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Tripletit 02: Saving The Planet


Tripletit 02: Saving the Planet

Copyright Oggbashan April 2008. Edited October 2018

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Tripletit 02 was posted as Saving the Planet Tripletit


The events described in the earlier part Tripletit 01 should have modified the introductory talk but bureaucracy takes some time to catch up with social change. This story is set fifty years later than Tripletit 01. The reputation of the incredible sex with the three-breasted women of Tripletit has spread throughout the galaxy.

Apart from the local triple-breasted women the only other permanent settlement residents were single human males or human males married to Tripletit women. Tripletit is not a posting for women. There are other planets which provide attractions for women just as appealing as Tripletit is for some men.

The Tripletit males are small, agile and very timid. They live in the mountains close to the main settlements but very few humans have ever seen one. At certain seasons the nubile females hunt them mercilessly. The men avoid capture because mating is fatal to them. Or it was. Now Tripletit has found that mating need not be fatal to the male. It will take some time for that message to change generations of behaviour so the females still hunt the males and the males evade them as best they can.

The women on Tripletit have seasons for hunting their men. For eleven months of the year they hunt on the first weekend of the month. In their twelfth month, although they have the primal urge to hunt, they don't, because children conceived during that month tend to be weak and sickly. They have a series of diversionary activities to reduce their desire to be out hunting. Until humans discovered Tripletit and until human males became permanent residents each local April the women experimented with each other and practised athletics. Those activities continue and are much enjoyed. They have added a few other sexual games to play with human males.

During April one day, a public holiday, is their equivalent of Earth Day when the inhabitants celebrate the genius loci of their planet. They used to go out into the countryside and take part in outdoor activities such as swimming, running, cycling, horse-riding etc. Since the arrival of humans the festivities have changed. Every unattached male is play-hunted and when captured is offered sex. He can refuse but very few do. Sex with a Tripletit woman is immensely satisfying and addictive.

Their partners closely guard attached males. Some couples spend the whole day, out in the open, locked in a passionate embrace from which he cannot escape. There is some partner swapping on Tripletit day but only by mutual consent. Human males are a small minority on Tripletit. Tripletit males are not hunted during April. There is a vague tradition that the males have their own celebrations but no one has yet studied the male society.

I came to Tripletit five years ago not as a tourist but as a geological explorer. Another potential relationship had just ended because of my passion for work. As a geologist exploring new planets for exploitable resources my work took me away from my home world for months at a time. No woman had been prepared to wait that long for me. No woman had been sufficiently interested to accompany me on my journeys. I had heard rumours about Tripletit and I was feeling sorry for myself. I thought if only some of the rumours were true Tripletit would be the place to unwind and relax in between expeditions to check for mineral deposits. At the port of entry I declared myself as a mineral prospector.

I should have known myself better. I am not the sort of person who can relax if there is a prospect of finding something no one had found before. Tripletit had been written off as being low in valuable minerals. As soon as I landed and had unpacked, I was consulting the local archives, assisted by an attractive librarian named Rhonda. The library had allowed me to employ her as an assistant researcher for what seemed to be a ridiculously low rate per hour. Rhonda was the first Tripletit woman I had met to talk to. I had noticed the women in the street and in the hotel because it is difficult not to notice three-breasted women who are much taller than you are and impossibly wide across the shoulders and hips.

Rhonda was intelligent, helpful and eminently desirable. I tried to concentrate on my researches but Rhonda's presence was distracting. After several hours work she noticed my confusion.

"Mr Trelawney?"

"Yes Rhonda." I didn't know her surname. Her first name was embroidered on her uniform jacket.

"Can I use your first name? You know mine."

"Certainly. My name is Derek."

"Thank you Derek. This is your first time on this planet, isn't it?"

I nodded.

"And you haven't been to visit any of our houses of assignation?"

'Houses of Assignation' is the local euphemism for brothels where human males are made love to by Tripletit females. Human males do not make love to the locals because the male is always the passive partner. Given the difference in size and strength it is difficult to see how a human male could be dominant.

