tagInterracial LoveSavannah & The Slave

Savannah & The Slave


Her long black hair, which fell down her back in waves, contrasted dramatically with her sky blue eyes. She was a slim little thing at 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her breasts were full and young and her body untried and virginal at 18 years old.

She lived in a world that was more like a kingdom and she its princess. She lived on a Georgian plantation in the year 1850. Before the Civil War had begun and before the South had fallen to its knees, she lived a charmed life.

Her name was Savannah though everyone called her Vanny. From her father who utterly adored her, to her five older brothers, to her mother, and to the slaves in the field or in the house- she was Vanny or Miss Vanny.

She was sweet and innocent and was courted by numerous boys in the county. She accepted the attention that was due her beauty and wealth but she held a secret close to her heart. She was already in love. The love of her life was Damian. And Damian didn't know she existed. Or if he did, he never showed it. She flaunted herself shamelessly in front of him when she knew no one was looking.

She had been getting a drink of water from the outside pump one day when Damian had passed by. She had shamelessly bent over and given him a perfect glimpse of her breasts uncorseted and free. Her breasts had spilled forth and she knew he had seen her dark cherry-colored nipples. But other than a quick intake of breath – he had continued on his path completely ignoring her.

Damian had been born on the plantation 25 years ago. His mother was a slave – his father a freeman somewhere up north. He was a tall, dark haired man with no ounce of fat on his body. He worked the fields during the day and lived with his mother and sisters in a small cabin on the edge of her father's property.

Vanny sighed. She knew it was against every single law known to man and god. The preacher preached against the sins of the colored people every Sunday. Vanny refused to use the "N" word that the horrible preacher and her father mis-used a thousand times a day.

According to Preacher Jones they were a sinful race of people devoid of feeling or reason and needing the firm hand of the white man.

Her father treated them alright but denounced their race also and claimed the beatings he hated giving out were necessary.

Vanny sighed again. Her father hated them so much, that he made a necessary trip to visit Lola Sue's cabin every Friday. The dark eyed and dark haired beauty was pregnant yet again and Vanny knew it was her father's baby. She loved her father and knew that just as he was – she was also drawn to their dark beauty and unknown ways.

Vanny drew her simple white nightgown up around her waist and massaged her breasts. They tingled and her nipples grew tight and erect. She thought of Damian's mouth over her breasts and stifled a groan.

Her other hand sought out her entrance and inserted a finger carefully into her little passage.

"Lord. Daddy will kill me if he ever found out I wasn't a virgin on my wedding night." She whispered in a soft Southern accent.

She gingerly pushed one slim finger into her hot pussy and knew already that it would be wet and warm. She tried not to touch herself often, but sometimes couldn't help it. The preacher always talked about sins and sinful women and always managed to look right at Savannah. She shuddered as she pushed against the thin barrier of her virginity.

Her legs splayed apart as she continued to touch herself and her small pussy walls constricted. She always felt guilty after but she couldn't help it. She had seen Damian that afternoon by the barn working on fixing the broken fence. He had been shirtless and his muscles had gleamed in the sunlight.

She flicked aside her tight black curls that guarded her entrance and continued to touch herself.

He had been mending the fence and had not seen her approach.

"Mornin', Damian." She had paused to watch him work admiring his back muscles and arms.

He turned and stared at the Southern beauty. "Mornin', Miss Vanny."

She loved her name on his lips and almost sighed aloud.

"How is your Ma and sisters, alright I hope?" She asked softly.

"They iz fine, Miss Vanny."

"Oh, I am glad."

"Yes, Miss." He turned to attend to the fence and watched her walk away.

He sighed heavily and knew trouble when it appeared. Savannah was a little bitch in heat trying to get all the hands after her. She was courting trouble and he was courting a whipping or worse. She was a right fine little piece all feminine curves and innocence but against the law and he knew it.

He would have to go visit that little slut Mona two cabins down to relive the tension that Vanny caused his cock.

