tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSaturday Night Blewz

Saturday Night Blewz


It was Saturday morning and I was just returning from dropping James at the airport. He was going to Seattle for a six week seminar. As I pulled into the driveway, the postman pulled up to the mailbox. I met him there and took the letters and bills.

Walking in, I shuffled through it and noticed three pieces that looked like cards. Opening them I found that I was invited to three birthday parties, one wedding shower, and one baby shower. All in the period of time that James would be gone.

"Damn him!" I cried aloud to no one.

As you know, I hate shopping. The crowds drive me crazy and I can never find exactly what I think I'm looking for. But I had no choice. These people were all special to me and I had to go.

I put on my most comfortable shoes, a light airy dress and reluctantly drove to the Mall where there were enough stores to accommodate all my needs. On the way there I went through the various gifts I wanted to pick up and devised what I thought to be a strategy.

I parked as close as I could to the first store I decided to shop in. I hoped to find the perfect birthday present for Sylvia, one of my dearest friends. I wanted to get her this frumpy purse I had seen in a newspaper ad.

Wanting to get this over with as soon as possible, I jumped onto the escalator and started trotting up the stairs without looking. My mind was working on the direction I needed to turn to find the purse when I collided with a couple of bodies.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I cried as I lifted my head to see the damage I had done.

They turned to see who had so rudely bumped into them and as I looked up at the wall I had hit, I realized it was Russell an ex-boyfriend of mine whom I hadn't seen in a couple of years.

On his arm hung his latest eye candy. She was what every man dreamed of ... blond, skinny, lots of makeup, and her head bobbed back and forth from shoulder to shoulder as she talked.

"Russell, how have you been?" I asked looking at the blond dangling on his arm.

"Great, how about you?" he responded. "Have you met Gloria?"

"No, I don't think I've had the pleasure," I smiled at her and held out my hand.

She smiled and said, "H1!" ignoring my hand.

"Where's James?" Russell asked as the escalator hit the floor.

"Unfortunately, I dropped him off at the airport before the mail came. He's on his way to Seattle for a six week conference and training. When I got home, the mailman was there with invitations that require gifts. So here I am since James is gone for awhile.

"Too bad, I know how much you hate these places," he was sincere.

"Thanks, it was good seeing you again, Russell and nice to meet you Gloria," I responded and turned toward the handbag section of the store.

"Hey, if you're not doing anything later, why don't you join Gloria and me for dinner? We're going to Boleros. They have great food. We'd love to have you there."

"What time? I asked hurrying away.

"Six-ish," he called across the store.

"If I get finished in time, may do that. If I don't make it, maybe we can do it another time." I called over my shoulder as I rushed off to do the shopping.

I scurried from department to department looking for appropriate gifts for my friends. Finally at about five-thirty I was finished, tired and hungry. As I was getting into the car, thinking about what I was going to do for dinner, I remembered Russell's invitation.

I thought why not? Golden hair certainly didn't seem to mind his asking me along. I'll drop by and see if they're still there. If not, I'll eat there anyway.

The parking lot was almost full. Dinner time is the wrong time to go to dinner at an excellent restaurant. Walking through it, I did see his car so I continued on.

It was as if he was looking for me to walk through the door. Russell stood up and motioned for me to join them. As I sat across from them, Gloria smiled and said, "I'm so glad you made it!"

"Thank you, I nearly forgot and was going home when my stomach growled." I explained.

We talked and ate for about forty-five minutes. Russell ordered drinks all around. I was starting to relax and get comfortable. Then I remembered that James was going to call when he got to Seattle.

"I had better go, James will be calling soon. He'll worry if I'm not home when he calls." I begged off and gathered my purse to leave.

"Oh, you know he'll leave you a message. Why don't you come to the house for a nightcap?" Russell pleaded.

I begged off and headed for the door.

Walking into the house, the phone was ringing. It was James and he had made the trip safely. I told him about running into Russell and his arm jewel. We laughed about it. Then I told him about the dinner invitation and the gifts I had brought.

"I'm proud of you, making that trip to the Mall, which I know you hate so much. But why didn't you go over and visit with him and his new friend?" he asked disappointed.

"I don't do threesomes with another woman, you know that!" I scolded.

"Well, maybe she's a cuck and likes to watch," James suggested.

