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Satyr Dreams


(Edited with the help of gameon2007)


Last night I also had dreams of you.... in fact it was a dream where it was so REAL that I could smell the flowers, the wet earth, feel the ground beneath us, feel you on top of me. The dream started like any other dream sequence... I was wearing my Greenman cloak and I was dancing around a bonfire with other friends. Giving back to the Earth for all Her many Blessings and still we danced in happiness and in joy. When silence fell on the dancers and we realized that the Greenman had arrived finally.

As you approached closer... the dancers became more frenzied. They circled closer to the flame, dropping their mistakes, apologies, wishes for new things, all of these and more were written on strips of parchment, tied with strips of string and dropped into the fire. And as each one puffed into smoke to be taken up into the midnight sky, up to the full-moon the Gathering would become a little more frenzied. Clothes would begin to fall. I noticed you watching me as I walked over to the bonfire to also release my own pent-up desires, tossing my own pieces of parchment into the fire... and suddenly soft hands drew me back.... so that I was standing across from you.

Suddenly I knew what was to happen this night. Why I had been prepared special by the group. Why there had been a special bath... where all the hair had been removed, leaving my skin so soft and silky. Then I had been guided to a second bath where I had been immersed in silken oils smelling of sweet-smelling flowers and rose petals.

The hair on my head had been brushed till it was a shining flame and then it was tied back with ribbons. I had been dressed in a white gauzy material that was tied at the shoulders. I knew that once the ties had been undone, I would stand before the Gathering, before the Goddess and the God and before you, sky-clad. Well, except for maybe the ribbons in my hair. I stood there in the center of the bonfire as the group continued the ceremony to call the God and Goddess. I watched quietly as you came forward to complete your portion of the ceremony, knowing that there was really only one thing left, my part. You would be calling me to the flames but I knew that I would be the one to ignite them, in the entire group.

You lifted the candle and called the 4 corners. I was lost in my own thoughts when I suddenly felt strong hands on me, leading me towards my masked Greenman. My cloak was removed and I stood there in my gown... shivering, waiting for you to approach; I could hear the group chanting in the background and it was hypnotic.

As you approached and reached for the ties at my shoulders with one quick tug they were undone and suddenly I was standing there facing you, with the fire flickering to light my body. Sending lights of red and orange dancing across my form, and I could see your eyes drinking in all of me... the swell of my breasts to the hardened tips of my nipples puckering in the night breeze. As your eyes continued to move down over my stomach; I was praying to myself that you would not be disappointed in what you were about to have this night, but then I noticed that your eyes were starring at my womanhood and at that moment I knew that you could see my own passion and excitement, my body was showing you a different emotion than what my mind was giving off.

Suddenly, I felt wetness slowly starting to drip from inside my inner folds... it was starting to drip down my leg and soon the air would be thick with the scent of Our Passion, my passion. I looked at you, still wearing your ceremonial outfit but it was a man's cock that was standing out away from your robes. It was oozing pre-cum and the air around us seemed to be charged... leading us, telling us what to do next. I knew that my nervousness would have to wait for another time because for now, all I knew was that I wanted this man, this Greenman, this Satyr, this God standing in front of me.

I walked to stand in front of you... Reaching out to touch your chest and I could feel your heart hammering like mine. Suddenly I just couldn't take it anymore... One word dropped from my mouth before I dropped to my knees to take you into my mouth. "Will!" As I said your true name (my hand still pressed against your heart, I could feel what whispering your name had done for you, for us, for this) I took your cock deep into my mouth till it was touching the back of my throat.

I quickly begin to slowly move slowly move back and forth... so as to move you in and out of the warm, wet suction that had become my mouth. My hands went around you and pulled you closer to me... caressing anything my hands could reach. Knowing that I was bringing you pleasure like the Goddesses have pleasured their God's for many centuries. I pulled forward several times so that just the tip of your huge cock was in my mouth....

I could taste you all salty and slightly sweet and I knew this was increasing the wetness between my legs. So I reached down and swirled my fingers between the folds, trying desperately not to touch my clit, and gathered my juices then reached up and put my hand in front of you so that you could see what this was doing to me. I could see that this had the right affect on my Satyr... as you grabbed my fingers and began to suckle them.

This just about put me over the edge completely. I began to suck you a little harder feeling and tasting more of you coming, spreading out and coating my tongue. I wanted to feel you cum completely, to taste your passion but I also knew that with the current ritual I might not get the chance. And just as I felt you begin to tense up, I was quickly pulled away, and your cum was gathered till you were spent. You were supported briefly by the group until you caught your breath and could stand alone again. I was moved to the ceremonial altar, a bed adorned with flower petals. Here I was laid down and then a blindfold was quickly placed across my eyes as my hands were placed above me and tied with silken cords. I felt something being placed around my ankles as well but they weren't stretched out away from me yet.

