tagErotic HorrorScarlet's Job

Scarlet's Job


She came to me in a long black gown that showed off all the right features; her flawless skin, green eyes and killer body. And Scarlet was all mine for the night; I had bought her time from an online company to be arm candy at this fundraiser tonight. In my tux with her at my side I was sure to turn some heads even though I was new to the lifestyle, I would be the talk of the town. Her dark hair blew around in my convertible but she held it down with one hand and laughed, it might have been true laughter but then again since I was paying for the experience so maybe it wasn't. Either way I was going to enjoy her like I hadn't enjoyed a woman for years; really it could have been my whole life.

To clarify I am a nerd but a nerd that just made a breakthrough in computer animation technology and made a fantastic amount of money from it. However it took me a lot of years to make that technology and many of those were spent in front of a computer alone. I wasn't so bad looking, in fact I would say I'm within the cultural norm for good looking but with so little time to work on social skills I didn't have the time to find a real date. No, scratch that, this is a real date, one that just costs a bit more with an added bonus of not having to try so hard.

Once we get there and the valet comes out to take the car to be parked and like the gentleman I am I even opened her door. So what if my hand was on her ass, she seemed to like it as we headed into the fundraiser. It's very formal inside but there is a calming flow of conversations happening all around. The tables are set up in the back of the room with nice enough designs but really it was the same stuffy crowd I've been seeing at all the places people go when you have money. I did end up talking to a few people I had seen before and I got a few raised eyebrows at Scarlet at my side: those jealous bastards. When they talked to her she answered in a way that answered very little but made you feel like you got the information anyway. She was magic. I never felt like she wasn't paying attention to me but at the same time she was playing up my strengths to all the correct people.

I knew that I wasn't falling in love with her already but really it was hard not to find her fully intoxicating. In fact I really wanted to lay her down over one of the tables and take her here. I wondered if she was wearing any underwear in that gown; there didn't seem to be any lines. I put my arm around her middle this time and she snuggled right into my grasp at though we did this all the time. Her silky gown felt so good with her curves hitting just the right spot in my hand; no underwear that I could feel. Soon enough we had to sit down for the meal that helped hide my growing problem, she was just so tasty. I found my mind drawn to the night ahead of us, rather then the meal. I whispered into her ear, "As soon as we can leave would you like to join me back at my penthouse." The site had said for venues only but we all knew what we were really paying for.

"Of course honey, as soon as we can leave without raising too many eyebrows. Then we can have some fun at your place." She whispered in a husker voice as though we were already having sex. I could hardly wait and through the next hour! I was as patient as possible but once I saw a few people start to leave we were on their heels. Back driving on the streets she was holding her hair and having fun and I knew that my time for fun was coming. Pulling up to my building we got out and went to the elevators, I could barely keep my hands from ripping off her gown. Once to my penthouse it was all I could do not to push her against the wall and take her there but I knew that I should at least try to be a gentleman.

"Would you like something to drink?" she turned around at the sound of my voice and smiled so sexy that I could imagine where her mind was going. "Yes could you make me one, something with vodka in it," that smile grew a bit wider, "could I meet you out on your balcony?" Who could deny a girl those requests, but I found myself dry mouthed and could only nod. Fixing her a vodka tonic in record time as well as one for myself, I went to meet her outside. I was starting to feel a little light headed and my balance seemed a little shaky but then again I did have a few drinks at the fundraiser, good thing I didn't feel this when I was driving.

Truly it was a sight to see her lit from the back and thinking again how I would be taking her and bending her over that way as well. Scarlet never turned around but once I came to her side by the rail she smiled again at me taking her drink from my hand. We looked out over the city before a question I'd been meaning to ask popped into my head, "Is your name really Scarlet or why did you pick it?"

Her face never changed but there was sadness or maybe loneliness to her eyes that wasn't there before, "I was given that name when I started in this profession."

I thought for a moment before asking, "But you don't have red hair, why Scarlet?"

She came a little closer to me and I could feel my world moving a little too much for comfort, "Because when I leave I tend to leave a bit of a scarlet mess..." Just as she said that she pulled me forward and I felt myself being pushed over the railing. In the split seconds it took before I hit the ground and indeed become the scarlet mess she was referring to I saw my beautiful courtesan turned assassin framed in the light. How many enemies had I made in getting to the top?


