tit, "Now come show me how bad you want these."

For a split second I hesitated, somewhere in my kind, a voice was saying this is wrong. But when I looked down to see my mother offering her tit to me, I told it to shut up and bending my head, eagerly took her nipple into my mouth.

"There you go honey!" Mom purred as I swirled my tongue around her hard flesh. "Don't fight it, just let go and be good to your mother."

As bad as it sounded I'd be lying if hearing her say my mother while still stroking my cock wasn't turning me on. Right or wrong I'd worry about it later, right now I had the most beautiful tit I'd ever seen in my mouth and a hot older woman promising me anything I wanted. What I wanted more than anything right now was to come. My cock was aching for release and Mom had slowed down to where her hand was barely moving. Her other hand had slid behind me and was lightly caressing my back with her finger nails while I sucked harder on her tit.

Mom released a sexy sigh that sent a thrill through me, it was more than a sound of pleasure, and her entire body had relaxed. Recalling that terrible story she'd told me I felt a wave of emotion go through along with the lust that had overwhelmed me. Mom not only loved me, she trusted me. Loved and trusted me enough to let her do something only my father had done before and that was to enjoy her. I quickly pushed the thought of my father from my mind, something told me he wouldn't approve, but just like when he'd been alive what he didn't know couldn't hurt me.

As Mom started running her fingers through my hair, I switched to her other tit, and this time rather than sucking it right into my mouth started teasing my tongue across it. Mom moaned softly and gave me a thrill when she pushed her tit against my lips. I brought my other hand up and began fondling her nipple while sucking on the other. I became aware of mom starting to rock her hips back and forth and looking down past her tit saw she was wearing only a skimpy red thong. Releasing her tit, I slid my hand slowly down across her soft stomach and stopped just over the thong.

"Go ahead baby, reach right in." Mom whispered.

I was way past the point of hesitating and gently pushed my fingers down into her thong.

""Oh damn!" I moaned at how wet her pussy was. I slid two of my fingers down through the lips of her pussy and was rewarded by Mom gasping and squeezing my cock so hard I felt some of my precum squirt out.

"Yes!" she moaned, "Oh...yes!" Mom cried out loudly as growing bolder I pushed my fingers inside of her.

I groaned at how hot and wet she was and the second my fingers had entered her, she started thrusting her hips into them. I began to work them in and out slowly and wrapping her arm around my neck, Mom groaned, "Faster, baby, and harder, really shove them in there!"

Not needing to be told twice, I started plunging my fingers hard into her and moaned around her hard nipple as I could hear my fingers pushing into her sopping pussy.

"Hmmm, look at you being a good boy!" Mom said softly then emitted a nasty giggle, "My good bad boy."

She punctuated that sentence by squeezing my cock again and purred, "Oh honey, is this all for me?"

"Yes." I whispered around her tit, while my fingers continued to work her pussy.

"I love it," she purred, "I love that your hard for me, hard for your Mom," she paused and moaned as her words spurred my finger to move even faster, "And your mom's so wet for you isn't she baby?"

"Oh god yes" I groaned.

"Will you make me come Kenny?" she whispered in my ear again, "Will you be a good boy and get your horny mother off?"

"Anything you want, Mom!" I groaned as she started sliding her hand up and down my cock again. I'd been dripping and her hand was now slick with my precum making her hand feel even better.

"I like that!" Mom cooed, "Oh honey, we're going to have a lot of fun together! Now put your thumb right on my clit!"

I did as she asked and Mom gasped in my ear when I pressed it onto her swollen button. Mom rested her head on top of mine while I licked her tit and purred, "Rub it honey, nice and hard."

I started rolling my finger around it in hard fast circles and Mom groaned and started pushing her hips into my fingers harder than before. I had to fight to concentrate on licking her nipple as she moaned and purred while my thumb stroked her clit. I pushed harder as I moved it and Mom's hips jerked hard and she let out a yelp that caused me to stop.

"No baby!" She moaned, "Please don't stop, that was so good, please keep playing with me!"

I started rubbing even harder than before and speaking of hard I felt as if my cock were going to pop. I was harder than I could ever remember and started rocking my hips into Mom's hand trying to get her to stroke faster. Mom moaned again and to my dismay let my cock go.

"Oh , please!" I groaned around her nipple. "Please Mom!"

