tagGroup SexSchool Girl Rayne Ch. 04

School Girl Rayne Ch. 04

bySean Renaud©

"Enough." Anne whimpered. Her entire body was coated in a combination of sweat and semen. The same strange mixture plastered her hair to her skull and Matt was still pawing at her breasts like he wanted to go another couple of rounds. "You can't possible still be hard." Much to her chagrin her wandering fingers found Matt's eight inch cock -she had measured the boys earlier- was indeed ready to take her once again. It seemed like it shouldn't have been possible but there it was. "Okay, you are still hard, what do you want me to do about it Matt? You've already fucked me silly."

He hadn't done it by himself. Scott and Jermaine had both helped with what must have been and honest attempt to see if it was possible to fuck a girl's brains right out of her skull. The jury was still out on that and Matt didn't seem exactly like he was ready to give up anyway. Anne was certainly reaching her limits even though she was stroking Matt's cock.

"Can I have you ass one more time?" Matt was rolling her nipple back and forth between his fingers. "Please?" His lips moved to her shoulder lightly nipping at her flesh. Anne considered pushing him away until he reached the nape of her neck and he stopped being quite so gentle. She had no idea how she was going to explain this to her mother and even fewer ideas what the hell she was going to tell her boyfriend, Jake, if he happened to ask. With enough make up she'd be able to cover up the hickies and maybe the bruises she knew had to be forming on her arms, thighs and hips. Jermaine had a grip like a vice. She'd have a much harder time not walking a little funny but she could probably pass that and some of the bruises off as her slipping during yoga.

What really had Anne worried was trying to figure out how she was going to hide her glow. Her mother had known the day she lost her virginity. Her father was apparently far too polite and reserved to say anything, either that or he was hoping she would invite him over for dinner and he could rip his head off. Either way the only person she was able to fool when it came to if she'd had sex. The better the sex the harder it was to keep people from the truth and after, well she had no idea how long it had been only that the sky wasn't black. It wasn't even a particularly dark shade of blue anymore.

For the moment what lies she would tell her loved ones took a back seat to Matt's teeth nipping at her throat. "You want to fuck me in the ass?" She reached over and slapped him on the shoulder. "What kind of whore do you think I am?"

"Maybe I don't think you're a whore at all." Matt rolled on top of her pinning her hands over head. His lips were pressed against her ear whispering. "Maybe you just like to fuck?"

"You're a beast. What could you possibly do to me that you three didn't already do?" Anne pouted then turned her head away. "You've used me for hours." She'd long since stopped trying to hide her satisfied if weary smile from the three.

Matt's lips brushed over her cheek on its way to bite down on her ear tugging a bit. "I was gonna turn you upside down and fuck you like that. Unless you think you can't handle it." He grinned mischievously and she wriggled up against him trapping his erect penis against her smooth flat belly.

"I can take anything you can dish out." She turned back towards him locking her eyes on his. "You didn't believe me back when we were still in the pool did you?"

Matt blushed and averted his eyes for a moment. "No I didn't. But who would have? It was like something I'd read on Literotica or see in a poorly written porn movie? I guess that's why you don't mind if we tell all our friends since nobody will ever believe us."

"Well you always have those pictures of me." She locked her eyes on his. "I think you might be able to convince them if they saw me with my eyes glued shut with your cum."

"That's not even the best picture. You should have seen the look in your eyes when Jermaine had you riding him with your ass. That's the same eyes rolled back in the head look I see from people who've had way too much to drink." Matt moved so only one hand was touching her wrists. He wasn't holding her down anymore. He simply wasn't giving her permission to move. Anne lay still while his now free hand moved to grope at her breasts again.

"I did have too much to drink." Anne turned her head towards an empty bottle of vodka resting on a nearby nightstand.

"Liar." The bottle had been more than half empty when they'd started and the guys had taken turns doing body shots off her. She'd gotten a few shots but barely enough for her to even feel it much less to have been drunk. They'd all insisted that she needed to be sober for this.

"I didn't say what I had too much to drink of." She countered. Each of them had came in her mouth at least once before during the festivities. Anne assumed they'd each done more than that but it was a little difficult to keep track of what who was where when she was being tossed, sometimes quite literally between three rowdy men who were absolutely determined to take her up on her foolish challenge.

"Okay. Maybe we went a little overboard on that." Matt's hand moved lower eventually slithering between her legs to play with her clit. "You were the one who was saying you could handle anything and then pushing us when we started backing down."

"Well that's because you were starting to act like a bunch of pussies. Every time I go to the pool you three follow me and try to pretend like you're not checking me out. I just couldn't handle it tonight." Anne hadn't really made an effort to resist them. How could she when she still had her new plug stretching her ass and she was ordered to make herself cum while she was in the pool. If she'd been in the relative privacy of the spa maybe they wouldn't have noticed her but the instructions had said the pool and Alfred was watching. She wasn't exactly sure from where since he wasn't in the pool area and his apartment was on the front of the building but she could feel the perverted old man's eyes creeping over her breasts.

