tagErotic CouplingsSaturday Office "Work"

Saturday Office "Work"


I hate working on Saturdays. I didn't have to go in however I was behind on a few things and instead of rushing thru things on Monday, I came in on Saturday, about 11:00am, to get a bit ahead of the game. What I didn't expect was for Kelly to be there. She was not some drop dead gorgeous woman but was very hot, in her own way. She was in her late 30's so a bit older than me with shoulder length hair and long legs that just kept going. She was in pretty good shape as well with the best feature being her ass and her tits. They were natural (as far as I could tell) and were just FINE!

Well, anyway, she was married but that didn't mean I couldn't look, right? I worked with her a bit thru the week but not a whole lot. I was crouched over my desk and working away when I heard someone in the break room. I looked up and saw her work by, smile and wave as she got her Coke. I leaned back in my chair to get a good look at her walking by. She had on a short jean skirt and an old GAP t-shirt. Her ass looked so fine. She turned around and before I could lean back to my desk, she caught me looking at her. She must have. Why else would I be leaning back except to look at her. GREAT!!!

About 5 min later she came up to my desk and we engaged in chit chat as to why we both were there on a Saturday and such. She noticed a picture on my desk of my friends and I in NY and leaned in to look. She leaned in enough so I got a good view right down her shirt. I knew I shouldn't look, that this was probably a test but heck, it was right in front of me. What was I supposed to do. I looked. She saw. She turned and looked right into my eyes. Smiled and leaned back again. She said how she had been to NY years ago and how much fun it was. She then talked about how when she was her idiot husband did this and that. What was going on here? She was talking bad about her husband? Interesting. She gave the picture back and we chatted some more about different things and then she went back to her desk but gave me that look. That certain, flirty look. Hmmmmmm.

About 20 min later I got up (my hard on had gone down since she was over) and went over to her desk. We chatted for a while and while we did she slowly crossed and uncrossed her legs. I couldn't look up her dress due to where I was standing but I sure could check out her long longs. I brought up clubs and dancing and we talked about that for a bit. Drinking and bar hopping and the such. We were flirting now. No doubt about it. I decided to go for it and the next time she crossed her legs I stared at them. I mean really started. I just looked her legs up and down while I talked about the last bar I was at earlier in the week. It worked. She waiting until my story was done and asked "See something you like?". I said "Oh, my. Yes." and looked up in her eyes. She had the fckk me eyes on. Wow!

We stared at each other for what seemed like 5 min but I am sure it was only about 30 seconds. We both had smirks on our faces. I saw some red flow into her cheeks and knew I was on to something. "They are very nice." I finally said.

"What? My tits or my legs" she asked.

I laughed a sly, sort of nervous laugh. "Well, now that you mention it, both actually. Although," I paused and craned my neck a bit to look around her "you're ass is nothing to forget either."

She smiled and shook her head. "I don't believe you just said that."

Oh, great. Now what? Was she playing me? Setting me up? Was HR going to call me down on Monday?

"What?" I answered cautiously.

"I can't believe we are sitting here talking about my a$$, t!ts and legs!" She replied.

"Well, when they are that nice...nice enough to get me rock hard just standing here...you can't really NOT talk about them, can you?"

"Really? Are you that hard?" She asked.

"What, you don't believe me?" I asked.

"Well, I don't know! You could be just joking" She replied with those knowing eyes.

I walked around to the opening of her cube and just stood there. I had on some shorts and a T-Shirt. My erection could clearly be seen bulging out of them.

"Wow! My body really gets you that hard?" She asked.

I thought, since we are this far, might as well just go for it all "Well, that and thinking about how much I would enjoy eating your pussy" I said and glanced down to her crotch.

"FCKK!!! I can't believe you just said that either!" She blurted out. "Really? You would want to eat my pussy?"

Now, I love eating pussy. absolutely LOVE it. Nothing better in the world. Sure, just like any other guy I check out the tits on girls and think about sucking and groping them but nothing gets me harder then thinking about how I would taste that sweet honey.

I thought about showing her now but what if I do something like squeeze a tit or lean in to kiss her and she pushes me away and talks about her idiot husband? Well, what if she does? Big deal. So, I did. I said "You bet. Now, you wanna tell me you're not wet right now with all this talk about eating you out? I bet it's been a long time since that clit of yours was tongue fucked, hasn't it?"

Her nipples were now popping almost thru her GAP t-shirt. She crossed her legs and placed her hands on her crotch, pressing down a bit. "Glen, I can't believe you just said that!" she said but that smile was still on face. "But....you really think of eating ME out."

"Yeah, let me show you" and I squatted down and moved her one leg over very slowly and slowly spread open her legs.

"Here?? In HERE you want to eat me" She cried out (but made no effort to close her legs). "What if..."

"Someone comes in? When I came in, the security monitor showed only two people in the building, you and I. We will here the chime if someone else comes in." I looked up her skirt and saw something that gave me an even harder erection. Victoria's Secret white panties (you see...I LOVE panties) and they were wet. A nice big, round wet spot. I slowly moved her skirt up and kept my hands going so there cupped her ass I then bent in. I could smell her juices a mile away. Geeze but it was intoxicating. That smell. I kept going until I reached her panties. I then started to lick that wet spot of hers. Letting my tongue dart in and out and, from time to time, licking her up and down like an ice cream cone.

She spread her legs more and let out a moan "Oh....my....ooooohhhh myyyyyyy" and she cupped my head and pushed me in deeper.

