Save a Tree Become a Sex Slave


Finally their conversation ended and he asked, "Are you ready to begin your training Mrs. White?"

I tried one last time to convince him to change his mind. Taking his cock out of mouth, and stretching my jaw, I replied, "Please, Mr. Jones, I promise I will never be a bother again."

"Oh trust me, that I believe," he chuckled, rolling his chair back. "Now bend over the desk like your daughter did."

I reluctantly crawled out from under the desk, petrified of what he planned next. Yet, knowing I had no choice if I was to protect my daughter and my past, I obeyed the order surprised how cold the desk was on my breasts and belly.

"You really have a nice ass," he complimented, as the letch squeezed my pantyhose-clad ass. His touch sent a chill up my spine against my will and triggered an undeniable wetness down below.

Suddenly, I felt my pantyhose ripped apart. "The thong was a nice touch, Mrs. White, were you anticipating becoming my little fuck-toy?"

"God, no," I answered.

"I don't know," he responded smugly, his finger gentle touching my wet vagina. "Your cunt is pretty wet. Did you like watching me fuck your daughter's ass?"

"What? N-n-no," I stammered, distracted by his finger teasing my vaginal lips.

"I think you did," he quipped back, his finger parting my pussy lips.

"Please, stop," I protested, knowing that for whatever despicable reason by body was betraying me.

He laughed, as he reached for the bottle of lube on the table. "Your determination isn't as strong anymore is it?"

I realized then that he planned to fuck my ass and not my vagina. I stammered, "N-n-not my ass."

He laughed again, "This isn't a negotiation, slut."

Being called a slut was another slap in the face. I have not fucked or sucked another man in twenty years. "I am not a slut," I snapped back, as I felt lube on my ass cheeks.

"You're my slut," he countered, as he coated his cock with lube as well.

Suddenly desperate to avoid being sodomized, yet knowing I wasn't getting out of here without getting used by him, I begged, "My pussy, fuck my pussy."

"Pardon," he asked, surprised by my sudden shift of attitude.

"I want you inside my pussy," I said, trying to be seductive.

"You do, do you?" he asked, seemingly falling for my sudden shift in attitude.

"God, yes, I want your big cock in my cunt," I said, really trying to lay it on.

"Is my cock bigger than your husbands?" he asked.

I didn't have to lie when I said, "Yes, you are much bigger."

He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy lips and I moaned, thinking I had avoided being sodomized.

"Tell me what you want slut," he ordered, before adding, "and be believable."

"Oh God, sir, I want your big cock slamming into my hungry cunt, pounding me from behind deep and hard, make me your little fuck puppet," I said, the words so ludicrous, and yet somehow getting me hornier.

"You are such a slut, Mrs. White," he said, his cock slipping between my pussy lips.

"Aaaah, yes sir, I am your slut," I replied, his cock teasing me and turning me into something I wasn't.

"But you know something," he said, his cock so close to entering me.

"Whaaaaaat?" I whimpered, my need to be fucked beginning to control me.

"The only cunt I fuck is my wife's," he said, moving his cock away from my pussy and in one hard thrust penetrating my ass.

"Nooooo, fuuuuuuuuuck," I screamed as my ass was literally on fire.

"You see," he explained, his cock buried deep in my ass, "I like to take what most women won't give, their ass. Taking something they never imagined ever giving is the ultimate thrill. Plus, most sluts like you, women who pretend to be so righteous and moral, are often the biggest fuck sluts, cum buckets and ass whores out there."

"That is fucking stupid," I got out through clenched teeth, the pain burning through every pore of my being.

"Do you recognize my secretary Mrs. Quill at all?" he asked, slowly moving his cock out and then slamming it back inside my on fire ass.

"Fuuuuuck," I screamed, a new searing pain hitting me as he slammed deeper into me than I thought humanly possible.

"Answer the question, slut," he ordered.

"She looks vaguely familiar," I barely was able to sputter out, the pain inside tearing me apart.

"She should, she must have come up during some of your research on my company," he said. "Vanessa Quill, wife of Reverend Quill."

"Oh my God!" I gasped. "That is Vanessa Quill?"

"In the flesh," he chuckled, implying she too had been put in her place.

Vanessa Quill had led a major protest against his company a couple years ago a few hours away and yet they ended up settling out of court. I had called her home and left messages a few times to find out more about her protest and cause but she never returned my calls. "I can't believe it."

"Everyone succumbs to my charm eventually, most I can buy off, but sometimes with women so morally uptight like Vanessa and yourself I have to get creative," he explained, as he began slowly thrusting his cock in and out of my ass.

I whispered, almost to myself, "I can't believe it."

Although the pain was still intense, his slow movements helped me get accustomed to his cock in my ass. Over the next few silent minutes, the pain began to dissipate and much to my horror a subtle pleasure began to build in me. Like a small camp fire, starting with just kindling but eventually building into a wildfire of heat. My whimpers of pain had long since quit and had been replaced by soft moans of pleasure.

"You see my ass-slut, women like you are always the easiest to turn," he said, as his movements began to pick up.

"Women like me?" I questioned annoyed, his talking reminding me of who was dominating me and instantly throwing water on the small flame.

"I don't like your tone, slut," he said. "You really are not a very quick learner, are you?"

"Just fucking get yourself off," I snapped back, sick of his pretentious attitude. He could blackmail me into having my body, but he wasn't going to get my mind.

