tagErotic CouplingsSchool Days Ch. 01

School Days Ch. 01


Jeff stood outside the door to his dorm room, impatiently tapping his foot. He could hear April moving around, fiddling with the stereo and doing who knows what else. After what seemed like an eternity he heard the lock click and the door opened slightly.

"You can come in now," April said in her lilting voice.

He slipped inside; scanning the hallway to make sure no one was around. It was late Friday afternoon so the dorm was pretty quiet, with everyone either having already taken off for the weekend or resting up for the parties tonight. The main advantage of having a room at the end of the hall was that it was easy to sneak girls in, it was up one flight of stairs and then a quick glance down the hall to make sure the coast was clear ending with a harrowing two second dash across the hallway. His roommate had flunked out at the beginning of the semester so he had the room to himself, which made for an even easier time having company.

He turned around and was surprised to see her standing inches from him. The five-inch heels she wore put them at the same height. April's hands went around his waist as she pressed her lips gently to his. It took a second for his mind to overcome the surprise. She had told him all she wanted was for him to take some pictures. The advantage of having access to a darkroom was you could take pictures of pretty much whatever you wanted and no one else would know.

Jeff and April had dated off and on through most of high school, but since they had gone to different colleges it had mostly been off. April had been the one to end it with some finality last August. She said she needed her space in college and couldn't be tied down. They had gotten together a couple of times since then but it usually seemed like one or the other was seeing someone else. April was the one with someone else this time, which was why she was here. She said she wanted some racy photos to give her new boyfriend for his birthday; but now here she was, lips pressed against Jeff's, her hands sliding over his firm ass. When his mind finally registered what was happening, and he began to kiss back in earnest, she let go of him and climbed up onto his bed.

"I thought a little sexual tension might be good for the pictures," she said with an impish grin.

Jeff simply shook his head as he adjusted his semi-erect penis away from the buttons of his 501's. He picked up his camera. "So what did you have in mind for the pictures?"

He knew she must have had some specific ideas because the suitcase she brought with her was big enough for a weeklong stay.

"Whatever you want. You know what my best assets are," she said with a sly smile.

Jeff chuckled to himself, "assets," yeah he knew about those. April could best be described as slim and stacked. During their senior year there were many afternoons of playing hooky and lavishing his attention on her magnificent chest. April's double D-cup breasts were firm and sensitive, and Jeff loved bringing her to orgasm just by playing with her thick pink nipples.

"Well," he said, "let's get a couple of quick Polaroids to make sure I've got the lighting right."

Jeff knew the lighting was right but a couple of quick shots would help get him focused on taking pictures of, not banging, his ex-girlfriend. Plus, he wanted a couple of shots for himself. He centered her in the viewfinder and clicked. The pictures fell out the front of the camera as he clicked off three more.

April picked one up, as Jeff shot a few more, and watched the picture slowly appear. Even with her robe clutched tightly around her, she looked sexy. Nothing she could wear would hide the swell of her ample chest and the seamed hose and patent leather stilettos sticking out from the robe just added to her allure.

He had certainly gone to a lot of trouble for her, she thought as she looked around the dorm room. He had come up with several different choices of background, improvising with everything from a sleeping bag to a bed sheet to a faux fur carpet. Well, that was one of the things she liked about him, his thoroughness. She was lost in her own thoughts until she felt his hand pushing the robe aside.

He moved the robe just off her shoulder exposing the smooth freckled skin and her lacy black bra strap. Just visible was the top of her sloping breast. Jeff's mouth was dry as he clicked away, his eye never leaving the viewfinder. It was a demure pose, April kneeling on the bed, sitting back on her heels with just her shoulder exposed. She kept her eyes on him as he circled her taking shots from different angles, including one from above that gave a perfect view of her abundant cleavage. After about eight or ten pictures Jeff slid the robe off the other shoulder pulling it tight across April's chest.

A couple more shots like that and then he said, "Okay, now cup your breasts."