"I doubt that. She was hanging onto him for dear life," I explained.

"Should've gone," he argued.

"Not tonight; I was too tired and stressed," I retorted.

"It would have relaxed you!" he countered.

We bantered back and forth a bit more then he was off to sleep and I went to take a hot shower.

Stepping out of the hot spray, I heard the phone ringing again. 'I thought, 'who can that be?'

Picking up the earpiece, I said "Hello?"

"Yeah, it's me, Russell. I'm begging you to come over. I thought we'd have some drinks and talk about old times. I know you would have a blast with Gloria. She's really a neat person. Please come over for a few drinks!"

"Russell, I just got out of the shower. You know how stressed I get when I have to shop. I just want to go to bed and sleep. Maybe tomorrow night but not tonight; it's too late.

"Okay, if you'll promise about tomorrow," he conceded.

"It's a deal," I pledged and said good-night.

I climbed into bed and pulled the silk sheets over my bear skin. My fingers went to my clit and began massaging. I wished James were home so he could lick it and his magical tongue could release all of the stress the shopping had caused.

If it weren't so late, I would have called one of my Bulls to come take care of me. But I was tired and within a few minutes my orgasm exploded and my body fell limp between the soft covers. I pulled the silk onto my tits and worked them until my body shuddered once again. Then I closed my eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning the phone woke me. It was Russell.

"Good morning, beautiful, how are you this morning?" his cheerful voice greeted me.

"Oh Russell, how are you doing?" I replied once my mind awoke and recognized the voice.

He asked if he had awakened me and I lied.

"I was wondering if you would join Gloria and me tonight for dinner. It's been so long and I thought, since James is away, you might join us. After all, you won't be going to the Mall again any time soon." he laughed.

I tried to make excuses, but he countered each of them. Finally I gave in saying, "I'd love to join you and get to know Gloria better."

"Great! We'll see you around seven?" he verified.

"Yes, seven's fine." I agreed then said my good-byes.

Getting ready for dinner that evening, I was nervous for some unknown reason. Something just didn't set right with me. But I had promised and I would go.

I put on a sexy little mini-skirt with stilettos and a light blouse that if one looked hard enough they could see my erect nipples. I went back and forth debating on thong or no panties and settled on thong. Then I thought, 'I'm not out to seduce him why am I wearing this?'

I shrugged my shoulders grabbed my purse, a bottle of Chardonnay and headed out the door with a nervous stomach. I hoped the dinner would be Lite.

When I arrived, Gloria greeted me at the door saying, "Russell's still in the shower, and they say we girls take forever getting ready."

She noticed the bottle of wine and smiled. "I love Chardonnay and it will go great with the meal."

I handed her the bottle as I walked in. The house was beautiful; she had a good eye. I guessed it was Gloria's designing. I mentioned how beautiful the house looked and said, "It only needed a woman's touch."

"I remember deer head and rifles hanging on that wall and some kind of animal skin on that wall. I like the wall paper much better," I tried to be as sociable as I could.

She giggled, "Yes, it did. I hated the dark colors and the junk he had on the walls. It does look a lot better doesn't it?"

I shook my head and then kicked myself for thinking she was just another dumb blond. She had good sense when it came to decorating at least. I still questioned her choice of men though.

Russell came in with just a bathrobe on. He was drying his hair. "Honey, have you gotten the hors devours out yet, she'll be here soon," he was saying.

She giggled and I stepped beside her so that he would know I was already there.

"Oh great! You're here. You remembered how to get here I'm glad. So how do you like the place? Looks better, don't you think?"

"Yes, I like it a lot. You have a great designer," I complimented Gloria.

We chit chatted a while over a glass of wine, then gathered around the table for dinner. The conversation soon turned to Russell and my relationship. He was telling stories that I had long forgotten and embarrassing me with stories of our sex life.

I tried looking at him sternly but he wasn't paying any attention.

Suddenly he said, "All this talk about sex is making me horny. Gloria, why don't you go see if the bedroom is appropriate for company?"

I was shocked and I started to stammer, "Wait, wait, I'm not sleeping with you, you have Gloria. "No way, I didn't come here to fuck you, I came here as a friend!" I was getting angry.

Gloria just walked into the bedroom and followed Russell's instruction ignoring my objections. I thought, 'she is just one of his bimbos after all.'