"Oh, that's nice." She said softly as she sat up straighter and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. "And don't worry baby, I know you want to come, but I don't think its my hand you really want is it?"

I swallowed hard at what she said and choked out, "I..."

"Go ahead baby," Mom said as she started rocking her hips even harder into my plunging fingers, "Tell your mother where you want to come the first time."

First time! Holy shit! I thought, then removing her nipple from my mouth looked up at hr and said softly, "I...I want to come in..." I rushed out the last part before I lost my nerve, "I want to come in your mouth."

"Oooh such a bad boy!" Mom moaned, then gave me that nasty giggle that was rapidly becoming my favorite sound in the world. "Tell you what baby, make mom come nice and hard and I will suck that nice hard cock for you."

I started thrusting my fingers as hard as I dared and moved my thumb as fast as I could. Mom started moaning louder and her hips were bucking faster and faster.

"Like that don't you?" she gasped out in between moans, "Like the idea of getting a blow job from your mother? I'm glad because I haven't tasted a cock in two years and I bet my son's is going to taste damn....Oh right there!"

Mom squeezed me tightly to her while shoving her tit hard into my mouth. She clenched her legs together, trapping my hand between her legs and as I continued to rub her clit let out a long loud squeal just as she had for Karen. I moaned as I felt my mother's pussy start convulsing around my thrusting fingers and Mom released another of those incredible wails as her hips slammed up into my fingers. I kept moving them as fast as I could while still sucking her perfect nipple. Mom's nails were digging into my shoulders, but instead of hurting it turned me on even more.

Mom thrust her hips up into me and seemed to pause then cried out my name as I felt her pussy gush around my fingers.

"Oh Kenny!" She moaned, "Oh my baby!"

I know that should have bothered me, but at this point everything was a turn on. Mom let out a long moan and slumped against me. Sliding my hand from between her thighs, I lifted my mouth from her tit and sitting up hugged her to me. Mom hugged me back and for a moment I forgot about my raging hard on and her dirty talking. My god she felt good! Mom rested her head on my shoulder and whispered, "You feel so good honey, every bit of you."

She gave me a kiss just under my ear, then sent a thrill through me when she said, "Now let's see how you taste."

Sitting up, Mom gave me a playful push that sent me onto my back and immediately rolled over between my legs. Looking down at me, she giggled again and started swaying back and forth teasing her hard nipples across my lips. I tried to suck one of them into my mouth, but laughing she lifted them just high enough that my straining tongue could barely reach them. Mom smiled down at me and I smiled back, feeling much more loving than I would have imagined, I reached up and grabbing her head pulled her down to me. Mom's lips eagerly embraced mine and we sighed as we shared a long kiss.

Mom slid her lips from mine and started slowly backing down the bed. I watched, my heart pounding as Mom began trailing her tongue down my chest. I moaned in surprise when she sucked my nipple into her mouth then again when she started moving and I could feel her nipples sliding along my stomach. I could also feel my hard dripping cock sliding against her soft stomach and whispered, "Oh, shit" when it started to slide up between her tits. Mom stopped when she was between my legs and propping herself up on her elbows grabbed my cock and held it in front of her face.

'Look good?" she whispered as she rubbed it alongside her face.

I let out an embarrassing whimper as I watched my cock leave a sticky mess on my mother's cheek and simply nodded.

"Yeah, your nice big cock looks good in your mother's face?" she smiled, "Naughty boy." She rubbed it along the other side of her face then caused my hips to jerk when she flicked her tongue across the swollen tip of my cock.

"Tell me what you want." She said softly and made a show of opening her mouth and placing it just over my cock.

"I..." I couldn't do it and tried to get around it. "Nicole would..."

"Nicole?" she shook her head, rubbing my cock across her cheek as she did and getting me to whimper again. 'It's mom baby." I paused and she gave me a nasty smile. "It's hot and you know it, Kenny. I think it's hot too, now tell your mother what you want."

I paused and Mom made a show of pushing my cock away.

"I want my mother to suck my cock!" I blurted out.

"Like this?"

Before I could respond, Mom opened her mouth and taking my cock into it, slid her lips half way down my shaft. "Oh yes!" I moaned as she started bobbing her head up and down.