April's hands slowly moved to her chest as the motor drive on the camera whirred. She couldn't help but wonder why they had never done this before. His simple direction to touch herself had caused her pussy to clench and she felt herself moisten as her hands slid under her breasts. Jeff moaned under his breath as she held her breasts and pushed them up as if offering them to him. The camera continued its clicking as April gently massaged her tits. She looked deep into the camera lens, licking her lips sensuously as she kneaded her breasts, the wetness building between her legs. After a few minutes the click of the shutter stopped and Jeff pulled the camera from his eye.

"Time for a new roll of film," he said turning away from her.

He adjusted his stiffening prick as the camera rewound the film. A glance over his shoulder revealed April still massaging her chest, her eyes closed, her breathing ragged. She seemed lost in her own world, not caring that she wasn't alone as she squeezed and pulled at her chest. Jeff fumbled with the new roll of film, his eyes glued to his ex-girlfriend. He finally slid the cartridge in and closed the back of the camera. It hummed to life, new frames waiting to be exposed. Jeff turned the stereo up a little more to mask the sound of the camera. Turning back to April, he saw her still rubbing her plentiful tits through the bra. The camera went up to his eye and he fired off a few frames, letting her continue on her own.

Her continued actions had opened the robe, exposing her flat stomach and the top of the silky black panties she wore. He stepped closer to her and pulled the robe open even more, exposing the garter belt and stockings. He took one of her hands and placed it on her stomach, the tips of her fingers sliding inside her panties. As Jeff stepped back to frame the shot, April slid her hand further down into the panties. Her fingers slid through the soft hairs of her smoldering pussy, her fingernail brushing against her emerging clitoris. She shuddered as tingles of delight radiated through her body.

April opened her eyes slightly and smiled at him. The bulge in his pants was obvious and she could see it still growing. Desire was clouding her judgment, she had promised herself she was only there for the pictures, but the moment she saw him she knew it would be more. No man had ever been able to please her like he had. Her hand slipped further down to allow a finger to slip inside her damp pussy. Her eyes closed again with the pleasure of penetration.

Jeff couldn't believe the scene unfolding before him. April's head was tossed back, her eyes closed, lips pursed and her tongue occasionally licking across them. One hand was massaging her large breast, the thick nipple pushing against the lacy cup of her bra. Her other hand was down her panties doing what, he couldn't see, but based on the way she was moving her hips he guessed she was fingering herself. The camera clicked off the frames almost on its own, as Jeff paid more attention to April's sensual gyrations than his photography.

After a few minutes of self-pleasure, she untied the robe and took it the rest of the way off. Jeff was churning through the new roll of film pretty quickly, the motor drive pulling the celluloid through the dark chamber, capturing the removal of the robe in stages until it was lying in a pile on his dorm room floor.

April stretched her arms over her head, pulling her lovely bosom up with them. She continued her stretch, straitening up on her knees and arching her back as she moaned. Leaning forward and grabbing the footboard she pushed her knees back down the bed until she was on all fours. Jeff moved to the floor at the foot of the bed allowing him to shoot up at her. Her pendulous breasts swaying slightly, strawberry blond hair falling down around her face, and her luscious full lips were all framed perfectly in the tiny viewfinder.

Her tongue licked sensuously along her lips as she brought her pussy soaked finger to them and sucked her juices from it. The hand then returned to her breasts, the other still providing support to keep from falling onto the bed. Jeff reached down with one hand to adjust his steel hard cock, the other still gripping the camera, his finger pushing the shutter release with ease. Once again the camera ground to halt and he stood to change film.

Jeff didn't get very far though as April's arms encircled him. She pulled him close, one hand grasping his behind while the other pushed his shirt out of the way so she could kiss his stomach. Her lips were like fire on his skin, Jeff almost dropped the camera as he felt her breasts slide up his denim-clad thighs and encircle his raging hard on. April continued her trek up his body her lacy bra now scratching at his stomach as her lips moved up to his nipples. She sucked, licked, and bit them, as Jeff stood there somewhat dumbfounded. When she had finally succeeded in pulling off his shirt, April pushed back from him.

"Now we're both topless," she smirked, "it seems fairer this way. If you get to see me topless, I should get the same benefit. Don't you think?"