He had walked into the barn the next morning and heard a loud yelp.

He ran down to the last stall to see Savannah on all fours.

"Miss Vanny?" He came to crouch before her.

"Oh, Damian, it's you. I think I must have twisted my ankle. It hurts something awful. Will you look at it for me?" She adjusted herself and sat on her little bottom before him.

"Surely will, Miss Vanny." He came before her and his hands fell underneath her long skirts.

"Which ankle Miss Vanny?"

"The left, Damian." His hands went to the left ankle to ascertain if it was swelled or not. This was a dangerous game in itself but the plantation was deserted that day due to a fair in town. Everyone was gone but Vanny's mother.

Damian tried to feel for a swell and then noticed Vanny's face. She had closed her eyes and was almost breathing shallowly.

He felt again for a swell and then it hit him. She was setting him up. She wanted his hands on her. She had been giving him signals for a long time.

"Well, Miss Vanny, I don't feel any swelling."

"Really?" She asked him, her blue eyes digging into his brown ones.

"No. I don't." He said quietly and then pushed the little beauty fully onto her back in the straw and settled himself between her little thighs.

"Oh my, Damian. What are you doing?" She asked breathlessly and overwhelmed.

"Giving you what you really want."

Savannah shook her head. "What is it you think I want?"

Damian smiled. "Little belle of the south wants a thick dark sausage between her legs. I aim to please."

Savannah shook her head vigorously. "No, Damian please no."

"Yes, little bitch in heat, yes. You come sniffing around me for five years. Dropping hankies for me to pick up. Pressing those little titties in my face." With that he reached out and grabbed her breasts in his hands. "Trying to get me to smell your cunt on a hot summer's day. Well, little Vanny I have. Now you need to pay up."

"My father will kill you!" She asked horrified.

"Who's going to tell him? Not me, and certainly not the little bitch who got herself into this in the first place. You gonna tell old Papa that his precious princess had a thick dark cock in her little pussy?" With that he reached into her skirts and stroked her cunt.

Vanny gasped at the intrusion.

"Besides little bitch, why don't you admit you want it? Admit it, and enjoy the ride." He told her softly as he unbuttoned her blouse and lifted up her skirts.

"Please, Damian, I'm a virgin." She cried as her skirts came up around her waist.

"I know little bitch, and I can't wait to have that virgin's blood staining my cock."

In a swift moment he undid his pants and his cock sprang forth. It was huge in width and length at about 9 inches long.

"Ah, little tease, you are sopping wet for me," he said as he stroked her little pussy.

Savannah unknowingly arched her back into him and he chuckled. "Tell me you want me to fuck you, little tease. Let me hear those little lips say it."

Savannah shook her head.

Damian positioned his cock's head at her pussy's wet entrance and told her, "Say it, princess." Mocking her father's nickname of her.

She tried to impale herself on his cock but he chuckled and held her hips still.

"Come on little cock tease. Say you want this dark, thick sausage in your tight little pussy."

Vanny shook her head but couldn't stop herself. She needed his cock and had to have it.

"Damian, please fuck me. I need your cock. My pussy needs it."

Damian smiled. "That's it, princess. Arch your back like a little bitch in heat and beg me. Tell me once more. Tell me you want me to fuck you. Beg me. Come on princess, beg me."

Vanny wiggled her hips into him and begged him like a shameless whore. "Please Damian. Please fuck me. I need you so. Fuck me." She had never said such nasty, filthy words yet they made her blood sing.

Damian pulled back and rammed into her tight little pussy once and then pulled back and came into her slickness once more and began to set the pace.

Savannah raked her nails again and again across his back and he bit into her neck.

When he brought her to climax he milked the insides of her virgin cunt with his seed.

He pulled himself out of her and noticed her blood on his cock and her thighs.

"It will be our little secret, Miss Vanny," Damian said as he smoothed down her skirts and left her sitting in the stall's straw with his cum oozing out of her.

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