"No Rhonda. I haven't had time. I wanted to find out all I could about the search for minerals on this planet."

"I think you should make time, Derek. You will be relaxed and have much more energy. You are tired and have travel-lag. A session with one of our professional ladies will make you much more alert and help your research here."

I lifted an eyebrow. I didn't believe that a session with a prostitute could have such effects. Rhonda noticed my disbelief.

"If you can spare a minute or two of the time you have paid for, Derek, I can show you what you are missing."

I couldn't believe my ears. Rhonda the librarian was offering herself to me as a sample for the local brothels. While I sat there with my mouth hanging open in shock Rhonda came around the table to me. She lifted my right hand from the book on which it was resting and pulled me upright. I followed her like a small boy being taken for a walk by his mother as she walked through the library, out of a door into a corridor and into a small room.

"This is my office, Derek. No one will disturb us here."

She pressed a switch on a console. I heard a bolt click in the door. The console lit up a sign saying 'engaged', presumably what was displayed outside the door.

Rhonda pulled me towards her body. I had to tilt my neck backward to continue looking at her face. While one arm held me close, her other hand fumbled with the top of her dress. I switched my gaze just as a large creamy breast emerged from her clothing.

"That is my left breast," Rhonda announced calmly. "Not the dangerous middle breast. Middle breasts are smaller and pinker. Remember that."

Her arms forced my head towards the erect nipple.

"Suck my breast for a few seconds and see what you are missing."

That was an order. I thought about resisting. Why should I? Tripletit's women are famous for being accommodating. One of the reasons I had come to this planet was to experience sex with the women so why refuse what was freely offered? My mouth touched the breast as the thought of resistance faded. I opened my lips.

Rhonda's breast slid into my mouth until I could take no more. A trickle of warm milk entered my throat. I swallowed. More milk came. I kept swallowing to avoid drowning. Gradually a feeling of warm happiness spread through my whole body. I sucked harder and slumped in Rhonda's arms. I barely noticed that her body folded around me. Her middle breast, still covered, was against my left cheek. Her right breast pressed against the back of my head. Rhonda's body closed around my right side until I couldn't see anything except Rhonda's clothing. Even rolling my eyes up as far as they could go all I could see was the underside of her chin.

I was surrounded and contained in warm soft flesh, admittedly mainly clothed, but exciting even so. I tried to move. Only my fingertips had any possibility of movement. I wriggled them.

"Don't." Rhonda's voice seemed far away and strained. I stilled my fingers.

Slowly Rhonda unfolded from around me. She eased her breast out of my mouth and covered it again. I was slumped against her, standing only because one of her arms was holding me. She carried me to a chair and put me in it. She stood back and rearranged her clothing. I watched her.

I felt a sense of loss and mild frustration that we had not gone further than a mouthful of breast and an all-embracing hug. Those feelings vanished in moments. I seemed to be more alive and full of energy than I had been for years. I wanted to run, jump, dance and engage in almost any physical activity.

"I think you should go for a run around the park," Rhonda said, "and then come back to talk to me. I'll be here."

I rushed out of the library to the park. I half-jogged, half-ran twice around the outer circuit of the park with several other human men. I walked back into the library feeling rejuvenated. I knocked on the door of Rhonda's office and walked in.

"Please sit down, Derek. Have a cup of coffee."

I sat and sipped the coffee.

"What I did has no more meaning on this planet than a peck on the cheek would have on most planets. You may not believe it at the moment but you will find it is true. If any human male were to be in physical distress any passing female would do what I did. Well, perhaps not all. We do have some unpleasant people here like everywhere. Almost any woman would. We find it easier if the male is young and attractive but even an old human would get that treatment. Few human males look or behave as if they are old once they have been on this planet for a few days.

If you take my advice and visit a professional you will find that the effect is greater and lasts much longer. A visit at least once a month is considered normal. You have nothing to fear. There are no sexually transmitted diseases here. Any men that are infected when they land are cured by the first act of intercourse and they are partially protected for months after they leave.

