tagFetishScent of a Cuckold

Scent of a Cuckold


I lay on my side, my face level with her armpit. My tiny cock strained against the CB3000 I had been locked in for the past week. My fingers dove into her sloppy, wet pussy concentrating on finding the underside of the tiny nub that sent shivers down her spine.

My nose and olfactory senses were consumed by her scent. A scent of sweat, sex, alcohol and cuckolding, the pheromones that drive me wild and keep me coming back for more. I loved the smells that emanated from her armpit and it was always a treat for me to be able to revel in it.

My little cock throbbed in its cage as I made ever so tiny circles inside her wet pussy following her direction to either go faster of slower or make bigger circles or smaller circles. I glanced up at her from my inferior, subservient position and viewed her heavenly body as a single strand of moonlight shone through the window illuminating her gorgeous flesh.

Conventionally speaking Nikki was my girlfriend and I was her boyfriend. We have been seeing each other for about three years and although she lives a couple of hours away we get to see each other most weekends. In reality, I am her slave, soul mate, best friend and lover. But not in the traditional way all those terms are bandied about on Oprah or Dr. Phil. You see, we're a cuckold couple and proud of it.

I survived an extremely painful and heartbreaking divorce a few years ago where my wife had left me for another man. You never think you're going to recover from those things and there are some very dark days. Nikki was the light at the end of the tunnel. When we met I felt a need to tell her everything about me and what I had been through. I told her that although it had broken my heart that my ex-wife had left me for another man that there were parts of it that was a turn on for me. She quizzically questioned me, trying to understand rather than reject like most woman would. That fact alone puts Nikki head and shoulders over most women.

Once she had a full understanding of what cuckolding was about and the different levels of it she became intrigued. I'm not going to lie and say she dove in head first. She went cautiously, one step at a time. That's another thing that draws me to Nikki like a moth to a flame, her interest and honesty. We've developed a great relationship based on being 100% honest with each other. So underneath it all, no matter how it may appear to others that she mistreats me, we both know that beneath it all there's a total degree of love, respect and understanding.

Nikki I must say is my dream girl body wise. I've always been attracted to larger woman. Tall BBW's (Big Beautiful Woman) have long been my weakness, so it was no surprise when Nikki brought me under her spell. She was tall with long red hair, exquisite large breasts, and wide in the hips, a very pretty face, and an ass to die for. There is a huge difference between fat women and Rubenesque BBW's. The latter being my weakness and Nikki being the ultimate specimen of that.

I love Nikki with all my heart and soul and am total dedicated to making her happy. As I said, our cuckold journey started slowly. On one of our first dates we were at Castaways, a local biker bar right down the road from my house. We had been out for a ride on the Harley and decided to stop and have a drink. All heads turned and eyes were focused on Nikki as she removed her helmet and her long red mane cascaded down her back. She wore tight jeans and a black bodysuit with no bra.

It was the old adage, women wanted to be her and guys wanted to be with her. But she was with me and I was in heaven. That's where we first met Patrick. He was the ultimate yuppie weekend biker type that I hated. One of those Wall Street stockbroker types who puts on leathers and comes to his weekend home in upstate New York to ride motorcycles with his buddies and pretend they're bikers. Patrick immediately began chatting Nikki up at the bar when she turned to me and said she's forgotten her cell phone at the house and I needed to go back and get it for her. I began to protest and she merely gave me the look which I know from experience means do it or else. I retreated outside, hopped on the bike and head back to the house to get her cell phone.

By the time I returned to the bar, Nikki was gone! I was in a bit of a panic when the bartender handed me a not with a raised eyebrow. The note was written in her fancy script and simply read, "I'll be home later, don't wait up!" I was frantic and after trying to compose myself and looking around the bar I realized Patrick was gone also! I didn't know what to do so I meekly made my way back out of the bar and rode home alone wondering where she was and what she was up to and with whom.

It was after 10:30 when I heard a Harley coming down the street. Looking out the front window I watched her hop off the back of Patrick's Road King and wave to him as she headed into the house. She came in looking ravishing as usual.

"Hi honey, I hope you don't mind but Patrick wanted to take me for a ride on his Road King and I thought it'd be fun. Then he invited me to have a drink at his house and.." Her voice trailed off as she removed her coat and boots and plopped down on the couch and wiggled her toes. "Would you mind rubbing my tootsies honey? They're very sore and I know how much you love my feet!"

She wasn't lying there. I did love her feet and they are the cutest with her pink toenail polish. I reached out and gave her a foot massage as she picked up the remote and began flipping through the channels. I wanted to ask her what had happened but wasn't sure how to ask it. As I massaged her feet I began to mutter, "Um honey what do you mean and?" She laughed cute laugh and stretched out.

"Oh honey, I think you know what and.. means. I mean come on. A big hunk like Patrick, a gorgeous Road King, a beautiful vacation home in the mountains with a hot tub and a master bedroom that he is DEFINITELY master of!" She laughed again as my cock started to harden.

"d-d-did you two...you know...do it?" I stuttered.