Mom took me a little further, then after a pause opened her mouth wider and took me all the way into her mouth. I cried out loudly as I felt her lips on the edge of my balls, then groaned, "Oh, fuck!" when I felt her tongue slide out and start licking them while she had me buried in her hot mouth. Mom moaned and the vibration caused my hips to twitch, shoving my cock even deeper. Mom didn't seem to mind and started shaking her head, back and forth. She slowly worked her mouth back up the length of my cock and when she slid it from her mouth, whispered,

"God, how I missed sucking cock." Taking just the head of my cock in her mouth she sucked hard causing me to cry out.

Removing it, Mom made a show of licking her now sticky lips. "Damn that's good." Smiling at me, she said, "How do I look sucking your cock baby?"

"Amazing." I said softly.

"Good answer, now ask me again baby, I love hearing it."

"Mom please suck my cock, please?" I begged.

"Please?" she smiled, "Someone taught you some manners!" she smiled then licked her lips again and looking me straight in the eye said, "Baby I am going to start sucking on you, and I'm not going to take my time, we can do that later."

I nodded as she started stroking me and continued, "Right now baby, I want to make you come nice and hard for me and nice and fast, take that edge off, know why?"

I couldn't answer as she immediately ran her tongue up the side of my shaft. I simply shook my head as I tried to stop my hips from jerking.

"That way you can fuck me long and hard honey, the way I need it." She ducked her head and I gasped as she started swirling her tongue around my balls. Lifting her head she again looked at me. "That's right baby; you are going to pound your mother's pussy aren't you?"

"Yes...yes ma'am." I whispered.

Mom laughed, "Oh, how I like that!" she paused then winked, "And one more thing baby, when you feel like you're going to come, just let go honey, because your mother is going to take every drop for you!"

My reply became a moan as Mom once again took my cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head for a moment before starting to bob her head. I laid there moaning at not only how good it felt, but how incredible Mom looked blowing me. Her full lips were sliding along the length of my shaft and her big brown eyes were locked into mine. As I watched, some of her hair drifted across her face and reaching up she grabbed my hand and guided it to her head.

Taking her meaning I gathered her hair in my hand and watched as she continued to blow me. Blow me! The woman who had raised me was blowing me! Mom wasn't going that fast, but not exactly slow either. As she continued to suck on me she grabbed my cock and started following her lips with her hand, jerking me off while she blew me. She was moaning the entire time and I could already feel my thighs shaking. I wanted it to last, but I'd been worked up for awhile now and my cock was aching for release.

My hips started moving and my moans were starting to sound like whimpers again. Mom tightened her mouth around my cock and I could feel her tongue sliding along my shaft.

"Oh, yes," I moaned, "Oh Mom, that feels so good, I..." I gasped and my hips bucked hard into her mouth.

My legs were shaking violently and even as I knew I couldn't hold out much longer I strained to, trying to enjoy every second I could of her amazing mouth. Mom, looked into my eyes and moaned her encouragement, "Hmmm-mm." again the vibration caused and extra thrill to go through my throbbing cock and I moaned desperately as she continued that steady rhythm. My hips were now thrusting up to meet her descending mouth and I was all but whining as I felt my come building within me.

Mom winked at me and sliding her hand between my legs grabbed my balls and started rubbing them.

"Oh fuck!" I cried out as that sent me over the edge.

I released a loud cry as my cock exploded deep into my mother's mouth. Mom moaned loudly and started sucking me hard and fast. I groaned in pleasure as I could feel my cock spurting deep into her mouth. Mom was jerking me harder and I could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock. Mom's cheeks hollowed out as she started sucking so hard I could feel her pulling the come from my still shooting cock. I let her hair go so I wouldn't pull on it and whimpered again as I felt my spent cock stop spurting. Mom kept sucking however and I groaned as I felt her suck a couple of more drops from me.

Mom pulled my cock from her mouth and still looking me in the eye opened it, showing me her mouth was full of come.

"Oh." I said simply.

Mom closed her mouth and swallowed hard. As she did her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned softly. Mom then opened her mouth again, showing me it was empty. She sighed and shaking her head exclaimed, "God I love the taste of come!"

"I...oh, my god." I panted.

"Speaking of tastes baby, I think I have something sweet for you to eat."

Sliding off the bed. Mom turned her back to me and grabbing the sides of the thing slid it down her legs as she bent over.

"Goddamn you're hot mom." I told her as I took in her round ass and her glistening pussy peeking out from between her thighs. That pussy that in a minute I was going to have my tongue buried in.

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