Anne didn't make much of an effort to be subtle. The pool wasn't big enough for her to even attempt to hide. That and the boys only came to the pool so they could watch her made it pointless. So instead she'd sat on the steps with her legs spread wide and stared a challenge across the pool at three boys who'd rarely managed to screw up enough courage to say more than two words to her. Anne pulled the bottom of her bikini to one side and let her fingers stroll down between her legs. They couldn't see what she was doing from across the pool. It was obvious from her expression though. A few minutes passed and Anne slipped to a lower step so her breasts were just barely resting on the surface of the water. A salacious smile crossed her lips when she pulled her top just slightly to the side. She didn't know if they could see her nipples since they were still concealed beneath the water. They still seemed to get the clue since it didn't take them long for their game to gradually work its way over to her.

"I don't know if I'd say pussies." Matt replied pushing a pair of fingers into Anne. He followed that with a third and started steadily pumping. "It's not everyday the girl you've been checking out for months slips into the pool and starts getting herself off.

"Even rarer that she asks you if she can give you a blow job." Anne moaned her back arching. "I kept imagining that someone was watching me as I sucked and stroked you three off. Anybody could have walked in back there, or been watching from a window or over a wall." Anne spread her legs. "Imagine if someone had walked in on us."

Matt wasn't about to tell Anne that someone had walked in while she was busy going back and forth between the three men. Alfred Reynolds, the old man, had walked into the pool area and quietly watched for about five minutes before quietly telling the boys to take it in doors before they were caught by someone who might care. It took a while format to pry the little harlot's lips from around his friend's dicks but once he did he simply threw her over his shoulder and took her home. She kicked her feet and pounded on his back with her tiny fists. If she hadn't been giggling while asking them what they had in mind he might have put her down but she was making it quite obvious that any fight she was putting up was purely for play. "We did consider what would happen if someone walked in. That's why we brought you inside. We didn't want to share!"

"So you brought me up here because you and your friends are greedy beasts? Isn't it my choice if who I fuck?" She felt a moan forcing its way up from her stomach. They hadn't really given her a whole lot of choice once they'd gotten her back to their apartment. They'd taken a quick break to get a bottle of vodka and take turns drinking it out of her naval occasionally giving her a shot of her own but the boys each had at least three for every one that she'd gotten. Once the courage was running hot and heavy in their veins they made quick work of managing to separate her and her new yellow bikini. The three of them made merry sport of tossing her bra and thong back and forth between the three of them. She ran back and forth from one to the next trying to intercept her garments until catching on that the real fun they were having was watching her bounce and jiggling between them. Once caught she sat down on the floor with a pout.

"Well yeah. We are greedy beasts and you chose to fuck us." He forced a forth digit into her well fucked cunt forcing another moan from her. "All three of us." Anne nodded in agreement. The three hadn't left her on the floor for very long before picking her up and tossing her onto the couch her stomach over one of the arms. "Who was the idiot who stood you up anyway?"

Anne lied without even blinking. "My stupid boyfriend." She'd been thinking of what she was going to say since she found herself ass up over a couch with two men gawking at the fact that she had a rubber toy crammed up backside. None of the three boys had ever seen a butt plug used in real life though Scott claimed he'd once seen one called the Anvil in a sex shop. He was pretty sure it was some kind of joke since it was bigger around than his thigh and half as long. They'd been joking about taking her ass before but finding her prepped for it changed it from playful ribbing between guys and into what Anne could only describe as a quest to take her every which way.

Matt had most of his hand inside Anne curling his fingers every so often until he saw her entire body twitch. "He must be stupid to stand you up on a night when you went through so much trouble for him." Anne bit her lower lips to keep herself from screaming. She was clawing at the bed sheets as it was. The night had been and experience to say the least but Scott and Jermaine had passed out, fallen asleep, whatever they were down and she wasn't sure she could handle it if the two of them woke up and felt like going another couple of rounds. "I hope whatever he did instead of you was worth it."

"I hope it was too. Make sure you forward those pictures to me. I think he'll enjoy getting to see a little slide show of how I spent the night." She gasped. "Especially the ones with you fucking my ass and Jake-" Matt quickly corrected her "-Jermaine, whatever, in my pussy. Never in my life have I felt so full of cock!" It hadn't taken them long to stop taking turns and start double teaming her. Other than Matt and his deliciously oversized cock she wasn't really sure which was Scott and which was Jermaine. Especially since they were all switching around, flipping her this way and that every couple of moments. Half the time she felt like a rag doll being shared by a pack of dogs.