I felt many hands touching, teasing as all of this occurred and it just tormented me further but I knew that this was as much as the Group would involve themselves except for the Fertile Mead which I knew we would be part of indirectly.

This is why I had not been allowed to drink from the Greenman the first time and now would be my turn to contribute before the main portion would commence. Which was ok because having had you in my mouth, I knew that you were huge and that this was going to hurt, at least at first.

Suddenly, the bed dipped a bit and I heard a deep laugh... I struggled a little trying to free my hands, I wanted to touch you again. You just laughed more.

I felt your hands reach up and gather the globes of my breasts in your hands and you began to knead them. Causing me to moan loudly then you leaned forward and caught one of my nipples in your teeth and tugged it gently... Causing me to shiver violently... Seeing my reaction, you sucked the nipple into your mouth and began to suckle upon it. Softly at first your tongue worked at it until it began to grow even larger, then you began to work it a little harder till I was begging for it, "Harder, use your teeth... oooh.. YES! Oh God!" "Please, I begged" And then your mouth left that nipple and worked the same treatment on the left nipple which caused the same response within me.

It was driving me insane and suddenly, I felt hands pulling my legs apart. At this point someone had placed something soft underneath me which seemed to raise my nether region off the bed. My legs which had been pulled apart were now allowed to bend slightly and they were tied down so that I could tell that my entire pussy was on display.

I might have been embarrassed had I seen what you were looking at... you were starring at how displayed I was. The folds were thick and engorged with blood and when you reached out to touch them you found them wet and slippery. So hard to hold on to that you almost felt the need to lick them clear of the slippery love juice before trying to peel back the folds of my love flower.

Before tasting anything though you thought about the conversation the two of us had before any of this came into play and decided to slide your finger all around first, moistening it, before trying to slide it deep inside. Each time your finger grazed my clit I would test my bonds but still they held, finally you felt like there was enough juices flowing to try...

I could feel your finger slip inside just past the opening and I thought "oh Goddess, your finger is large, but Goddess, I know your cock is so much larger than that, what am I going to do?" And you noticed that I had tensed for a moment and decided that you would have to do something to take my mind off the initial thrust or it would be too painful.

As you tried to slip a second finger inside you realized that I was in fact very tight. Tighter than what you would have thought. But I was still in the haze of passion so you thought that if you could keep it going things would be fine.

I felt your mouth suckling on my nipple again as your hand was caressing my stomach and it felt amazing. Suddenly the blindfold was lifted briefly and you were looking into my eyes... You were still wearing the Greenman mask but your eyes were so beautiful. You began to kiss your way to the center of my passion, I could not help but look at you and how wonderful it was to share this experience with you.

You leaned down to blow warm air over the engorged folds, causing me to shiver even more. As your tongue began to lap at my clit it was driving me to distraction and suddenly I felt you insert your finger inside me. Your tongue and finger worked in tandem for what seemed like minutes when suddenly I opened my eyes to find the women of the group standing around the altar.

Your finger continued to glide in and out of me quickly as your thumb pressed against my engorged clit. Suddenly I thought I heard you say something to some of the women around the bed but since I was still tied down there was nothing I could do about it.

All of a sudden I felt not only your mouth but two others working me and my eyes flew open. The blindfold was replaced and I was left in darkness. They were nuzzling at my engorged nipples, two of the group's women. Both naked and both were sucking and nibbling at my nipples like they would never be satisfied.

While all this was occurring you were still between by legs flicking and teasing my clit with your very talented tongue and still I could feel your finger but somewhere in the midst of all this you had added another finger. I knew I was going to cum and it was going to be a strong one... I had already been "begging you to fuck me, to make love to me, to do it, anything just don't stop."

Suddenly I had felt something cold being pressed up against my opening, and just as you began to drag your teeth across my clit I arched completely off the bed as my passion flowed out of me and into the Goddess Chalice that had been placed against my nether lips.

I was untied and the women moved in to cleanse me... cloths were used to refresh my body. I was given honey mead to drink to restore my inner self and give me the energy needed to get ready for what would be the main event.

The blindfold was removed completely. I stretched and moved among the silken sheets and I saw you approaching. I could not describe the feeling that had suddenly come over me. As I reached out for your hand to pull you unto the bed with me, we noticed that the Gathering had begun to dance again... Weaving in among the fire... chanting...

I knew that as our passion was consummated the Fertile Mead would be tasted by the rest of the group and then they would go off to enjoy their own passions with one another.

Tonight however, my thoughts were just for the man lying beside me... I reached up and untied your mask, removing it. Pressing my lips against your mouth, kissing you, my tongue swirling against yours before pressing you against the bed.

