tagToys & MasturbationSaturday in the Office

Saturday in the Office

bySeries 6©

I work for a large investment company. I'm on a small staff of six people including the supervisor. We are understaffed due to some people recently leaving the company. To keep up with the work volumes, we have been working a lot of Saturday mornings. Not the ideal way to spend a summer day.

Brigid sits in the cubicle across from me. She's 25 years old, with shoulder length light-brown hair. She's a runner. Very thin, but has a nice set of breasts. I frequently check her out. She's already at her cubicle working when I arrive at 9 am.

"Hi, Brigid. Glad to see you could make it in."

"Hi, Greg. Yea, I'm in bright and squirrelly." She replied with her favorite catch phrase. "I got in around 7. I'm probably going to leave around noon."

I sat down at my desk and proceeded to go about my business. Every so often, I'd glance over at Brigid. I had a real thing for her. The casual dress on Saturdays would confirm it for me. She was wearing a pair of women's college basketball shorts from her alma mater and a sleeveless T-shirt that would expose her flat belly every time she stretched. She had kicked off her sneakers and was sitting at her desk barefoot.

I'd frequently peek over at her as I worked. Slowly getting turned on as my eyes played over her shapely legs, down to her red-painted toe nails. Every so often she'd lean back in her chair and stretch, arching her back and pushing her perky breasts forward. Giving me a great view of her tits and her flat belly as her shirt rode up.

"Fuck, she is so hot. I bet she has the sweetest pussy" I silently thought to myself. I could feel my erection growing in my pants.

I glanced over at her again as she stretched back. As my eyes played over her chest and belly, she turned and caught me looking at her. She smiled at me, knowing I was eyeing her. Her smile turned me on even more. Probably because I hoped it turned her on that she knew I was looking at her.

As the clock approached noon, she packed up her belongings and logged off her computer. I watched as she slipped her sneakers back on, stood up and gave a final stretch. Giving me one last look at her bare belly.

"Greg, you have a good weekend. Don't work too hard." She said as she smiled at me.

"Have a good weekend, Brigid. I'll see you on Monday."

I watched as she walked down the hallway to the stairs, admiring the back of her athletic legs, and her shapely ass. I went to the window and watched as Brigid got in her car and drove away. She is so sexy. My shorts were bulging as my erection pushed the fabric forward. I walked back to our cubicles, and sat down at Brigid's desk, picking up a picture she had of herself with some friends on spring break.

My penis was throbbing as I admired the picture of her. I was so turned on as I reached inside my shorts to feel my rigid cock. My fingers slid under the waistband of my shorts and I ran them over my fuzzy pubic patch, down to my balls. I saw a bottle of hand lotion on Brigid's desk and smiled.

Picking up the bottle, I walked into a small conference room. The room was used for interviews and one-on-one meetings. It had a full length window to the hall, a large window to the outside, two relatively plush office chairs, and a small square table. I closed and locked the door behind me and closed the window shade to the hall. The afternoon sun was shining in between the louvers of the window shade.

I kicked off my sneakers, pulled off my shorts and shirt and dropped them in a pile on the floor. I was standing in the room, totally naked. My erection was slightly bouncing up and down throbbing with excitement. I could see a clear droplet of precum forming at the tip. Taking the bottle of hand lotion, I carefully squeezed out a stream of the thick white lubricant, letting it cover the head of my hard cock. It felt cold as the lotion completely covered my swollen head and dripped down my shaft onto my balls.

I was breathing heavy as I held my cock in my hand. Slowly, my hand slid up and down my hard shaft, making wet noises as the lotion lubricated my hand and cock.

I imagined what Brigid must have looked like naked. Her pink nipples, sticking out on those perfect breasts. The well-trimmed light-brown hair on her on her pussy. I imagined her laying on the table with her thighs spread apart, exposing her pink slit. She'd be dripping, wanting me to lick her. I'd brush my lips over her pubic hair, teasing her before I licked her clit. Making her even wetter.

I was standing with my legs a little more than shoulder length apart. My back arched back as I rubbed up and down my hard shaft, twisting my hand as I rubbed over my swollen head.

"Mmmm, fuck yes. I want you so badly, Brigid." I softly moaned. My hand fucked my hard cock as my hips rocked back and forth. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build, but I stopped stroking. I wanted this to last just a little longer. I looked down at my hard penis, and it was covered with white hand lotion. I could see it throbbing, as it slightly bounced up and down.

As the feeling subsided, I stroked again. A little faster, up and down with a twisting motion. It felt so good as I fantasized about my sexy co-worker. I imagined myself sitting in the chair, with her sitting on my lap, facing me. Riding up and down, fucking me with her wonderful body.

"Oh yes, Brigid. Make me cum!" I gasped. I arched back and stroked up and down the entire length of my shaft with a twisting motion from my balls all the way to my tip. It felt so good, and I needed to cum at that moment. I pushed my hips forward as the first stream of white cum shot from my cock out into the air, landing on the carpet. I was breathing hard as I continued to fuck my slippery palm. Stream after stream of white semen sprayed out on into the air, landing on the carpet.

I slumped into the chair behind me, enjoying the feeling of my orgasm. I sat there naked with visions of Brigid in my mind.

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