tagTransgender & CrossdressersSawsan, Liban and Joanna

Sawsan, Liban and Joanna


Meet Liban Sheikh and his wife Sawsan Aoun-Sheikh, they're a lovely couple living in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Liban is six feet tall, slender, with dark brown skin and curly dark hair. A fine exemplar of Somali-Canadian Muslim masculinity. Sawsan is five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, with long blonde hair and lime-green eyes. By all regards, they appear to be the perfect couple. The two of them met as students at Ryerson University a little over a decade ago, fell in love and got married.

When Liban and Sawsan met, many thought they would not last, since the two of them couldn't be more different. Liban was born and raised in the City of Toronto, and his father Ahmed Sheikh was Somali, while his mother Elaine Batres-Sheikh was Latin-American, originally from the nation of Colombia. In those days, while quite diverse already, the City of Toronto wasn't as tolerant of interracial couples and multi-ethnic families as it is today.

This proved to be a problem for Liban and his parents. They lived in a three-bedroom apartment in a rather poor area of Mississauga, Ontario, but even though they were in a neighborhood full of Africans, Arabs, Latinos, Indians and Chinese, they attracted their fair share of hostile stares. Liban learned to be himself, and his only allegiance was to himself and his parents. In a hostile world, this was the only sane choice.

As a mixed-race young man, Liban Sheikh grew up thinking that he was too dark for the Latinos and not dark enough for the Blacks. As racially diverse as the City of Toronto was, the Blacks, the Latinos and the South Asians and Arabs didn't always get along. To them, Liban was an odd duck. He didn't seem to fit in anywhere. This led him to become a recluse. That changed when he met the lovely, bubbly Sawsan while at the University of Toronto.

Sawsan Aoun was born and raised in the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario, the daughter of Lebanese Muslim immigrants originally from the environs of Mount Liban, Lebanon. At the age of nineteen, Sawsan decided to study at the University of Toronto, having grown tired of small-town life in the City of Thunder Bay. Sawsan yearned to explore the world, and spread her wings, so to speak.

While at the University of Toronto, Sawsan Aoun got involved in a lot of social activities and clubs, including the Muslim Scholars Association and the Business Students Club. That's where Sawsan met Liban Sheikh, the love of her life. In spite of Sawsan's parents not approving, they got hitched and everything. For them, life is finally alright.

Liban Sheikh works as a manager at the downtown branch of the Toronto Dominion Bank, and his wife Sawsan Aoun-Sheikh is a Supervisor at the TD MNA Call Center. They attend the local Masjid on Fridays and are regulars at Toronto Islamic Society events. They recently bought a nice townhouse in the South End of Toronto, and are thinking about starting a family. The only snag is that boredom has crept its way into the Sheikh bedroom, and it appears to be here to stay...

One night, in an attempt to spice things up, Liban and Sawsan brought a friend over for some freaky fun. The friend happened to Joanna Brandao, a five-foot-nine, curvy and sexy, dark-haired and brown-skinned transsexual cutie originally from the City of Sao Paolo, Brazil. The Sheikh couple was in for a treat, because Joanna liked to push the envelope when it came to sex...

Joanna Brandao came to the City of Toronto to study Nursing at the University of Toronto. Even back in her native Brazil, Joanna heard wonderful things about how friendly the University of Toronto campus was to both racial minorities and gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and lesbians. The campus did not disappoint, and Joanna found lots of playmates to enjoy. Still, a couple like Sawsan and Liban Sheikh were a rare treat. Whoever heard of Muslim swingers?

"Thank you for welcoming me into your home," Joanna said to Liban and Sawsan, and the lovely interracial Muslim couple smiled at her. The three of them were seated in the Sheikh living room, watching an old episode of the television series Power on Netflix. At the moment, Liban and Sawsan were more focused on their sinfully sexy guest than the nonstop action unfolding on the flat screen TV.

"Make yourself at home," Sawsan said, and she smiled at Joanna, and patted the curvy young transsexual gal's knee. Joanna returned Sawsan's smile, and something passed between them. As Liban looked on, Joanna and Sawsan drew closer and kissed. Just like that, the two of them began to make out, and hastily undressed one another. For Liban, this was something to see...

"Hmm, you're so hot," Joanna whispered as Sawsan got on top of her, and she caressed Sawsan's big round breasts before sucking on them. Sawsan moaned softly, and admired Joanna's brown-skinned, curvy and sexy body. She took note of Joanna's big breasts, her thick thighs, and of course, her thick brown dick. Grinning, Sawsan grabbed Joanna's dick and began stroking it.

"That's more like it," Liban said, smiling as he watched his wife Sawsan get her freak on with their friend Joanna. Moaning softly, Joanna caressed Sawsan's tits as the curvy blonde stroked her dick, and then bent low, taking Joanna into her mouth. Joanna gasped as Sawsan began sucking her dick with gusto, and closed her eyes, enjoying what the foxy femme was doing to her.

"Hmm, I like the way you taste, Joanna," Sawsan paused to say, and she stroked Joanna's dick with one hand while fellating her, and fingered her own wet pussy with the other. Ever since their university days, when her future husband Liban introduced her to his "she-male fetish," Sawsan had been fascinated by transsexuals and transgender people. Sawsan found them sexually alluring, and for her and her hubby Liban, this was quite a turn-on.

"Go for it," Liban said encouragingly, and the tall, handsome biracial stud pulled out his dick, and began stroking himself while watching his wife Sawsan suck Joanna's thick dick. Joanna caressed the back of Sawsan's blonde head and thrust her dick down the curvy woman's throat. Like a lot of transsexual cuties, Joanna was down for whatever. Females or males, Joanna liked to enjoy herself with her lovers, and made no bones about anything else.