He laughed, "You understand this is only the beginning."

"What, no?" I protested.

"I own you, I made that clear when I was pounding your daughter's back door," he said, slamming his body into mine.

"Fuuuuck," I whimpered, the pain back in a flash, but also a pleasure I tried to squelch.

Leaning towards his intercom, he pressed the button and asked, "Mrs. Quill, would you please come in here."

"Of course, sir," she replied

"I think you need to understand more your new reality," he said, as he began quickly and firmly thrusting in and out of my ass.

Mrs. Quill entered and seeing me bent over the desk smiled.

"Did you like your new pussy pleasing pet, Mrs. Quill?" he asked.

"Very much, although she needs lots of practice," she answered, never taking her eyes and smile off of me.

"Well, she is yours to train both work-wise and play-wise, I have hired her to work after school and weekends," he said.

"Y-y-you are making my daughter work for you?" I asked, this somehow even more depraved then making her a sex slave.

"Yes, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer I always say," he chuckled, continuing to thrust his cock in and out of my ass.

"Fuck you are one sick bastard," I snapped, so frustrated by my predicament and his smugness.

"I'll take that as a compliment," he countered, before instructing, "Mrs. Quill get under the desk and lick our new slut's cunt."

"Of course, sir," the Reverend wife, now a submissive secretary, obeyed, walking towards me and crawling under the desk.

I couldn't believe what was happening and let out a loud moan when her lips went directly to my clit. "You like that," he chuckled.

"Nooo," I whimpered, as the intensity of her lips on my clit somehow made his cock in my ass feel better.

"Get used to it, Mrs. White. After I shoot my load in your ass, after you cum like a cheap slut all over Mrs. Quill's face you will become my new secretary, after the press conference of course," he said.

"W-w-what press conference," I questioned, my world falling apart.

"The one where you announce you are rescinding the injunction against our company before coming up to my office where you will begin your tenure as my full-service secretary," he informed me.

His cock slamming in my ass, the lips on my pussy had my head spinning and only partially hearing his evil plans.

"Dammiiiiit," I whimpered, his cock feeling undeniably good in my ass now, the double sensation bringing me a pleasure I never had experienced before.

"My slut is getting close to coming," he purred, before ordering, "bounce back on my cock slut, get yourself off riding my cock in your ass, Mrs. White."

Before my mind could react, my body betrayed me again as I obeyed his order. "Shiiiit," I moaned, both from the pleasure and the accidental obedience.

"That's it slut, come my whore, come on my big cock," he demanded, his breathing getting heavier too.

After a few seconds, I screamed, "Fuuuuuuuck," as my orgasm hit me like none I had ever felt before. I got lightheaded, my fingers numbed and my body trembled uncontrollably as I continued bouncing on his cock while spraying my cum all over Mrs. Quill's face.

"Keep coming, my slut," he ordered, "work for my cum."

In another world, I continued to obey, suddenly wanting to feel his cum inside me, wanting to get him off.

A minute later I heard him grunt and felt my ass filled with cum. I slowed down and just continued to milk his cock with my ass until he pulled out.

"Well Mrs. White, that was fun," he said, pulling his pants back up.

"Can I go?" I asked, desperate to get out of there, my body controlling me.

"You should probably freshen up, your press conference is in twenty minutes," he said.

"You can't be serious?" I asked, his cum beginning to leak out of my ass.

"As I mentioned before, I am not much of a kidder," he shrugged.

Looking down at a cum-covered Mrs. Quill, he said, "And Mrs. Quill, you are moving up the ladder. The next two weeks you will train the White girls on their job, both the actual job and the many fringe benefits they will be offering to our employees and clients."

Getting off her knees, her face shiny with my cum, she said, "Thank you sir."

"Mrs. White, you will obey every order any employee here asks of you. You will suck cock, eat pussy, allow all three of your holes to be used, is that clear?" he explained.

"Do I have a choice?" I asked, my brain trying to find a way out of this.

"Of course," he laughed, "you can allow the videos to go viral and let the cards fall where they may."

"You really are a bastard," I said, glaring at him.

"Thank you," he said, taking it as a compliment. "Mrs. Quill once Mrs. White and I are done at the news conference, please take our new employee to Mr. Witherspoon, I think she will be a great bonus for all he has done of late, plus it is obvious Mrs. White fantasizes about big black cock."

"Of course," Mrs. Quill agreed. Looking at me, she added, "His cock is ten inches slut."

I gasped. I couldn't fathom a cock that big. Again, my body betrayed me as my pussy began to get wet thinking of having a big black cock in me.

Reading my mind, Mr. Jones said, "I guess I have awakened your inner slut haven't I?"

When I didn't say anything, he said, "Answer me now slut or I will have a couple employees come shoot their loads over your face before you go to the press conference."

Defeated, I answered, "I am not a slut."

"You came from riding my cock in your ass," he pointed out. "What else would you call that?"

"Blackmail," I answered.

"I forced you to bend over the table, I slid my cock inside your ass, but I sure didn't make you come," he laughed, "That my slut was all you. Now go get ready, you look like a cheap whore who just got fucked in the ass."

He walked out of his office and Mrs. Quill took my hand and said, "Come with me, my new pet."

"Ok," I answered dazed.

"And call me Mistress," she added.


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Great, wish that was me

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Excellent work

More of the same or similar vein, please!

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