Sauna Fun


About the story: I have been trading stories with a few tv & cd friends which reflect our fantasies. The ones I publish will be written by me and I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it!


I enter the sauna in the health club. Its late there's no one around. I settle back and close my eyes enjoying the heat. The door opens and a beautiful young woman walks in with her long dark hair pulled back and dripping wet from the pool. Dressed in a small black bikini she must be 6ft tall and athletically built with long shapely legs and small pert breasts. She lies on the bench next to me with her eyes closed and head back as she acclimatises to the heat in the sauna. Opening her eyes she looks over and smiles. I can't take my eyes off her and she keeps catching me looking.

Without a word she raises her foot and grasps the edge of my towel between her painted toes. She flicks open my towel exposing my semi hard cock and smiling wickedly she begins to play with my cock using your toes whilst holding my gaze. I try to speak but she presses a long elegant finger to her lips as she reaches out and pours more water on the hot coals which spit and sizzle as the steam rises. She raises her foot pushing her toes between my lips and I respond with my tongue and lips.

I watch as she slowly pulls her bikini to one side and I gasp as she slips a semi hard cock free. Her eyes twinkle mischievously as she slowly strokes her hardening girl cock, one hand behind her head as the other slowly strokes her dick. She gets up and steps across onto my bench. Standing on either side of me she reaches down guiding my hand to her cock. She moans with desire as I nervously wrap my fingers around her throbbing meat stroking her slowly. Her cock head is almost touching my lips. Her hand slips around the back of my head as she thrusts her hips forward and the head of her cock slips between my lips making me gag at first. Moaning she pushes her pole deeper between my lips and begins to slowly fuck my mouth. Her cum filled balls knock against my chin as she sinks her meat deep into my throat whilst caressing my face with her long slender fingers.

Stepping down she guides me to lie across the bench and positioning herself at the behind me she raises my legs over your shoulders. Our bodies are slippery with from the heat as she pulls my ass cheeks apart and finds my ass pussy with the tip of her huge hard cock. She pushes her hips forward sinking her hard throbbing cock into my virgin ass. Enjoying the tightness of my ass she eases her cock deeper, fucking me with long hard strokes.

Turning me around and bending me over the bench she digs her nails into my hips as she re-enters me with one swift thrust. Moaning she starts to fuck me deeper and harder as she reaches around and wanks my cock between her fingers. Stroking me faster she bites my shoulder and neck as she slowly fucks me, our bodies dripping with sweat. Suddenly she plunges her cock deep into my ass and she exploded, spurting her hot silvery seed deep inside me. The sensation of her cock spasming inside me makes me cum hard in her hand spitting my seed over her fingers and stomach. Smiling she offers me her fingers and looking deep into her eyes I lick my hot spunk from her skin with her cock still inside me.

We both sit back panting from the exertion and heat in the sauna. I can feel her cum seeping from my ass and running down my leg as she leans over and kisses me deeply. Taking me by the hand she pulls me up and leads me in the direction of the Jacuzzi where she tells me she wants to introduce me to her friend.

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