"I'm not going in there!" I protested. "I don't want to have sex with you! Besides, you have Gloria and I don't do women! Remember!" I was getting loud. He just smiled.

"Gloria is my cuck. Just like James is yours. She will do as I instruct her. And I think you really would like to experience a woman's touch. You just don't want anyone else to know about it. Well, this is all in confidence. No one will ever know unless you tell them," he assured me.

I shook my head and called him a bastard.

Russell smiled and said, "Yes, I am, but the fact that you are a wonderful lover and I want you tonight has nothing to do with that. Let's go; I'm sure Gloria has the bedroom ready."

He stood up and reached for my hand. I reluctantly gave it to him.

I could feel myself getting nervous and excited at the same time. I was horny because I hadn't had anyone in the past three days. I was too busy getting James ready for his trip. But I also didn't want Russell to know how hot I really was. And I really was uncomfortable having another female in the bedroom with us.

As we entered the room, I saw Gloria standing beside the bed. Her breast hung free and she wore a thong. She had alabaster skin and I didn't see one blemish. Her flaxen hair lay on her shoulders and her female body was beautiful.

She smiled as Russell approached her. He kissed her lips and then pinched and suckled her erect nipples. Her hands went to his head and held him there. She sighed and kissed the top of his head.

Then Russell placed his fingers in her mostly shaven pussy. His fingers explored her erotic regions and Gloria's head fell backwards. I could only imagine that she was deriving pleasure from his touch.

Gloria began to undress him. Her fingers nimbly slipped the buttons of his shirt out of their holes. Then she slowly slipped his belt from its loops and released the button and zipper. They fell to the floor with a silent whoosh.

I was getting excited watching their interactions. Russell's cock was already hard and I could see precum as it trickled over its head. I took a deep sigh. I touched my own breast.

Gloria knelt before him where she untied his shoes and removed them then striped off his socks. Russell stepped out of his dispirited trousers. Gloria remained on her knees before him.

He patted her on the head and she opened her mouth wide, a smile danced in her eyes.

Russell planted his hands on either side of Gloria's head and slipped his oozing prick into her eager mouth. Immediately, her face began sliding up and down the long shaft.

My fingers slipped under my dress and found their way into the growing wetness there. It took a few moments for me to realize what I had been doing. Embarrassed, I quickly pulled my fingers out. When I opened my eyes there were smiles on both their faces. My own turned red.

Russell climbed onto the bed. He fluffed the pillows and piled then one on the others to make it comfortable for him to sit with his back against the headboard. He looked at me and motioned for me to join him.

I looked from him to Gloria. I shook my head in a defiant no.

"I promise, it'll just be me and you!" he feigned sincerity.

"I said no three times now. What is it you don't understand?" I wanted to leave, but for some strange, unknown reason I couldn't make myself turn and walk out of the door.

I felt Gloria's hand touch mine. She held it then led me to the bed. She helped me out of my shoes and dress then slipped my thong down my legs.

Russell reached out his hand to me and guided me onto the bed. He kissed me as he maneuvered me beside him. His lips covered mine and his hands floated over my body. My nipples responded by becoming hard and betraying my needs.

"See, I told you that you needed this. You should listen to me more often," Russell bragged.

He pinched my tits and his mouth covered mine. I drank him in to quench my thirst. It had been longer than I remembered. I could feel the fluids filling my wanton cunt. I reached for his hard phallus. My hand could barely surround it.

Its arrow shaped head was red and the precum still sparkled there. I licked my lips and longed for the taste of him. I bent over him and licked the tasty semen off his prick. I felt the pressure of his hand on the back of my head pushing me lower and lower onto his shaft.

"Yeah, baby, you know how I like it. You know what makes me feel good. Suck it. Suck it down your magical throat. I've missed that." Russell whispered as my mouth covered the head and my tongue explored its length and width.

My tongue darted in and out of the head's hole exhuming the cum. Then my lips slid on and off of his mushroomed head. My tongue tasted the slight salt on the head of his prick.

"Yeah, baby you know how I like it; lick that head, suck it dry."

My head bobbed up and down on his shaft. I was kneeling between his legs, my rump in the air. I felt something wet between my legs. Looking between my legs I saw Gloria licking my pussy.