You are unusual, Derek. Most men head straight for the professionals as soon as they land. You started work first. Work must be a compulsion with you that is greater than your sex drive. I think you will have a different perspective after a few days here. I suggest that you visit a professional this evening and we continue working tomorrow, if you still want to..."

"I will want to, Rhonda." I replied.

"I am inclined to think you will. Most men wouldn't until they have had several sessions of sex. It takes most men a week here to achieve a balance between their sexual needs and the rest of their life. Your drive for work is very strong. What have you learned from your researches so far?"

"It is as I suspected. The gazetteer states that Tripletit... You never call it 'Tripletit' do you? Why not?"

"Because it has a slightly rude meaning. We had a perfectly good name for it before humans discovered us. We could live with the original name of Tri-Beta Arcturus Seven. Our name translated as 'Mother Earth'."

"I see. What is a polite way to name it?"

"You could call it 'The or this planet' or 'Tri-Beta'. Either is acceptable usage. 'Tripletit' makes us wince slightly."

"Thank you, Rhonda. As I was saying, this planet is not supposed to have any useful mineral deposits. Our researches have shown me that the original visitors to this planet only looked at the inhabited areas and those are only about five per cent of the landmass. Even in that five per cent the exploration was very cursory and slapdash..."

"Perhaps the explorers were distracted?"

"I think that they were. My business is exploration for minerals. Tri-Beta is largely unexplored. I could stay here for some time and search for minerals. There may not be many, or such minerals as there are might not be worth shipping off-planet, but there might be enough to reduce imports and start local industries to supply local needs. Your exchange rate against interplanetary currencies makes everything here, including your 'professionals', very inexpensive by most planets' standards because you have to rely on everything being imported from off-planet. You need that currency and undervalue yourselves because of that need."

"So you might help all of us to become less dependent?"

"I hope so. I'd make a profit, of course. I have to support my company and myself. If I'm as successful as I hope, I will be: but so will the people of this planet."

Rhonda picked me up from the chair and kissed me on the lips.

"That's for trying. Now go back to your hotel before I do something I shouldn't. Ask at the reception desk for directions to somewhere suitable. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Rhonda pushed me out of her office. I walked back to the hotel feeling on top of the world.

I took her advice. The receptionist produced a leaflet giving a long list of brothels, their prices and their specialities. She, because almost all workers on Tripletit are the local women, recommended one a couple of blocks away.

"This one, Mr Trelawney," she said, pointing to an entry on the leaflet, "is good for first time visitors to the planet. They are all regulated but they specialise in gentle introductions to our ways."

I thanked her. After dinner I walked the short distance. Once inside it seemed very like the hotel in décor. The only obvious difference was that the receptionist was wearing a translucent top clearly showing the outlines of her three breasts. She summed me up as a beginner.

"I think Chloe will be good for you, sir," she said.

I paid the fee for the three hours she suggested. The cost was incredibly cheap, equivalent to the amount for a couple of stiff drinks back home. I was given a drink and asked to wait a few minutes. I had barely finished the drink before Chloe came to stand behind me.

"Mr Trelawney? I'm Chloe."

I turned round to face bare breasts. Chloe took my hand and led me through the foyer to an elevator. We got out at the first floor.

In Chloe's room, which seemed the same as would exist in any reasonable hotel anywhere, she asked me to undress. She unzipped and dropped her skirt revealing her triple openings surrounded by a fuzz of blonde hair matching her head.

"Yes, Derek, I'm a natural blonde," Chloe answered my unspoken question as she followed my eyes. "Most Tripletit women are. So much so that brunettes are considered more desirable."

"I'm happy with a natural blonde, Chloe," I replied.

"Good. Do you know what will happen now?"

"Not really."

"OK. We get on the bed and you position yourself on either my left or right side. The choice is yours. You open your mouth and suckle at my breast, NOT the middle one, but the one closest. As my milk begins to flow into your mouth you drink it. You will become erect and penetrate me. As soon as you have, my body will wrap around you and hold you in its embrace. Happy so far?"