"I think after what you just did he doesn't deserve to have to see what a good time we all had." Matt kept pushing his hand into Anne. He loved the way she writhed on against his hand. Her hips churned against him. "Was it going to be his first time? His first time in your ass I mean?" Anne nodded. It would be his first time if she ever let him touch her that way at all. The only reason she was considering it was the guilt she felt as Matt drove home what a whore she was.

She couldn't fathom a reason why she hadn't thought about him once when Alfred had been in the shower with her or when he'd allowed her to give him a blow job. The fact that Jake was out of town for the month was no good reason why despite spending time on the phone with him that she hadn't really thought about him at all. Alfred and how to please him had been the only thing she thought about since he'd taken her in that rainy afternoon. Even now that he was temporarily in her thoughts she was much more concerned how she was going to tell Alfred about her day.

Anna wanted to hurry up here just so she could rush to him and tell him all about everything that had happened during the day. About her massage and Richius and how she imagined him just manhandling her to the looks she'd gotten when she stepped out of the changing room in her new bikini. There were a couple of guys who were probably sleeping on the couch after the looks they'd given her each time she stepped out to grab something new to try on. She wanted to tell him about how incredible she felt and she didn't really want to say anything to Jake. She'd make sure that he saw each and every one of the pictures.

Matt dragged her back from her thoughts with his thumb strumming over her engorged clitoris. "Yes it was going to be his first time!" Anne blurted. Her legs clenched shut around his hand. "And you took it from him. You three beasts took what I was gonna give him." She snapped upright and slammed her lips against his. Anne's nails immediately dug into his shoulder holding him close as she continued the savage kiss. When she pulled away Anne pressed her forehead to his. "If you want to fuck me I suggest you hurry up." She bit down on his lip tugging it. "And make sure you get a good picture or two while you're at you filthy animal."

"You don't have to ask me twice." Matt pulled his hand slowly out of Anne and grabbed her by the chin flooding her nostrils with the heady scent of her juices and their cum. He guided her not to gently either to the edge of the bed and lowered her down until her head and shoulders were resting against the carpet. Anne was flexible enough that her touching the carpet with her toes wasn't even uncomfortable. She smiled up between her spread legs at Matt who was hovering over her with his phone snapping a several pictures.

"Hurry up." Anne whined cupping her breasts and twisting her own nipples. Matt responded by squatting over her and angling his cock down into her rectum and letting gravity do most of the work of driving him into her. Beneath him Anne whimpered. Being upside down and folded in half let him drive deep into her, so much that she swore she could feel him in her stomach. Matt gripped the back of her knees for balance from Anne's perspective though it was like he was pinning her in place. She had absolutely no leverage, no way of stopping him. He was in complete control just like the boys had been for most of the night. Each thrust pushed him a little farther into her forcing tiny squeaks, moans, grunts and squeals from her. She'd lost count of how many times they'd driven her to orgasm but she could feel another one growing in her belly.

Matt was already sweating again great big drops raining down on Anne's stomach, breasts and face each time he plunged his cock back into her. She'd never been with a man who sweat nearly as profusely as Matt did but she liked the idea that she was making him work so hard that he was sweating like he was half way through a marathon. Anne enjoyed the salty drops that landed in her open mouth.

Anne found herself without anything to grip when her orgasm slammed into her senses. It was a true testament to the difference in strength and leverage between a two hundred plus pound man and a barely over one hundred pound woman that he kept her in place, seemingly without effort, as she bucked up against him. He returned the favor when he pushed himself as deep as she could bear him bending her even farther in half till her knees were nearly along side her ears. Anne could feel his flesh pulsating inside her and the hot creamy fluid flooding into her and she could only look up at Matt's expression.

"Don't you move." Matt didn't need to tell Anne not to move. She wasn't sure if she could move. Anne remained perfectly still other than the occasional twitch and her shallow breaths. She knew she had a glossy look in her eyes when Matt took a few more pictures. When he pulled out of her she felt her still stretched hole tickled by the air. She blushed when he took pictures of her like that. She felt so exposed knowing that now beyond every other picture he had now there was one with her pussy red from several fuckings and her asshole gaping open. It was an entirely new humiliation she endured. Anne might have been able to stop him with a word but she was as helpless with him as she was with Alfred.

"Okay. Can I go home now?" Anne asked rolling over onto her hands and knees. Part of her hoped that she'd woken the other two. Surely they'd be anxious for one more shot at her.

"Only if you can get past us." Anne looked up and saw Jermaine and Scott both still nude, standing in the doorway with erect cocks. Anne wanted to frown but she couldn't help but smile as she crawled towards the two eagerly awaiting their hard cocks and lewd desires.

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