"Do it? Ah yea that's an understatement. We did it alright. We did it in the hot tub, on the deck, in the bedroom, on the kitchen counter!"

"Are you serious? I can't believe you would do that!"

SLAP! Before I knew it she was up off the couch and had slapped me across the face. "Listen you're the one that's always going on about cuckolding and me with other guys and how much of a turn on it is and now I finally go out and do it and you seem like you're disappointed! Are you? Are you disappointed? Did you not want me to do this?"

Every fiber of my rational mind wanted to scream no that I did not want her to do this. But the bulge in my pants and the feeling inside of excitement and arousal put that thought to rest immediately and as I opened my mouth this came out, "Nikki I only want you to be happy. I love you so much and want to please you and want you to do what makes you happy. I'm sorry for getting upset it just all took me by surprise. I'm sorry. It'll never happen again. I promise."

She was sitting next to me now on the couch rubbing my cheek where she had just slapped me. "Oh honey, I'm sorry for hitting you, but like I said I thought this was what you wanted. And now that I know it's what you really want, I'm going indulge you and make your dreams come true! I love you as much as you love me and as long as you're dedicated to making me happy, I'm going to make you happy!"

And that was it. That was how it had all started. It's been two years now since that first encounter and since that time Patrick has become Nikki's full time lover while I'm her boyfriend. As her power of me has grown she's exercised her dominant nature becoming increasingly more in charge of things in our relationship. Over the past two years things have progressed to what some might consider abnormal, but who's to say what's normal and what's not. I'm now totally shaved and in chastity with a CB3000 on my cock most of the time. I am totally subservient to Nikki and her pleasure is all that counts.

Most weekends I now find her waking in the door at 10:30 or 11:00 most nights when she comes up when she used arrive at 7:00. It seems she likes to visit Patrick at his weekend place which is right near mine before coming here. When she arrives, I'm usually so keyed up from a) not having seen her for a week and b) being in chastity all that time, I'm like a dog in heat and I'll do anything for relief. Some nights she'll come in and just sit in a chair and spread her legs and I'll fall to my knees and lick her pussy clean. I know it's full of Patrick's cum, but that doesn't matter, I'm making Nikki happy. Other nights I'll have to kneel and give her a foot massage and endure her long monologue recounting that evenings love making.

And then I'm allowed to lick her and make her cum sometimes three or four times. As she spreads her legs, I see the key to my chastity cage dangling from her ankle bracelet and know my only chance of freedom and reward is to be a good boy. After she's completely satisfied, she will teasingly ask me if I'd like to be released. A question that most certainly does not need to be asked, I can assure you.

If you've ever had any experience with anyone in chastity, you'll know how incredibly frustrating it is. Not only can you not get fully hard, but when you are finally released its heaven and then all you want to do is finally cum. Nikki will then either play with my balls until I'm ready to explode. She has tortuous ways of making me cum and it seems each weekend she'll come up with yet another cruelly erotic way. I've humped her leg, her arm, the bed, I've cum while she plays with my balls with her toes never touching my cock till I explode on her toes and then am made to clean it off with my tongue.

Lately she has started doing what she likes to call the 'ruined orgasm' which consist of her unlocking me and covering her hands in baby oil and stroking my cock to its full hardness. My only duty is to tell her when I'm going to cum. She'll stroke my cock and balls with the baby oil again and again bringing me right to the edge of orgasm and then stopping. After a few minutes she'll start up again and do this sometimes for up to a half hour. Finally she'll decide when she's ready to let me cum. And when I tell her I'm ready, she'll bring me right to the edge and just as the cum starts to come out of my cock she'll remove her hands and laugh as she watches my cock twitch and jerk as I try in vain to latch onto something for friction which she does not allow. I cum, but it's very painful as the cum spurts out of my tiny cock as she laughs and watches.

Patrick has known about me since their first meeting and finds the whole scene amusing. He gets off knowing he's fucking my girlfriend and sending her home to me to clean up his mess. Yet I have come to not only like it but look forward to her coming home. To smell her after she's been out like tonight is the most exquisite pleasure in the world. Her and Patrick were at Castaways tonight, no doubt dancing, sweating, and fucking, and now as I lie here beneath her majestic form brining her to yet another orgasm I can smell the mixed scent of sweat, sex and it is the sweetest scent.

Nikki tells me that she's gotten Patrick interested in coming over some night so I can make them dinner and serve them both. She's also told me that she has told Patrick how much of a turn on it would be if she could watch me get him hard for and tells me that he's very receptive to that idea. I only nod and tell her whatever makes her happy. She's also alluded to the fact that at some point Patrick may have some of his stockbroker yuppie buddies come up and do a gang bang where she'll be the center of attention. I of course she tells me will be there to serve and help out. I know some people think that this is crazy and anyone who would put up with it is crazy. But to fully understand the magnetic attraction you'd have to be lying where I'm lying. Eye level with Nikki's armpit, encapsulated with her scent, looking up at her magnificent specimen of a body glistening with sweat in the moonlight, locked in my cage, pleasing her and loving every minute of it!!!

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