"Yes, Chloe."

I remembered what it felt like to be wrapped in Rhonda's clothed body. Chloe's naked body seemed much more desirable even though I had a faint regret that I wasn't in this room with Rhonda.

"Once I have wrapped you, you will make love to me slowly. You will not have to worry about coming too soon, nor about your endurance. The qualities in my milk will ensure that you are capable and remain potent. I will hold you as you make love for three hours. Then I will unfold and let you free. You will need some time to recover and I will leave you in this bed until morning. Breakfast will be brought to you. After then you will feel incredibly alive and active. There is a gymnasium on the first floor, or you can leave and use the running track in the park. OK?"

I nodded.

"There are a few basic rules, Derek.

First. Do not try to escape from my body. You can't. If you try to struggle my instinctive reaction will be to hold you tighter. Too tight and you could be injured. That is unlikely because I am trained to deal with inexperienced visitors. If for any reason you want me to let you go, push my breast out of your mouth with your tongue and ask me to release you.

Second. There is nothing to worry about. I won't harm you. You won't harm yourself. You will feel better afterwards, so much better that you should feel that you have had a couple of weeks intensive care at a health spa.

Third. There are no extras. What you have paid covers everything including breakfast, use of the gymnasium if you want it, and the use of this room until midday tomorrow. I am not allowed to ask for, or to accept gratuities. I am highly paid by the standards of this planet and slightly more expensive than most professional ladies because I am trained to accept new visitors and to use them gently. I will. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Chloe."

Chloe pulled me towards the bed. She reclined on it. I clambered over her and positioned myself with my mouth over her left breast. She smiled encouragingly at me as I took the aureole into my mouth. A warm liquid spurted upwards. I sucked.

The effect was instant. Whether Chloe had modified milk or some other enhancement I don't know. I had never felt such a sense of euphoria from mind-bending drugs or other stimulants. I barely sensed Chloe gently ease my erection into her left pussy. She could have put it in her centre one. I wouldn't have noticed or cared.

Gradually the euphoria changed to a desire to make love long and hard. I began to thrust deep inside her. Chloe's body seemed to dislocate about her spine as the right half wrapped across my back. Her right breast pressed against the back of my head, forcing her left breast further into my mouth. I couldn't have spoken if I had wanted to. How could I push this breast out 'with my tongue' as she had suggested? My head was the meat in a breast sandwich.

Chloe's body took over my rhythm. I was unable to thrust into her because I was completely enfolded within her. Her body contracted around me pushing my erection into herself and then eased its grip before contracting again. Now I understood why human males were passive partners in the lovemaking. I was entirely controlled and animated by Chloe. A man had to trust a Tripletit woman wholly. Once wrapped in her body he would remain her helpless prisoner until she decided to release him.

I didn't know that I was capable of such endurance. From time to time I would swallow more of Chloe's breast milk. She kept me highly aroused for the whole three hours. From time to time the phrase 'And shall Trelawney die?' ran through my head as I was raised to even greater heights of pleasure.

Eventually she unfolded herself, lifted my body from hers, and rested me on the bed. I was an unresisting lump as she centred me on the bed and tucked me in as if I was a child who had fallen asleep during a bedtime story. My eyes were closed and I was deep asleep before she left the room.

I woke next morning as a maid brought in a breakfast trolley. She hauled me up to a sitting position in bed, propping me with pillows, before handing me a cup of black coffee. The maid handled me as if waking up naked men was an everyday part of her job. It probably is.

She waited until I had finished the second cup of coffee.

"Miss Chloe gave me a message for you, Mr Trelawney," the maid said.


"She would like to see you when you are ready. She will be in room 36 on the floor below this one from ten o'clock. Will you see her?"

I was curious. Why did Chloe want to see me?

"Yes, thank you. I will. And thank you for the coffee. I feel much better now."

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