Shocked, I tried to be calm and continued sucking Russell's penis. I heard her moaning as her tongue ran the length of my slit. When she got to my clit, Gloria swirled her tongue around it then the tip of her tongue floated across its tiny head and a fire grew in my belly.

Her heavy breast slapped against my pussy as she licked and sucked my pleasure dome. Then her fingers found their way into my wetness. She stroked them in and out causing a flood of desire and passion.

Russell rolled out from under me, his dick slipped out of my mouth. He sat on the side of the bed as Gloria somehow managed to turn me over. She covered my pussy with her mouth. Her tongue licked at the fluids that flowed from my sugar walls. Moans escaped her and the softness of her breath tickled my female dick.

She started sucking my tits into her mouth. Her fingers found their way into my open slit and she finger fucked me. She seemed to know all of the right places. And why not, she was a woman after all; she had the same needs as I did.

Gloria was gentler than any man I had ever been with. She licked my clit as her fingers filled my Venus garden. With her other hand, Gloria gently kneaded my plump mammary. She knew just how much pressure would be pleasurable.

I heard a vibrator turned on. I looked up and Russell was handing it to Gloria. She took it and applied its electric energy to my clit. My knees pulled up as it gently pulsated on my clit increasing the pleasure she had already given me.

I felt her sliding up my body. Her lips left my tits and traveled up to my neck and finally landed on my lips. Her tongue darted in and out of my open mouth. She continued to play with my clit using the vibrator.

My body wanted nothing more than the pleasures she was providing but I was still uncomfortable with her touch.

Russell rolled off of the bed. I heard him pull a chair beside it but I was too far gone to even worry about it. All I wanted was the pleasures she was providing me.

I wanted Gloria's wet tongue to flitter on and off my clit as she pushed the vibrator in and out of my quivering pussy. I wanted to suckle her full tits and lick her sultry bust.

She rolled off me and rolled me over onto my stomach. I wondered what she might be doing. Then Russell crawled back onto the bed. Gloria gently pulled my hips off the bed. Russell sprayed lubricant on my ass and I felt the thickness of his cock as he forced it into me.

The pain was combined with pleasure as she slipped under my parted legs and started sucking my little female dick once again. In unison they sucked and fucked me as I had never experienced before. Every nerve in my body was on fire. My legs trembled and I could barely hold myself in position.

My fingers reached for Gloria. Her legs spread open as I traced the small amount of hair at the top of her vanilla mound. Her clit quickly came to attention, begging me to suckle it. I licked my fingers and softly pinched her clit. Then I stroked it the way I loved to stroke mine.

Gloria cooed and moaned her pleasure as her orgasm rose in her groin. Within minutes her body shuddered and she exhaled a relaxing breath. She fell onto my chest and then rolled off the bed.

A few minutes later, Russell blew his wad into the condom he had been using to fuck my ass. He rolled off me and slipped the condom off his dick.

He handed the warm latex to Gloria and she turned it up and drank the salty solution. Then she licked her lips and smiled. "Mmmmmm, that's tasty."

Gloria climbed back onto the bed and settled next to me.

I turned to Russell and patted the side of the bed. "Come sit next to me. I want us to play a game."

He smiled as if he knew what I was going to do. His hand surrounded his still half hard cock and he started stroking it. He climbed onto the bed and squatted over me. His hand still stroking his manhood he smiled knowingly.

"Do you know what I want you to do little boy?" I asked.

"I hope so," he whispered. "You want me to fuck you like I use to, right?"

"Oh no, I've been fucked too much already tonight. I want you to take that cock of yours in your hand and masturbate until I tell you to stop. And if you don't stop when I tell you to, I will punish you. Do you understand me?" I whispered snidely.

"Yes, Mistress, I do understand you," Russell replied quietly.

"Gloria, please come here," I directed.

Smiling, she climbed back onto the bed with an eager to please look on her face.

"You love this man don't you?" I inquired.

"Oh yes, I would do anything for him!" she agreed.

"Good, because our man Russell here is going to sit here and jack off and I want you to be his assistant. He is not to touch you. He is only allowed to stroke his dick until it explodes. When it does explode, it is your job to help him get his hands full of as much cum as he can and to then lead his hands to his mouth so that he can lick up his own cum. Any questions?"

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