Jeff couldn't believe what a tease she was being and muttered an affirmative reply as he turned to replace the film again. He tried not to look at her as he pulled the expended roll of film out and put the new in, hoping that somehow he could forget his throbbing erection. He could hear sounds behind him, but tried to shut them out as he switched lenses to allow him to stay further away from April. Her sultry voice jolted him back to reality though.

"Jeff, I'm ready for my close up."

He turned and almost dropped the camera in shock and amazement. April had pulled the faux fur rug up onto the bed and was now laying on it, her bra and panties on the floor in a pile with the robe. One hand was rubbing her breast while the other slowly worked a smooth pink dildo in and out of her glistening pussy, the garter belt and stockings her only remaining clothes. She giggled at Jeff's inability to do anything other than stare. "You're supposed to be taking pictures," she chided him playfully as the pink rubber shaft disappeared into her.

As if in a trance he brought the camera to his eye and pushed the shutter release. The click registered in his head and pulled him back to the task at hand. Turning, he switched back to the previous lens and moved up next to her. April now had both feet firmly on the bed; her ass lifted in the air as she fucked herself with one hand and roughly tugged on her tits with the other. Jeff was clicking away again, churning through the film. I definitely need my own copies of these, he thought as April brought herself closer and closer to orgasm.

She was furiously plunging the rubbery shaft in and out. Without warning she stopped and lay there with the pink missile completely buried in her pussy. Deliberately, her hand began to move in small circles around her engorged clitoris. She moaned as one hand pinched her nipples, the other strumming her clit, her pussy filled with the surrogate cock. Jeff's desire overcame him and he ripped his jeans open freeing his throbbing cock. One hand stroked his thick prick while the other continued snapping off photos.

April glanced at him through lidded eyes, and was even more turned on. He was stroking his big cock in time with her movements on her clit. With cat like grace she spun around so her face was inches from his throbbing shaft. She stared at it intently as he stroked it slowly, a glistening drop of pre-cum leaking from his slit. Cautiously her tongue slithered from her mouth and flicked against the head of his penis. He kept stroking as she licked the sweet pre-cum from his head. April took his hand, removed it from his cock and placed it on her head.

With an easy push, the thick mushroom head parted her lips and was bathed in the warm wetness of her mouth. April gasped as her mouth and pussy were filled at the same time, the sensation bringing a small orgasm. Her hand wrapped around the portion of Jeff's cock she couldn't get into her mouth, stroking him in rhythm with her sucking. Looking up she wanted to see the expression on his face but was met instead with the black circle of the lens and the sounds of the shutter clicking and film advancing.

Well if he was determined to keep taking pictures she was determined to make a good show of it. Brushing her hair away, April looked deep into the lens as she sucked all of Jeff into her mouth. He moaned loudly, but she still heard the camera clicking away. She pulled her lips along the length of him until they covered just the swollen pink head, and then plunged him back into her mouth again taking his full measure. Again and again she repeated this until she felt him tense, and knew he was ready to spew his load. Quickly she pulled him from her mouth and wrapped her massive tits around his dick. A few quick strokes of her breasts and Jeff screamed.

The first blast caught April in the throat, the sticky liquid quickly running down to the tops of her breasts. She leaned back and caught the second shot square on the nipple, with the third coating her other nipple. April stroked Jeff quickly, pulling several more streams onto her chest, the last one splashing from her chin across her nose and onto her forehead. She lay back on the bed covered in her ex-boyfriends semen, a pink dildo half in, half out of her sopping wet pussy.

Jeff just stared at her through the lens. He couldn't believe how hot she looked covered in his jism. April had always been very sexual, but nothing ever compared to this. He clicked off a few final pictures as she massaged the sticky liquid into her skin. He set the camera down on the dresser and then sat down beside April.

"That was hot."

She pulled herself up and kissed him deep on the lips, the faint saltiness mingling in their mouths. Their tongues engaged in mutual massage for a few minutes then April pulled away.

"I just hope you good pictures of it all."

"Don't worry they'll come out fine," Jeff said as he stroked her hair. April lay back down on the bed exhausted from her sexual escapade and the four-hour drive from her college. In a few moments she was sound asleep. Jeff covered her up, hastily scribbled a note and, slipping a tie over the doorknob, made his way across campus to the darkroom.

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