Knowing in my heart that it was my turn to tease you now and I knew exactly what I was after. I began kissing my way down your neck... slowly licking, tasting, nipping my way further south. I could feel you tense up when I used my teeth in certain areas but still I didn't stop.

When I reached your waist I laid my head on your thigh as I used just my hand briefly to stroke you... your cock was already engorged, ready for what was coming and leaking its love juices. Pulling myself up so I was resting myself on my elbow I leaned forward with just the tip of my tongue and like a cat licking cream, began to relish in the taste of you.

It brought a rush of sound from you and your cock twitched as if begging to be sucked. I moved closer to breathe in your maleness and as I did I was close enough to move my mouth just over the tip which was now leaking more... I felt it coat my tongue with its glorious stickiness and I knew that there would be time enough for me to have my full taste here but that I wanted you inside me, that I could wait no longer.

I raised my head to look into your eyes I was hoping I would see that you wanted this too. You looked at me, reaching out your hand which I accepted and you pulled me back up to meet you. Lying underneath you... you began to kiss me... my neck, your hands teasing and tormenting my already engorged nipples.

You tugged on them, they almost seemed to pulse with their own separate pleasure causing me to grind myself up against you. I knew that you could feel how wet I was pressing against you and yet I could not seem to get enough. I wanted and needed more of you. "Please..." I don't know if I meant it as a question to you or in desperation for what I was hoping was coming.

All I know is that when I said it you laughed softly as if this had been what you had been waiting for. You positioned yourself between my legs and I watched you with half-closed eyes so full of passion and love that I was no longer scared of what was about to happen. I felt you slide the tip of your cock through the lips of my pussy, all slick and juicy with my wanting.

When I felt the tip graze my clit I could suddenly feel my entire body shake with want, then you once again continued to use my juices to help ease your entrance. I opened my legs wider to help you, as I could feel just the very thick spongy head slide inside the opening and I could feel myself stretching to accommodate you.

You started to slowly move in me a little at a time, I could tell that you were trying your best not to hurt me... but that my tightness was also an extreme struggle for you as well. Your other hand went in-between us and I suddenly felt you stroking my clit softly at first but as I started to pant a little heavier your stroking became more insistent and all-consuming.

Suddenly all I could think about was having you inside me to the hilt, really fucking me... and I knew what must be done. So I reached down and grabbed hold of your ass and opening my legs as wide as I could so I would be able to pull you as deep into me as possible.

Your eyes moved to my face, your eyes searching mine, questioning, but then I pressed closer to you and pulled you all the way in before grasping and trying hard to breathe past the pain. I had had no idea that waiting 5+ years in between my last sex partner would cause this to happen inside me.

I could feel tears escape my closed eyes and slip slowly down my cheeks. Wetting the pillow under my head and I was struggling inside because I knew the pain would go away soon if I could just wait it out. I slowly opened my eyes and saw you looking at me with such tenderness in your eyes that I thought I might loose it right there but I just reached up and wiped the tears away. "It's ok... I'll be ok, just give me a second?" You nodded before reaching out and brushing a stray tear away... then leaning down and kissed me again before whispering, "It will be ok, I promise. You trust me don't you?" He asked me.

I met your gaze then and smiled softly before kissing you back more passionately and starting to slowly move underneath you. The pain had subsided and a pressure was building in me... pushing me to the top like I was riding monstrous waves.

I started to match your tempo, pushing against you, your thrusts became harder... deeper... my hands starting to pull at you... needing more of you, not realizing what I was doing my hands raked your back as waves of intense pleasure started to send me into one cresting orgasm after another.

I was so lost in my own pleasure that I had not realized that I had been screaming out my pleasure and as your mouth came over mine to kiss me again my screams were muffled briefly. But as soon as the kiss stopped I was cresting again and begging again for you to cum. "PLEASE, PLEASE, OH GODDESS... OH GOD... PLEASE... I NEED YOU TO CUM FOR ME PLEASE CUM INSIDE ME... FILL ME WITH YOUR LOVE!"

I think this is all it took before I could feel you start to tense up before we started to cum one last time together. That orgasm was so powerful that it shook me to my very core and left me shivering. Even as I awoke in the morning drenched in my own juices I was still shivering from the orgasm that I had recently. At once I knew it had been a dream... but also I thought that perhaps parts might have been real as things similar had happened before. Not the sex part but other parts.

As I write this down to share it with you... I know it won't be like some of my other stories. It will mean more to me than the others do because the dream was too real for reasons that only you know. And so I dedicate this to you, my God.... My Satyr... My man... and my friend... my beacon in the knight.... because you made me feel again.

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