"Liban, come on over, handsome," Joanna said, and the sexy transsexual winked at Liban, who grinned. Liban got up and came over, and without further ado, the biracial stud joined his curvaceous blonde wife and began sucking Joanna's dick. Joanna sighed happily as the husband and wife team began to suck her dick like there was no tomorrow. It simply didn't get any better than this...

"Liban, I love watching you suck dick," Sawsan paused to say, and she sat up, watching Liban deep throat the hell out of Joanna's dick. Sawsan rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples as she watched the action unfold between her husband Liban and their guest Joanna. Having gotten Joanna's dick hard as a rock, Liban looked like he was thirsty for more...

"Want some Brazilian ass, babe?" Joanna asked, and she grinned and got on all fours, shaking her big brown booty at Liban. The biracial stud admired the sexy transsexual's big booty as if hypnotized and caressed it gently. Sawsan smiled at Liban and kissed him, then handed him condoms and lubricant. Liban rolled a condom on his dick while Sawsan lubricated Joanna's butt hole, and then the fun really began...

"Fuck that ass," Sawsan said encouragingly, watching as Liban pushed his dick into Joanna's butt hole. The sexy transsexual moaned softly and began stroking her own dick as Liban began pounding her butt with his hard dick. Gripping Joanna's hips, Liban held her into place and began fucking her with slow, deep strokes. Liban loved the feel of Joanna's tight butt hole on his dick, and couldn't get enough of it.

"Oh fuck, that feels good," Joanna squealed, and after getting her ass pounded by Liban's thick dick for a while, she tapped out. Moments later, Joanna came, her tranny dick squirting hot cum all over herself. Sawsan came closer, and took some of Joanna's cum and smeared it on her face. The freaky Muslim MILF and the horny transsexual diva exchanged a kiss, and Liban smiled, approving fully.

As the night continued, the sexually adventurous trio continued with their wicked fun. Sawsan found herself on all fours, face down and ass up, as Joanna fucked the hell out of her. The horny transsexual cutie gripped the curvaceous Muslim MILF's wide hips and slammed her dick into the woman's tight pussy, relishing the feel of it. Liban sat nearby, stroking his big ole dick while watching his curvy wife get fucked by their transsexual lover. This was beyond hot...

"Dammit, Joanna, I love your dick," Sawsan squealed, and Joanna laughed, smacking her big butt while drilling her dick into her pussy. Sawsan's screams and squeals turned Liban on so much that he joined the action. Smiling at his wife, he rubbed his hard dick against her lips. Sawsan winked at Liban and began sucking his dick, even as Joanna continued ramming her dick into her cunt. For Sawsan, it didn't get any better than this, getting filled at both ends!

"Let's double team her," Liban said to Joanna, while Sawsan took a breather. The curvy Muslim MILF looked at her husband and their sexy lover, and smiled. Grabbing both of their dicks, Sawsan stroked them and then sucked them. In no time at all, Sawsan got Liban and Joanna harder than titanium, and they were ready to fuck the hell out of her, just the way she liked it...

"Hmm, this feels awesome," Sawsan said, and the curvy Lebanese-Canadian Muslim MILF straddled her hubby, impaling her wet pussy on his hard dick. Liban looked up at Sawsan as she began riding him. What a woman, he thought. Joanna caressed Sawsan's thick ass as she rode her husband's dick, and then grabbed some lube and condoms. Grinning, Joanna pushed her dick into Sawsan's asshole, and then began to fuck her. Sawsan's screams changed in tune as she got double penetrated. The fun was just beginning...

"Fuck that was awesome," Liban said, a little while later, as Sawsan rolled off of him. Sawsan was glowing, her curvy body covered in sweat, her nipples erect, her pussy and asshole tingly from getting fucked by her hubby Liban and their lover Joanna. She watched as Joanna and Liban smiled at one another and began stroking each other's dicks. The action was about to continue...

"Go for it, fuck his ass," Sawsan said, smiling wickedly as she tossed Joanna some lube and a new condom. Grinning, Liban kissed Sawsan on the lips, then got on all fours. Joanna stroked her dick while admiring Liban's cute butt. The Somali-Canadian Muslim brother had the nicest ass Joanna had ever seen on a male. As Sawsan lubricated Liban's asshole, Joanna got ready to fuck him...

"Ready or not, here I come," Joanna said, and the foxy transsexual beauty pushed her hard dick into Liban's asshole. The brother groaned softly, and stroked his dick as Joanna's tool filled his backdoor. Sawsan fingered her pussy excitedly, thrilled to watch her husband Liban getting some dick. To really shine Liban on, Sawsan drew closer to him, her thick legs spread invitingly...

"Hmm, eat this pussy," Sawsan said in a sexy, husky voice, and Liban did as he was told. The Somali stud buried his face between his wife's thighs and ate her pussy like a pro. Meanwhile, Joanna gripped Liban's hips and rammed her dick deep into his asshole. The Somali brother had an even tighter asshole than his freaky Arab wife did, and a certain Brazilian transsexual was delighted to discover that. Joanna pounded Liban's ass and sighed happily, listening to him moan even as he continued to eat Sawsan's wet pussy. The three of them fucked and sucked the night away, and had a grand ole time...

"Sign me up for the Muslim Swingers Association," Joanna Brandao said to Liban Sheikh and Sawsan Aoun-Sheikh as the three of them emerged from the showers, much later. Smiling, they got dressed, then headed to the living room for some wine and lively conversation. When all was said and done, Joanna gave Liban and Sawsan a hug, then headed out. Grabbing an Uber, Joanna headed back to her residence at the University of Toronto campus, feeling like a million bucks. Her life in Toronto was off to a fantastic start...

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