I kept on licking and kissing and blowing and sucking her pussy on the outside of her panties. Finally, I came out and sat back on my haunches. I looked up at her. Her face was flush red and there was a bit of sweat on her lower lip and forehead. "Did you feel that" She asked.


"I came...a little mini one" She said, almost out of breath. "That was...incredible." She breathed again.

" Well, that was just an appetizer" I said and then reached up, under her skirt and got hold of those panties and slowly slid them down here legs. Once off I deeply inhaled the crotch section as she watched me. "Nice panties" I said.

"I'm going to fckk the living shit out of you darling." She said

"Really?" I replied with that sheepish grin.

"Oh, yeah...." she said and spread her legs wide open "...but first, why don't you finish what you started."

Not wanting to leaving her wanting I went back in, slowly kissing her knee and thigh on the way. As I neared her pussy I stopped on her thigh. I then began to lick and suck and kiss her thighs. Both of them. I stayed on them even after she tried to force my head into her crotch. She managed a "Will you please just eat me!!!!???!!!" but I love to tease. I started to suck hard on her thigh...almost giving here a hickey each time. With each hard suck I moved closer and closer to my prize. Finally, as I felt her pubic hairs brushing my cheeks, I got to her red, swollen and very wet pussy. I dove in with my tongue. I licked all around it and then started to flick my tongue inside of her. I cupped her ass and pulled her onto my tongue. I was tongue fucking her and she was loving it. She was now moaning "Oh...my....GOD! Yes!!!! Oh...shit yeah!!! Shit yeah! SHiT YEAH!!!!!" I then brought a hand up and in and slid my finger in her as far as it would go. I then made the 'come here' sign so I would get her G-Spot just right. While doing that I moved on to her clit. She moved her skirt up more to give me room and started to flick my tongue on her clit. Just getting it..barley, with the tip of my tongue. Every once in a while I would lick it fully like an ice cream cone.

She was getting close. She was breathing heavy and was pushing my head in further. "OH............ MY........ GOD........ PLEASE....... DON'T......... STOP!! OH...... PLEASE.... PLEASE...... DON'T.."

Before she could get out the "stop" I stopped and came out and sat on my haunches again. She looked down on me and said "No..please...I was so close to cumming".

"I know" I said with a smile as I wiped my mouth. "Why do you think I stopped?" I then leaned up and said to her "I want you to taste yourself " and kissed her long and hard, my tongue probing the insides of her mouth. As we kissed her hands went to my crotch and she unzipped me and reached in, thru my boxers, to pull out my rock hard cock. She stroked it while we kissed. I then pulled back and with my free hand (the other was supporting me) I cupped one of her breasts. Oh, how good it felt. After checking them out for so long I was finally able to get one in my hand. I squeezed it and felt the nipple thru it. I then moved down and got between her legs. "I've been waiting a long time for this". I then moved her shirt up to reveal a nice, blue, Victoria's Secret bra. "You don't match" I said as I unhooked it.

"Maybe on Monday you can check if I match again" She replied with that same, fuck grin.

I then cupped one breast in my left hand and started to suck and lick the other. The salt tasted good. As I sucked and played with her t!ts I felt her legs open more. She wanted to climax. Ok. I give. I then moved back down and between her legs. "YES!" she screamed.

I went back in and got both thumbs in her and spread her open. I then shot my tongue inside of her and licked as much as I could reach, all inside her pussy. "My clit!" She screamed breathlessly "Please get my clit!!!" I obliged and with one finger fucking her I started to kiss, suck, lick and flick her clit with my tongue and lips.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" She screamed. "Almost there...aaallllmmooooossssttt thereeeeeeeeeeeeee. OH...MY....GOD.......THAT'S IT......RIGHT.......THERE........YES? YES??? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" She came with a huge explosion and thrust her hips out. It was at that moment I came up and said " I gotta fuck that sweet ass" and took her by the arm and pulled her out of the chair. She was with me and knew where I was headed. She turned around and bent over the desk, legs spread. I wasted no time as I still wanted to keep her orgasm going. I didn't have time to really admire that sweet ass of hers but what the heck, I would be fucking it in two seconds anyway. I didn't bother taking off my shorts or boxers since my co*k was already pointing straight out. I rammed my cock right into her pu$$y from behind and started to fuck her hard.

"YES...YES!!!!!" She screamed. "Keep going. I'm going to.....I'm going to.......HERE I CUM AGAIN....OHHHHHH......AGAIN!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!" She yelled louder. I was thrusting hard and fast and knew I would be cumming soon as well.

I held on to that sweet a$$ and thrust harder. I looked down and spread her a$$ cheeks wide. "I wonder if she does anything else" I pondered as I shot my load of cum into her pu$$y. "OOooooooohhhhh FUCK!!" I yelled and kept thrusting to get every last drop out.

When I was spent I pulled out and she turned around, squatted down and took my co*k in her mouth. "Need to get every last drop" she said as she sucked me dry.

After a few minutes she came up and said "Glen, what are you doing her on Saturday?"

I looked up from my desk, startled that my day dream was over. Kelly was looking down at me. "Hello? Glen? Earth to Glen." She waved her hand in front of my face.

I shook my head to clear the cobwebs. "Hey Kelly. I just had some stuff to do. How many times did you cum?" I head myself say and regret. "I mean....um....er..."

"What? How many times did I cum? What is on your mind today Glen? You keep talking like that and you will get my pussy all wet." She replied with a sly smile.....

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