Pulling up in a fancy car that people only buy when they have too much money to spend he picked me up from in front of the hotel. John I name him in my mind; they are always John. He's not bad looking, plain would be a better description, the tux wore him and not the other way around. He was suppose to be very smart and just made a bunch of money from some computer program but then again you never get money and power without some enemies. At some point he must have stepped on the wrong toes or filched from the wrong person so they hired me. Not that he knew that, no he thought he hired me from one of those online escort services. The places rich men use to buy dates and hope for more, when in reality there are no doubts you are buying the girl for the night like any hooker off the street, they just might be cleaner.

Either way I think this is the first time John had tried this, he might have never had anyone before but I won't ask him either way. I got into his car and we drove through the city to the fundraiser that more rich people would be showing off their wives or arm candy. As the car blew my hair every which way I had to laugh thinking of how much time it took in front of the mirror thinking if it was good enough for the fundraiser yet, oh well. Soon enough we got to the event and the valet looked at us with a twinkle in his eye and I realized that it looked like we had already had sex with my hair and his glowing demeanor. At least I play the part of the escort well, really my task now was to make the rest of these stuffy people like John and make sure he has a good evening, if not the rest of the night.

Once we entered and his hand moved from my ass, he guided me to some of his 'friends' that weren't so stuffy. I tried to play John's best values up as much as could with the limited information I had. Really I never want to know too much about the Johns, only what I had to, makes it harder in the end. When I scanned the room you could see other rich men with working girls on their sides, you could tell the glare I would get from the girls as the men would wink at me. Once when John was busy one came over and asked for my contact information while his girl glowered at me for stealing a client.

I was getting bored of these rich men playing each other like a pissing match between male dogs when John placed an arm around me. I melted into him before catching myself; damn I need to get into a good relationship again. Maybe after this job I could take a few months off and get a boyfriend again, of course when I started again they always knew I was hiding something from them and it never lasts after that. Trying to focus again they announce that dinner is to be served and we make our way to the tables. John whispers into my ear that he wants to take me back to his penthouse as soon as we can; I reply that we can as soon as dinner is over. I really am starving for this gourmet food that the rich all eat, better than scrounging up some random meal at home.

It's as delicious as I thought it would be and as the courses come to an end and I notice the first couple to leave I distract John and open my bracelet's compartment over his drink and propose a toast to his genius. He downs every bit of it and starts to notice some others leaving, good thing it takes a bit to work into the system. We follow another rich man and escort out the door and to the valet and soon enough we are headed to his penthouse. Making it there in one piece and not wrapped around some pole is a great sign as he is just starting to slur his words. Up the elevator to the top of the building we enter his place, it's like any other posh place to make others envious but I just couldn't see how people lived there, too stiff and modern for me. He asked if I wanted something to drink and since I hadn't had any alcohol at the fundraiser I replied with my usual, 'vodka with anything.'

Going out to his balcony while he fixed the drinks, I hoped that he would make it out without spilling anything. I loved this view but more importantly the railing was low, made so that you could sit and see out easily, I stood by the rail wishing I didn't have to do what I was hired to do. Steeling myself up to due the act, I went over in my head that I had the bag ready on the fifth floor stairway and my car waiting behind the building in a lot. This wasn't the first time I had done this nor would it be my last if I still wanted that payoff that was so very good.

I heard him behind me but I couldn't look him in the eye just yet, no I needed to think of the money a bit more. Of course he asked the one question I hate most, "is your name really Scarlet or why did you pick it?"

Why did I ever let that joke go so long, "I was given that name when I started in this profession."

I could see his drugged mind trying to figure out that reasoning but instead he asked another question, "But you don't have red hair, why Scarlet?"

"Because when I leave I tend to leave a bit of a scarlet mess..." I told him in a whisper before I pulled him towards and over the edge of the rail.

Before he hit the ground and became the mess I was paid for he looked up and into my eyes. Damn I hate when they do that, makes you feel like shit. Oh well, I gulp down the drink in my hand and think of the hot shower waiting for me past the cameras that are still on loop in this building. I take the glass to throw it away in a dumpster after I clean off my dna and make sure that I change my dress in that fifth level stairway on my way down. My night might be full of self hate but tomorrow I was going grocery shopping with some of the money I made tonight, the rest will be in my account by morning. Already I could hear sirens, somebody must have seen him fall or maybe his leftovers.

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Shot and sweet

This one could go on for another chapter or two with more deadly adventures of Scarlet.

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