tagMatureSchool Aide Ch. 06

School Aide Ch. 06


What a silly question.

I wasn't sure what, but I knew that with her, it would be something beyond anything I had ever dreamed.

Once she knew the answer, it was her turn to surprise me again.

My still rock hard cock, slipped out of her sticky wet pussy. And my finger slipped from its inviting confines, as they grazed the warm twin softness of her satiny smooth buns.

As she held my gaze, she slowly slid downward, leaving a trail of stickiness on my leg as she went.

And then her fingers clutched my cock, and her lips grazed the tip of my shiny sticky cock.

Lips parted and her mouth slid down. My cock disappearing into her warm, magical mouth. My mind was in turmoil as I tried to come to terms with what was happening. Her lips and teeth, tongue and mouth soon brought me back to the moment.

She softly sucked my cock, licking it clean.

She then clutched my hand, and brought it close to her lips. She gently inhaled. Her nostrils gently flaring as she let the scent register.

She pries my forefinger upward and then I feel the softness of her lips grazing it. Her tongue wet her lips as she caresses them with my fingertip.

Warm breath blows on my fingertip just before she pulls my finger into her mouth.

Her lips close, wrapping my finger tightly, as she slowly slides my finger in and out of her mouth. Her tongue bathes my finger, softly slithering around it. Her cheeks sucked inward. A vacuum.

She continues to have her way with my finger. Licking it clean with her warm tongue.

The finger that had so recently been delightfully buried in the warm recesses of another orifice.

My finger slipped out from her as she now went back to working her magic on my manhood. Her lips brushing the tip of my cock. Lips slipping downward as her mouth engulfed me. Oh so warm. Lips buried in my hair. Pressed against my bone. The tip of my cock slipping past her uvula, finding the tighter confines of her throat. Ooohhhhhhhhh, damn….

And I was still rock hard and shivering, buried so deeply, surrounded by so warm and friendly lips.

Suddenly I had an urge to see what eating her would be like.

Would I be grossed out?

And then I thought "Why should I"?

If she was willing to pleasure me in this manner couldn't I at least try it?

I asked her if she would mind turning around.

She looked up at me with questioning eyes, her mouth still engulfing my cock. I shivered looking into her eyes.

And found the strength to tell her that I wanted to see if I could give back to her what she was giving me.

The youthful exuberance of youth.

With a silent "are you sure" look in her eyes, I said yes, and slowly she shifted.

I felt her thigh brush my face.

And the scent was heady.

The scent of sex was musky.

As she lifted up her leg to straddle me I saw before me the effects of our lovemaking.

Her neatly groomed hairs were caked with our essence. My cum had oozed out of her, thick, and ropey. Her pussy looked swollen, and her thighs were caked too.

Was I game to do this?

Her pussy inched closer. Was she deliberately taking her time? Was she unsure of this? Or was she worried that I might be?

I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me.

Our questions answered.

It felt weird at first to be lapping up our juices, or more particularly my cum. It tasted rather salty and the texture sticky.

But after a few moments, I was lapping up us. And that was rather arousing. Especially since she was doing the same to me. I was open to the possibility of post fucking sixty- nining in the future. There was something erotic about it.

As I continued to savor us, I sensed a change in her. Her breathing was slower and more labored. And she was now pressing herself with greater intensity, on me. She was riding my tongue! She was no longer unsure, but in the pre-throes of an orgasm.

I thrust my tongue deep into her, before letting it slip up to her distended nub. A few flicks and she let loose with her second orgasm. I enjoyed feeling her spasm and convulse, until once again, she was spent. Feeling the intensity of her release ebb slowly, her quivering pussy become more serene, her freely flowing juices become a trickle, her thighs become slack, and her pussy just resting on my lips, her stomach no longer quaking, but soft and relaxed against me. Ms. "A" was setting the mark for what pleasuring a woman could do for me. There is nothing better to me than feeling my lover give in to her desires and find her release.

Her pussy was welcome to stay where it was, as I enjoyed the vision as well as the other sensory delights.

But alas, all good things come to an end.

She unstraddled herself, but continued to suck on my cock.

It was now my turn to enjoy something.

Her head bobbed up and down as her lips engulfed me and then let my shaft reappear. Her fingers were busy caressing and kneading my balls, sensing something impending.

I could feel my balls begin to tighten, and told her that I think I was close.

She bobbed her head back and forth, as if to tell me that she knew.

And she continued to make love to my cock with her mouth, all the time drawing me closer and closer.

She wanted to finish this.

And I should enjoy this.

This was her gift to me. Or part of her gift.

And so I laid back and softly stroked her head, feeling my balls tighten up.

And then I felt the first rope surge through my cock.

And fill her mouth.

She continued to softly bob her head, trying to match the rhythm of my blasts.

She tried to swallow all that I had to offer, but some of my cum oozed out.

After I stopped spurting she licked up all the cum that had escaped her the first time.

My cock twitched softly as she lapped at me with her tongue.

And she marveled at the fact that my cock was still hard. I told her it was because of her.

And she smiled.

And wondered, did I have the capacity for making love again?

To Be Continued -

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